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@El'endiaStarman They've been watching the site for a long time! Odd that they haven't post anything until now. But their single comment is also about the names of God, must be a pet interest.
8:12 AM
Q: How to remove the account from Christianity?

SergeI tried to remove my account from Christianity but as it was the only account I wasn't able to do it. How is it possible to be able to CREATE an account, but not to DELETE it?

7 hours later…
3:41 PM
Q: Would you quote from this service http://buk.io/@kjv

mskI am not sure if asking feedbacks is appropriate in this meta questions. buk.io serves many public books and the holy bible is one of those 48000 titles served and the goal of the service is to provide proper quoting of text, which shows the page that contains the quote. The reason I am asking...

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8:09 PM
Q: Asking other Christians a question about God

PetahChristianI woke up the other day, wondering if God had a specific 'God Who Hears' name. I searched the internet, but only got a few hits. I asked my pastor about it, and he didn't know of one, so I thought I'd come to Christianity and ask other Christians if they knew. I thought my question was about G...


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