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12:08 AM
@Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 That's why I left a comment, since I thought you might not have heard of the "rule" ;) Thanks for your understanding.
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3:21 AM
4:15 AM
Does this merit a VLQ flag?
A: Are IP addresses with and without leading zeroes the same?

RenegadeXThe leading zero is meaningless. The octets are (base-10) 0-255 numbers, not strings. Since I'm not exactly sure what you're asking (or that you know what question to ask :)): That said, the IP # must be in the same subnet as your network. If you pick within a subnetmask of 192.168.0...

The flag on this should be VLQ, not offensive (I'm on mobile right now):
A: SSD: "The volume is too fragmented to complete this operation"

Kyle SissonHonestly man the best thing to do since you have two storage volumes and u can copy back and forth relatively quickly copy all data on to your good disk... Just do a format completely wipe it and start over, also look up whoever makes the drive and see if there are any firmware updates available,...

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5:27 AM
@DragonLord: the first one looks fine.
The second one... I need to take a closer look at this user.
5:38 AM
Is it possible for mods to get the IPs of posters, especially spam bots?
@ekaj: kinda
But if its a persistant spam bot the super seekrit spam filtering system should usually handle it
and its pretty effective
2 hours later…
7:49 AM
wutchu mean kinda?
I'm trying to do some tag cleanup. superuser.com/questions/38951/… is a locked question (off-topic but historical value). The [freeware] and [software-rec] tags are off topic but can't be removed due to locking, which will leave the question in the lists for those tags. Any way to remove the tags?
2 hours later…
9:46 AM
@fixer1234 done
5 hours later…
2:38 PM
@ekaj ahh
A: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

GillesCommunity moderators (people with a ♦ next to their name, who aren't Stack Exchange employees) have a number of abilities beyond other users. They have all the privileges of normal users, regardless of their reputation. Wherever users with sufficient privileges can vote (such as when closing qu...

yeah, we can
Just wanted to make sure that is public information before I replied ;p
In general tho, we hardly look at that, the content/other clues are more useful
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4:18 PM
Is my large number of declined spam flags a concern?
One of the last two were declined, it seems the mod hasn't looked at the other
I'm going to avoid doing this and use mod attention flags for complex abuse—there are way too many declined flags on my record
How will this be received in a mod election?
4:34 PM
@DragonLord Unclear. Not knowing when the next election might be or who the other candidates might be it is impossible to know whether a (small) percentage of declined flags might be important
If you want my advice, your first intention should be to support the site the best you can now. Don't make your actions be all about if/when the next election might be because we have no idea when that is. Instead focus on being the upstanding member of the community that you obviously are and let whatever happens come naturally, don't force it.
4:50 PM
I think I'm stressing it too much
I'll make some adjustments to the way I handle spam
@DragonLord The main question to ask if you think something is spam is "could this just be a user honestly recommending their favourite product?" Assume good faith first, then do a little background check. The search box advanced tools can be quite telling. You can see deleted posts so use the deleted:1 search term, and the url:"*.example.com" tools. If you see a trend then it could well be spam but a one-off is very difficult to verify.
@Mokubai Afraid "normal" users (even with 10k) can't explicitly search for deleted posts.
It was possible once. I brought it to SE's attention and then they killed that "feature". Apparently it had been a bug.
@slhck Oh, I thought they could
Just checked on MSE, didn't work

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