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4:53 AM
Q: How many times can I cast a cantrip through the All-Purpose Tool?

DraconisThe All-Purpose Tool is a spellcasting focus for artificers printed in Tasha's. Among other things, it has the following property: As an action, you can focus on the tool to channel your creative forces. Choose a cantrip that you don't know from any class list. For 8 hours, you can cast that can...

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7:49 AM
Kickstarter: The Means of Magick by Wannabe Games. Fight back against megacorps and their cataclysmic pursuit of magick in this fantasy TTRPG.
POCGamer wrote a twitter thread of "a trip back to the #TTRPG 1990's!" and identifies the place to go "if you want to see the proto-indie #TTRPG scene, before the Forge, before pdfs"
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9:22 AM
Q: Does closure of a question depend on whether it was asked earlier or if it provides a more general response?

Maiko ChikyuLong story short. Today I received a message that a question I asked two years and six months ago was closed because a question asked two years and two months ago answered it. I had previously assumed that whichever question came second was closed however this incident has me confused. What is th...

9:41 AM
@TheOracle Dupe of this FAQ?
9:55 AM
Q: Can the temporary HPs provided by Symbiotic Entity last longer than 10 minutes?

Guillaume F.The Circle of Spores Druid gets the level 2 feature Symbiotic Entity, which does the following: As an action, you can expend a use of your Wild Shape feature to awaken those spores, rather than transforming into a beast form, and you gain 4 temporary hit points for each level you have in this cl...

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11:08 AM
@BESW seems like it
12:06 PM
I went ahead and answered it since I closed their question.
12:24 PM
@ThomasMarkov maybe it's worth reframing the later question as "Does not being targeted mean..." Or whatever the asker was saying made it different, because that's a different from the spike growth question perhaps?
> The discussion doesn't seem to apply here, because Spike Growth is targeted, but the Spirit Guardians are not
Ok, then make that the main part of your question
12:41 PM
@AncientSwordRage yes.
@ThomasMarkov I did that in an edit, but in answering I find that was irrelevant
1:15 PM
@ThomasMarkov does my answer make sense?
5 hours later…
6:37 PM
@ThomasMarkov since it seems like we aren't closing the spirit guardian/spike growth dupe, it seems like a good idea to copy your answer from the dupe to the old question.
@Akixkisu did you see my answer?
@AncientSwordRage I did, I'm probably going to upvote it once I have votes again.
6:54 PM
@Akixkisu thanks, I mainly mentioned it as I wasn't sure if you meant "we should but can't close it anymore" or "we shouldn't" with the message I responded to
@AncientSwordRage I think it is unlikely that we will close it, even though it is a dupe.
7:13 PM
@Akixkisu based on my answer, I don't think it necessarily is?
@AncientSwordRage I think it is a good answer that is appropriate for that question and wouldn't work as an answer to the dupe, but I also don't think that it recontextualises the question in such a manner that it reveals it as not a dupe :)
@Akixkisu I think the explanation of the phrase 'flit around' is needed for the more recent question, without that it looks like a dupe
@AncientSwordRage I don't think it changes the fundamental question, but it provides a distinct good answer.
7:30 PM
I've flagged this as spam, because it seems like you only made this completely trivial question to link to a website article. — Theik 3 mins ago
I didn't realize that was why I posted the question and answer, and not a genuine issue I had today
@AncientSwordRage Answer my question is comments so we can clear up the spam question.
@ThomasMarkov done
And I've edited both
Can a moderator clear spam flags from a post?
I guess they could decline the flag?
Yes, I’ve had two spam flags declined before.
7:45 PM
@ThomasMarkov 'þetta reddast' it'll all work out in the end
I'm confident that the mods will get to it eventually
8:28 PM
@AncientSwordRage I also really had to bring the large rpg.se audience to the atla kickstarter to advertise it.
@KorvinStarmast Usually regular poison doesn't have a rarity, instead they have a cost per dose.
But disregarding that, it is rather difficult to assess due to the persistent effect without a clear indicator.
> Red flags can be cleared by moderators, whether active or already dismissed. This will cause the flags to be marked as disputed, even though they may have been marked helpful in the past. Since these flags carry heavy weight on the post and its author, a special mechanism is provided to clear borderline flags without penalizing anyone (declining the flag would penalize the flagger).
2 hours later…
10:32 PM
@bobble interesting
@AncientSwordRage I flagged it as spam, because I fried it up with some pineapple and it was delicious. /S
10:54 PM
I wonder if that should have the equipment tag
Though I suppose we don't get that granular with minis.
11:52 PM
VioletRiotGames shared on twitter "The best and most frustrating lesson I taught my students this semester... when it comes to games"
Jason Pitre wrote a twitter thread reviewing ARC: Doom Tabletop RPG by Momatoes.

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