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12:43 AM
@JeremyH What are you thinking about JeremyH's tag wiki suggestions?
@Nathaniel So here in Aus Amazon is usually very expensive because of the shipping, so we all use Book Depository instead. With the cheaper shipping internal to the US how does its prices compare?
1:26 AM
@ThaddeusB One of the room owners starred it. I think that's what it means.
Q: Didn't recieve badges?

Jeremy HI just used up all 40 of my votes for today, and I expected(ok, anticipated) to receive the "suffrage" and "vox populi" badges; please help? I know I used all of them up because when I go to vote on another one it says "Daily vote limit reached..."

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3:00 AM
@Nathaniel Sadly HALOT isn't eligible - I suppose they are considering it a textbook
11 hours later…
1:40 PM
@curiousdannii I checked a half-dozen books, and it looks like BD has prices ranging from 0-25% more than Amazon. I'm comparing USD prices; I assume they don't hose you on the exchange rate to account for the extra expense of shipping to Australia. For me shipping on Amazon is always free, so it's rare that I find a better deal elsewhere.
@curiousdannii Some of them were just inaccurate, and I rejected those. I only recently saw the argument that definition-only excerpts are useless, so I'm probably still more lenient on those.
1:59 PM
@Nathaniel Yeah I'm not too sure what I feel about simple definition tag wikis. Most of ours are that. It seemed like he was picking a bunch of odd and rare tags, but maybe that's just because all the more common tags already had excerpts.
But some were bad definitions to start with..
3 hours later…
5:28 PM
@curiousdannii Are you saying that tag wikis that provide only the excerpt, and not the full definition, are not acceptable? Is there a document here that provides guidance on writing tag wikis?
1 hour later…
6:37 PM
@Nathaniel @curiousdannii I prefer if tag excepts include usage guidelines, but if the option is between a simple definition and nothing, then I'll go with the simple definition.
@LeeWoofenden They seem to be talking about the excerpts, the part that pops up when you hover over the tag. Then when you click through, you see the wiki, which can be a whole article if you want.
What they are saying is that if the excerpt is just a simple definition then it is really not that useful. It should probably include usage guidelines.
@fredsbend I would think that most times the usage instruction would be "for use on questions about [definition]". In cases where there is something (such as ambiguity) to keep in mind, certainly it should have usage instructions, but in most cases I think there is little difference.
@ThaddeusB I would say about 75% of the time, it is like that. It's basically "Use this tag for questions about [tag name and/or definition]"
However, when it gets odd, or we have tags that appear to be the same thing at first, but they are not, that's when the usage guidelines are important.
In which case, a meta post is probably best for community ideas and decisions. Consider this example:
Q: Proposal for tagging questions that concern marriage, both traditional and non-traditional forms

fredsbendUPDATE: I've since made most of the changes laid out in this tag proposal. This included the creation of the same-sex-marriage tag, the editing of its excerpt, the removal of gay-marraige, and the editing of the polygamy tag and marriage tag excerpts. To still be done: There may be questions ...

6:58 PM
Another example:
Q: Should these question have a truth tag?

fredsbendThe truth tag was recently removed by me and another user. For the most part, it was used on Truth questions and the tag's existence seems to imply that Truth questions are allowed. However, in doing so, I came across a few questions that seems like they could have a legitimate use for the tag: ...

3 hours later…
9:33 PM
@fredsbend I've just posted a response to this proposal here:
A: Proposal for tagging questions that concern marriage, both traditional and non-traditional forms

Lee WoofendenThis proposal is a case of Christianity.SE tacitly endorsing traditional religious definitions of marriage through its tag system. That is contrary to the nature and guidelines of the StackExchange system of sites. Christianity.SE is a secular site, not a religious one. It does not represent nor...

10:07 PM
@TRiG and @Flimzy You might be interested in the above answer, given your comments there.
10:46 PM
@LeeWoofenden An upvote awarded, though I think that @Flimzy's answer says something broadly similar, and gave that an upvote a good while ago.
11:20 PM
@TRiG Yes. And thanks. I wanted to get more specific, since @Flimzy's answer was more general.
@LeeWoofenden I suppose.

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