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12:02 AM
@JourneymanGeek You shouldn't -9 it
@JourneymanGeek -9 (sigkill) is a last resort after all else (sigint, sigterm) fails
it doesn't give the process a chance to clean up before exiting
now, the ctrl+c should have sent a sigint, but that might not be the case if the terminal is stuck or if it's daemonised, so a kill -2 is probably worth trying
a sigterm (-15) is default if you don't tell kill what signal to use
but a -9 should never be the first thing you try
@JourneymanGeek also, sometimes (if you suspect a process might be stopped) you'd want to send a sigcont immediately after the sigterm
that's actually what systemd does by default (sigterm + sigcont) on service stop
12:08 AM
...I forgot about that
12:57 AM
> Web Content Processes 5/4
Huh. That's new.
1:46 AM
1 hour later…
2:48 AM
Huh, it's been a year:
@BenN huh, it's only been a year :P
I thought you were a mod longer than that tbh
In other news, the bus stop display computers around here apparently run Windows, because one of them had the about-to-1703 prompt showing on top of the departures :D
3:04 AM
@BenN ok, that's one of the few places where LTSB probably makes sense...
@Bob time flies!
ah, memories...
(I'm about to pull down the server that site's hosted on — the URL hasn't worked in years anyway)
3:20 AM
ah lol
Man, its been THAT long?
heh, @JourneymanGeek's stats are archived cause I used his for the test user-specific lookup web.archive.org/web/20140720192818/http://win8challengestats.tk/…
Hmm, I suspect SEDE could be used for such a thing in the future
@BenN too slow - there's a 1week lag on SEDE data
that's why I used the API
3:23 AM
can't remember what the scrape frequency was but something like every <1hr
might've been 5 mins
(which was still well within the API rate limits, thankfully)
@BenN If I were to do it now, I'd fetch the data live in client-side script ... and probably make the rendering prettier :P
Didn't have any JS experience at the time
dammit, Google Analytics only goes back one year
4 hours later…
7:04 AM
7:31 AM
@BenN Grats on not getting sacked! :)
@djsmiley2k far more mods quit than are sacked ;p
(In faaaaaaact, I think only 2 mods have been removed for anything resembling misconduct)
@JourneymanGeek hehe it was a joke :P
@JourneymanGeek Okayy
XD. Yeah.
@Bob ltsb always makes sense
@JourneymanGeek Why one-off though?
7:47 AM
Cause I don't want to make it a habit, and I'm not your babysitter ;p
@JourneymanGeek ow okay :P
(and suspensions are on your account so... )
@JourneymanGeek right...
7:59 AM
@rahuldottech almost never.
@JourneymanGeek I only remember one :P
@Bob how so?
better hardware support
@Bob one on scifi and one on SF
No metro crap
@rahuldottech let's start with it being illegal in most situations
No cortana
@Bob -_-
8:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek yea I remember the SF one
@JourneymanGeek whatdidtheydooooooooooooo
@rahuldottech Well, in some way, they did something they shouldn't
a good chunk of it is documented. I'd rather be looking at the ones who do good work, (and a few quit being mods with time) than the mistakes ;p
1 hour later…
9:17 AM
well said
forget the failures
Celebrate the successes
If we managed that well enough, terrorism would disappear I think.
or it'd at least stop being front page news
We found a news paper from 1985, my wifes birth-day
in it, on like page 8
is a story of how someone kicked a baby, into the middle of a street.
That'd be front page news these days
On the other hand, SU has many excellent ex mods who quit due to.... Well real life and have continued to have an impact even in their absence.
9:20 AM
along with stories on their schooling, life, interviews with friends and family
> We report the unique case of an endobronchial Playmobil traffic cone that went undetected for 40 years and presented as a suspected bronchogenic carcinoma.
This was a good article
@djsmiley2k o0
@JourneymanGeek Also o_O
2 hours later…
11:03 AM
Lol dyson building a car
i've heard it all
11:21 AM
@djsmiley2k the real question is.... will it suck?
Hello, superguys and supergals
11:38 AM
oh the fun of playing with broken terminal emulators
TN3270 Enhancements? Didn't know it can be enhanced.
Although I wouldn't say no to a terminal emulator that supports end-to-end encryption, 32-bit color (yes, with 8-bit alpha channel), HTML/CSS color names and object-oriented output
@rahuldottech still nothing
11:58 AM
I partly expected it to shatter or something
"It" being which one?
Diamond or the Hydraulic Press?
12:24 PM
@Avery yeah I got nothing either
> NO wordpress please
instant love <3
@rahuldottech lovely
@Avery Also, $10,000
run away
it's too good to be real
@Avery yeah
> Proposals:20 to 50
12:30 PM
loading the config via serial
Oh, I always use the "serial"
But to be exact, the universal serial bus.
I'm talking the hardcore, 12V serial
Reminds me of the xkcd episode in which the hardcore guy developed software using butterflies.
12:45 PM
You know, § 117 of U.S. Copyright law allows you to install Windows and Linux by copying them from their DVDs to a USB flash drive.
.... which is how a good chunk of this room installs their OSes...
this is... insane ;p
Looks like a time bomb to me!
I believe the correct term is "unstable ordnance"
time bomb indicates you have any amount of control of when it'd blow up
Reminds me of those Russian (?) terrorist case I read about: A group of terrorists rig explosives with mobile phones, so that calling them would detonate them. But before they leave the hideout, a spam text message (SMS) arrives on one of the phones . . . . . .
1:01 PM
1:21 PM
@JourneymanGeek It could at any point undergo a thermal exponential unscheduled catastrophic disassembly event.
That is true ues.
1:46 PM
Now, start drinking.
Every morning when I arrive at work I have to readjust my chair height.
I swear it is always lower than when I left the other day.
The only logical explanation is that a ghost is using it every night. A fat ghost.
A ghost who uses my computer and doesn't have the decency of closing a single ticket for me!
> He also recalled being given the Playmobil set that included the traffic cone, probably in 1977 when he was just seven years old.
Swallowing plastic toys when you're three: understandable. When you're seven: what's wrong with you, kid?
@FleetCommand I wonder that it looks like to the TSA 😉
2:03 PM
you get fatter while sat at work
Or... The chair's spring is no match for my fat ass.
Could it...? No, can't be it, has to be ghosts.
2:22 PM
Q: My microSD card has a second row of contacts. Why?

Paul TomblinI bought a Lexar microSDXC card for my GoPro. It has another row of contacts that other microSD cards don't have, and it came with a USB reader that uses those extra contacts. But I can't tell what benefits the extra contacts gives, since it works fine in other readers and in devices like the GoP...

@ThatBrazilianGuy but then it needs to go down when you sit on it,
/me thinks its the ghost.
@JourneymanGeek whoa
2:39 PM
@JourneymanGeek I also didn't know that SD cards max out at a theoretical 104 Mbps
3:06 PM
@rahuldottech if they could sustain that, they'd be about as fast as a 7200 RPM HDD
the problem is no SD cards can sustain that transfer speed beyond tiny bursts
same with their IOPS. the IOPS over time are worse than an HDD (especially when saturated), but in a tiny window when the cache is clean, it can push much higher IOPS for a brief period
@allquixotic Eh, there are UHS-II cards capable of doing more than 250 MB/s.
(the interface saturates at 312 MB/s)
@bwDraco for how long tho?
if it writes 30Kb @ 250MB/s, great, but I doubt it's writing 2Gb at those speeds.
Honestly, I've never had one of these cards, nor do I have the equipment to handle them.
I'd suspect read performance is sustained, but write performance is less clear due to the widespread use of SLC buffering.
As a sports photographer, I tend to pay attention to memory card technology. My camera can't take advantage of these sorts of cards, but several models do have UHS-II support.
So to be spec'd as 1080p / 4K 'ready' they have to sustain 30Mb/s
3:21 PM
@djsmiley2k There's what's called Video Speed Class, indicated by a stylized V and a number
I hate when you get a new number and the last owner of the number has like 100 people/companies calling them trying to collect debts, advertise, scam, etc.
literally never given out the number but the previous owner of the number apparently is some kind of outlaw
> Unfortunately, however, it didn’t come close to what was quoted by SanDisk when all was said and done and when we tested the cards in a normal card reader, performance suffered considerably. That being said, for sequential speeds using the SanDisk reader, the 16GB Extreme Pro boasted results of 180.4MB/s read and 161.4MB/s write, with 280/250MB/s being the claimed speeds.
@allquixotic Why y nu number?!
/me not changed number in 20 years
Cards with a Video Speed Class support writing in large blocks, which enables more stable writing speeds, but that requires camera support as well. sdcard.org/downloads/pls/latest_whitepapers/… (913 KB PDF)
@djsmiley2k FiOS - still have the same cell #, but we got a new FiOS phone number when we got new FiOS TV+Internet+(free)Phone service
it was more of "You're getting a phone, bitch" ~Verizon, than "Plz give us outdated wired phone" ~My Family
3:25 PM
@allquixotic ah right
if only there was an infinite number of numbers we could use -_-;
@djsmiley2k Please give me a call at 10928390489345982349509734689179457823490571384975903458989389398871975718934758‌​923982384590284590189070987238495792873485819347895608712348523406819023745892134‌​757891237852347572839490123758918243975123476981394859029304859023849058290347589‌​18947858902346972347581278958910409528934987190457892438905729348
Also, we have a home phone line
@allquixotic ok
/me right clicks, dials
how would you put that into your contacts list on a smartphone?
Sorry, when was the last time you actually took someones PHONE NUMBER AS A NUMBER?!
@djsmiley2k like twice a week
3:26 PM
nfc, blutooth?
email / web address / icq number /
when the hot chicks coworkers with cellphones give me their cellphone numbers so I can call them when I'm ready for them to help me with project
never done NFC, Bluetooth, IR, or ICQ over a teleconference
or email or HTTP for that matter
how did you arrange the teleconference?
Thing is, if I've not provided someone with my number, they are cold calling me
If I have - then they already have it.
Eitherway, I'm still unlikely to answer :D
@djsmiley2k I used to keep a stack of postits at my job for stuff like that
3:29 PM
@JourneymanGeek Phone numbers?
Your number?
Maybe it's the fact I work in networking
I can get to you, no matter where you are.
People go 'Oh, do you know where my desk is?'
me: yes, and I know when you've turned your PC on, and when you tturned it off on friday to leave early.
@allquixotic I mean, you gave them the phone number some how
I doubt you phoned them, to tell them the phone number to dial into.
Also all my contacts are on google.
@djsmiley2k yes.
@JourneymanGeek dear lord, no
ALso, the password at many places in job -1 was either the office phone number...
1. I don't have a work phone
or some random dude's phoone number.
3:32 PM
2. when I have a work phone, it's number is on my email
3. again no.
@djsmiley2k people called or whatapped me
@JourneymanGeek !!s/dude/dog
incoming calls are free so I went... meh
They cost my time, my concentraition
literally some random dude
3:32 PM
And I generally don't want to speak to anyone else
we had some routers at a old job like that
'The password is this...'
Me: 'wtf is this?'
'Oh some guy who setup stuff set it and we don't know how to change it'
Me: '......'
@JourneymanGeek rofl awesome
(I think @Bob has heard many of these ;p)
Poor bob
naw, I think he rather enjoyed the horror stories of the almost legit diploma mill
3:36 PM
I liked some of them :P
you searching for something new still?
ooooooooo 10Tb non-helium drives
I wonder how much helium leaks out of the other drives..... i.e. will they still be working in 10 years? 20 years? etc?
> Slashdot is presently in offline mode. Only the front page and story pages linked from the front page are available in this mode. Please try again later.
it's seriously falling apart at slashdot HQ
it's showing me stories from last week too
wtf they getting older
> Posted by BeauHD on Tuesday September 26, 2017 @09:00AM from the tools-of-the-job dept.
took a short break
get back on that horse!
@djsmiley2k They're laser-welded shut.
@bwDraco does that stop any passage?
but can't helium, being .... small, leak out of anything?
3:52 PM
I mean, the case is made of what? Iron? Steel? Alu?
One of my Anker power banks will literally reset itself if I trigger the overload protection while it's low, possibly due to sudden, deep discharging.
> helium He 2 4.0026
As in, the power indicator LEDs light up in sequence, indicating a full reset.
> iron Fe 26 55.845(2)
> aluminium (aluminum) Al 13 26.982
3:55 PM
@JourneymanGeek ?
I have a foil balloon, from last christmas
still pressurised, some how
/me isn't sure how, with 2 kids, it's still around
Also, awesome.... helium will escape anything
tho you could make the whole process take longer than the heat death of the universe
@djsmiley2k it doesn't leak out so much as it's forced out by pressure in a rubber balloon
foil balloons are at atmospheric pressure, more or less
same with the HDDs
@djsmiley2k The saddest sentence of all from the BBC story: However, when they removed the mass they discovered it was the "long lost Playmobil traffic cone" he had received on his seventh birthday.
What a sad birthday gift.
@Bob :O
helium hdd's work because less pressure inside, no?
isn't that the point of filling them with helium?
@djsmiley2k ok then, pressure's in the other direction
4:00 PM
so the air will seep in?
I don't actually know why they have helium in them.
And it's home time!
@djsmiley2k Makes the laptop lighter.
2 hours later…
5:45 PM
Or makes the laptop whine sound in a higher pitch. :)
@MetaEd lol
u new here @MetaEd ?
A first glimpse of Firefox Quantum for Android.
@ThatBrazilianGuy OMG you're so cat! :P
This is actually Firefox Nightly 58.0a1; it is available on Google Play but be advised that it is intended for developer use and may be unstable.
5:51 PM
@bwDraco erm wat is that then
Version 57; coming October 14 for desktop. Android users will need to wait another six weeks for version 58.
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