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12:05 AM
When working with a client devolves to whatever the contract stated, that's the last time I work with that client.
Sorry you're dealing with that. It is no fun.
Yeah. I'm happy with how it is at the moment though. It means I can not worry about it until next week, and I can just relax this weekend (for the first time in a while)
How goes everyone else?
already getting antsy for university to start
My boys are like that with school haha
They're 7 and 9 though, so it'd likely be a bit different :P
The longest I've lived away from my parents was 3 weeks (incidentally, same university)
Granted, the current plan is to have me commute back on weekends when possible, so it's not like I'm flying across the country forever
New(ish) adventures!
12:19 AM
@Slate Haha, my plan worked! Welcome back! :)
@Slate Nice. I've been wanting to try out City of Mist...
@Ben Happy Ben is best Ben <3
[Happy Ben noises]
@Ben Also new adventures for me. Moving into a new place with my SO in 2 weeks, and starting a new job a few days after that! Exciting stuff.
Ohh very nice :D
Indeed :)
Feature request: AI that can recognize chatty non-helpful comments and not notify me about them.
12:29 AM
@BESW on Q's and A's, or in chat?
@Ben I'm guessing on questions
12:45 AM
Mainsite, yeah.
I'm especially "fond" of "I thought of a funny thing to say on this five-year-old answer, I'm sure the exact same joke hasn't been deleted a half-dozen times already."
At least JKR's self-owns seem to have reduced the number of people who want to fight me about Dumbledore.
12:59 AM
Q: Is there any way to become a swarm of bats as a PC?

KRGIs there any way to transform a PC into a swarm of bats without breaking any of the official rules?

@HotRPGQuestions 4e vampire, your time has come!
1:27 AM
no please, it's not worth it
don't throw your life away like that XD
@HotRPGQuestions [wooden clunking sounds grow louder to reveal an assortment of sentient baseball and cricket bats] WRONG BATS
1:54 AM
Some people here might appreciate this:
What do we want? "TIME TRAVEL!" When do we want it? "DOESN'T MATTER!" — Criggie yesterday
2:15 AM
Q: Do creatures that fall from the removal of a stone bridge created by a wall of stone spell get a save?

Sam LacrumbWall of stone Says: The wall can have any shape you desire, though it can't occupy the same space as a creature or object. The wall doesn't need to be vertical or rest on any firm foundation. It must, however, merge with and be solidly supported by existing stone. Thus, you can use this spell to...

@bobble lol
@bobble true
2:57 AM
@bobble Zombie rallies: What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!
Or, if you prefer, this eye-searing image which says
> Ain't no party
like a Time Lord party
because a Time Lord party is
not bound by typical temporal parameters
and thus
3:31 AM
Q: Is it an action to voluntarily end a grapple?

Richard CIf a monster, such as a Chuul, has grappled a character can they end the grapple for free? EG a Chuul attacks a halfling with a pincer attack and hits, the halfling is now considered grappled, trapped in its pincers. The Chuul then grappled another character with its other pincer and finally para...

3:56 AM
@Slate [wave] Weird seeing you in this interface again, but always nice to see you!
4:52 AM
Q: Why are non duplicates being closed as duplicates?

Amethyst WizardSuperior Technique and Martial Adept are different rules. They are written differently and they are in different books and they cover different concepts, one being a fighting style, the other being a feat. And yet questions regarding these two completely different rules are being closed as duplic...

Got another answer to my question. This one makes "reasoned guesses" about information which is available in the comments under the question.
(Assumption A: that an Australian zine-maker would use American paper standards.)
@BESW Question about that question: I saw the cover art on the Twitter thread someone linked under your question, but it led me to a question I think might need to be answered first. Namely, what counts as covered? Just the center of the sun? The center and the rays? The whole ovoid surrounding the sun? And which bound are we assuming, lower bound or upper bound or average?
Also, I couldn’t afford the zine (this is not surprising), but I saw the question and thought it sounds like a cool game!
@BardicWizard These are excellent questions which I would like to know if people have well-reasoned answers for!
Honestly I suspect there isn't a definitive answer (a big part of Pidj's game design here seems to be giving players space to make important decisions like that), but there can easily be well-reasoned ones.
5:08 AM
I think I can reason out the last one I asked, at least. I would assume that you would use the upper bound for number of dice, since the passage cited says the sun should be completely covered. If you use the lower bound it won’t completely cover the sun, by definition
I think that makes a lot of sense, given the narrative of the mechanic.
It's a game about the sun being obscured, and over time you remove dice from the pool and that literally uncovers the sun.
It's quite elegant, really.
When my zine arrives I'm super tempted to just post an answer that's a photo of the cover with dice on it. I won't, but I'm very very tempted.
5:30 AM
@BESW do it!
Somebody could easily beat me to it if they bought the PDF and printed it out.
1 hour later…
6:48 AM
that's honestly my favorite section of the whole movie
7:27 AM
@BESW shhhh that's my idea
7:47 AM
I can print, in theory, but in practice it's a tedious and annoying process and I'd rather show off the beautiful risograph zine.
2 hours later…
10:12 AM
@BESW I looked up if there was some where I could get it printed, but the only place I can find does it in bulk (obviously), but now I know where to go if I ever want to print a 'zine (:
Riso? Yeah, it's very much a small-to-middle-size run technology. Too few prints and the cost of prep is atrocious and too many prints and you have to make new "plates" partway through or the quality goes sour.
Yeah in Riso
2 hours later…
12:16 PM
@ThomasMarkov Do you agree with the dupes I linked to in comments under this answer?
@Medix2 The one closed as a dupe of insect plague was wrong, but I added a proper dupe target to it.
The scorching ray one is definitely a dupe
The shield of faith one is probably okay to reopen, its the same answer as spirit guardians for the same reason, but its a self spell, rather than an AoE
@Medix2 Let me know what you think
NVM about insect plague, it was fine as it was.
I fixed it
12:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage the answer is that Call of Cthulhu the number one RPG in Japan for a variety of reasons
@BESW Flagged as VLQ. It has upvotes /facepalm.
The one KRyan reopened looks fine to be open.
1 hour later…
2:16 PM
@Medix2 Out of curiosity, why did you reopen the superiority die question?
I'm planning on closing it again, but wanted to ask before doing so.
@NautArch Its not a dupe anymore.
Yeah, its not a dupe anymore.
Its not a great question, but its not a dupe anymore, I dont think.
What significantly changed? I'm trying to figure it out.
Its asking if you get the feat first, if you can use the one from the feat on the new maneuvers you get when you select battle master.
It's get the fighting style (Tasha's) first technically, isn't it?
@Someone_Evil yeah
2:21 PM
I didn't parse that
(from taking the feat)
Then I shall not re-dupe!
I guess as a variant human?
But yeah, not a great question.
Oh, I guess from being a fighter derp
2:26 PM
@BESW Hullo, it sure has been a while, yes :)
3:00 PM
@NautArch RL stinks. Had a chance to join a game and make a Watcher's Paladin, and then RL schedule made it not possible. sad face That's a Tasha's sub class I have wanted to try for a while now. (We have a Glory Oath paladin in a game currently, seems to be an OK flavor of that class)
@KorvinStarmast I like that subclass too
if you ever get to play it, let me know how it goes
@KorvinStarmast That it does. My icewind game is on hold until 9/10.
My real life game is also in a holding pattern.
Just my dungeon crawl is consistent...mostly.
1 hour later…
4:17 PM
Q: Minimum Edit Changes

GloweyeI want to edit this answer. It contains links to d20pfsrd.com. Since the last edit, this site has switched to https only. Which is fine. So I try to edit it to add that "s", only to get told I need to change at least 6 characters. This is a horrible requirement, which actively encourages users to...

Q: How to overcome "Edits must be at least 6 characters"

vbenceOn Stack Overflow, there was a question with an incorrectly formatted list, which lacked a newline before it and thus came out like this: 1. Hello 2. Something else 3. Goodbye I changed it to the right formatting by inserting a newline: Hello Something else Goodbye And I got the "Edits must ...

4:52 PM
@Someone_Evil @linksassin @V2Blast got some comment flags up.
1 hour later…
5:59 PM
Anyone have recommendations for a PG/PG-13 creature feature?
So far, I've thought of Jaws, Tremors, Anaconda, and stretching with The Abyss.
@NautArch so far everything im thinking of is rated R
@ThomasMarkov That's mostly what I've discovered as well.
We did The Meg last night, and that's surprisingly reasonable.
I was gonna recommend the 1982 The Thing, but its R, and I dont remeber if its a bad R or a softer R.
@ThomasMarkov oh sweet jesus, no.
Imma hold off on John Carpenter for a bit longer :P
But then we shall start his filmography.
I'm also very bummed no gameday tonight.
My recommendations were The Thing, The Descent, and Jeepers Creepers, but those are all R, for good reason.
6:08 PM
@ThomasMarkov I don't think the Battle Master question is a Dipe. Quick Toss is rather unique
@Medix2 It's still a maneuver though right?
And there's a universal prohibition on using two maneuvers, right?
There's a lot of solid creature features that are R. My son really wants to do megashark vs giant octopus.
Except that one answer says an exception
@Medix2 I think that was my hammer. But it's two maneuvers.
As is Feinting, which... I'm not even sure that can be used with another one
6:10 PM
@Medix2 yeah, not sure I agree with that one.
But it's still a dupe question. Could use a bounty? I dunno.
Which is why I could see this being it's own question
Nah, I think it's a bounty if something is new.
That Q&A should be updated if something new is here.
Like, the specific cases of Quick Toss and Feinting are weirdly worded enough (they have nuance) that I could see a new question being made
And that example is two separate attacks.
A bonus action attack for feint, and a regular attack for another maneuver.
So it's not two maneuvers at the same time.
Feint isn't an attack though
And it does benefit your next attack
For me, it is unclear how either of those interact with the Maneuver use restriction, and thus, they could be their own questions
6:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer (34): Playing a Half-dragon by user72379 on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov)
I on't think the feint is well supported and the general answer is still all set.
That feint one isnt actually an exception...
yeah, it's not.
Its just using two different maneuvers at different times...
Eh, we can leave it closed
6:16 PM
In fact, I think the Feint one is just wrong
I downvoted
The bonus action requirement is a red herring, I think its still using two maneuvers on one attack.
How many years of duplicate closures do we have to reverse if these superiority die questions arent dupes?
6:28 PM
That may be a can we do not want to open.
@NautArch Yeah, gonna see if SEDE can help me get some numbers.
It would also mean quite a sea change of difference in the way we approach dupes.
@rene Paging rene!
What's the criteria?
Questions that ask about different features that are basically identical except in name or other insignificant things?
Oh I see, there are a lot more comments for me to read now XS
What do y'all think of the minor illusion/darkness question?
6:38 PM
Found the query I needed.
I'm okay leaving it open if not just because 5e's rules on light and darkness and illusions are... blegh
But I don't think it shows significant research effort
@Medix2 I don't understand how "can minor illusion turn off the lights" is different from "can minor illusion make darkness"
Turned off lights = darkness.
Unless you've got a different definition?
If we do allow near-identical questions that aren't dupe closed, I could certainly prove a point by asking how X feature interacts with 500 different specific spells...
Im using this query
I see you're here, @rene, I have no idea what Im doing, but I can see that the results table doesnt have any results with 1 child, which is unexpected.
That said, I'm not saying these definitely shouldn't be closed as duplicates of one another... But some editing may be appropriate to make sure both cases are obviously covered by the question at the dupe target. — V2Blast ♦ 9 mins ago
6:43 PM
@NautArch Yeah they do seem the same. Though I suppose one asks about disadvantage on attacks but ehhhhh
hehe thanks for the idea @V2Blast
We can just edit the original target to mention both features, since they have the same wording.
@ThomasMarkov The issue is basically that it should be obvious to any reader (including new users) why they're being sent to a question about Y when they asked about X (especially since (I believe) logged-out users don't even see the question-closed-as-a-duplicate - they're just automatically redirected to the dupe target).
Yeah, that seems like a logical solution here
@Medix2 That would be a different question needing to be asked. But one that's been asked.
@ThomasMarkov HAVING COUNT(pd.Id) > 1) prevents that
Of course an unseen target has disadvantage on being attacked.
6:46 PM
@rene goodness, I should have at least been able to figure that out. Thanks!
@Someone_Evil NOt sure why Sam is looking for darkness as the solution, other than there is already a question about creating cover?
@NautArch I wasn't sure either. That's why I asked
can you even create darkness?
doesnt it have to be an object?
"a sound or an image of an object"
I guess a plain box painted black is an object.
6:53 PM
The limits on "image of an object" is gonna vary with DM/table
Just a blob of darkness (or actual function darkness) should be out, but I don't think that's an actual solution to them
@Someone_Evil it's a dupe either way, tho.
Then we should close for clarification?
@ThomasMarkov Common trick within Waterdhavian theatre presumably
@Someone_Evil Im disappointed they didnt go with Waterdeepish.
@Someone_Evil okay if I add the darkness q&a to that?
I'm not sure that would be useful, partly as major image actually has different limitations, but I wouldn't undo it if you did
@ThomasMarkov It's not Waterdeep, just Waterdeep-ish
7:04 PM
@Someone_Evil My dupe target was the minor illusion creating darkness - not the major illusion Q&A.
Added it, let me know if you think i'm off-base.
Oh that Q, sure, that's probably fine
I was under the illusion I know which question you were referring to
(sorry, couldn't help myself)
So what's the play here? I've got 1275 dupe targets to review for "similar wording closures". Once I have a list, do I ask about all of them as individual questions or as one question?
I'd start by sanity checking your data set (if you haven't already) with some random samples, then a single meta would probably be the best start
My gut here is that most of these probably deserve no action, but then I also think similar/same wording does mean dupe in most cases (ie. if there's no reason for them not to be the same, which does happen)
7:20 PM
@Someone_Evil Im gonna pick through the 1275 dupe targets over the next several days first.
@Someone_Evil Right, but the way the recent meta is going has me questioning this.
Meta voting appears to be at odds with site practice, which is strange.
@Someone_Evil I also suspect most of them will not warrant any action (or at most, the target may warrant being edited to more explicitly cover the other thing with the same wording).
@V2Blast My recollection is that for many of these, it wouldnt make sense to edit the target to mention the features in its dupe children.
Where its stuff like "how does rule X work with spell Y", do we just add spells Y_1 through Y_n as a list at the bottom?
@Someone_Evil What time are you opening the DGtS post?
@ThomasMarkov I was planning to be (kinda) exact, and set the event to around that hour (unless I got messed up by timezones somehow)
@Someone_Evil You mean around the time the event ends?
Which is 18:00 tomorrow by the stack clock
and 14:00 eastern US time
Technically, I changed it so the event is only for an hour which is one week on from posting (thus it doesn't show as ending when it should start)
7:31 PM
@Someone_Evil Ah, so it ends 1 hour after 18:00?
@Someone_Evil Comment thread on that minor illusion question is turning into a discussion...move to chat?
I suppose that's not shown anywhere to non mods..
Weird. Sam's profile says he was last seen 2 hours ago, but the question was asked just an hour ago.
@NautArch now that is odd.
7:37 PM
That's not uncommon. You'll see it more often with uregs etc. Basically means they haven't visited since asking the question
@NautArch By time stamps, their last seen is only 6 minutes prior to asking.
Why it doesn't manage to make that the same time I don't know
You just happened to check between the two times getting rounded to the hour
If this question doesnt get answered, I'll escalate to 500. If it doesnt get answered then, I'll escalate to 1000 by stating in the bounty message that youll get another one if you win this one.
Yo, easy 200 points right here all you have to do is post an answer that doesn't cite Jeremy Crawford.
It's also basically a guaranteed necromancer badge
Yes, I dislike JC tweet answers so much that I will throw hundreds of rep at obvious questions just to get answers that don't include JC tweets.
Reputation cheat code: Go find good questions where the only answer is a JC Tweet answer, point them out to me, wait for me to bounty them, then answer them yourself and win the bounty.
8:04 PM
Am I being too harsh, or is this answer just bad? Tried to help, but they didn't want to hear it I guess.
It is a bad answer, however, I don't think it warrants deletion.
@ThomasMarkov when I find a slot in my diary, sure
@MikeQ It's little better than just typing "yes" in the answer box.
@MikeQ It's totally unsupported and the digression has nothing to do with the question. What is it's value?
That new homebrew review is HUGE
Full array of class features and 5 subclasses.
each subclass has 6 features
base class has 11 features.
So 41 features total to consider.
8:10 PM
@ThomasMarkov worth splitting?
@AncientSwordRage I've no idea.
@ThomasMarkov it's not crazy long, just dense...
It's UA quality. I haven't read it but it should be good to ship!
I left a comment recommending triming it to a single sublcass.
8:28 PM
Now THAT's a capstone: Choose one spell of 9th level from any spell list. You can now cast this spell, ignoring cost of material components of it. Constitution is your spellcasting ability for this spell. Once used, you cannot cast it again until 7 days have passed.
@G.Moylan That's actually kinda cool.
7 days should balance it for most campaigns.
In fact, for a lot of campaigns, you wont be using it much at all.
and it's still cool. Getting powerful stuff for free is always welcome
I played a 1-20 campaign across 60 or so sessions and in-universe it was only a month.
@Akixkisu Why would that be off topic?
whoa when did the mod indicator change?
8:33 PM
Q: New Staff and Mod Labels on site metas and Meta Stack Exchange

Yaakov EllisIn response to the request to Add an immediately visible indication that a user is a staff member or an employee of SE, we recently announced a new feature on per-site metas and Meta Stack Exchange (which is live as of now): Mod diamonds are replaced by the new Mod badge (which includes a diamo...

They're only on meta (for now)
And you wouldn't be alone in finding them a touch loud. There's a userscript in one of the answers there which I at least found useful
@ThomasMarkov because it should be asked on meta se instead.
Site-specific metas can do all that same. MSE would probably be more useful, but there are absolutely cases for site specific feature reqs etc.
@Akixkisu We handle site mechanics on our meta all the time. Are all of those questions off topic?
I need to get my old userscripts back. I exported the browser profile data, I just need to sift through it to find the script parts
8:37 PM
@Someone_Evil absolutely, but that doesn't seem to apply here as it isn't a site specific feature request.
Ive got a user script for showing vote counts even if i dont have the privilege unlocked
I had the pronoun script and another very configurable site overhaul utility that Moose gave me
Hypothetically if we found the need to remove that limitation just for us, asking for that might be way easier than doing it for the whole network. I don't think we would for this one, but hey
@Someone_Evil we for sure dont need to remove the limitation
this is a bit of a hack-around but pasting the entire new link in would circumvent the issue, no?
8:44 PM
There's some known ways to get around it, and if it's a good edit no one's gonna object to the html comment to make the suggestion long enough
@Someone_Evil I don't think that either. If they didn't state it as a feature request, it probably wouldn't bother me as there is a concrete problem there with concrete solutions instead of this x y request.
I almost feel like the paladin smite question is a trap. It seems very simple but I also feel like I'm missing something
I'm cooking up an answer for it
"How can I edit this specific-question even though there is this 6 letter restriction" is something that we can do.
@G.Moylan lol it’s not a trap.
8:59 PM
@ThomasMarkov it just seems like it should be more complex than it is :P
9:11 PM
@G.Moylan SAC has made some odd decisions that don't always match up with the rules.
I'm especially looking at you, GWF and smite damage.
@NautArch I don't doubt that but I'd be curious to see an example. I thought the whole point of the review process to get into the SAC and the retconning of other sources was to eliminate that from happening
@G.Moylan SAC ruled that GWF does not allow rerolls of smite 1s and 2s. But the language for GWF just says damage from the attack...which smite damage is.
@NautArch I believe the argument is that it isn't though, it's damage from the spell, triggered by the attack hitting.
Yeah, but it ain't. The damage is from the attack, that's how smite works. It's one damage. If someone were to make a concentration save, it'd be on the total.
If they also ruled that smite damage is separate in that way as well, I'd be more understanding, but I still would be a hard disagree.
You can also look to JC's original tweet about it where he says that such a ruling would be to reduce time at the table by preventing rerolls.
We have a glimpse into his ruling and his intent - and I think both are wrong.
well that's a mess
9:16 PM
I'll work on an edit
And if some tables want to run it like that, that's fine - but at mine we generally like rolling dice (the more the better.) So rerolls aren't an issue at all.
also why the hell doesn't DDB have a "back to top" button or at least tack the search bar to the top of the screen?
Q: How to make Primeval Awareness more useful for the Ranger?

High Plains GrifterI feel like Primeval aware is so underpowered as to be almost pointless. My first question then is "do you agree?" maybe I have not fully understood its implications... Beginning at 3rd Level, you can use your action and expend one Ranger spell slot to focus your awareness on the region around y...

@NautArch I take you're operating with a different ruling for your game?
9:17 PM
oh wow they do, I'm just blind. It's at the top of the nav bar on the left
nevermind, it's inconsistent
what a wreck of a website
9:36 PM
@ThomasMarkov Nevertheless, when contemplating an action taken on a thousand posts, that definitely needs to be well discussed and agreed-upon on meta first. See also rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/q/10056/23970.
It may be a virtuous project, and you may be clear-as-day correct in the judgment, but once you're talking about a project, run it through meta.
@nitsua60 lol I’m more trying to prove a point than initiate a project.
If nothing else, it sends a signal to every user with less than your 69K rep (99.9% or so of them!) that they should see meta as a place to sanity-check any largish-feeling actions. After all, even you ran a double-check.
@NautArch edited
@ThomasMarkov I can get behind this.
@nitsua60 I’ve actually got a project relating to that post I’m working. We need to reevaluate protection now that we’re a year out from that unfortunate experiment.
9:42 PM
@NautArch I think that question is not really answerable without some kind of coherent model of how illusions work. That is, if you can make an illusion of darkness, how is that different from making actual darkness?
"It's not actually dark, you just think it is!" "What?"
5e advantage disadvantage, is my reading correct that this rule change does the exact same thing to advantage and regular rolls?
Like, on a regular roll that hits, you effectively just have them reroll the attack. And on an advantage roll that hits, you have them reroll the attack
@Medix2 on an attack with advantage you would roll two dice to hit, then roll damage normally
Yeah, but in this particular question, the second die doesn't matter
@ThomasMarkov Protection certainly is a thing that could use a lot more discussion, IMO. For greener and I to have learned after many years on-site and chatting most days, then after two years as moderators together, that we had nearly diametrically-opposed views on it... means it doesn't get talked about enough =)
9:47 PM
@G.Moylan Right, that's the only model I think makes sense. An illusion is the phenomenon of thinking you see something. So in a dark room that contains the illusion of a lamp, you will think the room is bright. If you then try to read a book, you'll either imagine words that aren't there, or think the book is blank, or just be very confused as to why you can't read it.
@Medix2 oh i reread. It seems like they're just... following the rule?
@G.Moylan just gonna write up an answer... of sorts
It's almost 5 on Friday... my brain is fried.
@MarkWells Illusions always come down to the DM and the table agreement. They're tough to manage.
But fun!
@G.Moylan @MarkWells That's Phantasmal Force, a 2nd level spell.
@Someone_Evil Yeah, we always go rerolls on 1s and 2s for smite and any other damage from the attack by the melee weapon.
@NautArch Yeah, under this model there's a well-defined answer: if you try to make an illusion of a light source being blocked, then an observer will be confused as to how they're seeing with no light source, but they will still see. But not everyone will buy into this model.
10:01 PM
@MarkWells It would probably be easier if there was a standard save/check timing.
Leaving it up to the character is tricky.
Realizing my answer isn't an answer, so I'm not gonna post it :(
@Medix2 Lovell already has the answer: They enjoy playing with it and have no issues.
Actually - would that be a legitimate answer? Or is that weird?
10:47 PM
@nitsua60 curious, did you two post those views and their reasoning anywhere?
(except for what is available in the comment section of the unprotection meta)
ah I found it, I though only one of you posted on that meta.
Ah I see why I forgot that one.
11:51 PM
@Akixkisu Yeah, I can't think of anywhere other than that meta.

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