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12:57 AM
@Ben Never knew I could feel like this, like I've never seen the sky before.
Sometimes I joke that I'm an acolyte of Azathoth (Elder God of Chaos from the Cthulhu Mythos)
Q: Can a character choose to do minimal damage when attacking a target under "Fiendish Charm" in order to allow a saving throw to end the charm?

KoonuPlaying D&D 5e, but this Fiendish Charm was located in the DMsGuild adventure "The House of the Midnight Violet". My party will soon be fighting a Fiend who has the "Fiendish Charm" ability. It says if the target suffers any harm , the target can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on succ...

Q: Add downvote option to Low Quality Review Queue list of potential actions

enderlandVLQ flagged posts are now being shown in the Low Quality review, which allows: Looks Good Edit Delete Skip but no option to vote on the post. My suggestion is to add downvoting as options: Downvote Downvote/Delete (this would replace current Delete) There have been times I want to downvot...

@bobble Are you suggesting that DV's is a potential solution?
1:13 AM
No, just offering the main meta discussion about other options
It links to a bunch of other useful ones
Ah fair
@Ben Either we're references passing in the night, or I really missed some allusions during Moulin Rouge!
(he he he)
Is that like, missed-joke-ception?
1:53 AM
Q: How can I design a boss that shifts between two dimensions to avoid attacks?

BlueMoon93This boss character, Omega, is inspired by Zhylaw, leader of the Necromongers, in the Riddick film series Tobi, Akatsuki member from the Naruto anime This boss, meant for a level 16 boss fight (where players enter tier 4 play), has the ability to shift between the Material Plane and the Shadowf...

I'm in the midst of a three-day business trip, part of a committee visiting a (private) school to recommend (or not) its decennial accreditation.
A couple of staff/administrators at this school are fairly new, come from non-school backgrounds, and are absolutely mind-boggled that we (schools) do this in this way. We're not outside regulators, we're not professional school-licensers, we're just people from other schools. Which prompts the question:
Is there another industry where it's standard for a company to say "hey, let's have a half-dozen competitors come wander around for three days, p
The way you phrased that sounds very likely
Seems like a thing in Australia
2:24 AM
@nitsua60 Part of it may be that (for most schools, mostly), other schools aren't really "competitors" in the same way that businesses in industry are, partly because schools are often local/regional in nature and partly because most schools are non-profits. I think some industries have trade associations of sorts, which might mean some level of coming together to try to help all the businesses in them as a whole learn from each other, but I don't think that's quite the same thing.
@nitsua60 yeah, this sounds like a very good thing for a school accreditation process actually
3:14 AM
@nitsua60 Reminds me of consulting (in the software industry).
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4:44 AM
Q: Single or multiple posts for related questions

CWallachI have several related questions concerning the Dnd 5E Slow spell. Should I post each one separately or group them in a single post?

3 hours later…
7:19 AM
Q: Are the separate pieces from the Armorer Artificer's "Armor Modifications" still considered "A suit of armor" for infusions?

MivaScottThe title is a little convoluted, so hopefully I can explain better here. At 9th-level, an Armorer Artificer gets the class feature "Armor Modifications": You learn how to use your artificer infusions to specially modify your Arcane Armor. That armor now counts as separate items for the purposes...

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9:24 AM
Q: Can the version of the Artificer class published in "Tasha's Cauldron of Everything" choose to end an infusion?

MivaScottIs there an easy way for an Artificer to willfully end an infusion? One of the many problems I am seeing is that an infusion only works on non-magical items. But infusions cause items to become magical. So if I infuse my armor with Enhanced Armor and want to switch it to Resistant Armor, is there...

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10:40 AM
@Shalvenay It's amazingly beneficial. In both directions, honestly.
@PeterCooperJr. It's kind of weird how we're competitors or not. I mean, we definitely "compete" for kids (applicants) in some ways. We even identify (I could rattle off the list) "intensive competitors"--the schools where >70% of applicants to us also apply there. But it's not like I want them to do poorly--I want them to serve their kids well! I just want a couple more of those kids to come to me, rather than them!
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11:53 AM
Q: How does initiative work for the giant constrictor snake from the Staff of the Python magic item?

joelforsythThe description of the Staff of the Python magic item reads: […] The staff becomes a giant constrictor snake under your control and acts on its own initiative count. […] As the DM, I’ve been making the player roll initiative when the snake enters combat on the player’s turn. Is this correct? Fo...

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2:45 PM
I'd like to make a meta tag to cover topics that are about asking multiple questions per question, but i'm not sure what to call it
@doppelgreener hmm... maybe google to see if there are stack exchange posts on other metas related to that? ...though it occurs to me that whatever you name such a tag would probably be the kind of thing you'd use as a search term in Google to find that :P
@doppelgreener [questionquestion]
"You down with QPP?"
"Not on S E!"
Can't use markdown in a multi-line post :P
2:49 PM
@V2Blast "Not on S E!"
@V2Blast i'm inclined toward this one
> Sometimes a Question post might have multiple questions in it. This tag is for asking about that: whether and when to do that, how to handle it, etc.
^ That tag wiki required some artistry to not say Question nine times.
Isn't the close reason for those ?
@doppelgreener There may be some overlap with as well
3:08 PM
@AncientSwordRage not inherently
but if it needs to get closed, that's the reason
3:20 PM
@TheOracle i ask because of this question that came up earlier
we've since gotten them tagged, hooray!
thanks @V2Blast
@doppelgreener I may need to see those meta questions to understand why not
> Can [Spell] create a good defense for me? Can it create a wall or a shield or something?
I think I'd instinctively want to edit the title, and rephrase it as
> “Can [Spell] create a good defense for me, such as a wall or a shield or something?”
it's really just one question, phrased sort of unclearly, and I don't see that as an exception
3:37 PM
@AncientSwordRage There are other questions where it's a group of closely related questions, and there'd be no real benefit into splitting it up into separate posts. For instance, someone trying to understand the limits of a certain "Wall of [X]" spell and how it can be shaped might ask if it can create curved walls, and also if it can create multiple connected segments (each of which is flat), etc. They're technically separate questions, but the answer is likely to be roughly the same for both.
Examples are rarely perfect :)
@V2Blast what happens when someone answers that they can make curved walls, another only answers that they can't make multiple connected segments, and a third users pipes in to say that one of the multiple questions is already answered elsewhere, making this a partial duplicate (we've had that actually happen).
@V2Blast of course, but I can't imagine a scenario that isn't 'one question disguised as many' or 'two questions that aren't related'
also, if the question just asks 'How can Wall of [X] be shapped' that's then one question (although, the answers still might not address the curvability of said wall (: so there's that too)
3:56 PM
I do get the impression we're thinking the same thing about 'posts with multiple questions', in that some of them are ok/shouldn't be closed. Except my thought on best practice is to reword it to make it clear it's one question, which is also a good litmus test to see if the sub-questions are too related to stand alone.
@AncientSwordRage I find that a lot of apparent "multiple question posts" can be factored back into one question.
@ThomasMarkov exactly
And when we can do that, we should, so that it is apparent that we're really dealing with one problem.
I'd be interested in counterexamples to that.
I've sent you a second upvote, you should have enough reputation now to join us in Role-playing Games ChatThomas Markov 7 mins ago
shouldn't we be advising users to clean up questions first, rather than skipping that and fast tracking them to chat?
3:59 PM
@AncientSwordRage Usually, probably so, but in this case, I think not.
@ThomasMarkov care to go into detail?
There isn't a question there to clean up, and getting that post into shape is going to take much more than a few clarifying comments, so it seems (to me, at least) that chat is a more appropriate platform for that than the comment section.
Also somone downvoted them to below 20 rep.
And its back.
@ThomasMarkov 🙋‍♂️
I can't seem to dig up the "how do I start D&D" question, which would be a good related question, possible dupe.
@ThomasMarkov So, they should re-ask with a specific question, non?
4:03 PM
Q: I'm at a loss with “Dungeons and Dragons.” How does one play it, anyway?

RosamundaI'm no gamer at all, so this could be like a very silly, basic question for you guys. The thing is that I always read about "Dungeons and Dragons" game (not the video game, but the normal game to play with friends that are actually gathered together). And I would like to know how to play it. I'v...

This one? @JoelHarmon
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, I just found it independently (but thanks!)
@ThomasMarkov that would also be a good dupe suggestion
@AncientSwordRage I dont think that's quite what theyre after, but Im just guessing based on the brief post we have.
@ThomasMarkov I think it's close
> rn there is a mess in my head, I want to somehow sort it all out.
Ok, but what mess? What have you read? What exactly is confusing about what you read?
we could provide lots of help, in chat or in the comments, but until we know what the 'it' that needs sorting out we aren't much use
if we want to use chat to help clarify, that is automatic after a bunch of comments under the post
4:39 PM
@V2Blast I tried to think of a stronger example of that, but couldn't right now.
@AncientSwordRage Well perhaps. You could, but that just demonstrates the point: you can in fact ask multiple questions in a question post.
Soemtimes if you're asking a whole bunch of these, you wouldn't want to do that.
Possibly the strongest example is a question where someone's just trying to understand how a feature works at a basic level, and they'll make that clear while also asking multiple distinct questions about it. We have had those, but I don't recall any specific examples off the top of my head.
@doppelgreener but ultimately it's one question; the fact that you can split a single question into multiple subquestions doesn't change that
@JoelHarmon "Can I make a wall of X shaped like...? Also, how much damage would it do to me if I grappled and dragged an opponent through it?" I've seen plenty of posts like that.
@AncientSwordRage we are not disagreeing here
@doppelgreener "How does X work? I don't understand A, B, C, D." is phrased as one question
@AncientSwordRage Ok, sure
I'm satisfied that you can theoretically rephrase those, I am not endorsing that it'll necessarily be an improvement to do so.
I am not objecting that it's theoretically possible to rephrase those to have only one question mark in the question post.
4:45 PM
@doppelgreener I just think approving phrasings like: "Can [Spell] create a good defense for me? Can it create a wall or a shield or something?" can lead to uninformed users thinking it's ok to ask, I dunno, somethign like: "Can [Spell] create a good defense for me? Can it create a good offense for me?" - which is more ambiguous and more prone to the issues we see with genuinely unrelated multi-questions posts
They're just examples.
@AncientSwordRage Technically only after a bunch of specifically back and forth between exactly two users comments
Uers should not be reading just my examples, and community moderation should be stepping in here.
I am simply saying: it is possible to have multiple sentences that end in a question mark inside the one question post, while still being a totally valid question that does not need to be closed.
It may well be that your second example can actually be perfectly fine, contextually; it's not going to make a good abstract example.
Q: Slow spell questions

CWallachShould this be one post or two posts? Several questions about the Slow spell. For reference the relevant parts: An affected target’s speed is halved, it takes a -2 penalty to AC and Dexterity saving throws, and it can’t use reactions. On its turn, it can use either an action or a bonus action, no...

@doppelgreener I don't think we're disagreeing it's possible, I just don't know if it's clear enough
4:48 PM
@AncientSwordRage Experience says it's clear enough on a regular basis, given we have hundreds of open answered questions with more than one question mark in the body.
@doppelgreener I will defer to that experience
Multiple question marks, as long as they relate to a singular problem
@doppelgreener my hypothetical about the spell "Summon Fireproof Novel" is not clear enough (IMO) as "I want to know if 'Summon Fireproof Novel' can stop a Fireball. I also want to know if it can summon a good book for me.".... I'd be itching to reword that
@Someone_Evil but what is a single problem isn't always clear, at least not to me
And there's probably a footnote to make there as there's occasionally problems consisting of multiple problems, but that's the problem with problems
4:52 PM
I bet ive asked a multipart question before.
This is a topic that's fuzzy enough I really don't want to have to engage in multiple theoretical examples to determine if an answer is right.
@doppelgreener good call
Q: What does the spell Compelled Duel actually do?

Thomas MarkovAfter reading through the description of the spell compelled duel, it seems as though the spell does not actually say what it does with respect to restricting the movement of the target creature. Let's review the description bit by bit: You attempt to compel a creature into a duel. One creature ...

@ThomasMarkov I was trying to find an example where somebody (reasonably) asked a bunch of related questions, but it turned out there was a partial duplicate.
I've sort of already got this one factored down to what the title says, but I think Ive got a few individual questions about different parts of the spell description in that one.
4:54 PM
@ThomasMarkov yeah to me that's just one question, phrased as one question, with some details
I will point out there are multiple questions on the front page that have multiple question marks present
This isn't an invitation to go edit them—it's not going to be a substantial improvement, rather just a matter of authorial preference—it's just me pointing out this is very normal
It's fairly natural for a lot of folks to give their concerns or reasons for asking as secondary questions. We could hypothetically rewrite those, but it's not necessary
FWIW we don't need questions to use a question mark at all, so long as the problem is clear
For me, sometimes I don't decide the question should be more than one post until after I've started writing the answer.
@Someone_Evil grrrr My teeth are grinding as you suggest that the punctuation be waived grrr for a question grrrrr (I'll go lie down).
@KorvinStarmast "I'm at my wit's end with this problem. I'd really like someone to clarify this thing for me." vs "Could someone clarify this thing for me?"
Two ways of requesting solutions
5:05 PM
@KorvinStarmast I was sorta assuming correct punctuation. Your frustration is valid with that read
oh yeah
@nitsua60 I think I didn't articulate that very well. It was proposed that questions can be broken up into multiple posted questions and/or reworked to be a single question. I'm curious about questions that are clearly multifaceted but can't be broken out into multiple posts.
@JoelHarmon Multifacted & can't be broken out is a case we've accepted, since, y'know, it can't actually be multifacted and broken out. Sometimes we've asked the user to narrow it down because it's a little too multifacted, but sometimes the scope they give us is just fine.
A few times, I've seen a post that had two questions, and I figured it was fine as one post because the questions were related. Then as I am writing an answer, I wrap up the first section and begin the second, and realize that answering the second related question doesn't actually have anything to do with the first question and section of the answer.
that's a good way to find out the question should be split up!
kind of an awkward way but if you haven't discovered by then, answering it will help you figure it out lol
5:12 PM
@doppelgreener Learning by doing. 😊
@doppelgreener I just don't recall any examples of questions that both couldn't be written up as a single question and also couldn't be broken out into several.
Sometimes you have to know the answer to the questions to know it should be more than one post, but that's obviously not something we can expect of people asking the questions
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, for sure
@doppelgreener dilemma
@ThomasMarkov I've run into a similar problem on occasion. After asking a question and getting an answer, I have to be careful to only edit the question in a way that preserves my original ignorance.
5:17 PM
Q: If you lose all Temporary HP from the Tenser's Transformation spell, does the spell end?

Jhyarelle SilverIf you lose all Temporary HP from the Tenser's Transformation spell, does the spell end? I played a game where I used an item that has the effects of the Tenser's Transformation spell. I know the spell lasts for 10 minutes. Since the effect came from an item, I didn't need to worry about making C...

It's also why I typically skip close reviews for "needs more focus" on systems Im unfamiliar with.
I'll do that too, for sure
Actually that's kind of important to note, I'll add that to my meta answer: sometimes the only way to find out is to ask
It usually takes some system knowledge to figure out the difference here ( questions notwithstanding).
5:40 PM
@doppelgreener oh yeah, I fully agree. I'm more conscious of giving advice than enforcing it, because you don't enforce advice
That's actually helped me mentally phrase something for work, so that's actually really helpful ☺️
5:53 PM
oh nice!!
@doppelgreener [number-of-questions-on-a-unicorn-acre-in-teaspoons-per-lightyear] is the perfect tag
6:33 PM
@KorvinStarmast that implies unicorn's have dimensions of m^2 s/kg (square meter second per kilogram)
@AncientSwordRage I see a unicorn, an area, a volume, and a distance. Where did the kg come from?
6:47 PM
@JoelHarmon teaspoons... Oh wait volume
So actually it would be Seconds per Metre?
I'm also not sure where you got seconds from.
@JoelHarmon light years are units of ... Someone come take my physics degree away 😔
I see teaspoons per lightyear expressible as (m^3 / m), aka (m^2). It asserts equivalence between questions-on-a-unicorn (???) multiplied by acres (m^2). I think that means questions-on-a-unicorn is unitless?
A classic blunder.
@JoelHarmon I might as well have tried to win a land war in Asia, or played a game of wits with a Sicilian
Questions/unicorn is a dimensionless ratio (unicorns are caused by asking questions, so #(Unicorns) = k*#(Questions)). So [Question][Teaspoon]/[Unicorn][Lightyear] ~ [Question][Teaspoon]/[Question][Lightyear] ~ [Teaspoon]/[Lightyear] ~ m^2. Checks out.
6:59 PM
@AncientSwordRage You may have! On the internet, nobody knows whether you're Sicilian.
Or a spider, for that matter.
7:11 PM
@JoelHarmon or ferret
@Slate that checks out
@Slate have you ever personally alighted on a unicorn?
Only in my moments of deepest consternation.
Are they soft?
It kind of depends on where you pet them? Unicorn horns are surprisingly soft, but the teeth are pretty hard.
Why would one pet teeth?
7:20 PM
Well how else would you determine if the unicorn teeth are hard or soft
Ask the unicorn directly?
Ok but the unicorn would need some point of reference. Maybe you could let the unicorn pet your teeth and then ask how their teeth compare.
@Exempt-Medic I added a section to my simulacrum answer that addressed your question.
To be honest, I've offered, but I've never found a unicorn particularly thrilled about the idea.
@bobble Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies Originally, that's a unicorn adage.
@MikeQ A unicorn's point of reference is usually the tip it its horn.
7:24 PM
8:03 PM
@bobble When one understands that a unicorn is an imaginary creature, one realizes that the offered tag is a non sequitur 😉
@Trish that research project was two buckets of awesome. Well Done! 👍😁
8:35 PM
@Slate i remember reading the explanation for this a while back but i still don't understand how volume/length equals area
@doppelgreener Want a quick-and-dirty metaphor that might help?
@KorvinStarmast you wound me, good sir
@Slate Yes please
@doppelgreener Imagine a cube of sticky notes! It's got, say, 1000 stickies. The top sticky note has an "area." If you remove it, then underneath is a sticky note with almost exactly the same "area" as the one you just removed, down to the bottom of the stack. You've also removed the tiniest bit of depth from the cube, too.
But... if you get a stack of thinner sticky notes, the "area" of the sticky notes doesn't really change.
You can keep imagining thinner and thinner sticky notes in a cube, say a cube of 10000 stickies, then 100000, bible-thin, until you're imagining something that has no thickness at all. Now if you take one sticky off the cube, it's depth is just about zero. It just has area, now.
8:51 PM
Gonna be honest, I get a bit of an eye twitch when closed questions get answered.
Surely there's a way to fix that.
@doppelgreener Alternately: suppose you're pouring water into a cylindrical drinking glass. The more water (volume) you have, the higher up the glass (length) it will go. If you pour that same amount of water into a wide bowl, it won't go as high up the bowl because the bowl has a larger cross-sectional area.
@ThomasMarkov [status-bydesign]: meta.stackexchange.com/q/91922/1017231
@bobble I know, the [status-bydesign] makes the eye twitch worse.
technically it is a fix
@Slate @JoelHarmon thanks, this is beginning to help it click into place
it's no longer breaking my brain
@Slate I gotta say I love this analogy
9:04 PM
@doppelgreener Beware, it doesn't work for spheres.
@doppelgreener Sometimes it just takes a few analogies to click.
@ThomasMarkov until you think about shells etc...
also _this_ time i'm actually thinking about it mathematically too: a volume of 10 metres cubed is 10m^3.

If I divide volume 10m^3 by length 10m, i get (10m x 10m x 10m) ÷ 10m = (10m x 10m) = 10m^2, an area.
And I wouldn't find the inverse objectionable at all: 10m^2 times a length of 10m is a good way of getting a 3-dimensional solid, the post-it stack or the glass of water.
and like, that is how we form 3-dimensional cubes: 10 metres by 10 metres by 10 metres is a definition of a cube
that's 10m x 10m x 10m
Yeah, it's much easier to wrap your head around it when you're dealing with right angles.
Spheres, not so much. The surface area of a sphere is equal to its volume divided one-third its radius.
@AncientSwordRage :)
9:08 PM
@ThomasMarkov That's just because it's a three dimensional section of a four dimensional cone.
4 dimensional conic sections is not something I need in my life tbh.
Now I feel like I need to brush up on my calculus. It's been a few years.
@ThomasMarkov 4 dimensional conic sections sound like the start of describing my warlock's Great Old One patron
@JoelHarmon say what now
@doppelgreener Take a cone and cut it straight across. You get a circle.
9:17 PM
oh my glob
That is, a cone can be thought of as a big stack of circles (continuing back to our area-length = volume conversation).
so if a 3d cone creates a 2d circle, it stands to reason a 4d cone creates a 3d sphere
Now, if you stack a bunch of two dimensional circles to get a three dimensional cone, what happens when you stack a bunch of three-dimensional circles (spheres)?
@doppelgreener nobody let DG bite them unless you want things to get really lumpy
Because math is fun (just ask nitsua)
Sorry, gotta run. Later, all!
@doppelgreener LSP!
1 hour later…
11:08 PM
@JoelHarmon same
11:31 PM
Le Sigh It's one of those days where I write a question and I have to edit it to make clear that people need to back up their ramblings... And then I go back and edit in all the thing that someone competent in the topic would know but someone only vaguely familiar with it has no idea about.
@bobble THAT might be the one and only answer-tag we ever need. We apply it to answers that lack backup.
@Trish The closest thing already available is the "Needs detailed answers" post notice: meta.stackexchange.com/a/172592/1017231
@bobble uses I Know. ... silently What's your Willpower? I need to roll Perception + Subterfuge against that.
@Trish what scale is in use?
@bobble Eh, it's WoD... the normla human has 3-ish. 10 is a paragon, 0 is a robot
11:40 PM
2, then
@Ben Acknowledgement
@bobble you feel fairly convinced that the Nosferatu has something on you. You have no idea what it might be. Neither does the Nosferatu, but you don't know that.
Well, as is normal courtesy I did a bit of context capturing to see what the conversation was about. As soon as we hit "4d", my brain gave up
@Ben 4D vectors?
2 hours ago, by doppelgreener
so if a 3d cone creates a 2d circle, it stands to reason a 4d cone creates a 3d sphere
@Ben would you like to do my ochem homework instead?
11:45 PM
@Ben All cones are 4D by virtue that they exist for a specific time. The 4th dimension is time goddangit
I just saw the new "treasury of dragons" and though "ooh dragons"
That's the level of function I'm at rn lol
@Ben Define a function B(c) such that B(c) = percentage of usable brain Ben has after consuming c cups of coffee
c = 1
@Ben To be fair, that's a very common reaction :P

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