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12:09 PM
@djsmiley2k The "horrific" part was using a javascript: tag in the middle of JS, and sticking a whole script inside an onclick attribute.
@MichaelFrank: my cosair is 6 + 4
Its a 600T, hardly the largest
@Bob hehe ok, i'm learning :D
my small ATX case at home is 4+4 i think
@OliverSalzburg I'm forced to use jQuery because every damn table plugin builds on top of it.
And DOM table manipulation is a pain in the arse.
Also, said plugins are wholly not compatible with requirejs.
(In theory, if I could get extra drive bays, I actually have room for 12...)
So much time wasted. So much rage.
now I have a line that goes something like require(['jquery', 'datatables', 'datatables-moment', 'config', 'data'], function ($, _, _, config, data) { }); where the underscores are placeholders... because the damn thing modifies the global jq instance
@OliverSalzburg I actually rather dislike the majority of jq's functionality.
It feels... hacky.
The API feels dirty :\
12:16 PM
Yeah, lots of stuff builds on top of jQuery, but I try to stay away from it. I rather write my own small wrapper function around the code that I need, than to integrate jq
But, then again, in the software our company sells, we have jquery due to dependencies, so we use it for DOM manipulation as well
DOM manip is really fucking crazy indeed. Like, wtf, there's insertBefore, but no insertAfter?
@OliverSalzburg I don't have the time or patience to deal with tables manually.
Column alignment would kill me.
Sorting... urk.
I can barely build a table, let alone modify one.
@OliverSalzburg You know what's even more annoying?
There's a HTMLTableElement.createTHead() and a HTMLTableElement.createTFoot() but no HTMLTableElement.createTBody()
A: How do I create the TBody tag in a Table with pure JavaScript?

AlohciFrom the DOM Level 1 spec Interface HTMLTableElement The create and delete methods on the table allow authors to construct and modify tables. HTML 4.0 specifies that only one of each of the CAPTION, THEAD, and TFOOT elements may exist in a table. Therefore, if one exists, and t...

whole thing's pretty messed up
12:32 PM
12:44 PM
I just watched kung fury....
1:16 PM
Not 100% sure on the corporate security requirements, but I'm preparing to wipe my old Nexus 7 to reinstall stock Android 5.1 with stock recovery.
I want to make sure personal data and work data don't get mixed.
posted on May 29, 2015

Everybody knows the best way to a girl’s heart is to shower her with jQuery.

2:17 PM
> used 77% in 3h 2m
my laptop lasts longer than my phone -_-
Any tips on separating personal and work material?
Don't sweat it at first ;p
I'll also relock the bootloader on the N7.
See how the place is like , then work out what you can get away with
has a ton of non standard software on his work system ;)
I'm assuming that corporate will need some degree of control over the device
2:21 PM
Or they won't care, and just have a seperate network
As a sysadmin, I might have more say, but would prefer to keep work and personal stuff separate.
Our security's pretty serious, and we just have seperate production and "internet enabled" networks
BRB, let me know if you have any tips.
Basically, our security requirements are set by our clients, so we have a wifi network that's seperate, and terminal servers that are seperate as well. Internal phone system's on another vlan...
and production network's got no internet access outside the TSes
That's essentially a worst case scenario.
Chances are no one's going to care what's on your phone
@DragonLord Just don't bring personal devices into the mix.
@JourneymanGeek That too.
My workplace honestly doesn't give a shit.
2:24 PM
@Bob: My workplace dosen't give a shit
(Ok, corporate up high hands down directives, but we're largely exempt... we were told to list all software and make sure everything was authorised for an audit, my boss told me to list everything as required for my job.)
I have a unapproved version of firefox (newer), and python 3 (which isn't standard)
And it is. Technically, we aren't allowed image editors. Practically, I have GIMP and Paint.NET installed and I created our loading animations...
My boss would probably be like "cool!"
(For the most part, these restrictions are designed for sales/cust-support.)
2:25 PM
@Bob: We have a basic set of standard software that needs to be on every system
Other than that, meh, as long as you don't expect us to support it, and its in the repos, go knock yourself out.
@JourneymanGeek Client data is the one thing we're really strict on.
Luckily, I don't work with client data >95% of the time.
@Bob: Our client data is...
Well, let me put it this way. I get my spoilers off the internet
2:44 PM
I was handed and mac and told 'here you go'
I have basically told "This is your PC"
Downloading Android 5.1.1 factory image for 2012 Nexus 7.
And realised no one gives a shit ;p
I'll take one more NANDroid before flashing the image.
It is absolutely incredible how Google continues to support a three-year-old tablet.
...*glances at Windows OS still capable of running on 10+-year-old hardware*
*ooh, is that Linux running on a 80286?*
Honestly, three years of OS updates isn't much to be proud of...
2:52 PM
Not when that's two full generations of mobile hardware.
Windows 8 requires SSE2. It can run on a Pentium 4.
How many generations of desktop hardware is that?
At least five?
That's about six generations, but mobile devices are rarely kept in use for more than two years.
The wonders of an OS not tied to specific hardware. The wonders of standardised hardware.
3:05 PM
@DragonLord I blame Apple for this thinking.
3:19 PM
wireless charger
power in: 2A @ 5V
power out (to phone): 650mA @ 5V
how very efficient...
> The page you were after lived a good and happy life, but now it is no longer with us. That's ok though, because we have thousands more that are alive and just as great.
That's probably the most amusing 404 I've seen :P
4:04 PM
I'll stick to wires
I do not anticipate getting Android M.
Not on my old Nexus 7.
@Bob: more.
1 hour later…
5:22 PM
I haven't got yet Lollipop on my Moto G.
If my phone was a computer it would make sense to be able to install an OS whenever I like
Computers have been doing that for decades
@Psycogeek Sucks. I need to find rare full copies and buy for full before the brace of SaaS age.
I have Chinese tablet PIPO. How is it better to format SD card?
@ThatBrazilianGuy I'm avoiding 4.4 and 5.0 because (a) I don't have time to deal with the stability issues now (is 5.0 even available yet? Samsung took ~8 months to get 4.4 to Aus after releasing it elsewhere) and (b) 4.4 completely screwed over SD card support
5:40 PM
@Boris_yo ...that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I talked about in my message.
@Bob 4.4 screwed SD card support. I have 4.4
Again, how is a set of dodgy instructions for formatting an SD card relevant?
@Bob It advices to format in device it will be used in. I have Android device I will use it in.
That still has nothing to do with 4.4's SD issues.
It has nothing to do with the filesystem format.
It was a fundamental change in the way the OS handled SD access and permissions.
And my opinion is that it was intended to make SD cards nigh-useless to force people to move to 'cloud' storage (notice also the Nexus line has no SD support at all and that Google is a rather large cloud storage provider and proponent...)
2 hours later…
7:53 PM
Nexus 7 is wiped, booting stock Android 5.1.1.
Factory image flashed.
8:19 PM
As a test, I also issued a remote wipe to the Nexus 7 through Android Device Manager.
It's rebooting now.
The device just reached the Welcome screen.
Yey new avatar
8:34 PM
@Bob I'm on 5.x
Encrypting the Nexus 7.
I'm not taking chances here.
Nexus 9 comes encrypted out of the box, and the screen lock credentials can be used to secure the device at startup.
Mine is configured to require my security pattern at startup.
8:51 PM
idea for hybrid aircraft: regenerative diving: spin the fans using air to charge battery
Hi people!
Right now I'm looking at 4 questions, and I think they are all similar:


They are all about c++ iterator vs index speed/efficiency, aren't they duplicates?
9:15 PM
@DragonLord Last time I saw you, you were going to pass exam/interview. How it went?)
@Jet See the star wall.
I'm reading up on BYOD and I entirely understand employer concerns about corporate data.
oh sysadmin, nice work)
I've set up my old tablet for work purposes and intend to maintain full segregation between work and personal information.
There are 2 states/types of sysadmin:
1) A lot of work to do
2) Nothing to do at all

Which one is yours?)
Most likely 1.
I don't quite know just yet.
9:37 PM
I'm number 2.
@duzzy I'm sorry to hear that.
Next time I go to the bathroom I will wave
9:52 PM
/me looks in
1 hour later…
11:35 PM
So depressed.
14/14 questions in the low quality post were either comments or "me too" comments
Futhermore whats with all the "i believe" answers recently?
( I am not going to listen to somebody who believes his instructions are correct ) I want to know they are correct <sigh>
So this is the alternative to freenode?
the hell?
Anyone know what the yellow caution icon on amazon means/
11:56 PM
@Ramhound where on amazon? screenshot?
Yes,well not it went away, lol
Yes, this is on the your orders page
was next to text that read Arriving today by 8pm
there we go
nice pasteo
$19.99 for Parallels, thats a good price, version 9 but still
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