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12:16 AM
Reminder: if you get games from itch.io, five-star ratings are an extremely significant way to help creators. Reviews make creators happy but ratings show up in Google searches! (unfortunately itch's rating system is broken and anything less than five stars tanks the game's stats as if you'd given them one star)
Itch.io purchases you haven't rated yet can be found on this page.
12:50 AM
Q: When forced away, can I move towards the caster, if my net distance away ends up greater than had I not?

AncientSwordRageThis concerns all forced movement, but is especially relevant for spells like Dissonant Whispers, that caveat how the creature moves. The relevant text for this sort of spell is quoted below: The target must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 3d6 psychic damage and must immed...

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2:28 AM
Is somebody in chat trying to look at my old Doctor Who Fate character sheets?
I'm getting weird Drive notifications.
2:48 AM
not I said the me
3:23 AM
I would if I could...
@AncientSwordRage If you've got any thoughts/opinions/questions, I'd be happy to field them.
I'd probably make some different choices now, of course; it's been eight years!
@BESW perhaps in the/my morning 😊
1 hour later…
5:02 AM
Q: Can an Artificer, proficient in Mason's Tools, use Fabricate to reconstruct the statue of a petrified person which has been broken or shattered?

BoblawblahAm I interpreting it correctly that, yes, an Artificer in this situation would be able to reconstruct the petrified statue of his party member? The Petrified condition states: A petrified creature is transformed, along with any nonmagical object it is wearing or carrying, into a solid inanimate...

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11:45 AM
I closed this question as a duplicate, but it was reopened, so I went ahead and answered it. However, I’m 99% sure it’s still a duplicate and could use some more eyes on it.
> The discussion about Spike Growth here doesn't seem to apply, because Spike Growth is targeted, but the Spirit Guardians are not.
Seems irrelevant
12:10 PM
Tulok the Barbarian is making another 31 D&D character build videos in December, this time with two builds per video!
12:22 PM
I like his builds as background videos, as they tend to be relaxed and more flavour related, but they sometimes give you tips that really work, like giving a Swashbuckler Rogue the Sentinel Feat
@AncientSwordRage [looks it up] [laughs in 4e Fighter]
> Combat Challenge: When a marked enemy is adjacent to the fighter who marked it, and shifts or makes an attack that does not include the fighter who marked it as a target, the fighter who marked it can make a melee basic attack against it as an immediate interrupt action.
Combat Superiority: An enemy struck by your opportunity attack stops moving, if a move provoked the attack. If it still has actions remaining, it can use them to resume moving.
Core 4e Fighter class features.
@AncientSwordRage I agree.
@BESW if we're going to compare 4e to 5e ... Well it's not much of a fair fight
resets the counter for 'days since 4e rightly praised' back to 0
I'm just constantly amused by how desperately Wizards advertised 5e as a "return to tradition" and excised 4e from its discussion of the franchise's legacy, while blatantly lifting from 4e and just re-skinning it as 3e, knowing that the people who needed to hear "no 4e here" in order to buy 5e... wouldn't recognize 4e unless it was clearly labelled.
That said, I did make an excellent "doesn't attack but kills you on the parry" rogue build in 3e.
Spent all my turns taking a feature-boosted Full Defense action to boost my already high AC (use Dex and Wis and Cha mods) to nigh unhittable levels, then got a free extra-deadly sneak attack on anybody who missed me with an attack. Used taunting skills to get 'em to try.
vis-a-vis PvP Jam! hosted by hugeboar. This Jam is for making anything from the newly release vis-a-vis SRD
12:46 PM
@BESW oh absolutely
12:56 PM
Content Warning Screen for Streaming by The MSNGR Project. Are you running more mature themes on your TTRPG streams? Be sure to have the proper warnings for your viewers!
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2:45 PM
@ThomasMarkov My thoughts on that (not that you really asked, but I'll bleat on...) start with this meta.SE FAQ on duplicates. It's clearly not an accidental re-post dupe or a copy-pasta dupe, so it's a "community judgment" dupe. Which comes down to "are they asking about the same aspect of the the same concept" in which case it may be a dupe.
I think that whether this querent is asking the same aspect/concept as the spike growth question actually comes down to how this querent understands the concepts. If they've got an expert understanding, then maybe there's no discernible difference between how spike growth and spirit guardians would work, and these are asking about the same concept.
But if their understanding isn't as mature, then they're asking because of the superficial dissimilarities, and they really do have a distinct question.
@nitsua60 This is probably oversimplifying what you’re saying, but it sounds like “if OP doesn’t think it’s a dupe it isn’t a dupe, even if all the experts think it is”.
(A big theme in the teaching of physics is trying to get at whether the students are guided by superficialities, like "both problems have a ramp," vs. core concepts, like "one's a conservation of energy problem, the other's actually a fields problem." That may be guiding my thinking here.)
@ThomasMarkov I'm definitely saying that I think a question could be dupe for experts which is not a dupe for novices.
@nitsua60 For this to be the case, there must be something of substance underlying the question that makes it distinct, and when that is not apparent, we should work to make it apparent
"A skiier glides down a frictionless hill... how fast are they going at the bottom" vs. "A brick falls off a roof, how fast is it going when it hits the ground" are duplicates to people who think through the lens of potential/kinetic energy, but not to people who think of kinematics. (Free-fall-->9.8m/s^2 vs. the trig to deal with the ski slope.)
@nitsua60 those are definitely not duplicates in my understanding of how we assess duplication here.
2:52 PM
@ThomasMarkov I think that's right. And maybe it's their understanding that makes the difference. So we should probably probe what differences they see between the spike growth situation and this one.
What I want to avoid is leaving dupes open because they are actually XY problems.
Because in the case of this question if the hangup is the distinction between spike growth and spirit guardians (or lack thereof), then the question is an XY problem.
And I want there to be Q&A here that serves both novice and expert visitors... I suspect we're just manhandling different parts of this elephant =)
In any case: I've got class in a few. And I mean what I said, that my thoughts here might not be perfectly directed at the current situation, more that I wanted to throw some more thoughts into the mix of "when and why are different-ish questions dupes or not?"
(Should probably check our meta to see how well or not those thoughts ^^ are represented.)
1 hour later…
4:12 PM
Q: How to tag Strixhaven questions?

nick012000So, the DnD 5e adventure book/campaign setting Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos is coming out December 7, and we're likely to be getting a few questions about it afterwards. It's a book about playing a DnD campaign as students at the magical university named Strixhaven, on the world of Arcavios,...

Q: Does the Spirit Guardians area of effect go around corners?

ThreeStarDaveSpirit Guardians has a Range of Self (15-foot radius) (and adds in the description that the Spirits "flit around you to a distance of 15 feet for the duration") Given this situation: The cleric (in yellow) casts the spell. The door to the room below is open. Does the foe in that room take damage...

3 hours later…
6:57 PM
@nitsua60 Closing as dupe puts the onus of clarification on the querent (though someone else can clarify it for them as well given different circumstances). That gets us to the querents problem.
Another consideration is that we don't act on rpg.se as the meta.se answer suggests, generally we are likely to still answer the question even when we think it is a duplicate in many cirumstances (such as this one).
@Akixkisu we have our own meta about how we handle dupes.
Which I’m sure you are aware of.
@Akixkisu I answered it because my close vote is expended and so I wanted my answer on it if it ends up staying open.
And I still may open a meta about it Monday.
That seems reasonable.
@Akixkisu and will probably self answer it.
Other dupe possibilities:
See that question and linked dupe target candidate.
7:16 PM
Hm, I think there is an argument that the latter is a dupe of the former instead.
Due to how we order dupe targets.
(at least in the body of the question)
(while the titles imply the order that you suggest)
7:38 PM
me: hey, your estimates are way off and operating at the upper limit. they would operate in this range instead. maybe you wanna revise?
them: adds "seemingly" in front of their (still exactly the same) estimates
that wasn't the issue
the two digit number 999
the number 100, famously the most iconic two-digit number
7:59 PM
10³, best 3 digit number!
8:17 PM
Graham’s number ends in a 7.
8:34 PM
@nitsua60 In case you guys missed it, I just noticed this spam edit suggestion.
9:24 PM
@ThomasMarkov WTF?! that was like the worst edit suggestion ever
@ThomasMarkov I stared at it for a solid few moments when it appearend in my queue.
10:29 PM
"Reach Of The Roach God: Art Notes III" Zedeck Siew answers questions like "WHY THE HELL DID YOU CHOOSE ROACHES???" (CW: roaches)
11:27 PM
Q: What happens to the simulacrum of a wizard who scribed a scroll of simulacrum, when the scroll is used?

Stephen DavisDoes the wizards simulacrum melt when the scroll is used? Or can the wizard make gold off scribing scrolls. I’m asking because the wizard is heir to a ruby mine but doesn’t want to be like his father so became a wizard. Long story short is he has the rubies taken care of, and I don’t want to go i...


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