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12:36 AM
@Phoenices parrot familiar using a wand? XD
12:47 AM
Yeah, but I'm going Sage anyway, so no reason not to burn a point on Linguistics.
"Polly want a fireball!"
The thrush casts Knock with the last light of durin's day
1:43 AM
posted on June 10, 2023 by bankuei

…there’s like 3-4 conversations going on right now about mechanics in RPGs and, broadly, it’s about how games model or don’t model things but mostly folks talking past each other. So here I’m just going to talk about how mechanics model characters interacting with the game, and not like broader stuff like pacing, narration rights […]

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6:24 AM
Q: Does Prying Eyes, Greater has dark or low-light vision?

Terry Windwalker This spell functions like prying eyes, except that the eyes can see all things as they actually are, just as if they had true seeing with a range of 120 feet. Thus, they can navigate darkened areas at full normal speed. And it seems True Seeing can only see through Polymorph, Illusions and othe...

6:50 AM
Q: If you're mounted and forced to make a melee attack, do you attack your mount?

Daniel WiddisI'm a new DM running a 5e combat encounter in which the NPC attacker is mounted on a Riding Horse. One of the players' characters has just cast Confusion, which indicates that Each creature in a 10-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within range must succeed on a Wisdom saving thr...

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12:26 PM
Q: Wall of Force Usage: Ankle Whacking

DekirunMe and my party are fighting a taller humanoid creature (haven't asked the DM if its large or huge). So I was wondering if it would be valid by RAW to create a floating wall of force dome that extends around the humanoid to it's shins or so and then just having my barbarian go and smack his ankle...


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