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12:33 AM
Just finished some Bluetooth OBEX data transfers from my 2012 Nexus 7 to my Nexus 9
Took a while as this isn't quite the fastest data transfer protocol
As a note: The Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio uses Bluetooth Smart—it didn't register on my Nexus 7
1:30 AM
Morning all.
I use a hard drive system at home where an SSD (c:) has the OS, Office and a few other bits of software. d: drive has other software installed such as games then multiple drives for data.

I need to clean install my OS (it'll be simpler that trying to sort the issue). Is there a way I can keep the software on d: drive functioning without having to clean install all of that too?

1:45 AM
@mikeeustace Not really.
What OS is it?
@MichaelFrank 8.1
You can probably perform a refresh/reset then
It comes up with 'the list of software affected by this will be...' and it's a bloody long list!
Yea, it's basically a reinstall. Like it says "Your files will be untouched, but your applications and drivers will be uninstalled."
So, without files on the drive, there's no point!

Is it worth, as soon as I have everything installed and set up, making a complete copy of the c drive to another drive?
1:58 AM
Yea, but it's not just files. It's your account, settings, wallpapers, etc.
It's always a good idea to have backups. :)
!!/zalgo FOO
@DragonLord F̶͙͈͖̦͓̰͇̗͖̹̞̞͔̤̠̱͓̼͂ͭͯͨͯ̓ͯͤ̊́ͧ̔͘͟O̷̢̼̟̞̣͇͍̞͖̩͚̟̟̺̭̹̞̮̍͗ͮ͊͊ͪ͊̔́ͅOͧ̒̊ͫ͒͑͛̽̌͑͒ͨ̽̅͆‌​̈̏̒́̕҉̸̖̙͍͉̯̝̮́
@MichaelFrank Z̶ͮͦ͡͝͏̸̱À̸̸̵͈̻̬͓͟L̺̀̔͂̓̚͝G̡͍͈͊ͨ͘͟͝Ǫ̤͍̱̲̩͗̒͠ ̶̭̬̖̺̣̰͇̊ͥ͞͞Z͜҉̷͎͘A̡̠̟̓̔̊̃͒̒L̶ͨ̉́͏̩͕̻G̴̪͓̝͉̬̍͐̄̄̆ͥÕ̞͍͖̜̩ͧ̿͐̀̑ ̡̨̌̓͂͑ͪ͋͛́͏͎̭̕Z̸̫̠̜̦͉̝͓͒͑ͧͬͬ͘͜͠A̘̺̯͇̩̅͗ͮ͛ͭL̵͍͖̣̟̅ͤ̍̓͛̋͞Ǵ̸̭͚̎́̽̃́͘͢O͢͏̟͎
Q: How does Zalgo text work?

MikeI've seen weirdly formatted text called Zalgo like below written on various forums. It's kind of annoying to look at, but it really bothers me because it undermines my notion of what a character is supposed to be. My understanding is that a character is supposed to move horizontally across a line...

2:21 AM
related superuser.com/a/432017/10165 INTENTIONALLY not oneboxed ;p
@JourneymanGeek OMG that RAM question.
Like.... seriously?
Just put the RAM in and see if it boots!!!
Well that got racist fast... o.o
2:37 AM
I did tell him to RTFM. For good reason.
I think the issue is that the motherboard is OEM. So it won't have a manual.
Best it has is the HP site I linked to in my answer.
He's certainly persistent...
meh. he does that then deletes.
Whilst I'm waiting for the OS to install (I didn't bother with a refresh @MichaelFrank), I'm thinking about my major uni project. Just a list of ideas at the moment. I have an app on my ipad which turns handwriting into calculations.


Is writing something along those lines but for logic gates going to be waaaay beyond what I'll have learnt in 2 modules of java?
@JourneymanGeek Oh, he's deleting them? I thought you were.
2:44 AM
The flags were mine.
This is why I don't like handling flags that involve me. I'm too close to the problem
I guess others must have been watching, surely one flag isn't enough?
donno actually
@JourneymanGeek @MichaelFrank ...RAM question?
Link? </curious fox>
Q: Can motherboard with 8 GB, 4 channel RAM support 1 GB increments per slot?

Buster PalI have a motherboard that supports 8 GB and has 4 240-pin slots. I only have sticks of DDR3, 240-pin 1 GB RAM sticks. Will a single one—or more work—or does it have to be in specific increments (e.g., 2 at least, because it has 8 GB max and divided by 4 it’s 2)?

2:53 AM
How do you send the question like that?
A: Why isn't it possible to Encrypt and Compress a Folder on Windows?

GriffinYou can encrypt a compressed file but compressing an encrypted file should be useless. I'm going to give you an insanely oversimplified version but you should be able to get the idea. I have the text: Griffin is the coolest ever. Griffin is the coolest ever. Griffin is the coolest ever. Gr...

Oh... that's how you do it. It just has to be its own message.
Works with other things too. Oneboxing is cool
Did you get clippied when you asked?
heh, clippied
and ugh, my sinuses are quite bad today.
Reckon I can get traction on Meta with a request to have an "Obviously a review audit" option added to the edit rejection box?
3:05 AM
I for one would certainly upvote that.
Or how about "Reject and edit this review audit"?
whoot got paid.
Also, wallabag is pretty good. By which I mean, I'm wondering how I managed without it so long <3
@MichaelFrank Then you're gonna need reviews of review audits to make sure they're up to scratch and aren't sabotaged further.
@MichaelFrank you got a problem with "vandalism"?
3:22 AM
@Shog9 I don't like vandalism if that's what you're asking.
@MichaelFrank but how do you like it relative to audits?
@Shog9 I was joking when I suggested making a Meta Post. It was sort of a dig at the obviousness of the review audit I saw.
As for liking it? I think it's fine. If it was a regular user editing that Q/A then it would definitely be vandalism.
looking forward to the meta post...
<- is going to do a super risky repartition of his phone forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2296230
3:44 AM
crosses paws
I wonder what they mean by "will be destroyed"
A very small ninja will chip it into little bits.
(more likely, mere data loss)
@JourneymanGeek I'll have to keep monitoring that btrfs issue to make sure nothing else breaks >_>
hoping it was just a fluke
@allquixotic :/
Any preferred way to let you know if I notice anything?
here, or if I'm not here, send me an email at the email we've used several times ;p
3:50 AM
(since I'm pretty much camped out on puppy most of my waking hours ;p)
i can ping you with it again if you want
I think I have it.
Don't you guys ever sleep
Yeah, I have it.
@ThatBrazilianGuy we alternate
it's like a tag team
when he's up, I'm down; and vice versa
3:52 AM
@ThatBrazilianGuy: Yeah. 10.30 -7. then a lunchtime nap, then 4-7 then dinner. ;p
Its 1am here
also, I could ask you the same thing, @ThatCristoRedentor
(that's wauzer sleeping schedules ;p)
(its almost noon, lovely friday, Working tommorrow too, ;p)
good to know Friday is "lovely" at almost noon; I have an 11 AM meeting with Big Wigs™
I just arrived from bar post-conference social event
3:54 AM
Jesus the statue of Jesus drinks?
@allquixotic: There's one rule about fridays. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING AT ALL.
Doesn't He turn water into wine?
@ThatBrazilianGuy: Lots of people turn wine into piss.
@ThatBrazilianGuy that's just the antiquated version of water purification
back when regular old water would make you sick
I want to learn how to turn headaches into sleep
(Without alcohol as ingredient)
3:56 AM
heh. For me? I completely stopped drinking anything with caffeine for a few months
Then slowly eased back .
I don't remember the last time I slept at a decent hour
And I need 10hrs of sleep ffs
Also, get a snauzer that sleeps early, and insists you do.
I become a walking zombie
Its teeerrrribble
!! s/snauzer/wauzer/
@allquixotic Also, get a wauzer that sleeps early, and insists you do. (source)
3:57 AM
I don't drink caffeine at all. Terrible stomach.
(back in the day... my granma would watch soaps and... glare)
And you can feel an angry wauzer pup glare ;p
I don't have to go to work tomorrow.
I want to sleep all day
@ThatBrazilianGuy One of the women sitting behind me said earlier that she 'accidentally had her first cup of coffee in 2 years' and that she 'was wired for the entire meeting'.
But my stupid brain will wake me up at 6am
If the past week is of any clue
3:59 AM
@MichaelFrank opposite extreme: ex-coworker would down 4 red bulls and two 5-hour energy drinks every day just to get through an 8-hour workday without falling asleep
Then sleep earlier ;p
I wake up exactly 10 minutes before I want to for some rerason.
I work in IT and I hate coffee. I am an alien I knoe
Heh. I used to go through a large bottle of coke a day when my anxiety attacks were at their worst.
@allquixotic I bet all that 'energy' actually ended being the cause of the fatigue.
(didn't help that the water where I was tasted terrible. Singapore water FTW)
4:00 AM
@ThatBrazilianGuy Yea, I don't like coffee either.
@JourneymanGeek I married a woman who needs 6hrs of sleep. She married a man who needs company in bed.
(Also, tech gadgets addiction)
Yeah, and I have most of my stuff in my room. Much lights ;p
@allquixotic Should just go for the caffeine pills at that point.
lol. I don't even set an alarm
4:03 AM
@MichaelFrank Ditto.
I like tea though :P
At this point my sleep schedule has become a running gag.
Before I got the current job, we'd go walkies at 7.20 exactly every day, so my wake up time's exactly at 7.
@MichaelFrank yeah - but I bet her metabolism was through the roof; she was almost anorexically skinny
I could get skinny, I'd just need to set my house temperature to around 44 Fahrenheit instead of 70
Roomie's been having trouble getting out of bed tho, old age, so its a bit flexible
I suppose it doesn't help my sleep the fact the building across the street chooses to dispose their garbage at 11pm UNDERNEATH MY EFFIN WINDOW
They're lucky people in Brazil don't have guns
4:04 AM
@allquixotic weight loss by shivering? That'd be the worst.
@allquixotic That's probably why she was so lethargic. Probably had sugar-free energy drinks too.
@ThatBrazilianGuy: Perfect time to water the plants. With iced water.
No, its an office building. They use a truck.
A noisy one
oh god, you know what the worst thing for sleep inhibition is? back when I was interning in California, there were these guys who'd weed whack and use leaf blowers for like 2 hours first thing in the morning, and there was absolutely no way to shut them up, and the constant on-off cycles of the equipment would keep you waking up
4:06 AM
...you live in an office building?
Every weekday, I finally get to go to bed, close my eyes, exhale a sigh, and TRUCK NOISE
I'm used to noise. I used to live next to a train station, and I still live next to a busy port, and a large expressway
too bad I didn't have my Sennheiser M2 OEBTs back then; I'd have just turned them on and sat them on my head
the noise canceling is pretty great
@Bob > across the street
And somehow each day their trash include lots of metal pieces
4:08 AM
hey @Bob, have you had a chance to try KSP 1.0 yet?
hm. Latency is high to london. Sharks must be chewing on the fibre optic cables to UK again
@allquixotic nup
It's like they got an undercover car dismantling operation there
been rather busy lately, and now my free time is taken up by fricking ZFS
@Bob fuel cells are the most amazing thing ever - they're stock parts that very efficiently (and quickly, relative to solar panels) convert liquid fuel and oxidizer into electricity
4:09 AM
@ThatBrazilianGuy: chopshop!
@allquixotic but.. but... limited fuel :(
@JourneymanGeek huh?
did they add oxygen yet?
@Bob the Firespitter mod has well-balanced electric propellers, so without doing any modding or cheating, you can go a very long way on a very small amount of fuel
> Firespitter mod
> without doing any modding
!!meme okay
I meant like, self-modding of config files
firespitter tries to be realistic, they're not trying to give you easy parts :P
I'm not sure how they stack up compared to using liquid fuel in turbojets or turbofans, but I'm a good third of way around the planet after traveling at mach 0.9 at 2-3 km, and I've barely used 12 units of liquid fuel
4:12 AM
I'll have to find some time to try it
should put the new laptop through its paces
and/or melt something
new laptop? do tell
probably shouldn't try it on 3200x1800
(my next outlay is probably going to be a goddamn green GTX 980, and then some time after that, a 144 Hz G-Sync monitor
@allquixotic only mentioned it half a dozen times in here :P
@allquixotic: mwahahaha.
4:13 AM
@allquixotic is it in-atmosphere only?
@Bob what will the propeller spin against in a vacuum?
@allquixotic W230-SS. GTX 860M. i7-4710MQ. 16 GB RAM. Stupid PenTile 3200x1800 screen. 13.3".
I need to do a bit of math. I completely blew my budget last month ;p
@allquixotic Oh, it's an actual propeller
@Bob yeah -- it uses a resource called "FScoolant" which the Firespitter dev says IS atmospheric air, except that it has the "intake" built into the propeller (because it's a propeller and you don't need a separate intake)
4:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek they do that to cellphones here, you know
@ThatBrazilianGuy: steal em and take em apart for parts?
kinda makes sense, especially when you can track/disable them remotely
Or sell to crime thugs on prisons
there IS one thing that's pretty hilarious though
4:15 AM
@allquixotic It's a kinda-gaming box, while still being portable
I just haven't found the time to try any games on it yet
It's a big market
(weighs ~2kg)
you can now attach radial / surface-mounted Intake Air cans on your ship (basically cans of air) and in a vacuum, drain them... to propel... turbojets, turbofans, and propellers O_O
Well time to go
Good night
@ThatBrazilianGuy: If I was a criminal in jail, the phone that I'd want would be a oldschool nokia dumbphone ;p
4:16 AM
Imma sleep till I wake up
@JourneymanGeek easier to, ah, smuggle in? :P
@ThatBrazilianGuy ... ... ... WAKEY WAKEY
@Bob: battery life too.
My old nokia did something like 3 weeks on standby
No, it's because you could throw one at a stone wall... And the wall would break.
4:20 AM
can dip into the low transonic (0.91) at level flight on engine power, or easily break the sound barrier in a gentle dive
@ThatBrazilianGuy: That's a nokia 3110. I was thinking more the later models
MUCH smaller
probably about 24 hours' worth of travel at mach 0.9 in those fuel tanks
@allquixotic How do those back props even work without cutting the tail off? o.O
@MichaelFrank shh; you're applying real-world logic to a game
there are no good mount points for more than one engine on that craft
so I made it up :P
3600 kg of liquid fuel, 4400 kg of oxidizer and you can carry the fuel, two kerbals and science equipment easily around the planet a couple of times with that
probably more because it gets lighter as the tanks empty
@allquixotic I never figured out how to land a plane
well, safely land a plane
on target too
4:23 AM
@Bob I figured it out; it took a lot of finagling... I'm not so good at landing on a precise target, but I managed to land and take off from the small dirt island runway
oh, you managed the runway?
I'm the master of overshooting runways
or landing parallel to it
or perpendicular
or crossing over it to crash into the KSC
pretty much everything but on the runway
well, there was that one time
basically, you turn off your engines and flare hard as you're coming down toward the target (nose up), and pray you don't stall -- if you do stall, your craft needs MOAR WINGS, because wings give you lift, and lift decreases your Vmin (minimum velocity that will not stall)
then I bounced and rolled and hit the mountain behind the KSC and died
4:26 AM
the first thing you should do is perform various tests by taking off safely, get up to a decent altitude (at least 1000 meters), then gradually reduce your speed until you are no longer able to keep the aircraft from going nose-down (with SAS and RCS disabled)
then modify the craft until the speed at which it starts to do that is lower
then do that some more until it's quite a nice low number, like 45 m/s or less
once you stall at 45 m/s or less, you can land very slowly and thus land on a precise, small target
coming in at 100 m/s, 150 m/s, or higher, is just not controllable
also, I have a new hypothesis
unless you have a super-craft that never stalls or something ridiculous like that, not knowing your stall speed makes landing impossible
part of the problem is lacking instruments
knowing your stall speed, even if it's a little higher than desired - say around 90 m/s - may enable you to safely land a craft that's coming in fast
I want to know my sink rate too
because if you don't know your stall speed, and you're coming down very low to the ground and flaring, if you go too slow, you stall and you have very little altitude to recover, and you die
also, stall speed changes during some missions, like if you deploy a lander or rover, or use a large amount of fuel
so you have to literally test it up in the air before you land unless you know the craft well and its configuration has not significantly changed
@Bob the Ferram Aerospace mod (still highly recommended, even after the improved KSP 1.0 drag model) has a built-in tool that will tell you your vertical and horizontal speed
we have: pre-1.0 drag model ==> horrible
1.0 stock drag model ==> decent, but still not great
Ferram Aerospace ==> incredible
pre-1.0, I don't think wings could even stall
that's one thing that 1.0 does correctly: it fairly accurately models wing stall and the associated loss of lift
4:49 AM
5:18 AM
Wallabag has a download to epub option
(sorry, new toy syndrome. I am really liking this tho ;p)
6:00 AM
Hello room. Any windows people around? I'm being asked to enter my password when I turn on my win 8.1 pc. I want to get rid of it.

I've followed this, the box is unchecked, but every time I re-boot, it asks for my password again
ahh. I haven't turned that off, and I'm not at a windows box at the moment. Might be worth asking it as a question on the main site?
Thanks @JourneymanGeek
Something worth considering - is it a local or a microsoft account?
1 hour later…
7:08 AM
Heh, that was fun. Got a install of python 3 on a non standard prefix so that I can run github.com/richrd/suplemon
7:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek That project reminded me of @rlemon
@allquixotic strangely relevant to the earlier discussion on KSP: aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/15163/…
lol fox
8:26 AM
"Step one. Do not believe everything you see on tv the internet)
@Oliver not sure if fake, satire or serious
@Bob It's spam from my inbox
If only we could be as smart as Mark :(
How fucking hard is it to upload an image to Wikipedia. Jesus Christ!
My account is like 8 years old, but I haven't made 10 edits yet, so I can't upload an image?
You may be a really patient troll.
1 hour later…
9:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek I'm almost tempted to pull apart one of these Ultrafire batts, but that's probably somewhat suicidal.
@Bob At worse, it just explodes ;p
I've had reasonable luck with mine.
@JourneymanGeek Unfortunately, my explosion resistance is quite low.
@Bob: I don't need new batteries tho. They work alright. Next torch will likely use AA batts or onboard/USB recharging.
/me does less night walkies now.
9:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek If you're using "Ultrafire", you do need new batteries.
They work alright until the day they don't. And then your hand may or may not work alright afterwards.
@Bob: So's my torch!
Also, AA torches can't get quite as bright (...I've tried), and onboard tends to be a pain when they run out :\
I don't need eyesearing brightness or very long runtimes ;p
but... but... eye-searingness! :D
seriously, though, it helps a lot (been doing a lot of attic/roof-climbing recently... damn possums)
And the option of walking into a shop and buying batteries is nice.
Mine's in case we have cobras, and that's not common.
I really have to wonder how fucking hard it is to write a file synchronisation service
I'm currently fighting a battle with OneDrive, which is mind-blowing
I have a Visual Studio project in there, and renamed the folder, obviously it would not rename itself on my other machine
So, I deleted it on the machine where it still had the old name
And, of course, the project was also deleted on my machine where the name was updated...
Now I copied the project back into OneDrive, but it refuses to sync it to my other machine
And, of course, the solution is to unlink the folder and start a completely fresh sync
@OliverSalzburg I've noticed that in OneDrive there is a tab called tags under Picture and it automatically tags pictures using some sort of voodoo technology. I then use Cortana to show any of these tags. Spooky how well it works.
@paradroid I'd be fine with it simply being able to sync a folder between two machines, but, I guess, that is too much to ask
Deleted files go to the Recycle Bin. I've not had any problems with renaming files, but I have had duplicate files made. The hostname is at the end of the filename, so they are at least easy to find.
I just wish it had file history/versioning, like Dropbox
The thing is, Google Drive Sync is even more of a piece of crap. I don't get how it is possible that application with such a simple task can have such bugs. Especially after being deployed in the wild for so long
I'd give Dropbox a try, but I have massive storage with Microsoft and Google and I'm not going to pay Dropbox as well :P
I would appreciate if the solutions I'm already paying for would work right
I guess I should just get back to SSH+rsync
10:21 AM
SugarSync is another one, and that has the advantage of being able to sync particular folders, like Windows Live Sync used to be able to do.
But at the expense of user-confusion
On my phone, I use FolderSync, which also works just perfectly
Which adds to my confusion why OneDrive and GDriveSync don't work right for me
Tried rsync?
1 min ago, by Oliver Salzburg
I guess I should just get back to SSH+rsync
Sorry, missed that
Yeah, it's just not as convenient. Especially cross-platform
10:23 AM
Trying to look for something I was looking at a while back...
Hmmn. Didn't Delicious it. I did for this though: syncplicity.com
Found it. Rsync for Windows. http://www.aboutmyip.com/AboutMyXApp/DeltaCopy.jsp
@paradroid I used cwrsync in the past
@OliverSalzburg How did you find it?
@paradroid When it works, it works. But if it doesn't work, it's rsync error message hell
I'm going to try them once I sort my stuff out. I'm setting up my server racks and stuff up, after two years of just using laptops.
..and cloud
Might try setting up DirectAcess and use my own servers as my own cloud
building file list ... Invalid flist flag: 1004
rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at flist.c(2354) [Receiver=3.0.7]
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (8 bytes received so far) [sender]
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(468) [sender=2.6.8]
Stuff like that ;D
10:32 AM
As I seem to be pretty much always internet connected where ever I am these days
I see
10:50 AM
[Receiver=3.0.7] vs [sender=2.6.8]
Seems pretty obvious to me?
Of course, getting matching verisons may be difficult.
@djsmiley2k I was just searching for rsync error messages, I've had a myriad of unreadable crap messages
Some are terrible but normally google reveals... something
A simple "Error: Incompatible protocol versions (3.0.7 vs 2.6.8) used. Use --protocol to specify a common protocol version." would be nice.
Why it can't figure out between itself which one to use is beyond me too
Or, even better, negotiate a common protocol version before attempting to sync :P
10:56 AM
@OliverSalzburg But syncing isn't that simple.
Or make one yourself :P
Syncing is incredibly easy until there are conflicts. But in my environments, I always only make changes on one side and expect them to be synced to the other sides
Yeah, ought to be simple with only one user
And I would write one myself, but I'm already paying 2 providers for such a solution and neither one works right
instead of my horrific javascript box, I should use a jQuery dialog, and then have 2 functions ?
@djsmiley2k What are you talking about?
You probably shouldn't be using jQuery though ;D
11:03 AM
@OliverSalzburg something bob was telling me off for yesterday :D
PHP page, has a button on it - upon pressing the button it should 1. ask for comfirmation, and if confirmed it should 2. display the loading gif again.
@OliverSalzburg nor php, or maybe even not using computers!
The thing about jQuery is, pretty much all the functionality it provides, the browser already provides for you anyway. youmightnotneedjquery.com
hmmm the non-jquery bits on there look far more complicated :/
and i don't know what I need and what I don't, I just know that other bits of this have jquery already so.... stick wiht what other people are using
Well, if it's already there, you might as well use it, but when you don't need it, it's bad form to use it, because it will just be slower and add an extra layer of abstraction that doesn't really provide any value
Understanding the tools the browser provides to you is more valuable than understanding a library
Right now it's a combination of javascript and jquery mashed together.
And using jQuery is simply not "cool" anymore ;D
11:14 AM
So i figure, I can convert the javascript to jquery to match the style of everything else
Makes sense
Ok Cool. I'm not crazy then :D
11:39 AM
Awww... Why should I lose rep just because someone throws a fit and delete their question? :(
wow , Thermaltake has made a carbon copy of R5
How do you get rid of that annoying message? O__o
@tereško Wow, now that's a nice case
I need a case with a ton of bays... Something that I can shove my server into and still have space for heaps of drives
@OliverSalzburg compare it to fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/define-series/… (released in Nov.2015
@tereško Nov. 2015?
11:49 AM
So it's not released yet?
The r5 has far more to it tbh
ssd bays. removable 5inch bays
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