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2:55 AM
@PeterTurner According to this paper quoting Lewis in Green and Hooper's biography, the 3 pale men represents "High Anglicans", and as Lewis said:
> "what I am attacking in Neo-Angular is a set of people who seem to me... to be traying to make of Christianity itself one more high-brow, Chelsea, bourgeois-bating fad."
So looks like the Catholic Church was not in Lewis's mind in The Pilgrim's Regress, even though there is "Catholicism" mentioned in Book Six Chapter 2.
The biography mentioned is this one (1974).
2 hours later…
4:47 AM
@PeterTurner Just came across this music video of a standard classical repertoire Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu that although the sound is perfectly traditional and impeccable (DG is #1 record label), the video dramatizes the piece as the pianist's recollection of a ballerina, of writing a letter to her, of hurrying to place the letter in time, and of anticipating her reading of it; corresponding to the 4 major sections of the piece.
Hopefully this kind of music video can win some Taylor Swift fans back to classical music 😊.
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6:44 AM
Q: How do Christians address the "Bigfoot" analogy presented by skeptics in relation to the resurrection of Jesus?

MarkBigfoot was brought up by Joe Rogan during his interview with Stephen Meyer, as discussed in Paulogia's review of the interview in this video: Stephen Meyer: And then that there were reports that he had been, that he had appeared to many after being resurrected. So there's a whole ... Joe Rogan:...

7:29 AM
Q: Can I use the 🤞emoji

Curious YidSo “crossing your fingers” has Christian origins apparently, so I’ve stopped saying that and that’s clearly assur. But would using this emoji, which doesn’t spell out or verbalize the phrase, be permissible?

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12:03 PM
Q: What Was God’s Role in the Fall?

Craig AWhat was God’s role in the Fall (if He had one)? I’m learning about the Calvinist (or perhaps hyper-Calvinist) view of Pre-determinism, and respectfully, it causes me great concern. Perhaps I’m concerned because I misunderstand Pre-determinism altogether. However, if I understand it correctly (wh...

12:37 PM
@ElishaandhisBrethren Is Judaism more OK with superstition than it is with appropriating Christian symbols?

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