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2:10 AM
Makenzie De Armas wrote a twitter thread about why elevators improve D&D dungeons.
@BESW ...thread not available? O.o
Link works for me. What error do you get?
I see it too
@BESW "This is not available to you"
Try refreshing?
2:23 AM
now it works :)
and definite <3 to elevators being a thing. will there be an Elijah Otis in your world to invent the safety brake, though? :D
also: elevators introduce other scenes besides the classic "elevator scene"
imagine a fight in a working multicar hoistway(!!!) with the combatants vaulting, roping and so on from car to car
There's some great "I can hack these transit units but if I do anything dramatic with them I'll cause a pileup with civilian casualties" scenes in Murderbot Diaries.
2:38 AM
I learnt a new word today Jugaad
Reminds me of resolviendo.
yeah, not surprising that they'd have a word for that -- the jury rig is as old as the hills after all
Aug 13 '19 at 11:30, by BESW
@JoelHarmon Ernesto Oroza coined "technological disobedience" to describe the modern application of the resolviendo attitude codified in Con Nuestros Propios Esfuerzos during Castro's "Special Period in Times of Peace." A piece of technology is created for a specific purpose, and resolviendo requires disobeying that intent: looking at a piece of technology and seeing it not as an object with a particular purpose but as component parts temporarily combined to accomplish a current need.
3:13 AM
@Shalvenay <insert obscure LucasArts screenshot here>
4:17 AM
Good evening folks and anti-folks
4:55 AM
@BESW "How appropriate. You fight like a cow!"
5:12 AM
@MikeQ as a DM tonight, was I anti folks?
The one dragon encounter turned into a two dragon encounter thanks to a die roll. Wild fight, but the party eventually prevailed. Thanks to a web spell and a failed save.
by the dragon
"The dice are fickle" and the Monk rolled three crits in a row during one attack sequence. First time I've seen that.
5:26 AM
@KorvinStarmast that is pretty awesome.
5:46 AM
I have a request for some feedback: can I get other RPG players’ opinions on this essay I’m writing? I’m thinking about starting a blog for my adventures in fibercrafts, RPGs, and life, and this is written with that in mind
What kind of feedback do you want?
The document accepts comments, which might be the easiest way to give feedback on it, or pinging me would be helpful because I’m still on probation
@BESW general content stuff mostly, I think
2 hours later…
7:43 AM
Q: How to guarantee a successful DC 20 CON save to maximise benefit from the Bag of Beans Item "explosive egg"?

Tim of TimePlanting one of the 3d4 beans from within the magic item Bag of Beans gives this result about 10% of the time: A nest of 1d4 + 3 eggs springs up. Any creature that eats an egg must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, a creature permanently increases its lowest ability s...

8:42 AM
@HotRPGQuestions oh wow, I was doing some math on this. Assuming you DO in fact make your CON20 save on every egg and your GM allows you to craft these bags of beans, it would on average take you 12 bags of beans to get the 48 points you need (assuming point buy). Those 12 bags would cost about 24,000GP and 120 work weeks using XGE rules (60K GP and 2400 days using base game rules), which is significantly less than doing the same for 24 stat manuals.
And here I was thinking I could do a frame challenge on saying this would cost more to do than if you use stat manuals
2 hours later…
10:35 AM
@Nzall surely the trick is to make sure you can always survive the 10d6 damage?
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, indeed. It's only like 30 damage on average
If you can take 60 HP of damage and survive
@Nzall infinite time is a long time
Thing is, making the save means you get the bonus. That means you need less eggs in the end
@AncientSwordRage How does "infinite time" matter here?
10:50 AM
@Nzall so you can heal between failed attempts
@AncientSwordRage yeah, true
@BardicWizard done
1 hour later…
1:07 PM
@Nzall Cant increase your stats above 20.
@ThomasMarkov I know, that's why I said 48 points to raise everything to 20
didn't mean point buy, meant array
I was just testing you
You passed
Cuz 20 to 30 in six stats is alone 60 points.
Here I am thinking, surely 48 is enough to get all stats to 30.
@ThomasMarkov 48 definitely isn't enough to bring everything to 30
you can't even bring them to 30, 20 max
1:10 PM
I swear Im not dumb
Standard array is 15-14-13-12-10-8, so 72 points in total
Thomas: 48 is enough to get six stats from 20 to 30. Also Thomas: "The coadjoint orbits of compact Lie groups each carry a canonical (positive definite) Kähler structure, famously used to realize the group’s irreducible representations in holomorphic sections of appropriate line bundles."
Q: What does it mean when a question is highlighted yellow?

field158meta. I've been part of the RPG SE community for a few months now I think, but I'm still learning the ropes and I consider myself new. This is my first time asking on meta and I apologize in advance if I made any mistakes while asking this question. When browsing on mobile, I noticed a few questi...

2:09 PM
@ThomasMarkov A players stats can't go above 20. Other creatures, such as monsters and divinities, can go up to 30. I believe in the egg question, several creatures were mentioned specifically.
@RevenantBacon Barbarian's stats can to to 24 (Con and Str) if they are 20 when the barb arrives at level 20
@KorvinStarmast Yes, I am aware. And a Tome of [Ability] can raise a stat up to 30. I'm talking about the normal limit.
@RevenantBacon Caveats are usually handy in a discussion like this ... and I think the comment about "how to you maximize the egg beans is a good and fun cheese kind of question to ask. If someone else won't, I may later but currently have tasking ...
2 hours later…
3:48 PM
@Medix2 I dont see how that is a duplicate
I felt like they asked the same thing
Whether the mansion is a separate plane of existence from where it is created
If yes, you can plane shift; if no, you cannot
@Medix2 This is the second one you linked, but that one was also closed when it shouldnt have been.
I think that one is closed correctly
It asks the same thing
Which is whether or not the mansion is on a separate plane of existene
Maybe so.
they clearly both hinge on the same rules
3:54 PM
But I dont think Dupes are transitive.
but that doesn't meant the questions are the same
I'm gonna have to say that this is a straight up dupe.
The telepathy spell states that you must be on the same plane of existence which this question asks about. And then this question asks the same thing in more words
A is a dupe of B, and B is a dupe of C, but A is not a dupe of C.
Even if it's worded differently, it's asking the same thing
3:55 PM
But since B is closed, it doesnt have any answers, so A isnt actually answered.
I do think A is answered in C
@ThomasMarkov I would argue that the definition of a dupe being used is broken if that's true
@Carcer Maybe so.
But I could certainly see C and B merged or C closed as a dupe of B
Since B does, at least to me, feel like a more general (or at least more readable) question
The base of the question is "Does MMM count as a different plane for the use of [other spell]?"
3:57 PM
I'm just gonna go retitle and reword C because wow is that a bad question
And that has already been answered
I just asked OP if they were really just asking if MMM and Material are different planes.
@Medix2 lol which one is C
I understand that some of you think that this isn't a dupe, but I so, so I'm going to VTC
@ThomasMarkov the one I updated XD
@Medix2 Ah, see, I would have thought of that as "A", with it being the oldest question
4:00 PM
this is one of the less egregious examples but we get a bit overzealous about dupe closing sometimes - just because a question can be easily reduced down to a fundamental that is answered by another question doesn't necessarily mean that it should be considered a dupe
I'm sure there's been meta about this sometime
Im not gonna VTC unless OP answers my question.
And we don't have users actively going out asking questions that are fundamentally the same but technically different knowing they won't be closed either so...
@Medix2 I could change that if you like :p
If any of you feel my recent edit was bad, just tell me
@Medix2 I think it changes the question away from what the querent was asking for, but the already-accepted answer was written in a way that it answers the edited question as well. So it seems fine to me
What's the protocol on a question being edited in a way to invalidate existing answers, anyways? I don't remember (this is not a reference to your edit, Medix2)
4:17 PM
@Upper_Case "don't"
@ThomasMarkov Check discord :P
It's why homebrew-review questions shouldn't have the question iterated
@Carcer Lol, of course. I didn't state it clearly. I have an answer which is no longer relevant after a substantial edit to a question. Deletion seems like the only real next step, but a comment irritated me so I'm being reluctant to do so immediately
That's easier to justify if I'm making sure that's the right next step
@Upper_Case Link?
@Someone_Evil If it's wrong it's all Medix's fault. Else I assume some responsibility.
4:21 PM
Q: How to guarantee a successful DC 20 CON save to maximise benefit from the Bag of Beans Item "explosive egg"?

Tim of TimePlanting one of the 3d4 beans from within the magic item Bag of Beans gives this result about 10% of the time: A nest of 1d4 + 3 eggs springs up. Any creature that eats an egg must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, a creature permanently increases its lowest ability s...

Oh, different issue.
(still Medix's fault, somehow)
@ThomasMarkov What are we blaming Medix for? Can I throw in on that pile? I have a cat that is unhappy about "never being fed" and "never being petted". Can we add that to Medix's tab?
@GcL Absolutely!
@Medix2 why havent you tended to GcL's cat?
@Upper_Case In this case, I think the question is at least more focused, so I think'd be best answers adjust for that. I'll be doing it to mine, for yours I suppose it'd need to be edited to fully answer the question or delete it if it's not worth the effort
This was helpful for me on the topic:
Q: What kind of edits are acceptable to a question after an answer has been posted?

Someone_EvilThis post originates from this question, but is not about handling that question. I will summarize the transpired events for context. The question is about a specific rule and at its core about whether that rule allows for a ridiculous scenario. It used an example which appeared to "break" that...

I thought the egg question was entertaining. Scroll of invulnerability answer was my original goto, but the portent answer is clever.
4:31 PM
@Someone_Evil It's not worth it, I think. It was a "for completeness" answer under the original question, as other answers had already covered the optimization paths at that point. It's more pique about the comment, as I find that user's behavior in comments to be generally poor. But that's not worth much, I suppose. I'll delete it later, when I have time
Yeah, the 'lowest level' build challenge might be a lot more interesting, but which method sorta depends on the parameters set
@Someone_Evil Maybe Ill post that one.
What are some good parameters
No manuals, obviously.
@ThomasMarkovI figured that was your take on the interaction, based on the fact that you would rule that way, I just thought it would be helpful to point it out for the sake of others.
4:52 PM
@ThomasMarkov The biggest are probably how many magic items (other than the beans) they'll have access to, and then how much time they'll have.
VTRO please, unrelated duplicate closure: rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/11351/…
5:07 PM
@ThomasMarkov Such beautiful friends I've made XD
thanks y'all, it's been reopened
@ThomasMarkov is narrowing the scope going to get you a better answer than portent?
How much time is available might invalidate that answer, or maybe rather what rate is desirable (depending on how you frame it)
What level is portent?
Second level divination wizard.
5:16 PM
It's in portent you remember that.
@NautArch Boo!
I can't down vote that chat enough to express the level of groan I have.
Oh yeah! freakin items. There's some items that let you choose to succeed when you fail a save.
So, if you're going to give a level 1 character a legendary item, they can eat eggs at the rate of one a day at least.
Turns out it isnt that interesting lol
@GcL what items?
@ThomasMarkov The HotDQ ones come to mind. Basically a quest to collect the dragon balls.
5:23 PM
Each one gets you some neat stuff and auto-save is one of those. If you combine them they get you something even better, but we died pretty early on.
Oh, right the masks give legendary resistance
Yeah, Mask of the Dragon Queen has 5 legendary resistances.
That must be the combined version.
Moral of the story, if you're playing hotdq, dargonborn bard is the way.
5:42 PM
On Kickstarter: Dungeon B-tches by Emmy Allen. "A game in which disaster lesbians get f'ed up in dungeons." (Link goes to an advance review; Kickstarter link at the end. Content warning: 2^(sex, violence, body horror).)
@ThomasMarkov Another question where I just want to ask "Is there a reason this shouldn't work? And the answer is just "Because somebody said it shouldn't"
6:38 PM
@Someone_Evil I was really really tempted to make a "Don't put answers in comments" comment on that post :p
But I decided that was a bit too cheeky
I mean yeah, the close reason sort of ends up being an answer
But that sort of works for this case and no harm
Oh, yeah for sure, I'm not saying it was wrong to do it that way. I was just tempted to be a bit silly is all
I appreciate both your desire and your restraint :)
3 hours later…
9:33 PM
@ThomasMarkov Your chart seems off to me... Wanna discuss in the elemental plane of mathematics?
10:07 PM
Q: Is this Mitarn (Raptor) race balanced when compared to officially published races?

The Darke LordeI would like to make a race of raptor people for my world: The Mitarn. Mitarn Your are a member of the Mitarn race, a species of sapient maniraptorans (Raptors). Mitarn seek to live in harmony with nature, using tooth and claw to survive. Racial Traits You have a number of traits stemming from y...

10:57 PM
Q: Is a Wild Shaped druid effectively immune to the Detect Thoughts spell?

MusashiFor standard usage of the Detect Thoughts spell, "If the creature you choose has an Intelligence of 3 or lower or doesn't speak any language, the creature is unaffected" (PHB, pg 231). Additionally one may use the Detect Thoughts spell to detect the presence of creatures they can't see, however "


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