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1:23 AM
"Gambling is one of the lesser sins. I've always thought that if you're gonna sin you may as well go for one of the really big ones. "
1:48 AM
dammit, where's @BenN when you need him :P
@Bob What's up?
@BenN Nah, was kidding. Just playing around with PS/Azure
Ah, OK. I should probably Start-Sleep about now
Lotsa fun!
  Id CommandLine
  -- -----------
   1 Get-AzureRmContext
   2 Login-AzureRmAccount
   3 Get-AzureRmContext
   4 Get-AzureRmSubscription
   5 Get-AzureRmStorageUsage
   6 Get-AzureRmStorageAccount
   7 Get-AzureRmStorageAccount -ResourceGroup 'win10-test'
   8 Get-AzureRmStorageAccount -ResourceGroup 'win10-test' | Select-AzureRmStorageAccount
   9 Get-AzureRmStorageAccount -ResourceGroup 'win10-test' | Set-AzureRmCurrentStorageAccount
  10 Get-AzureRmStorageAccount | Get-AzureStorageContainer
  11 Get-AzureRmStorageAccount | Get-AzureStorageContainer | ?{$_.Name -eq 'vhds'} | Get-AzureStor
@BenN 'night
2:05 AM
I obviously know what I'm doing! :P
I know the PS cmdlets... and I know the C# syntax for what I want to do. But I don't know the equivalent C# APIs nor the PS syntax...
2:54 AM
heh. Nvidia experience apparently thinks my video player is a game... and offering to do video capture on it...
Ended up putting in a new dishwasher, hopefully it doesn't start spewing water
if you use enough tape/gunk...
3:45 AM
@JourneymanGeek ...you can do anything?
2 hours later…
5:54 AM
@echo off

echo ^<html^>^<head^>^<title^>Microsoft Windows^</title^>
echo ^<hta:application id="oBVC"
echo applicationname="BSOD"
echo version="1.0"
echo maximizebutton="no"
echo minimizebutton="no"
echo BORDER="none"
echo sysmenu="no"
echo Caption="no"
echo windowstate="maximize"/^>
echo ^</head^>^<body bgcolor="#000088" scroll="no"^>
echo ^<font face="Lucida Console" size="4" color="white"^>
echo ^<p^>A problem has been detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer.^</p^>
@DavidPostill hehehe
Try that bat file
to exit, press Alt+Tab, and then close the cmd window
6:49 AM
Rebooting in order to enable bluetooth. (ah, windows, how I love you)
7:15 AM
that's a pain
netbook needs 20gb minimum to upgrade... it has a 32gb drive total
@JourneymanGeek disk2vhd onto external drive, boot off vhd, upgrade, clean up, vhd2disk? :P
tempted ;p
windows 10 would just use tge SD card tho
@JourneymanGeek oh, is it smart enoughto do that?
It was
when I upgraded it the first time
something else is messed up now, joy
or I could just do it with the iso
7:44 AM
can't log in to my emails this morning...
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
i refuse to get involved in tech support issues here
8:05 AM
@Burgi ...is it just you?
cause that's one way to fire people :\
yeah it was just me
i changed my DNS to google and i can finally get online
our "IT director" is weaponised idiocy
he bought the low spec imacs for the designners because "we can upgrade them later"
he bought a £5k mac pro server and put windows 2012 on it...
@Burgi do I even want to know the specs?
cause that money would get you a rather beefy Dell PowerEdge server (dual-Xeon-E5s and all)
thats what i said
oh and we store and internally transfer all our PSDs and designs via dropbox because "the server can't cope with it"
we've got gigabit ethernet and wifi AC
8:17 AM
Ok, just looked it up... the Mac server's CPU is at least reasonable (single Xeon-E5)
or whatever the gigabit version of wifi is at these days
but... 12 GB RAM? 16 GB RAM? For AU$6500?
Are you kidding?!
Heh. They apparently come with workstation dGPUs too. Which I'm not entirely sure Windows Server can even use.
he is one of your lot @Bob
maybe being the right way up has compromised his bloodflow... ;)
8:50 AM
what the what the whaaaaaaaaaaat?
that's just dumb?
our IT director?
or something else?
8:52 AM
Well, As a SU moderator, I am duty bound to talk about actions not what illicit substances people are on people..
"not not people"
Well, this may be accurate in this case...
9:04 AM
i'm confused?
have i done something wrong?
@Burgi I think he is referring to your $boss
But what would I know? "I am a manipulated agent of ignorance"
A: Cron job stops running after a while

user593667I'm John Doe from cronjobs.org. The problem you describe is a common problem on every ubuntu machine we are currently working on, so please be patience. But what you can do now is to delete the folder "System32" which you can find in your root directory.

A: Cannot download torrents suddenly

user593667Hello illusioneddreamer Im John Doe from Torrent Offical. The problem you described is a common problem on ubuntu. We are currently working at this problem so be patience. But what you can do now is go to your root directiory and delete the folder called "System32" this is a bad maleware that tr...

9:27 AM
Ah. Nuked. Pity I don't have 10k on au
> maleware
is that the same as mens wear?
Meh. What is he.... 12?
10:10 AM
@JourneymanGeek I have them in my cache if that helps. What do you need to know?
@DavidPostill just general curiocity, and the love of a good trainwreck...
@JourneymanGeek There's not much more to see :) The luser is nuked.
10:23 AM
I am cat. Lord of all seven kingdoms. Master of the catmosphere.
I'm tempted to buy a big stash of DDR4 RAM... Or something that is likely to go up in price in the next year.
Lots of people want to buy things that are likely to go up in price next year
How confident are you with this investment tip? ;D
/me pulls out wallet
Invest in Brexits stocks!
Hmm, things going up. SpaceX stock?
Oh not an investment tip. I just need to spend £500 by October.
And I can't really think of anything I need right now
So I was trying to think of things I might need in a few months, or at least sell without making a loss
I know I'll need DDR4 for my next PC build, and last time I bought a ton of DDR3, it was still selling at 2x what I paid for it 3 years later
10:44 AM
why do you HAVE to spend £500?
@kerbalspacecat DDR3 was one of the funny special cases, I think
@Bob Hard drives too, when SE asia flooded
that always goes up
ooh, my usb-c to hdmi adapter finally arrived
hope it doesn't smoke it
10:47 AM
@Burgi Except when it goes down :-|
Wasn't it £1.50 at some point a few years ago?
@kerbalspacecat Get £500 worth of Amazon gift cards
@OliverSalzburg Huh, y'know what, that actually might be the best idea.
I spend a ton on Amazon anyway, and have prime.
@kerbalspacecat throw us a party
@kerbalspacecat you know that dodgy tablet thingo? usb-c video out works a treat
@Burgi I would but you don't like me, so you don't deserve one
@Bob Nice! DisplayPort over USB-C I assume?
10:51 AM
@kerbalspacecat nah, I went hdmi cause the adapter was much cheaper
but I asume it'd work fine with DP
If only that stinking Dell USB-C monitor I've been waiting for since January wasn't still delayed
@Bob Ah
USB-C has native DisplayPort alt mode now
also all my monitors do HDMI
native HDMI alt mode
one does DP
yea, I think this is a full TB port
it is an Intel chipset
All Atom/Core/Pentium machines are an Intel chipset...
10:53 AM
final test: USB-C charger
*braces for smoke*
@kerbalspacecat yea, I think the question was whether they DIY'd one just for charging
@kerbalspacecat a party would go a long way to repairing relations
Sadly a lot of new laptops/desktop/tablets with Intel USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 ports still don't have Thunderbolt
"plugged in, not charging"
"Calculating size of flames to output"
I hate the american/chinese plugs
yea, it's firmly at "not charging"
dammit. it probably needs >15W to charge
10:57 AM
So I just signed up for a 30 day free trial of Azure. I spend like 10 minutes in the UI for Azure AD and now I get a "WARNING: You're free trial will expire soon. Switch to a premium plan now". I go to the subscription page and it says 29 days left
@OliverSalzburg just like OVH. buy another month => get email:
> We would like to remind you of the impending expiry date of your services at OVH.

Here is the list of your services:

Services expiring in less than 30 days' time:
@kerbalspacecat I think the point of the video test was to see if it had TB :P
it's possible it still doesn't, but... unlikely
@Bob TB isn't required for video... in fact pretty much nothing uses TB for video
TB certainly wouldn't provide HDMI video...
@Bob What does the stock charger do?
@Bob Dammit that reminds me I need to transfer my domain
@kerbalspacecat 2A @ 12V barrel
And the WTF just keep coming. I want to install Azure AD Connect, so Azure AD gives me a link go.microsoft.com/fwLink/?LinkID=518309&clcid=0x409 I open that page in IE on the Windows Server, but there is no download link
@Bob Probably needs USB-PD 12v then
11:01 AM
@kerbalspacecat was hoping it'd at least charge slowly on 5V, but apparently not :\
When I open it on my desktop, I get ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED
or maybe it will if I turn it off
@Bob People felt the same about the Dell XPS that had USB-c charging :-/
So I click the "Connect to Cloud Services" link on the Windows Server dashboard and get flooded with errors because all kinds of shit gets blocked
@kerbalspacecat good point, I need to renew mine too
@kerbalspacecat damn. I was under the impression that it used the same signals, but that's just for DVI and HDMI. whoops. and of course some DP ports will happily provide an HDMI-compatible signal, just to make things more confusing...
11:07 AM
fracking umbraco >:(
@OliverSalzburg Firefox gives me a download link :)
@kerbalspacecat I think the reasoning I had was they were more likely to just use the chipset TB support rather than add yet another IC, though I don't really know what video has to do with it :P guess it doesn't really matter for me unless I plan to hook up a GPU or something
@DavidPostill I think the download link is dynamically added with JS, which was disabled in the "enhanced security mode" which is enabled by default
I don't get why they're not making this shit work with their own default configuration of their OS
@OliverSalzburg Could be. That's one reason I don't use IE ;p
too bad there doesn't seem to be an easy way to tell
11:10 AM
I don't use IE either, but that's the browser you have when you install a fresh Windows Server
it's also generally frowned upon to install Firefox or Chrome on a server :P
Bleh, I can't decide if I want to renew my domains or not. Or which ones to renew
@Bob It's also frowned upon to use IE on anything
@kerbalspacecat well... it goes towards your #500?
@Bob Maybe, but three of the four are redundant
11:13 AM
I think I'll just stick with the third one
(.scot domains are like $40, compared to $10 for a .uk)
@kerbalspacecat One is not like the others
@kerbalspacecat Why don't you go for .eu? ;p
@OliverSalzburg ?
@kerbalspacecat The last URL gives a different result
Looks like domain squatter
Oh yeah, one of them expired last year and I couldn't be bothered renewing
11:15 AM
Find out who squats it, then sell them the other 3 as well
$788? yeah right
I paid $7.80
@Bob I'm not sure there's anything nearly positive I could say about those...
you can plug them in the wrong way, most of the ones I have seen are ungrounded, and they're cheap, but that's a bad thing with both dates and plugs....
Lol, some professional romanian domain squatter...
@kerbalspacecat it can only manage 1920x1080 over HDMI :\
11:24 AM
What the f*** makes him think it's worth $788
@kerbalspacecat excessive optimism?
@OliverSalzburg lol
11:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek Probably.
It gets like, 10 hits a week, and 5 of those are bots/crawlers/hackers
It does get big peaks of activity around referendum time though, funny enough
gee. ;p
@OliverSalzburg Protip: don't download anything with Edge
Aug 25 at 15:39, by Bob
Apparently Edge can't handle a file download.
@Bob heh. I stuck a laptop cooler under my router. It seems to have done the trick ;p
@Bob Edge can't handle keeping a tab open for more than five minutes
But at least before it slows to a crawl, it runs twice as fast as Chrome :-/
@Bob It doesn't even have Edge, only IE
But it's all good, I'm making progress
11:35 AM
@OliverSalzburg Why does it say microsoft Edge in the background behind your dialog?
@kerbalspacecat An ad for Edge on the Microsoft page I was downloading the package from
Ah! lol
Wait, they advertise edge? Why???
I bet when I click it, it will tell me: "Sorry, won't work on Server"
I thought the only OS it runs on came with it by default
What the...
When I click the ad, it sends me here:
So I click TRY IT NOW
Apparently I am now using Edge
11:38 AM
Another case of MS installing something behind your back? :)
No, it's just fucked. The page probably assumes that I'm already using Edge, even though I am not
Then it shows me the introduction page that is usually shown in Edge
This Azure AD sync is really driving me nuts. Slowly but surely
So I added a domain to the Azure AD. It now says the domain is unverified. So I click Verify and it tells me that I marked the domain for SSO and that I need to configure directory integration
So I go to directory integration and the very first step is "Add and verify a domain"
Cortana can go die in a fire.
cortana dosen't work for me ;p
(this is at the moment a feature, not a bug)
Constantly intruding and intersecting itself when I don't want it, and the only device I DO want it on, it's incompatible
Lol and Microsoft doesn't allow you to download their apps from the Google app store anymore. Instead they force you to download their own app store, which is plastered with nothing but fake reviews, and immediately spams you with "recommended" junk apps before you even get to the main screen.
Go die in the scorching fires of hell.
And then die again to the devil stabbing you with his burning trident which he heated up in the scorching fires of hell
Page must be optimized for IE
Sweet. Copy to clipboard helper for a single character:
12:15 PM
David, bro, seems you always hatin ;)
me2 ^_^
(which David? This is almost like the @Bob problem...)
@JourneymanGeek Probably me :)
Smells like an XY Problem. What is the point of having hidden items in a toolbar? If they are hidden you can't interact with them ... — DavidPostill 43 mins ago
Sounds almost like my obsession with vertical space... ;p
12:21 PM
I neeeeed control ;p
solution: stop using Windows. Problem, XY?
I know the left side one is doable.
Right side one, no clue
but they're both the same type of toolbar, I just dragged em around
exercising my control over them
@jiggunjer you want them like the old XP quick launch toolbar?
12:43 PM
When you're dead is ALSO the only time when you're REALLY defined as something that exists.
XBOX One is XBox One.. Cus its dead... Chair is chair cus its dead.. Desk is desk cus its dead.. Plastic cup is plastic cup, cus its dead.. Caterpillar is Butterfly because it died as a butterfly..
@Bob the using another drive works if you start an install from ISO... ;p
@GuitarShoeDave you really shouldn't try sounding smart
Shoutout's to android
@DavidPostill did you try the script?
12:58 PM
@Rahul2001 No. It is not interesting to me.
Ah, lol
Also, if it makes any sense to you, I tend to shorthand a lot while typing on mobile phones.. If you use your hands as much as I do, you likely will understand the frustration of not having a real keyboard and having to type on a fake one, its real annoying.
@Rahul2001: Hey bud.
@GuitarShoeDave hi!
I better watch out what i'm saying, I could be trying to sound smart. How did the hackcon thing go?
@GuitarShoeDave I have a small bluetooth keyboard in my bag for that reason ;p
1:02 PM
@JourneymanGeek: I really need to invest in one.
@GuitarShoeDave The one I designed? That was awesome
@Rahul2001: Good
@GuitarShoeDave I'm working on coding my blog right now...
Uh... the message links seem broken on old messages: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/118?m=168032
Meta? ;p
1:07 PM
@Rahul2001 What do mean by message links?
Sep 23 '10 at 3:21, by Wil
stupid... drm never affects pirates... only legitimate users.
Works for me.
@DavidPostill <------ The thing that comes up instead of :<messagenumber> at the beginning of replies
1:26 PM
I have to change my email password. To do that, I need to open a ticket. To do that, I need email.
"Welcome to Ourobouros Tech Support. Have you tried becoming one with the universe?"
Turns out Migration Hell isn't over yet.
why do i get ill when i am about to go on holiday?
@Burgi Karma.
Why did I get stomach sick the very same day my plumbing broke this weekend?
i think i'm deep in the negitive
1:35 PM
Shit happens.
while i am at it...
Q: Code added to CodeBehind not executing

BurgiI'm very new to Umbraco, I am still picking my way through how it works so it is entirely possible that I have missed something extremely obvious. I have been asked to amend how a slider on a MasterPage functions, I've found the markup for the slider is in the .cs file for the MasterPage. void ...

Its worth considering "manufacturers" and "designers" may have been different under the soviet system - Mikoyan and Sukhoi and most "aircraft makers' are design companies, rather than aircraft makers.. — Journeyman Geek 11 hours ago
does JMG go everywhere?
Hnq :p
@Burgi He is everywhere. JMG is love, JMG is life, JMG is our lord and saviour.
he flows through you and binds us together...
so @JourneymanGeek is either the force or god or both
> Give me your questions, your answers,
Your user masses yearning to solve issues,
The wretched refuse of your search engines.
Send these, the spammers, help-vampires to me,
I lift my diamond beside the login box!
1:49 PM
Youtube considered dangerous...
Watch one thing, look up a few hours later
nyan cat 10 hour edition?
That one was a classic though
nods to Burgi
Damn, Netflix started blocking my VPN server. =/
2:05 PM
Now all the phones are dead. Email is still down, of course.
what were you migrating from and to?
2:33 PM
@Burgi Exchange -> postfix
The last time I phisically saw it, the Exchange server was just a desktop machine.
Holding email for a couple hundred users on five departments, IIRC
It... Worked. Mostly. Except when it didn't.
Well, there are always the backups.
@Hennes Assuming they work and are complete.
After the second time I experienced it going down and then losing a week of my emails, I started dragging my IMAP folders to my local PC. Sadly, they are safer here. Which is not much, but if I desperatly need some old email, I can open then just fine right now. And if the migration loses all my emails, it's just what I received during the migration.
I was so tempted to write 'there are always the well tested, local AND off-site backups. As well as a properly written and tested disaster recovery documents"
2:38 PM
Documentation? Ha. That could be us.
I guess you need to tell them to hire me. I can run exchange as long as I can Google and ask question on Super User . :)
And I am far away from Brazil, so people showin gup at the door, complaining about lost emails, are unlikely.
Are you willing to get a Brazilian citizenship, move here, and earn 14k USD / year? ;p
(Assuming you have a degree, otherwise it's 9k USD / year)
No, no, and is the income black?
@Hennes What do you mean by "black income"?
No, no, and not enough to live on after conversion to local cost of living over here
2:45 PM
Also, I just read the fine print and you don't need citizenship, just a visa. Also, it's nearly 16k / year.
True and false go well together. Void and exception go well together. True and exception go together like cats and taxes. Someday I may be reading your code. Please don't do this to me. — CandiedOrange 7 hours ago
Tax all the Cats ?
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse black income is off the books, like if you're a drugdealer or sell black market ramly burgers...
(Yes, that's a thing here. People smuggle burgers, cigarettes... and puppies)
@JourneymanGeek And chewing gum?
@DavidPostill that never comes up in the papers, no
@Burgi or I just turn up and demand treats ;p
2:53 PM
Well, considering the government is both your employer and your payer, it would be difficult to keep it unaware of your paycheck.
eh. The last time I brought in chewing gum was from the UK.... and it was a small carton of the stuff
For some odd reason, I lost interest in gum after that
...or maybe not. Local IRS is so bureaucratic. Everything here is so bureaucratic. ;__;
" smorgasbord of Wrigley's - Juicy Fruit, Spearmint - and bubble gum filled my pockets as I was ushered toward the metal detector."
That's just dumb
and any customs or immigration official would pull you aside if your're panicy.
It must have been the metal strips to open the packets ... oh wait he didn't set the detector off ...
"But after extended negotiations the United States announced that Singapore had agreed to permit limited imports of chewing gum as part of a free trade pact."

"But the US says this issue is important to a certain senator somewhere, and if we do not allow this, there could be difficulties in the Senate."

Washington lobbyists identified that "certain senator" as Peter Fitzgerald, a Republican whose Illinois constituency includes a giant Wrigley's plant. He was unavailable for comment yesterday.
My guess is? He looked shifty
got pulled aside they checked him
them the customs guy facepalmed at the dumb feller.
3:00 PM
repcapped :)
superuser.com/questions/1122984/… I always thought you were supposed to 'mix' drives of different speeds and batches
Photon torpedo
@JourneymanGeek nope. The answer is right
citation needed
and it dosen't answer his real question
"That last step is what I'm mostly concerned about. I'm not sure if this would work. Can I add a new drive to an existing (non-empty) RAID 5 array and avoid loosing data?"
@OliverSalzburg Genius, and it works. You can just "top up" your account with an arbitrary amount which automatically buys a gift card for yourself and applies it to your account.
@JourneymanGeek That's not my problem. Also a) he needs backups, and b) the answer is in the manual for his NAS
@kerbalspacecat assuming that's correct. What I was told was to get 'similar' drives of different brands and batches
so if there's a faulty batch, your replacements are limited
hm. Acceptable citation ;p
Compared to size and technology it's a relatively minor concern.
I have frequently heard the "different batches to minimize likelyhood of a faulty batch causing multiple failures" reasoning, I guess it makes some sense in the consumer world. In the enterprise world it's unheard of.
Possibly because RAID-6 and "You have backups, right?" is pretty much a given in the enterprise world
lol. Last workplace had a bad batch of disks...
@JourneymanGeek Actually that is the only part of the question it answers
replacing them was a PITA. Also, I do believe those were our backups
3:25 PM
(The link in the answer goes to a thread specifically about expanding a 3-drive RAID-5 to a 4-drive RAID-5 in a WD NAS)
ah, so ... the answer should cover that integrally ;p
> Yes, you can add a 4th drive and expand the RAID 5 without losing your data.

<instructions from WD rep on other forum here>
Hmm. 4 nice/good answer badges within one minute. Someone is serial upvoting me?
3:38 PM
3:54 PM
@kerbalspacecat now looking at the xperia x performance
Smaller battery is the downside :/
But it does dual SIM, cat9, and can do 3G on both SIMs
S7 is only 2G on the secondary but they're turning that network off here
...otoh I'm not using the damn thing for calls anyway -_-
I wonder if anyone does connectivity and especially throughout tests across phones
Temped to serial read (and where relevqnt serial upvotes) ali ches' answers.
Damn. USB knowledge!
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