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12:17 AM
@MichaelFrank eh. I tend to do wild things with mp3tag
Picard does wierd things. Only good if your tagging is non existent
8 hours later…
8:43 AM
I can't seem to google the right term, but I have an issue with a windows 10 computer where running a piece of software (finite element simulation) with too liberal settings (very fine mesh) takes up so much memory that the computer completely freezes. Or at least that is what I have deduced; when it starts aggressively maxing out the used RAM it hangs indefinitely. I've ran a memtest for more than 24 hours and there's no issues there, a CPU stress test is also no problem.
Is there a way for me to say to windows, don't let a program use more than X gb of RAM?
9:06 AM
1 hour later…
10:16 AM
@user129412 hmmmm not that I know of
i mean sure it should be possible
but using lots of ram isn't the problem
10:29 AM
Q: Is it possible to limit the memory usage of a particular process on Windows

screampuffA user is doing calculations in Excel on very large sheets (upwards of 500mb) even with 16GB of ram, Excel (64-bit) will eat up all existing memory,I have seen it use upwards of 11GB of system memory. Is there a way to say limit it somewhere reasonable at like 8GB so the system isn't bogged down...

Q: How do I limit RAM consumption of a particular executable?

user400424Microsoft Edge eats up RAM like crazy and I want to scale it back a bit. I don't care if it makes browsing on it laggyer, I just want to have my RAM distributed evenly to my open programs. The particular executable I want to limit is C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Mi...

Q: Is it possible to limit the memory an application is allowed to use?

Umber FerruleI've used tools to effectively reduce the amount of RAM available to all applications, but is there something to do the same on a per application basis? Specifically, I'm looking to limit the memory usage of Firefox 3.5 on an older machine with just 128MB RAM. Currently, Windows 2000 and ancilli...

Q: Set Windows process (or user) memory limit

Mike MinickiIs there any way to set a system wide memory limit a process can use in Windows XP? I have a couple of unstable apps which do work ok for most of the time but can hit a bug which results in eating whole memory in a matter of seconds (or at least I suppose that's it). This results in a hard reset ...

Holy oneboxen, Batman!
11:12 AM
Nanananananananananananananana, Bobman!
wow, turning on -v makes beets really hard to use XD
I need a way to make it deal with 1 song/album at a time
rather than trying to load all 10,000 and ID them
yes I'm aware it'll be slower lol
11:37 AM
That's what I do
11:49 AM
Hmm... I just realised all my music was on the NAS drive that died.
Yay. Just successfully acted dumb on orders and told the client I don't know how to turn on comparability more and secureboot
@bertieb how tho.
it just goes off in the background and does stuff.
-t, from memory?
lemme check
11:53 AM
that doesn't disable all the background checking tho
Background checking?
yeah, it's doing 'stuff' :D
Is your music trying to buy a gun in America? :D
turn on -v with lots of files and see
Well some of it's certainly old enough to ¬_¬
I only ever work on one album/artist at a time
11:54 AM
infact this one album seems to be breaking it
i guess you won't have seen this happen then
12:12 PM
Probs not
1 hour later…
1:22 PM
testing with the guys in #beets
it's a weird one
basically the input buffer isn't showing on screen.
So I'm typin stuff, that beets can 'see' but it's not rendered.
Something's fudged
by the sounds of it
1:51 PM
yah, nuked my config and it's better. Might be chroma causing issues :/
2:04 PM
oh hey, threaded: no
hooooooooooooooooly cow that makes it slow hahaha
At least now -v is readable
2:53 PM
it's been running ~1 hour and it's upto K.
3:11 PM
Not sure if 1 000 of 10 000, or K of Z
3:33 PM
K of Z
Might be both tho :D
Ohh we're upto P.
I'm hoping it's going alphabetical :D
The New Roman alphabet
K, P, A, B, C...
2 hours later…
5:34 PM
tesseract 4.0 seems to not enjoy user word lists
6:21 PM
New Red Dwarf woooo!
6:57 PM
isn't that in like 2020?
Filming at the end of the year :D
Might enter the draw for tickets
7:12 PM
7:37 PM
it'll be crap
from season 7 it went bad
Season 7 was pretty poor
When thingy left
One of Grant and Naylor
Though it had some alright moments
there were still funny bit but as a whole it just didn't add up
Biggest disappointment was Kryten going from subtle understatements to a mugging fool
the bit where they get rat-arsed
Which was a shame, because Bobby Llewellyn did the former very well
In prison? S8?
I thought B2E improved a bit
7:40 PM
ah yeah, sorry that was season 8
which was also bad
As a whole yea, but not quite as bad as 7
B2E.... seriously?
Neat concept I thought
they broke the 4th wall so much it became parody
That was the point tho
Like with the CSI parody
Not intended to be subtle :P
And the ones from after that I don't remember being awful
But I don't think I've seen all of those
7:42 PM
they drove a smart car to corination street ffs
But 7 was a real nadir
I thought the point was to be ridiculous?
i seem to merge 7 and 8 together in my head
idk, perhaps my tastes have changed
Quite clever if you take a charitable interpretation...
it used to be on netflix
The RDverse is a comedy so is pretty ridiculous, B2E was an inversion of that so our real world seems ridiculous (like driving a smart car to corrie) with the RDverse being the sane version
And it went in a different direction from the episode that inspired it, Back to Reality
It's a bit like a slapstick comedy like Police Squad / Naked Gun, or Mel Brooks' films
or, dare I say it? (dare, dare!)
something like the Austin Powers movies
asl long as you have your expectations set going in it's entertaining
it's nothing like the early episodes, but hey ho
7:50 PM
i think i managed to watch a couple of season ten and thought it was "meh"
didn't they increase the episode length?
Can't remember
i seem to remember that they also stopped filming in front of a live audience
have you seen them doing those terrible AA adverts?
8:07 PM
Aye they changed the setup
Happily they're changing it again
Don't have a TV, so nope!
2 hours later…
9:59 PM
soo ran the original import with -v to make sure it was working
eventually it's 'caught up' with itself
so now killed it, restarted, resumed without -v. \o/
tim@musha ~ $ find ./media/sorted_music/ -type f -print | wc -l

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