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2:56 AM
I am using the following Arduino libraries for reference in writing my python code. This is the most up to date LewanSoul code based on LX-16A. Ihave given up searching for more updated libraries for LX-224HV and LX-824HV.
LX-16A Arduino Libraries - Eicken & Harrington 2020aug14
I found the LX-16A functions in the Arduino library a bit simple and straightforward. So I am now thinking of writing all python functions from scratch. I think if you are writing C++ coode for Cortex M4, you should find this C++ code a good reference.
This is an example of the Arduino code for reading Vin of LX-16A
3:24 AM
I also found tons of user guides and tutorials for Dynamixel AX-12A. Here is an example for newbies to get started.
So though I have given up searching further for LX-16A/LX-224HV/LX824HV resources, I can easily find Dynamixel equivalents. One day when I get to know enough with Dynamixel servo, I will consider getting a couple of Dynamixel to play with.
Or start DIYing my LX-224HV or AX-12A robot arm: wiki.ros.org/dynamixel_controllers/Tutorials/…. Cheers.
3:53 AM
Earlier I cursed the lousy, badly written LewanSoul user guide. One reason is that the description and terms are very confusing. For example, the user guides says (a) there are two kinds of packets: Read and Write, And that both controller and servo sends "commands". Saying that servo sends commands is very misleading, because they are "slaves".
I found Dynamixel tutorial on protocol very clear and newbie friendly: Dynamixel Protocol User Guide - Robotis

I am now using a modified form of Dynamixel for my python programming as summarized below:(1) Controller (eg. Arduino, Rpi) and serial bus servo (eg. AX12A, LX-224HV) communicate each other by sending and receiving data called Packet.

(2) There are two kinds of packets:

(a) Instruction (Control) Packet, which Main Controller sends to control (request status/data of) servo, and
4:46 AM
DynaMixel vs LewanSoul Servos
Now that I have reviewed DynaMixel and LewanSoul bus servos, my quick conclusion is that the US$20 LewanSoul is for poor hobbyists like me, and US$80 DynaMixel is for my Crazy Rich Asian friends - youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ-YX-5bAs0.
(1) AliExpress Hiwonder Lobot LX-824HV LX-224HV (17kg/20kg) 11.1V Intelligent Serial Bus Servo for DIY Bionic Robots - 2019 US$19

(2) AliExpress Robotis Dynamixel AX-12A 11.1V 15 kgCm Serial Bus Servo for Original Korean Robot - US$80
1 hour later…
6:00 AM
I bought my LX224HV from TaoBao/Tmall which is AliExpress in CN, both owned by owned by AliBaba) for US14 and so far so good.
TaoBao HiWonder LX-224HV 11.1V 20KG Serial Bus Intelligent Servo - ¥95 (US$14)

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