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12:07 AM
@doppelgreener Did you find a different, more Umdaarian, system for worldbuilding, or just modify it "manually"?
12:35 AM
@DForck42 I take it you've looked at Angry's guide and found it unsatisfactory? (it's the only one I recall offhand from when I was messing with that)
1:34 AM
@MikeQ Folks are gathering in salt marsh, and the party is on a new map, above the surface of the water
@DForck42 And that's a key to success, right there. Overly complicating the game (which has ample complexity) may not be the best path forward ...
3 hours later…
4:53 AM
@MikeQ no, they've announced a few things for next year. Mordenkainen's multiverse of monsters (or something like that) will be a revised monsters & races collection, that they say will be a taste of the direction they're going for the 2024 "next evolution" core books. Plus a classic setting, 2 all-new settings, and something with Boo the hamster.
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9:05 AM
Puppy Day analytics...
(Last 30 days for the second image)
9:49 AM
Q: How can hit points lost as a result of casting the Life Transference spell be recovered?

bonesWhen you "sacrifice" hit points as a result of casting the life transference spell, how can you recover them? A long or short rest?

10:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, messaging number in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, +1 more (443): Can the Protection from Evil and Good spell be used on the caster? by Dr Obadan on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov @linksassin)
@BESW yay
11:02 AM
Q: Does the Magic Weapon spell, cast by a Mark of Making Human Barbarian, continue to function while Raging?

ThatOneOFFTopicPersonThe Barbarian 1st level ability Rage states: If you are able to cast spells, you can’t cast them or concentrate on them while raging. And the Variant Human: Mark of Making innate ability Spellsmith states: You know the mending cantrip. You can also cast the magic weapon spell with this trait. ...

@BESW Manual adjustment—I talked with my players about what I thought I might need, discussed ideas with them, then went away and made the revisions between sessions. If I fully revisit the system I'm going to mess with ways to make sure at least one faction is clearly villainous and at least one faction is at least somewhat heroic.
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12:49 PM
how do you do a bulletted list in spoiler block
@ThomasMarkov with considerable difficulty and HTML:
>! <p>paragraph</p>
>! <ul>
>! <li>first item
>! <li>second item
>! </ul>
(HTML5 does not require you to close list elements with </li>, so that part is optional.)
For a numbered list, use ol instead of ul. Make sure to change both the <ul> at the start and the </ul> at the end.
@doppelgreener wait that works?
It's the only way it works
If you want a multiline spoiler block, you gotta start using HTML
@doppelgreener I'm game
do you have a post that proves it works... I almost can't believe it
very fair to ask for
A: Formatting Sandbox

doppelgreenerLists in a spoiler block:

1:03 PM
@AncientSwordRage my answer about wish made it work.
Thanks @doppelgreener
You're welcome!
Bounty Brokered!
I cant help but laugh at putting a bounty on the formatting sandbox
1:42 PM
A: Spoilers don't support block formatting (and so don't format well)

badpHTML, baby. Yes, okay, not everything hides (looking at you, <hr> and <code>)... but that's a different bug report, now, isn't it? (On Meta Gaming, where this post came from, the above made two nested spoiler blocks where the inner area is only visible on hover of the inner block. The same t...

@ThomasMarkov At least meta.meta.se rep counts :p
@bobble :o
I just put an emoji in an edit reason... I hope I didn't break anything
I regularly edit on Puzzling, the most spoilered site on the network. Of course I know all the stupid quirks.
durr...how do I change the damage dice on a magic item on dndbeyond?
for a homebrew
1:58 PM
Does the "Replace Damage Type" property work?
What's that under?
I see modifiers but not replacements.
It's a modifier type (a fair bit down), but it doesn't look like setting a dice count and type actually does anything
I think it' editable once it's on a sheet, right?
I'm not seeing an option for that
What's the end weapon you're trying to create?
Javelin of Lightning with a d8 damage die for melee and ranged.
2:10 PM
It might be easier to make it a d8 weapon base and add the thrown property
2:26 PM
@Someone_Evil and...how to add thrown property?
Isn't that pretty straight forward with the "weapon property" modifier? (I'll admit I haven't tried yet)
2:40 PM
Hmm.. it get's you the thrown property, but it doesn't seem to let you set the range, which is silly
I still don't understand how the damage die replacement doesn't replace it.
Probably because that modifier doesn't use that field, for some reason
I'll probably just tell them that they can use it ranged.
Just skip the digital bit.
I've got two very different players. One wants the straight damage/ac improvement items, the other wants things to fill out their character design.
Doesn't look possible. Eg. Dwarven thrower isn't set up to show the thrown property
I was thinking of using the thrower as a base.
I want to give it the return property anyway
But all of that can be done off-sheet.
2:48 PM
That sounds like it's at least reasonably easy to cater to. Trickier with a player who puts forth no clear direction
Yeah, the direction is MOAR DAMGE MOAR AC
3:26 PM
Q: Are there specific descriptions of what each of the racial languages sound like?

Crimson GunkittyRunning adventures with varied races of NPC, I run into a lot of times where I simply say "It sounds like they're speaking Elvish/Orcish/etc etc". I'd like to know if perhaps there are descriptions of what the languages sound like in any published material, so that I can instead describe vaguely ...

Should we close the recent aarkocra question as a dupe of that?
@ThomasMarkov I could see that closure, yeah. Though the target doesn't have any answers about Aarakocra at all
I guess my view that the lore tag is across edition isn't really correct.
@ThomasMarkov I wouldn't.
This Q&A has a specific answer (as shown by yourself!)
@NautArch Lore is just for lore questions, which can be edition specific, right?
@Medix2 you can remove your comment
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, I guess so! My assumption isn't correct.
In the context of D&D, we use the generic D&D tag for cross-edition questions
3:36 PM
i think a good example would be asking about the lore of the forgotten realms in 3.5e vs 4e, where parts of the lore have been specifically remade to match the new edition mechanics
so asking about 3.5e lore vs 4e lore is actually a meaningful thing to specify
THat makes a lot of sense.
3:52 PM
@NautArch And done, appreciation the ping
I think my favorite published use of the wish spell that I have found so far is this one: "Reviving a character who has died after receiving an organ transplant from a certain donor".
@ThomasMarkov make sure it's in the lich list
4:08 PM
@ThomasMarkov If this is true I'm about to lose my mind XD
4:54 PM
@ThomasMarkov there's at least one language missing in that it doesn't mention the Svirfneblin dialect.... How detailed does it need to be?
@AncientSwordRage there are probably lots of languages missing
@ThomasMarkov exactly
1 hour later…
6:11 PM
@MikeQ @V2Blast Hope you don't mind me alluding to the Salt Marsh group in the ToA answer, Kirt asked for an example, and I am pretty sure that I have not spoilered anything. fingers crossed
6:25 PM
Q: How do I respond to players who keep asking powerful NPCs to help them in ToA?

VarstarkI'm playing Tomb of Annihilation(ToA) with my group right after playing Waterdeep Dragon Heist. The group have met powerful characters like Vajra Safahr, the open lord Laeral Silverhand, Mirt, Artus Cimber and many more while in the jungles of Chult. These NPCs have high challenge ratings (17, 13...

6:36 PM
@NautArch whew that answer got kind of long
@KorvinStarmast seems fine
A tier 2 threat could become a tier 3 threat if left unchecked. But the tier 3 heroes are already busy with tier 3 threats, so that's why the tier 2 threat is left to the tier 2 heroes instead. This is known as Trickle Down Adventuring.
7:03 PM
@MikeQ Which explains why so many level one adventurers die.
7:15 PM
Q: What are the mechanical differences between Shapechanger and Change Shape?

Guillaume F.Many creatures can transform into other forms. For some, the ability is called "Shapechanger". Doppelganger: Shapechanger. The doppelganger can use its action to polymorph into a Small or Medium humanoid it has seen, or back into its true form. Jackalwere: Shapechanger. The jackalwere can use i...

7:50 PM
@V2Blast thx for the edit! :)
@MikeQ Or it's (yet another) illustration of how manure rolls down hill - even adventurers have this problem.
@KorvinStarmast needs more dung beetles
3 hours later…
11:21 PM
Q: What would the Aarakocra language sound like?

TheChickenSkepticI've been looking for this for a while, and I've only been able to find what the script would look like, and not what it would actually sound like. I know it's not directly necessary, but I would like to have a base so that my players will stop trying to metagame. Plus, I run an aarakocra in anot...


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