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12:28 AM
Wonder why the down-vote on the ITU zone question. It seems perfectly legitimate to me...
I was wondering about that too.
I hate to be the whiner to complain about a downvote, but when it's a +1/-1...
I know right.
You say. I agree.
12:42 AM
Ahh, never heard that one before.
12:52 AM
We have a question on my home meta about these:
A: I saw something in chat I don't understand

hbdgafExpressions: -.- - sarcastic, can mean fail, you don't say... or any derivations of not sure if / can not believe in this o/, \o - Waving either hello or goodbye \o/ - excitement, exclaiming "yay!" /me - it's like "insert my name here" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Shrug, I don't know ;P - Almost anyth...

Quite a few I didn't know there either lol.
1:24 AM
Is it a good idea to generalize in an answer?
i.e. Should I just refer to line A in this answer or include the other information too?
1:38 AM
It usually doesn't hurt to include more related information.
Yeah, I think you're fine there.
@PearsonArtPhoto: you've got my upvote on the ITU zones question; I think it's perfectly legitimate.
I think I'm starting to get all of the pieces together for my upcoming program. Should be fun when it's all said and done:-)
Hm. I'm gonna fill in some descriptions for some of these tags that are missing them.
in another 265 rep I'll even be able to approve them o_O
1:58 AM
I'm the first non-SE employee to be able to approve them;-)
you're up to 750 now?
Wait, can't approve tags yet, you're right. Sigh.
Just normal edits.
I see you'll be there soon.
Heh, yeah. It's a little bit of a disorienting feeling coming to this SE from where I normally hang out (SO)
given the drastic drop in privileges
LOL. Just wait until we hit public beta, and your privileges drop on the same site.
I'm used to working on sites with 4-5 different privleges.
yeah, I know. I'm familiar with the beta process, but it never ceases to disorient me :)
2:07 AM
The thing that I always hate is not being able to click on a number and see how many up/down votes there was.
Everything else I can get used to.
One thing that's nice about private betas is if you are active at all, you almost don't have the drop in privileges, at least, not most of them.
1 hour later…
3:15 AM
I really miss the editing privilege >.<
Hmm. What about this question:
Q: How to build a portable 2m yagi for meteor scatter use?

TimtechHow could I build a portable 2-meter yagi for meteor scatter use?

Isn't that a little ambiguous?
If yes, should we edit it or close it?
In general, always favor asking clarifying questions to the OP
in this particular case, Timtech kind of shotgunned a bunch of not-very-fleshed-out questions
I think possibly from the commitment phase
Yeah, I noticed that ;)
@Amber So in this case what would you do?
Well, in this case Timtech has already already responded to comments once
so I'd follow up with more comments if you think it needs clarification
and ask Timtech to clarify it
3:32 AM
Hmm. Okay.
3 hours later…
6:08 AM
Anybody care to write-up the tag wiki for I just created?
@Amber Edited the question. Better?
yeah, that's somewhat better
Somewhat? (+:
it's still a little open-ended in terms of "yeah it happened for me" "no it didn't happen for me" and so on, but much more reasonable
6:14 AM
Ah "How should I prevent hum bleeding into the txcvr when using a computer SMPS?"
Ideally you want questions that "experts" will agree on the answer to
rather than just anecdotal evidence
I'm fine with leaving it as it is now
I think it's narrowed down enough and clarified to the point where it could get a reasonable answer
'k... yes, 'how' delves directly into RFI/EMI - might be a little broad
heh, just noticed that chat lists my total rep in here, regardless of which SE it came from >.>
yeah, I'd avoid "how" for now
that'd broaden the question rather than narrowing it
134k ... ouch.
yeah, but 133k of that is from SO
6:19 AM
Why does SE show my base-profile handle in here rather than the custom handle for this site?
I think chat is site-agnostic
hence why it's just chat.SE
@Amber Even worse (+: lol I'm not even 1k on SO
added a short wikitext for power-supply
TY (+: Much appreciated
actually you are 1k on SO :) 1007
6:21 AM
That's actually 1 - 007 ; from the MI (+: but don't tell anybody
I do hope ham.SE takes off - I'm honestly just a very beginner-level ham
having a place to ask questions and get quality answers would be nice :)
I'm practically NHW *N*o *H*ard *W*are aka QRU ... for now
doesn't chat recognize wiki tags?
As per ham.stackexchange.com/questions/23/… all I have is my little UV-5R :)
Don't even have that; a fellow ham here took pity on me and gave me his refurb man-pack which I promptly blew up
6:27 AM
Hm. What measuring instruments are necessary before attempting home-brew? Multimeter? Oscilloscope?
I mean, technically none of those are required before attempting. :)
Succeeding, on the other hand, might be far simpler with at least one or two.
pedantry q+: but you're right - might need to be phrased a little better
Perhaps something along the lines of "What basic measurement devices will be useful when constructing a home-brew radio?"
Sounds good. Want to build it? (+:
heh. I'm mostly just restricting myself to questions I actually have at this point
don't let that stop you, though, if you're interested in the question
6:34 AM
In the answer certainly, only most of those answers will probably come from outside VU land where instruments are much easier to come by
I remember building my own multimeter in school :)
Nice (+: Got it on your blog, or something?
Heh, I didn't have a blog at that point
this was nearly 10 years ago
Quite a while ago
Yeah. I built a multimeter and a lab power supply, in fact
used a similar circuit from the meter to build a voltage display into the power supply, and made it adjustable
6:42 AM
lab PS is right up my street. that's what caused trouble with the rig; it's so annoying to have the tx, and no rx lol
@Amber clever (+:
wow, you can buy led meter boards for really cheap nowadays o_O
Relatively cheap ; different exchange rate/rules
yes, that is true.
Still, far cheaper than when I was looking at similar components a decade ago.
6:57 AM
That too (+:
Okay. I should head to bed since it's nearly midnight here. TTYL!
ciao. rise refreshed.
3 hours later…
10:20 AM
Hmm. Can I work a satellite repeater with just the rubber ducky?
2 hours later…
11:51 AM
@PearsonArtPhoto I can click on the numbers and it displays the number of up and downvotes. I don't have any greasmonkey/whatever script loaded.
12:15 PM
I think the reputation requirement is quite low for that in private beta, but it goes up quite a bit in public beta, and even more for a graduated site.
I finally asked the question that I've been dying to know the answer for for a long time.
Q: Why is an exemption for music given to NASA broadcasts of manned space flight missions?

PearsonArtPhotoFCC 97.113 Prohibited transmissions reads: (e) No station shall retransmit programs or signals emanating from any type of radio station other than an amateur station, except propagation and weather forecast information intended for use by the general public and originated from United St...

2 hours later…
2:29 PM
I've got a start of a question which I can't quite figure out, but could be interesting.
How much are the bands really used over 70cm?
3:01 PM
@Everyone Possibly. It might be interesting to ask a question about a specific satellite, asking what the requirements would be. Hmmm...
Q: What gain do I need to talk to SO-50 with my HT?

PearsonArtPhotoMy HT has 5 W of power, a sensitivity of about 0.2 uV, and I would like to talk to the SO-50 with it. How much gain do I need in my antenna to make this work?

1 hour later…
4:18 PM
@Peter KB1AVL Updated the antenna description
@PearsonArtPhoto Perfect (+: Upvoted!
Above 70cm they probably need special equipment ... good question except asking it may just get the attention of anyone looking to have those bands deallocated from the amateur spectrum. It was after all the amateurs who discovered & developed HF; perhaps something similar is awaiting discovery in the millimetRe bands reserved for amateurs (+:
Why does chat.SE insist on milli-metEr instead of milli-metRe as it should be?
@Everyone Merkin
eyes @RoryAlsop auspiciously
Explain yourself!
@Everyone auspiciously? :-)
surely suspiciously
4:28 PM
Oh hi @RoryAlsop :)
I meant it is an American site, so US English,, not British English
@Seth afternoon
I've got to stop typing with food nearby
@Everyone well sure - food should be inside
4:29 PM
yep - eat, then type
So it should (+: I agree whole-heartedly
And so does your keyboard :P
@Seth this ^
rotting food in keyboards is the 3rd biggest cause of stomach upsets in programmers
Not this keyboard! Why'd'u think the keyboard is wrapped into the anti-static plastics it came in?
4:34 PM
Well don't let you keyboard get this bad i.stack.imgur.com/vOjrl.jpg
Right. I'm away now. Sir D needs me
Hmm. Do we really consider this too broad?
Q: What are amateur radio bands?

TimtechI'm new to radio and would like to know what amateur radio bands are. I'm also wondering the range of these bands/how many there are.

@Seth I have seen much worse...
@RoryAlsop I'm sure you have. That one's bad enough though ;P
@Seth It makes the skin crawl, doesn't it
4:39 PM
@RoryAlsop Yes indeed.
4:54 PM
Definitely broad... where is the OP for that from anyway? or does s/he desire to know what bands are?
@Everyone it looks like just an example question and answer (The OP also posted the first answer) as it is likely to be a googled question
How much duration between posing the question, and posting the answer?
@Everyone about 3 minutes if I remember right :-)
I personally think it would be fine with just a little rewording. I don't see how explaining what bands are and what bands Amateurs can use is too broad..
@Seth Which bands? The IARU bands, or the ones in the nation where the OP is based/wishes to operate from? (+:
@RoryAlsop A little quick methinks
4:58 PM
@Everyone Oh duh. Forgot this isn't a US only site >.<
no worries (+:
@Everyone When I answer my own question I post them at the same time :P
@Seth That makes you a perfectionst q+:
or is it concussionist? (+:<
What kind of power are you allowed on the millimetRe bands anyway?
5:01 PM
Gonna take some getting used to these blue links.
lol. nice link.
p.s. yes, perfectionist shows
5:12 PM
@Everyone If you're in the US Part 97.313 says nothing about the millimeter bands..
In India (+:
Ahh, I don't know then ;)
(+: 115 channels in the milli-metre band
5:25 PM
@Seth QRZ?
3 hours later…
8:48 PM
I have no talent for thinking of good questions. Is this well-phrased? How can someone listen to amateur communications using their internet connection?
9:06 PM
Trying to determine if this is bad juju or acceptable: ham.stackexchange.com/questions/283/…
LaTeX was best medium for me to answer
9:22 PM
@dcaswell - if I were asking that, I would probably phrase it as "Is there a way to listen to amateur radio communications via the internet?"
@amber Thanks!
And then expand upon what exactly you're looking for in the body of the question [namely, resolve the ambiguity between "listen to (amateur radio communications via the internet)" and "(listen to amateur radio communications) via the internet"]
I'm assuming you're wanting to ask a question about the latter
@amber Right. It's the latter.
@amber and with HF and internet tags?
9:59 PM
hm. hf tag only if you're specifically wanting to listen to hf contacts
as opposed to other bands
I narrowed it down to HF so we wouldn't be too broad with echoLink, etc.

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