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Wanderhome Content A collection by TM_Games
Queen’s Gambit inspires playable characters in Fake Chess RPG article by Alex Meehan for Dicebreaker. Outwit opponents as a roster of playable characters in Fake Chess: Book of Champions, an expansion to the bizarre roleplaying game.
Cai_the_GM asks on twitter "So who is actively doing 'aftercare' with their RPG sessions?"
1:04 AM
@BESW Stars and Wishes here
1:37 AM
Cortex Prime's new licensing options look super suspect, but I'm gonna wait for a solid write-up rather than try to talk about it myself 'cause I'm definitely not qualified.
(And here's hoping they just weren't thinking through the license's implications, and will make significant changes in response to the feedback they're getting.)
2:38 AM
> It is tempting to see the end of the sentence "even if you can't see it" as being the only mechanic that this spell skips; however. if the spell says that the named target becomes the spell's target, then that's exactly what it does.
@V2Blast I think that's ungrammatical perhaps?
It was better before I think
Also I can't remember what the usual formatting of spell name is
2:50 AM
@nitsua60 about 1kg of chocolate... I think I agree with everyone else, easier in my teens.
Only 1 kilo? That's not bad. My rule of thumb (developed over far too many hours spent discussing and researching this with friends) is that it takes at least 3lb of sugars and fats to get to 5K.
3:03 AM
@nitsua60 Back-of-the- napkin google calculations say it's 2 pounds of Kinder Eggs (about 46 eggs).
@BESW Okay. That sounds like... not a pleasant lunch =)
I don't think it matters what kind of sweet it is, any ammount that counts for that is going to make you sick
High fructose corn syrup is probably where it's at in terms of calories-per-gram.
Actually... hrm. Pistachios seem to be a major contender.
Pistachios hmm
3:13 AM
Only about 834 pistachios, maybe?
I think short term that's fine but if you eat that many in one go you might have problems later
But the contest rules may or may not specify digestible calories, which would make a difference; the burn test doesn't exactly simulate body absorption potential and pistachios may be a significant example.
@BESW Contest "rules," such as they are, are that the food should be one line-item on a grocery-store or restaurant's receipt. So 3lb. ground beef would be fine, as would 3 loaded bacon cheeseburgers.
@BESW We did have a guy try to do 3 1-lb bags of pistachios once.
Macadamia are also very calorie-dense, but it's hard to get good ones out here.
@nitsua60 3.5lbs of mackerel is an option....
3:37 AM
Meanwhile in Highly Inadvisable Technicalities, 2 milligrams of U-238.
> 1. Mel's Country Café in Texas sells the Mega Mel Burger with 1.5 pounds of ground beef, a pound of bacon, 1/4 pound of American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle and bun. It weighs in at an estimated 4,556 calories.
2. Fifth Third, a minor-league baseball park in Comstock Park, Mich., offers the Fifth Third Burger, which totals an estimated 4,800 calories. The $20 burger features five beef patties, five slices of cheese, almost a cup of chili, lots of salsa, and corn chips piled on an 8-inch bun so colossal it was featured on the Food Network's popular show Unwrapped
I don't think we have any vision impaired chat users, but you never know 🤷🏻‍♂️
@BESW huh... In which part?
@AncientSwordRage Thank you
@AncientSwordRage Which part of...?
According to my quick calculations, 2 mg of Uranium-238 contains about 5000 calories.
@BESW ...the burger's contains enriched uranium?
(Converted for food calories, not energy calories, so I may be off by a bit)
@BESW that gives bomb calorimeter a whole new meaning
3:51 AM
And that's through decay, not through fission. You need even less if you're calculating by fission potential.
@BESW you need... 8kg to reach critical mass and begin fission I think?
Well yes, but by this point we aren't talking about whether it will create that much energy, just whether it contains that much energy in some form.
@BESW true
The 5000 calories by decay would take something along the line of hundreds or thousands of years to fully express?
And neither is exactly digestible.
I hadn't considered that
(side note: video with more on calories and bomb calorimeters by researcher Giles Yeo)
I mean obviously not digestible, I mean the timeframe
3:56 AM
@AncientSwordRage I just accidentally hit the period instead of the comma. Fixed :)
@V2Blast I'm not sure if you even need a 'however' after ;
@AncientSwordRage The word "however" was already there. I just fixed the punctuation around it
@V2Blast not sure if it needed fixing then...? I'm no grammarian though, the punctuation in the new version of (excluding erroneous periods) doesn't read right to me
@AncientSwordRage The fixed version is indeed grammatically correct. The original version was not.
The author of the post is using the word "however" like the word "but". The word "but" is a coordinating conjunction, and can be used to connect 2 independent clauses using a comma. However, the word "however" is not a coordinating conjunction. You can't connect 2 independent clauses with "however" using only commas (that's a comma splice); you need to either separate the 2 independent clauses with a semicolon (to indicate a closer relationship between the 2 independent clauses) or a period.
@BESW What seems to be the matter with them? I haven't had a chance to look at recent announcements
4:14 AM
@V2Blast that's crazy, but I should expect no less from the English language. However, I'm not sure I can see myself holding to that style.
@AncientSwordRage A lot of people incorrectly use adverbs like "however" as if they were coordinating conjunctions, so it is a common error. It's one of my pet peeves :P
@V2Blast I find it easier to go with what the people writing are comfortable with, rather than prescribing a particular usage
So long as it's widely intelligible I mean
from the discussions I've seen, their newly-released "non-commercial" license is
(a) *implicitly* binding in all terms for anyone using any part of the Cortex System; (b) forbidding the use of Cortex IP in anything "the general public" would consider "inappropriate for minors" which is just *woof;*
(c) demanding that all such creations be "fully compatible" with Cortex Plus (no hacking the game to be too different from their own vision); and
(d) using software IP language copy-pasted into the license in ways that make no sense and is thus ripe for abusive misinterpretation.
Oh and also they own everything you design and you're not allowed to put it on any distribution platform they don't approve of.
The damage control they've been doing on social media suggests these are not intended outcomes of the license, but we'll see if they take any action to fix the mistake or if that's just pure rhetoric.
And frankly if it's a mistake that should be just as alarming, albeit in different ways.
It has big "trust us we're a small company and you're like family, don't worry about the legal details we all understand each other" energy, which under the best of circumstances is absolutely true until the company expands or changes hands and other pressures outweigh their loyalty to the integrity of the company/fanbase relationship--at which time all the messy legal stuff that wasn't an issue then, becomes a very very big issue.
Ah, okay. I saw that Mellie responded to some of those concerns in the comments of the Kickstarter update, but as you say, it remains to be seen what changes are made based on that feedback.
A company that doesn't build in protections for its clients from itself at the beginning, BEFORE it has the capacity to do great harm, it a company that's either not interested in the protection of its clients or not being realistic about its future.
(See: the Stack Exchange)
@V2Blast Yeah, at the moment it's all at the level of "trust us, we'll never ACTUALLY feed you to bears, that's just a little clause legal made us put in."
4:29 AM
Part of the issue may be the potential disconnect between Mellie being the community manager at Fandom vs. the license being written by Fandom's legal department (whoever that may be).
Hopefully Fandom has some sort of internal/focus-group feedback process that these sorts of things go through before being announced - and if they don't, they should probably add one.
From a bigger picture perspective, they appear to be perpetuating the OGL culture that Wizards modeled in the d20 boom/bust years, where small indie companies make tiny profits off material that functions as free advertising for the big fish, with a model that very few of the indies can ever become self-sustaining on without the big fish's licenses, so they crash and burn from the oversaturated market or when the big fish wanders off to do something else.
@V2Blast However, the author of the post would use anything but.
There are other ways to open your IP to other creators. The indie space is full of innovations specifically emerging from frustration with existing models for handling IP in this industry.
@GcL :thinking:
7 hours later…
11:37 AM
@V2Blast Given that Fandom's legal department has to be staffed with people who feel comfortable representing a company whose business model is tweaking Mickey Mouse's nose with "Fair Use" disclaimers...
The entire fandom wiki concept is making money by hosting other peoples' content based on other companies' IPs. Which makes me deeply suspicious of the claims that this non-commercial isn't exactly license isn't exactly as intended.
2 hours later…
1:21 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'mma sprinkle some table markdown over your Create undead CW answer
@AncientSwordRage Sounds good
@AncientSwordRage How did you possibly resist the urge to make this read "...no less from the English language, however, I'm not sure I can see myself holding to that style." !?
@nitsua60 because I thought it would be funnier to say I'm not going to do a thing while actually doing that thing, than to actually do that thing when I said I would
1:55 PM
@ThomasMarkov done
: upvote my own CW post.
@AncientSwordRage Oh, did I find all the spells?
@ThomasMarkov I didn't check
@V2Blast Thank you! I wish more people would appreciate that nuance ...
A: How should we format spell names?

SevenSidedDieWe do not enforce style, only clarity, as a matter of basic SE principles I'll quote myself from our proposed FAQ, Is there a style guide for posts?, with new emphasis: … [spell names, &c] shouldn't be changed through editing, because both are correct and switching the style doesn't make a post ...

c.f. your recent edits... I'm not certain they improve clarity, and they are a sort of style I'd call 'Formal Writing' or some such?
I'm not leaning too hard either way as the edits have been done
Generally, I think formatting things similarly to the attendant rules text is a good idea.
2:16 PM
@ThomasMarkov I don't believe there was any rules text to go by
@AncientSwordRage what question was this?
@AncientSwordRage I totally get that however I don't think I could have resisted.
@nitsua60 that's fair, I think the thing I did was more tempting for me :D
@AncientSwordRage italicizing spell names on dnd 5e q&a is typically an improvement.
@ThomasMarkov see the meta post I linked
2:31 PM
@AncientSwordRage Right, I'm saying that matching q&a style to the style of the rules text the question is about is usually an objective improvement.
So that "Edit spell styling only when it objectively improves the post" is followed.
> If someone wants to write “magic missile” in a D&D 3e post, that's fine. If they write “Magic Missile” in an AD&D post, that's fine too. If they want to write “magic missile” that's also fine. Etcetera in various combinations. If they want to write plain “magic missile” that can also be fine, depending on the context (often in titles it's not unclear at all), but sometimes isn't (you'll know it when you see it).
so, I don't think it needed to be changed as it was almost the only change?
@AncientSwordRage V2 added a ddb link, and there's no harm in changing the formatting while youre already there ding something else.
Italicising and formatting differently isn't in general an objective improvement, it's usually an "I prefer it this way" improvement
We try to avoid those out of respecting the author's choices
@doppelgreener likewise with " ..., however ..." -> "... ; however, ..." right?
That applies to how spell names should be formatted too; that's what that meta is about
2:36 PM
Pretty sure we should stop saying "objective" improvement tbh.
@AncientSwordRage listen there's some fights I'll stay out of lol
@doppelgreener lololololol
@ThomasMarkov you're the one who said it was an objective improvement here
I am saying it is not that.
@doppelgreener Only because the meta used that language.
But now that Im thinking about it, it doesnt really make sense.
Here's a question: do we assume the author even made a formatting choice?
because if an author just types a spell name without considering how it should or shouldnt be formatted, they havent made a choice that needs to be respected.
Something about that logic is troubling to me, and I can't quite put my finger on it
2:40 PM
@Someone_Evil I think the troubling thing is the touch of mindreading that goes into making that evaluation.
Bloodcinder has my favorite take on the issue in their meta answer: "an expert within a particular game system should ensure that spell names are being formatted according to reasonable conventions that players of that game would comprehend"
@ThomasMarkov nope, it just italicised it, right?
@AncientSwordRage Ah, he wasnt adding the ddb link, but there were other edits made to the post in that revision.
Honest, casual poll: have we ever heard from someone whose post was edited thusly, and cared much either way?
I could imagine someone appreciating it, I could imagine someone getting out of joint over it, and I don't know that I've ever actually seen evidence of either =D
@nitsua60 I have expressed appreciation for V2's edits before, especially early in my tenure here.
I mean, we do get some posts that are clearly unformatted (usually accompanied by other improvable aspects), and there are cases where formatting can help a lot for clarity (looking at you, shield spell), but in the specific case what is clearly a spell was already formatted as a title(?)
@nitsua60 Disgruntlement once or twice I think, though I'm not sure whether that was more about their post being edited at all (which some folks dislike)
2:46 PM
@nitsua60 @Trish has some strong opinions about citation style.
Ill find that conversation
@ThomasMarkov I don't know if you need to on my account. You're right, and memories are stirred =)
@nitsua60 The outcome there was discussion and a resolution everyone found favorable.
@nitsua60 But to answer your poll, I found V2's edits early in my career to be helpful. I welcomed his edits and for the most part adopted his style.
@nitsua60 One or two folks have been bothered by it, and I've definitely cut down on the style-based edits. But also, I only italicize spell/magic item names if I'm already editing the post for other reasons (and even then, I try to do it only if the spell name isn't already clearly set apart from the text, e.g. if it's all lowercase and unformatted).
And as for edits I've made, I don't recall ever getting push back from edits Ive made concerning spell formatting.
@ThomasMarkov I remember that meta:
Q: Are you allowed to change citation style?

TrishI had had this happen to me several times. I have chosen one citation style that I generally apply in all my answers since some date, which goes like Book <(edition)> <(year)> p##. Year and edition are optional, if needed to differentiate books of the same name or if the year is needed for a 'fir...

2:55 PM
@V2Blast There was a more recent one here:
Q: Making Citations Accessible

TrishYears ago I had to fight to preserve citation styles - especially fighting inline citation. Because I honestly believe Inline citation is ugly and throws off my reading experience. Now, Citations in the style I used then were generated by Text<sup>Source p.##</sup> for TextSource p.## That could ...

Ah ok
@V2Blast And it was accompanied by a lot of chat discussion where the real nuts and bolts are found.
Fair :P
Starts somewhere around here:
May 21 at 14:15, by Thomas Markov
@Trish Your citation style really does make it uncomfortable for me to read your posts. It really is a barrier to readability for some.
@nitsua60 My only disgruntlement when it feels an edit is minor (even though there is some improvement)
3:04 PM
You could say that V2's edits gruntle me.
3:29 PM
@nitsua60 someone did butcher my ciations. Twice. and there is something such as a you need to do bottom line citations in my field of studies. Which I originally adapted to "topline inline" and swapped to the more proper way, even though it is more character intensive.
@Trish You can just say I edited your citations lol
my professors had docked me full grades for for improper citation style, which highly formed trying to go as accurate to the style guide as possible
A fellow in a class was handed back a paper with inline citations 2 minutes after handing it in and told "I will not grade this. You never handed this to me and I will only dock a point for giving it in late if you hand it in via mail with proper citation style."
That seems like a misplaced focus tbh
3:56 PM
Hey all, can I get a quick feedback on a Champion fighter feature I'm thinking of adding to my table? Wanna give em a bit more versatility and complexity in their gameplan
Weapon Mastery, 3rd level Champion feature
"Whenever you finish a long rest, you can replace any number of fighting styles you know with other fighting styles available to fighters that you don’t already know.
In addition, you can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls you make using a melee weapon."
So basically, instead of preparing spells, they prepare fighting styles?
"In addition, you can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolls you make using a melee weapon." This probably really powerful for some builds.
4:18 PM
@ThomasMarkov a bit. It's like the wizard's cantrip versatility but for fighting styles. I'm actually not 100% sure how often a fighter is going to change fighting styles, unless it's to specifically wield a better magic weapon when available
@ThomasMarkov this is my biggest concern. They can effectively build for both GWM and Sharpshooter, and pair both with Elven Accuracy.
Q: 5e - Can a Bladesinger/Echo Knight MC cast attack cantrips through his Echo? From his echo's location?

Daniel NelsonExtra Attack 6th-level Bladesinging feature You can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn. Moreover, you can cast one of your cantrips in place of one of those attacks. (emphasis mine) Manifest Echo 3rd-level Echo Knight feature When you take the Attac...

4:57 PM
@field158 Even without that, just dunking Strength and using a Dexterity greatsword means your +2 Dex ASI benefits your (already good) offense, defense, and initiative all at once.
@JoelHarmon this what i was thinking
Yes, "normal" dex-based fighters get the same thing, but their top-tier weapon is a d8 rapier, as they lose access to two handed weapons.
5:46 PM
@field158 Are you OK with fighter swapping to blind fighting whenever they are about to face an invisible creature or similar?
If you multiclass e.g. sword bard which has very limited fighting style choice, can you swap it out for any fighter fighting style without such limits?
@SilentAxe Fighter 1/Sword Bard X with crossbow expert/sharpshooter is my favorite build of all time.
What happens when you choose Superior Technique? Can you choose diffferent battle manouver each time? Are you ok with them - getting the persuasion bonus from Commanding presence any time they are wandering about town, and Ambush when they are going on a stealth mission?
Found my new stackexchange bio in Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft:
> His Markov Formula grants him unparalleled intellect, but it insidiously steals more than it gives, making him increasingly dull-witted and bestial in form. Despairing, the doctor fled to a tropical island he dubbed Markovia, where he tests new versions of his formula on the local fauna in hopes of recovering his waning genius. As a result of these tests, animals across Markovia now possess sapience and have been deluded into believing Markov is their god.
6:14 PM
@doppelgreener just had a brain fart and read this as "We try to avoid respecting the author's choices"
6:52 PM
@Someone_Evil Especially in German history major's introductory seminar coursework method, and style, are the core building stones - that is their focus and failing due to citations mistakes is quite common.
@Trish That is very generous.
@nitsua60 That sounds like a nightmare, they are great when you eat fewer than 15, but more than that sounds atrocious.
7:21 PM
@Someone_Evil Communication is hard. Whatever you can do to make it easier on the recipients, especially in professional communications, is good. It shows you know and respect the industry standards, as well as the recipient's time. Also, that makes it a bit of a shibboleth.
@JoelHarmon I mean I obviously don't know the specific case (and errors made therein), but it didn't sound to me like the issue was clarity, but rather specific style
In our case (chemistry) out only instruction was numeric, clear, and concise.
I suppose if you've been given a specific style to follow beforehand you can expect it to be followed, but otherwise it was up to preference, and I suppose later each journal's preference
@Someone_Evil At various points in my education, I've lost points (or could have) to styling issues such as the thickness of a line in a drafting assignment in an intro engineering class, the format of an end note or citation in a literature class, the margin/spacing on an essay in a history class, the overall format of a program's output, including spaces and such, in a programming class. None of that strikes me as particularly weird.
Style matters differently at different times
7:39 PM
's tru
Getting my thesis accepted by the graduate college was an awful dance.
My favorite was that I used a box symbol to denote the end of a proof, as one does in math, and it got sent back because figures are supposed to be labeled and numbered.
@ThomasMarkov yikes
What did they think it was a figure of?
@Someone_Evil Idk. They just circled every box, which was a lot because lots of proofs, and left a note on the first one "figures must be labeled and numbered".
Did... did they not have a mathematician review your thesis?
7:46 PM
@Someone_Evil There were two review streams. My committee reviewed the mathematical content, then the graduate college had reviewers for the format review.
Despite reviewing 10+ math theses every semester, they still knew nothing about the conventions of the field.
Well, let's choose to view that as a learning opportunity for them about the habits of mathematicians
@Someone_Evil It happens every year to most of the students in the math department.
Every professor on my committee had stories about having to explain to the college that a particular notation was standard convention.
@ThomasMarkov The trick is to fire all of the professors who don't have tenure and hire more admin :)
posted on December 02, 2021 by Bardic Wizard

Happy Chanukah! Happy Advent! I had a Chanukah gaming thing that I was going to do, but I didn’t finish it in time, so I’ll either post it next week or next year. Instead, I’m going to share my writing project. I seem to get these ideas every year, so I write them down.  Meet… the Yarn-, Math-, RPG-, and Book-Related Christmas carols (not all of these may be present, this is just a few thi

8:02 PM
@Akixkisu the whole thing--middle-ages variously out-of-shape college and h.s. friends designing their own pentathlon--is well described by your word choice: atrocious =D
@field158 I'd suggest yest to the fighting style swap and no to the dex/str swap"
@field158 I would do 1 style swap per long rest
8:48 PM
@Someone_Evil Just that the citation style was agreed upon more than 100 years ago and kept up since then. It's more entrenched than the fact matter of historical sciences. Proper citation is usually up to 1/5th of the final grade.
I can understand why, I just don't agree with putting that much emphasis on it
We certainly had a bunch of stuff that was put as "no, just do it" (with resubmitting) to first years, and for good reason
Q: What are all the spells that create one or more undead creatures?

Ettina KittenSince trying to Google this just keeps finding the specific spell called Create Undead... What are all of the spells in D&D 5e that can be used to make an undead creature? I can think of Animate Dead, Create Undead, and Finger of Death, any others?

@Someone_Evil History sceinces are glacial. Let me give you an example: You can't just cite Herodotus as anything other than Hdt. [chapter. verse]. Only when you cite a specific translation/edition you may use Herodotus, Histories, [canonial chapter.verse] [edition infos with page and so on]. And if you don't put it in a numbered footnote, historians won't even read it. Why? Because the grading people read the citations first to check who you have read and check if you forgot their besties.
You're not exactly selling me on the field...
History sciences are one of the most citation circly and slowest changing things there is. but if they can do one thing, it is keeping up citations consistent since they came up with their system.
9:02 PM
@Trish What fields fall under the umbrella of "history science"?
<insert quip about mathematics being the most pure science>
Hello everyone!
@ThomasMarkov Antics, medieval and modern history. Technically, they are Arts
just a quick question: can someone tell me how much Dragonlance lore is there in Fizban's Treasury of Dragons?
@ThomasMarkov Eh eh
@Eddymage depends on edition of dragonlance you want to see cited in there.
(because the dragonlance canon itself is spread over AD&D 1, 2, D&D 3, 3.5 and some own syste iirc)
9:07 PM
Im pretty sure the magic item called Dragonlance is the extent to which Fizban's engages with anything called Dragonlance.
Fizban mention Krynn here.
Also here
And in a sidebarbar here
Also here
There's some, but it doesn't look like much.
Q: Modelling "rolling d6 >= charges left expends a charge" mechanics with anydice

HypergardensYou have X charges left. Rolling a d6 equal or over the number of charges left depletes a charge. How many uses do you get out of a starting X charges? e.g. 1 charge, 1 use left. 2 charges, rolling 2 or more depletes a charge.

9:25 PM
the new license really sucks
incidentally, i am now introducing my new system, called Core-Tek Chime, which is legally distinct from any other system you might have heard, which includes mechanics based around the pricniple that you can't copyright ideas, only their expression
> all trademarks and copyrights in and to the Cortex System and Game mechanics, systems, mods and other rules created (whether by Fandom or You) that become a part of the Cortex System. Any new Cortex Prime mechanics, mods, and other rules you create or alter become available for other members of the Cortex community to use under the license linked above.
It's wild because this is trying to create an ecosystem of shared components, which is reasonable, but there were already solutions for that. You can leave original ownership with the third-party creator and have them agree to license it out to others making Cortex games. OGL exists! Creative commons exists! There's no reason for Fandom to acquire ownership over what you made, which comes with terrible results.
@doppelgreener "There's no reason for Fandom..." $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I mean, yeah
There's no ethical reason...
9:31 PM
There's no reason that a creator would find acceptable.
9:41 PM
@Trish Any lore about dragonlance
Does this comment of mine count as an answer in comments that shouldnt be left in comments:
I'll leave my typical response to echo knight questions here: "I've played an Echo Knight, and then later DM'd for an Echo Knight. My experience with the subclass has been that the DM is going to be making a lot of rulings. As a player, my DM and I had to start making a list of interaction rulings for the various features. Knowing this, I did the same thing when I DM'd for an Echo Knight. The DM and player should discuss and agree upon a ruling and then just be consistent moving forward." — Thomas Markov 19 secs ago
@ThomasMarkov I did not buy the item on DDB, but I am planning to take it as a gift for myself for Xmas... :-D
@Eddymage I'll get you a list of page numbers you can file away for when you have the book
@ThomasMarkov Thanks!
@ThomasMarkov Hm, maybe you could instead link "related" to an answer that you indicate as contains general things to consider.
10:51 PM
@ThomasMarkov I’ve only just seen this!!! I posted it in TREU
11:16 PM
"SOUTH OF THE BORDERLANDS" article for Wyrd Science. With the LATAM Breakout Kickstarter currently running, Brazilian games designer Diogo Nogeuira introduces us to RPGLATAM's diverse community
Rob Donoghue wrote a twitter thread about "motivators in designing the usage license for a game."
The ARC: Doom Tabletop RPG website got updated with a new media section, galleries, and more content including Roll20 sheet/API and Discord bots.
SoulMuppet Publishing added a license to Best Left Buried.

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