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1:56 AM
posted on March 31, 2023 by Steph C.

Having now completed Gary Con Ethereal, I wanted to do a wrap up to talk about all the cool people we met, events run, and games played as well as link some resources to check out! Continue reading “TTRPGkids at Gary Con Ethereal Recap!”…

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8:24 AM
Q: Should there be a tag for death saves?

AnagkaiI just asked this question about death saves and noticed there is no tag for death saves. It seems to me as though such a tag would be useful. It is an important concept in multiple versions of D&D and a quick search showed that there are over 1,400 posts that contain the term. I am therefore won...

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1:43 PM
@NautArch OK, I stopped. I do have a nagging suspicion that we overvalue the importance of the what's new feed, though. Do some of the mods here have the ability to quantify how many people go to that page vs directly going to Q&As via sites like Google?
My feeling is that for example, for the people that spend a lot of time on the site here, OP may be a common abbreviation, but it really is not an abbeviation that has anything to do with RPGs. It is one that has to do with posting here. So it may be quite cryptic to a casual user who comes here via a search engine, and cleaning them up would help such users to have a better experience.
Likewise, I know that NaN is "Not a number", because I did a little python coding at some point in my life, and maybe there is a large overlap between programmers and people that play RPGs, but should we assume normal readers would know this?
I appreciate that the small group of people that are highly active here, come here daily, vote, edit, comment and answer questions are also important users of the site, and so their experience is important too, and if small harmless edits spoil it for them, then maybe better avoid them, but I worry that we are putting too much emphasis on how the site feels to us as heavy users, because that is our experience, vs on how the site feels to other users.
Probably a possible question for Meta. I'll just stop, instead.
Going by the site analytics I can see, we have about 300 votes per day, 5 questions per day, 10 answers per day, but 14,000 page views.
Only 4% direct links entering, vs 86% from search and 10% from referrers.
(Those being mostly other stack exchanges).
This, even with inexact numbers, suggest to me that the VAST majority of users are random RPG fans coming here via search engines, directly to a post instead of spending time on the site. If I assume each active user votes only once per visit, 98% of users are passive.
Maybe a better measure would be how many human-hours people spend on this site. When I was very active, I easily spend 2-3h a day here, if not more, anwering, editing, reading other answers etc. If all 300 do that, that would be 900 hours a day, and if somoene just checking in how wild shape works with rage spends only 5 mins, it would be not quite as disbalanced, then the occasionals only would out-use the actives by about 300 hours per day.
2:45 PM
Keeping new posts on the new-post feed isn't for the "normal readers." It's for the tiny percentage of people who come here with the purpose of looking for questions to answer. That's what the new-post feed is for. The fact that people looking for answers don't look at the new-post page is unrelated.
I'm not gonna say whether it's more useful to make older answers more approachable (note: OP is not an SE-specific term, it pre-dates SE as a common term in both "overpowered" and "original post" meanings) or to make it easier for dedicated answerers to write new answers, but the fact that most people don't look at the new-posts page isn't a useful for one for that evaluation--it's not relephant to the purpose that's being obstructed by mass edits.
Like it or not (and by and large, I don't), the Stack prioritizes answerers over askers, because askers are a seemingly infinite resource while answerers who are willing to learn and obey the Stack's esoteric guidelines are exceedingly rare. The new-posts page is a service for answerers, to connect them with the latest questions so that they spend less time looking for things to answer and more time writing new content for the Stack.
Q: When should Death Saves be rolled under the rules for Speed Factor Initiative?

AnagkaiIn my new campaign I am using the Speed Factor variant for Initiative (DMG pp. 270-271). We like this a lot but it is confusing concerning unconscious PCs. This question says that taking Actions while unconscious is impossible but rolling Initiative is unaffected. It is unclear, however, if you c...

3:56 PM
@BESW, Yes, I fully can see that for the "New Questions" page, which is also the one I am more prone to check. But editing old posts does not affect that page. It only affects the "Active Posts" page, which I personally only visit rarely. But edits will affect that "Active Questions" page. Which, I suspect is only relevant for the small share of contributors that happen to monitor it for whatever reasons they have for that.
I btw agree with your sentiment about the way answerers are being given priority following that "pearls over sand" post/argument -- askers are very clearly not an unlimited resource, with just 5 or so questions per day. That is a very long shot from "sand". There are in fact, very few questions, and it took over 10 years to get to the 40-50K in total.
Gotta attend to some other stuff, thank you for the reply!
I do think I'm starting to get into a PbTA groove. Have a played a few sessions of Avatar Legends and starting to see how it all works - but also did a session of Dungeon World and really liked that, too.
I know @KorvinStarmast has been playing around with Blades, too.
4:40 PM
@NautArch Nice. I backed Avatar Legends a while back... but I haven't gotten the chance to play it yet. (My partner has barely played any board games or TRPGs, so I have low expectations there.)
4:55 PM
@NautArch PbtA is weird to get into if you're mostly familiar with D&D, but if your idea of fun is more about story beats than moving around minis, rolling dice, and optimization problems, then I recommend people try it.
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6:32 PM
posted on March 31, 2023 by bankuei

I love playing games with factions. I just… generally dislike most of the faction rules in games. A lot of them solely focus on the faction as a collection of points or ranks, which… basically misses out on the fun part; the politics, the social angling. And all of that comes from specific NPCs and […]

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7:44 PM
Q: If a vampire casts alter self, would they have a shadow?

aquavitaeIf a vampire casts alter self to look like another person, would they have a reflection or cast a shadow? I have found some discussion about disguise self which suggests that since it is an illusion which fails to hold up to physical inspection it would not have any effect on the lack of shadow...

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9:46 PM
@V2Blast Not sure if I've got rose-tinted glasses on, but I'm currently working on getting my wife to join my daughter in playing Legends. The path to play is much simpler.
@JoelHarmon Maybe it was just a natural progression, but the type of "RP" I thought I was looking for in D&D is how PbtA works. The story is just told and bad rolls don't mean bad things - just unexpected things.
And what we do in those games seeps back into how we play D&D.
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11:01 PM
@NautArch Yes, and we as a group are getting better at it. We are all learning together.
The more we play the more I lean into Stress, Trauma, and Vice. The setting is good.
@Glazius By the way, love that answer, thanks, sharing it with the group. :)
@KorvinStarmast Glad I could help. Glad to hear people are getting to grips with Avatar and Blades without too many hiccups, too, but I'm here if I'm needed.
Hand to god I was looking through playbook contacts to get some ideas about professions and then I just saw Setarra and had a moment, forgot she was there.
11:23 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, it's all about doing stuff that gets you those statuses.
"missing" only meaning that the story goes somewhere else
@Glazius You were invaluable in my earlier question - and that kind of opened everything up.

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