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1:08 AM
@nitsua60 It is deleted, and hidden, but you can still see the revision history.
Here’s what I can see.
Someone Evil and I have been through this before, I don’t believe the mods have any indication that a post looks like this to everyone else.
1:48 AM
@ThomasMarkov Thank you. That's what I was hoping I remembered correctly.
@ThomasMarkov That's why lots of mods I know maintain sock accounts--to be able to see what users at various privilege levels have before them. Might be time I ponied up and went for it.
@AncientSwordRage Sorry--I must have been misreading today's post's history.
2:04 AM
@nitsua60 no worries
2:29 AM
Q: Is Wall of Ice casting damage and frigid air damage counted by segment or only once?

Attila WinterI am trying to figure out how exactly the spell "Wall of Ice" works. I am DM now and have been playing for a few years, but I have never seen spells of level 6 in action due to most games ending before this kind of spell becomes available. Upon reading the spell description I have come to the con...

I went looking for the original announcement of post obfuscation, and it seems the comments have had multiple confused mods. meta.stackexchange.com/a/199969/1017231
9 hours later…
11:43 AM
Q: Does the All-Purpose Tool improve the save DC of the Artillerist artificer's "Explosive Cannon" detonation ability?

screamlineAt 9th level, an Artillerist artificer gains the ability to detonate the cannon created by the 3rd-level Eldritch Cannon ability: Doing so destroys the cannon and forces each creature within 20 feet of it to make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC, taking 3d8 force damage on a f...

2 hours later…
1:42 PM
@nitsua60 I had an answer in comments flag declined without comment, I’m assuming that was an accident as the comment is a direct answer to two of the questions asked in the question body.
1:59 PM
@ThomasMarkov comment flags can't be responded to with a comment to the flagger AFAIK
Secondly, on SFF I'd only remove them when they're no longer needed, or if the comments have gotten too numerous/drifted off topic
But RPG is a different beast
@AncientSwordRage learn something new everyday
2:20 PM
Q: Allow moderators to respond to comment flags

Lord_FarinIt has been brought to my attention by one of our moderators (here) that they are unable to enter a free-form response to comment flags. This is unfortunate in some cases where there is e.g. a pattern in a number of flags, or where it is obvious that a reply is in order -- notably when someone u...

2:52 PM
@ThomasMarkov Not at all an accident.
3:21 PM
@nitsua60 are we revisiting/reinterpreting our answer in comments policy? Part of the question was “can I do this”, and the comment was “no you can’t”.
@ThomasMarkov that seems like a NLN flag to me
@AncientSwordRage I imagine if that were the case Nits would have deleted the comment. He seems pretty firm on keeping it there.
3:49 PM
Misconceptions are always slightly awkward to maneuver in terms of A vs. C. I landed on it not being worth removing from the question and answer (since it's handled well already). I might suggest including a bit more reasoning in the flag for cases like this, to help us see the logic (just saying AiC means we have to do the full parsing ourselves which is a lot more effort)
3:59 PM
Nope, but I think you might need to slow it down a bit, frankly. (New) OP posts a question. Commenter says "I think you misunderstand some of it, [related link], I suggest you edit." OP says "yeah, good point, I'll edit when I'm back to my computer." You flag saying "that's an answer in comments." Declined (reasoning to follow in a sec). You flag again, saying "no, really, it's an answer in comments." OP had not yet been back to the site.
All that ^^ happened in something like 16 hours.
So here's my reasoning. (I was the original decliner, the second flag sat a while as we discussed it among moderators.) I see two paths: the misconception stands in the Q and gets addressed in an A. Or the misconception is edited out of the Q and the "core" question gets an A. Either is fine for the long-term, IMO. So there's no harm-to-site to worry about, it's just users/examples/takeaways to worry about.
OP has been helped by the comment and says they'll be back. Okay, let's let that play out for more than a couple of hours.
4:20 PM
What do you mean by “cool your jets”? Have I taken an aggressive posture here? I saw a comment that was (to me) obviously an answer to the question, so I flagged it. When it was declined, I assumed it was a mistake (as those happen from time to time), since it seemed (again, to me) to be obviously an answer to the question.
I then booped you in here to check in for a different perspective in case it wasn’t a mistake and I was missing some of the forest for the trees.
Just the pace/timing. Sorry--I didn't mean to indicate I was sensing any aggression.
Gotcha. Gotta watch them idioms.
Lemme try to retroactively word better...
Give OP a day to live their life and get back to it before flagging. Leave a comment saying "OP, an answer's now come in that actually addresses the misconception, so I think you should leave it in rather than editing it out, feel free to poke me or any other user in [chat] if you want to discuss." Flag with the custom text saying "this might evolve, but in the long run this comment is, substantially, the answer that came in so should go once OP's had a chance to come back."
I think those ^^ sorts of actions recognize the timeline and prioritize OP's experience in a way that standard flag-->decline-->reflag with text "really, it's an answer in comments" all in less than a day don't. Which, for me, was the forest in this case.
4:38 PM
@nitsua60 that's a good idea, leaving that comment
4 hours later…
8:38 PM
@Someone_Evil that anydice question has my brain in a knot: is it just me, or does test case #2 conflict with "rule" 4?
(And if we go by the test case's logic, then I think the answer is exactly Ilmari's code from the Q you linked.) nvm.
8:50 PM
I haven't looked at the q closely enough to say whether it's a dupe or not, but I smelled "haven't I answered this already?"
I'd say that, depending on what the question actually is, maybe you have =)
3 hours later…
11:59 PM
@Akixkisu I think your wall of stone answer is the only sane one. "How large does it have to be to not allow a saving throw?" "Big enough that you can walk out without rolling a die!"

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