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@curiousdannii In her July 2023 Dewey Lecture last year, it turns out her dad was born to practicing Orthodox Jewish parents (!) but rejected Orthodox Judaism but still upset when she became a Christian by the time she went to Harvard (1969) and married Donald Stump, now past their 50 years together (!).
Still no indication what denomination she (and/or Donald) belong to, and when she (and/or he) became Catholic.
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Q: Father is part of the Quranist movement

Mustaf AbdiQuranism is an Islamic movement that holds the belief that the Quran is the only valid source of religious belief, guidance and law in Islam. Quranists believe that the Quran is clear, complete, and that it can be fully understood without recourse to the hadith and sunnah. My father adheres to th...

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Q: Should Christians repent for the failures of Christianity to live up to Christ's commands in Church history?

Perry WebbLooking back at church history, the Universal Church has failed miserably at keeping Christ’s command when it comes to all Christians. A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you ar...

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Anyone hear has read C.S. Lewis's Pilgrim's Regress? I read it in college but couldn't get much out of it (all the ideas and characters went over my head). This was before I had any introduction philosophy, literature, humanities, and theology (my high school was science track and my passion was only computer and music related). @LukeHill @Matthew
I referred to this book in my recent answer, and I think it's about time I read it again. The Wikipedia has a very good synopsis. The Reception and criticisms esp. that C.S. Lewis "for populating his book with straw men", makes me more charitable to people who straw-men other traditions (like Protestant straw-men-ing Catholicism, or I myself straw-men-ing Charismatics, etc.).
If even C.S. Lewis was vulnerable, I guess it's inevitable when one is processing other claims while searching to find one's true denominational home. I'm also thinking of you @LeeWoofenden !
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6:11 PM
When researching editions of The Pilgrim's Regress that are freely available, I come across 2 versions of the 3rd edition (1943?), which contain C.S. Lewis's notes on his re-reading his original 1933 edition. The Fadedpage.com HTML version has it as a Preface, as well as a running headline (authorized by CS Lewis as he mentioned it in the Preface) that is very helpful to understand the allegory, but no illustration by Michael Hague.
The 2003 reprinted version licensed from Eerdmans (a collection that includes Christian Reflection and God in the Dock) but it has no running headline (and the notes by C.S. Lewis published here as Afterword doesn't mention it either!). However, it DOES have the illustrations by Michael Hague (copyright 1981), and possibly the same end leaves map (page 6) mentioned in the Preface to the Fadedpage version.
6:31 PM
So if any of you guys want to read the book, please let me know. I think using both versions above plus this 28-page background notes + maps by Richard Ganz will help us read with maximum experience. I wish there is a study guide from the CS Lewis Institute (like for his other books). If I can find it, or other good commentaries, I'll post it here.
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@GratefulDisciple I read it a few years ago, I believe it was not without its straw-man Catholic (Mr Angular or something like that). But it was a good story, not as poignant as the sappy "Keys to the Golden City" my wife has in the 4th grade curricula. I'll have to read it again, can't remember much - other than the end.
@luke (who is so far out of chat as to not get this) I won't mod ping you, but there was a writeup on Hillsdale Baptisms in the national catholic register ncregister.com/news/easter-converts-2024-by-the-numbers that was pretty awesome
Same thing's happening at UW Madison apparently.
Q: Have there been notable scientific research articles with ground-breaking results in Young Earth Creationism research?

MarkI previously asked Are there scientific research articles published in reputable journals that provide supporting evidence for Young Earth Creationism?. Here I'm relaxing the conditions. In other words, I'm happy with articles published in Answers Research Journal, Journal of Creation, or any oth...

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Q: How do Biblical inerrantists explain disagreements about the interpretation of the Bible?

MarkIf God can preserve an inerrant Bible despite the fallibility of the humans who transmitted it, shouldn't He also be able to ensure an inerrant interpretation of that Bible despite human fallibility? Yet, disagreements on interpretation persist among Biblical inerrantists. After all, we only have...

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