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12:37 AM
I made myself a new d6 today, by whittling it at the beach from a stick. It was a fun activity, but it won’t balance right, and some sides keep coming up more often. Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it?
Dice outcomes are predictably nonrandom if the weight is unevenly distributed through the object (your wood may be more dense or more damp in some parts of the dice than in other parts), or if the angles and sides aren't perfectly shaped.
All dice are imperfect, and there are companies which sell very expensive dice that supposedly have fewer imperfections than the standard ones we buy from game stores. Casinos replace dice frequently and regularly in part to reduce the chances that the dice have come out of true because of wear from use, and in part to reduce the overall statistical impact of any given dice favoring a particular number.
With the kind of dramatically noticeable nonrandomness you're describing, I'd guess that some of your edges are rounder than others. Round edges are more likely to let the dice keep rolling, while sharp edges are more likely to make the dice stop. That means the dice is more likely to land face-up on sides opposite sharper edges. But also the chances that your wood's density is consistent all the way through is very slim.
It was just a cool stick I found, so I’m going to guess that my wood was off, and my whittling skills are a bit rusty (like my knife... not really though)
They Came to Play Ball by Adira Slattery is a cosmic horror sports game created using the Firebrands Framework, with touchstones like the movie Space Jam, the cultural event Blaseball, and the LARP Beastf*cker.
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2:04 AM
I want to call Wanderhome "the idle animation RPG" but I worry that it sounds too dismissive.
> I concentrated most things you can do in the game as essentially a toolbox of window dressing, “idle animations” and basic tools you can use to unpack what’s happening.
Yes, that would be why.
Couldn't see it in the scrollback.
2:20 AM
Also, I was glad to have the proper name for the engine. "No Dice No Masters" isn't any more descriptive than "Belonging Outside Belonging", but it does sand the edges off the whole "hi folks I'm a cishet white guy and I'll be your facilitator for this game about marginalized communities!" feeling I get when I use BOB.
@BESW I liked this, especially the art parts
yeah, BOB is more of a design "school" while NDNM is a system/engine made within BOB principles.
3:02 AM
Hell Cabin Double Feature by World Champ Game Co. Two distinct gm-less rpgs for fans of Evil Dead/The Lodge. On the blockbuster release week of HELL CABIN 1&2, get both PDFs for a steal. Printed posters (full color 15x23" on newsprint) are just $10 and available for purchase now at worldchamp.io/store.
3:18 AM
Q: Would swapping Sacred Flame to Toll the Dead for Evil NPCs affect balance?

KirtThe PHB makes it clear that radiant damage comes from the Positive Plane and is often associated with the Celestials of the Upper Planes, while necrotic damage comes from the Negative Plane and is often associated with Fiends and the Lower Planes Damage Types (PHB196) Necrotic. Necrotic damage, ...

3:55 AM
If anyone here is a Gilbert and Sullivan fan, I’d appreciate advice on basing a character on JW Wells from the sorcerer. Probably a fiend warlock or a shadow sorcerer as far as class goes, and either normal human or VHuman (for some kind of feat). I’m mostly uncertain as to spells that summon some kind of sprites to do the summoner’s bidding, ways to create potions out of those spells, and how to best mechanically represent love-potion-ing an entire village.
This is entirely a reason to laugh maniacally when the other players enter my little shop and to start singing “dice of earth and air, games of flame and fire, dungeon mast’rs arise in hosts and lend me all your gold...”
Is this 5e? Are you the DM or a player?
Sorry, yeah it’s 5e, and its for a player. This is theory-crafting, however, so it’s probably not going to be used before Halloween if it’s ever used. It was an idea a couple friends and I were throwing around about d&d versions of G&S
We wanted to be able to call the charsheets “the ampersand collection”
4:16 AM
How about... making some social checks to befriend various sprites/imps/whatevers, and then Mass Suggestion to convince a bunch of people to fall in love?
Hmm... maybe.
Or use an arbitrarily large quantity of Philters of Love?
That’s actually a really good idea. Would one philter, diluted in a pot of tea, be strong enough for a whole village, do you think?
By a RAW reading, no. But that's usually what happens when you try to use strict D&D rules to model non-D&D fantasy. If you're the DM then it would be easier to homebrewify some mechanics to better fit the situation.
4:33 AM
Again, theory crafting. It’ll probably never get used beyond a one shot, so I’ll bug the gm at that point. Thanks! goes and finishes rpg G&S parody songs
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5:41 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad ip for hostname in body, blacklisted website in body, pattern-matching website in body, potentially bad keyword in body, potentially bad keyword in title (297): Having an issue for the Cash app refund limit? by Ella Mark on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
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10:14 AM
@MikeQ that reminds me of my plan for a Demon the Descent character to make a dating site that swapped a piece of people's soul for the True Friend merit
Hmmmm not soul, but just part of their life
10:37 AM
Q: Do fiends need to sleep?

OharThe Monster Manual states that undead and constructs do not need to sleep. But it is unclear if fiends need to sleep. What should they do to make a long rest? There are fiendish abilities with "recharges after short or long rest" (such as animate chains of the chain devil), that's why they defini...

10:56 AM
@HotRPGQuestions No, but they get cranky if they don't nap
11:34 AM
12:02 PM
Q: Can the Chromatic Orb diamond be used as an Arcane Focus?

CWallachChromatic Orb Components: V, S, M (a diamond worth at least 50 gp) You hurl a 4-inch-diameter sphere of energy at a creature that you can see within range. You choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder for the type of orb you create, and then make a ranged spell attack against the t...

12:36 PM
@AncientSwordRage o/
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2:02 PM
@nitsua60 \oo//
2:48 PM
If two succubi/incubi hook up, they can fool around to have fun but since they can't really corrupt each others' souls it's not serious, just fiends-with-benefits.
Is the answer to "should this be deleted?" Just to regurgitate the SE guidelines on when things should be deleted?
I'd say: give the relevant part to the specific "this", how that aligns with our specific practices/needs/preferences, and how it applies to the specific case. And whether that justifies/calls for any specific action
3:04 PM
@Someone_Evil Yeah that just feels... Yeah I just don't see anything on our specific practices needs and preferences :(
And the fact that people don't agree with the SE guidelines has me wondering whether stating them is the right move...
I just don't wanna open a Meta on "How should RPG.SE use delete votes" since people will probably use them how they want to regardless
@Medix2 example?
@Someone_Evil The posts I linked under the recent Meta
@kviiri where did that thought come from?
4:00 PM
@Medix2 Those guidelines or MSE questions can easily be too general and/or shallow to be useful for handling a specific post.
We have a greater need to moderate unsupported answers than other sites (lack of support makes it hard to tell whether a given answer is actually useful, or just sounds like nice)
You can also argue that even if there might not be a call for deleting a given answer, seeing as it hit -6 score, I don't see much call for undeleting it either (there's also been no effort to improve it, nor undelete it by the answerer)
4:23 PM
@Someone_Evil I'm of the opinion that improper deletion is one of the strongest reasons to undelete so...
I don't think it's improper in this case (though I agree with you in general). Also, deletion doesn't actually hinder improvement being made by the answerer, and I think they can undelete with one vote (Imma have to check that though)
Oh, huh. Because @Rubiksmoose has become a diamond mod since voting to delete that answer it can only be undeleted by a diamond mod (source). That's fun
@Someone_Evil ooh, that's a fun feature
And I was wrong, if deleted by 3 20ks the poster can vote to undelete as one of 3. If it's deleted through review without 3 20ks, poster can undelete with one vote (but that raises an auto-flag)
4:46 PM
I suspect, and I'll have to verify when I have the chance, that that deletion may have had to do with a pattern of behavior by that user than the particular answer itself.
Also that sucks that diamond deletion is retroactive!
Though for 99% of cases it never matters.
And flags and meta can easily acomodate that 1%
5:44 PM
@Medix2 just commented, but I think your assumption about downvotes for wrongness over lack of support may have been wrong.
@NautArch I'm just kinda baffled at why a post notice exists if anything with that notice should just be deleted
At least, it was wrong for me and my reasons. I just don't want to answer on meta for the same reasons my question asking for reasons was doenvoted. I don't need to explain myself publicly.
@Medix2 if they don't add the support,they should be.
I've deleted my answer for now, but at the very least I'm thoroughly confused by these policies now
@NautArch But you could just immediately delete it if not having support is so awful and the user could just edit it while it is deleted anyway
I'm writing up an answer now, but I think it's easier to think of this as an (underdiscussed) practice (aren't those fun?)
@Medix2 it still takes 3 votes to delete, it can't be deleted immediately
5:50 PM
Since, to me, they seem to say "don't delete highly downvoted actual attempts at answers" and then don't mention what to do about support, which Skeptics specifically addresses. And then the Peer Pressure badge exists :(
For me, it has nothing to do with wrongness or downvotes. It has to do with unsupported.
At a certain point, I think that discussing answers that clearly have no value is a bit of a waste. Though I do understand the thought process.
As far as discussing undeleting this specific answer
Well apparently it adds the value of showing what not to do
I also don't see the guidelines on deletion saying anything about unsupported answers which surprises me
The flag does, thought l
@Medix2 Our guidance on answer support does though
But this is really an area where we're operating on practice, not policy - which means there's a lot of using judgement regarding a specific answer
5:58 PM
Q: Can the Lucky feat be used on attacks made against an Echo Knight's Echo?

WorlviusSo, the question is regarding the Lucky Feats 2nd use. You can also spend one luck point when an attack roll is made against you. Roll a d20, and then choose whether the attack uses the attacker’s roll or yours. Would that function as the Echo? Since the Echo is technically also you, but from a...

Okay that answer made a lot of sense @Someone_Evil and the one gripe I have is something unrelated that probably doesn't matter. Thanks for the clarifications
Which is just that the review queue isn't, in practice, that much more community-y than leaving it to mods. Though getting such matters off their plates is something I'll agree with
Well, it's three non-diamonds voting to delete rather than 1 diamond, and it includes <20ks seeing the post, opining, and hopefully seeing the outcome and learning (and thus can learn how to use privelidges by observation before being able to use them themselves). But I'll grant you, it's not a large part of the community doing that review work
6:47 PM
Q: What is the interaction between Green-Flame Blade and Absorb elements

Sam LacrumbGreen-Flame Blade States: ...you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature... ...On a hit, the target suffers the attack's normal effects, and green fire leaps from the target to a different creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of it. The second creature tak...

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9:57 PM
Our mercenary group (SPLAT, if you recall) just managed to break back into prison, and the spell I created, Misty Hook, worked quite well as a 3rd level spell (meaning while I had to convert sorcery points and all my spell slots to get our 6th level party of 4 and the NPC in question out of jail, it was possible to use repeatedly and well). Thanks people who helped with that
And we have named my hound of ill omen Umbra (the rest of the party nixed Shadow, Gray, Shade, Black, Penumbra, Anteumbra, White, Spots, Stripe, Grayscale, Doggie, and Hey You). Both these things happened within 5 minutes of each other, which I guess says something about our group.
10:26 PM
@BardicWizard not Grimm?
@AncientSwordRage the second round of vetos included Grim, Fluffy, Canis, Lupus, The Big Dog I Can Summon, Artificer’s Bane, and Hades.
@BardicWizard awww
@BardicWizard why is it a hound of ill omen? :P when is a hound ever an ill omen, even? :D
11:01 PM
When the hound of ill omen appears, someone needs to ask their name/breed/age, followed by a request to pet it
11:40 PM
@Shalvenay If you're a fox, I suppose.
Q: How to provide knowledge to players?

ggutenbergI've read a lot of articles on player vs. character knowledge, where the crux of the article is always that players know more than their characters, and metagaming is an issue. For good or for bad, I have the opposite problem. My players don't study the source material, and are effectively blan...

11:52 PM
Awake all hours of the Night (living costs bundle) A sale hosted by Speak the Sky. This is a reverse sale and bundle of the pastoral sci-fi map-and-story game, Twilight Song, and its alternate pastoral weird horror playset, Midnight Signal!

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