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12:19 AM
@Nathaniel Thanks
12:42 AM
@Nathaniel Yes. Good stuff.
@LeeWoofenden Very nice answer. The
> Epistle to the Hebrews is a literary and theological tour de force, offering a grand overview of the vast sweep of Hebrew scriptures as foreshadowing and symbolizing the atoning and saving work of Christ.
line alone was worth the +1. :)
2 hours later…
2:18 AM
@ThaddeusB Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it!
3:12 AM
Q: Did churches in American south have to be segregated by law?

coderworksYears ago I spoke with some people who were members of a church in either Georgia or Florida. They told me that they had heard that during segregation their church had had a red thread or cord that separated the main meeting room, for the reasons of racial segregation. I wanted to look into this...

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5:18 AM
30% off one book on Amazon... which one will help me answer the most questions on C.SE...
What book?
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it tomorrow!
@El'endiaStarman Any book. Promotion code works through the weekend.
6:18 AM
@LeeWoofenden I've already been tracking your countdown to 3k ;-)
(And sorry about the extra pings, I realized had spaced mentioning the name of one of our recent marshals.)
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8:20 AM
@Nathaniel What kind of things does your library have already? Which area do you think is lacking/
1 hour later…
9:24 AM
Q: Human Population as a Problem of Climate Change

Danny RodriguezMany would say that the key to halting climate change is changing from fossil fuels and coal to wind energy and solar power. But has anyone considered population control or population reduction? Is there any people in the world that view having an exorbitant number of children is unethical, n...

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1:15 PM
@curiousdannii My wife says I have everything I could possibly need =). I've got 6-foot bookcases spread throughout the house, though most of that is literature/history/economics/gardening. I have a lot of reformed theology books, and some from my dispensational days. For other traditions I usually have to rely on online sources. But I also have gaps in ethics, missiology, exegesis (I have very few post-1923 commentaries), and church history.
1:58 PM
@Nathaniel Do you have any knowledge of the Biblical languages? Any period in church history particularly interesting to you? And what's your budget?
Or if you're after commentaries, any particular books?
I can't give many suggestions, but if your interests line up closely to things I've read then I might be able to :P
@curiousdannii No biblical languages yet. Working on Latin now; we'll see how I'm doing with that in a few years and then perhaps I'll start NT Greek. Main periods of interest are 0-500 and 1500-1800 (hence the Latin study; it's shocking to me that there are works of Augustine that aren't yet in English).
Budget is somewhat limited; I try to keep it to around $100-200 a year, so used books and Christmas gifts are my friends. Space is definitely a limiting factor too, so I've thought about buying a commentary set for my church's library so it could be stored there and perhaps be useful to others.
@curiousdannii Nice; I hadn't seen that before
Doesn't require any actual Greek, but should be very helpful
I've read some of those church history ones, but not all the ones in the series, so I can't endorse it whole heartedly ;)
2 hours later…
3:57 PM
@Nathaniel "with a maximum discount of $10." :( The books I want tend to cost a lot more than $33
Still, I'm sure I can find something on my want list, so thanks for the headsup
5:00 PM
@ThaddeusB Yes, that's a definite limitation. Barnes and Noble also has 30% off, with no limit, but their prices usually aren't as good. barnesandnoble.com/promos/bn-promo.jsp?cid=3600001
5:12 PM
@Nathaniel The bible. Doi! ;)
@fredsbend I've got a bunch of those. Which new book should I buy :)
2 hours later…
7:09 PM
@fredsbend Too broad! :-P

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