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12:11 AM
@Shalvenay it’s the name of a class feature I believe.
@MikeQ we play over zoom and so after the hound was summoned, when the GM’s dog (an adorable, huge, black German shepherd) came on his screen, we decided the hound looked like it.
I have petted the dog, before quarantine.
1:01 AM
@BESW Oh hey, I hadn't kicked in for Midnight Signal yet, thanks. Yokohama Shopping Trip was approximately 400% my jam so I jumped on the original.
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2:31 AM
Q: When applying modifiers to advantages/disadvantages, do you round up or down?

TheDragonOfFlameWhen you apply the percentage mods to an advantage or disadvantage in GURPS 4e, do you round up or down?

2:55 AM
Q: The Combat time vs Real time

DavisSo I was playing yesterday and our party had been wandering through tunnels and the DM said there was some noise in the distance. So one of the players illuminated an object and threw it down the winding corridor about 80 feet from where my elvish player was at (I had just stepped through a door ...

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10:34 AM
Q: Reincarnation effects on feats and ability scores

Sum of e D piHow does reincarnation affect feats and ability score increases? I'm running a campaign with a group of fairly high (16th-18th) level characters and the only "bring back the dead" option they currently have (or are likely to have for a while) is Reincarnate. The Reincarnate Spell states: The mag...

10:57 AM
@HotRPGQuestions has anyone ever played with this? I had a 3e or 4e character concept where they'd been reincarnated before the first session would start
Q: Is a caster of Gentle Repose aware that a creature under the effects of Feign Death is an invalid target?

Oblivious SageAlice (a wizard) & Bob (class unspecified), are planning an elaborate prank on Carol (a cleric). Alice casts Feign Death on Bob, and then wails about how he has been slain by a horrible monster/curse/whatever. Carol, who is, for some reason, friends with these jerks, comes running. Carol does not...

@Shalvenay when it's owned by a sick person called Oman
@AncientSwordRage it was something like an albino drow who was reincarnated as a bat and raised by a druid in the underdark. It was my teenage selfs attempt at subverting "there are no original drow backstories" meme/concept."
Looking now that's not strictly possible but I could just shortcut to another humanoid.
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2:01 PM
Probably not something you notice without SOX, but this is a known bug
2:18 PM
@Someone_Evil apparently, i'm flag happy this morning. Sorry :P
Huh? This nothing compared to what some other users do in terms of flag sprees (including me earlier). All good flags as far as I've seen
3:03 PM
Got one declined
Well, that wasn't me :)
Ha, i obviously disagree with the decline, but added another comment
1 hour later…
4:23 PM
@NautArch how do flags affect HNQ
@AncientSwordRage do they?
They don't. I think the assumption (possibly humorously) is that the messages above there relate to each other
@Someone_Evil I was more curious than feeling humourous but I'll take it
@KorvinStarmast " I was considering porting a character from an earlier edition of the game, who had been reincarnated before becoming an adult. This is purely backstory"
As such, I'd be killing 0 children... Hopefully
4:54 PM
@AncientSwordRage your question and its answers will be applicable to any campaign/table that runs into this same thing.
Hence my chiming in at all, since RAW is rather blatant in its (literal) description of what happens.
@AncientSwordRage I removed those comments, as it came across on further review as a bit snarky. Plus, and answer was a better idea... I am running a campaign that at low level did involve a rather evil cult kidnapping both adults and children and trying to turn them into undead minions. But it was a short part of the campaign, and I've decided that "evil cult did evil stuff" has been covered.
@BardicWizard I am a G&S fan, but The Sorcerer isn't one I've got on the shelf.
@BardicWizard OK I must see your finished lyrics. I love G&S parodies. "I am the very model of a modern teacher (well aware) of the all the new developments from Iowa to Delaware ..." and more. And of course Tom Lehrer's "The Elements"
5:13 PM
@KorvinStarmast I was thinking changes/additions may have been in other books or in sage advice.
Focusing on your own experience with the evil cult and reincarnate might be a better approach to the answer.
@AncientSwordRage Except that the party didn't raise any of the dead(children or adults) - level too low, but they did manage to organize a burial for the dearly departed. I can add that to the examples I toss out.
@AncientSwordRage Hmm, not familiar enough with 3rd to comment, the AD&D I can't find much reference to that, I'll do some more digging.
5:48 PM
@KorvinStarmast I've definitely seen a number of answers on this stack that go something like "no, but if you use an alternative rules given in <insert splat book here>"
Q: Allowing Disengage for free

Dan WI'm the DM, and I'm concerned that combat feels pretty static. As I understand it in RAW: Once you've reached melee range, moving further away will provoke an opportunity attack, unless you disengage disengage costs an action (unless you have a feature that lets you do it for free) This seems t...

@AncientSwordRage yeah, I am glad there are fewer spalts for this edition so far, but as with all editions, bloat and creep occur. It's the nature of the beast.
No, wait, it's the nature of the aberration... no, wait, it's the nature of the monstrosity ... arrrggghhh!!!
@KorvinStarmast the generic splats have been good in general I think.
6:32 PM
@AncientSwordRage With the notable exception of Hexblade (overdone correction to blade pact) and Purple Dragon Knight (failed to execute the concept intended) mostly good material also.
6:44 PM
Hexblade ain't bad if you're single classing with it
yeah, there's that ...
7:15 PM
@Medix2 why did you delete that one? rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/a/11157/44723
@KorvinStarmast and warlock was always dangerous for 1 or 2 level dips. Hexblade made that worse, but my tables aren't big into multiclassing
7:32 PM
@Medix2 if you change your mind, let me know - I'd like to upvote it and I think it is the best answer out of the three.
7:49 PM
@KorvinStarmast it’s here if you want to see what I’ve got. They’re first drafts I wrote for fun on a whim, so don’t expect perfection.
8:13 PM
Q: Are children reincarnated as adults?

PureferretI was considering porting a character from an earlier edition of the game, who had been reincarnated before becoming an adult. This is purely backstory, however it got me thinking about how this would work in game. I don't know if the spell changed between editions, or if I had missed it entirely...

@Akixkisu Though I do still think the deletion guidelines should mention lack of citation as a cause for deletion. The section on citations themselves, spelled out in Someone Evil's answer, does specify this; which means the answer was not wrongly deleted
If anything, I think we should change our deleting guidelines to include unsupported answers as Skeptics does
@Medix2 the notice itself doesn't establish anything that the guidelines don't so it may be edited as well. In this instance, I think it should be edited and not deleted unless we change our guidelines - which we should consider.
However, now knowing this, I may be creating quite a few deletion votes after my vacation
At least for me "Answers not doing so [(providing citation)] may be downvoted and/or deleted" establishes that the deletion was not wrongly done
@Medix2 Yeah there are probably a few hundred answers that we should vote on if this is the consensus.
@Akixkisu Hmm that's a fair point... I may undelete my answer then to help get at a consensus. But I believe things like designer-reasons and history-of-gaming and good-subjective are examples enough that we very much do want supported answers
8:24 PM
@Medix2 Would you argue that it implies that any of these answer should either have that temporary notice or should be deleted?
@Akixkisu Well I honestly didn't even know the notice exited until two weeks ago, let alone how it's meant to be used, least of all meant to be used specifically on RPG.SE
But yes, if we don't want unsupported answers, they should get that notice (but NautArch said they've been told not to flag for post notices before so I have no idea on that anymore); and I guess if the notice sits too long, the answer could be deleted
@Medix2 This q illustrates its use quite well, I think rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/148911/…
Oh no, not that utter mess of a question (not that the question was the problem even.. *sigh*)
@Medix2 I mean being told to not do something at some point in time doesn't mean that you shouldn't be doing something at another time. :)
@Akixkisu Yeah I probably would have opened a Meta on "What do we do with unsupported answers?" but I'm on vacation currently with only occassional signal XD
@Medix2 I hope you enjoy your vacation :)
@Someone_Evil A notable lack of calls for deletion
I think those are our previous metas on the what to do, but I do think a discussion about the praxis might be useful to gather and shed light on the rationale if nothing else
Also I was genuinely surprised to read that misplaced rep isn't bad when designer-reasons was banned specifically because of that
@Medix2 Yeah, it's sort of weird. If you find one, you shouldn't really be trying to get it deleted directly. Comments suggesting the needed improvements and downvotes to show opinion (and 'mark' the answer). If it ends up in the LQ review queue and is an answer with no value (as it is unsupported/unfounded) users can vote to delete as normal
8:40 PM
What warrants deletion is also something that we might should revisit in that meta as well. Since I stick pretty closely to the faq info and similar stuff I maybe recommend deletion 19/20 times which is vastly different from people who votes deletion 15/20 times. (nice typo)
@Someone_Evil Yeah I just wonder what metrics the people who currently frequent the VLQ review use for deletion, which is 90% of why I'm unsure a discussion is needed at all; since the community will be talking about tools most of the community never uses: though, oh, they can certainly impact how they want others to use the tools. Retract my "this discussion might not be needed"
Hmm, I should remind myself of that more often. Even if only five people ever use a process, the community can still dictate how they use it
Dictate is not the right word there... Suggest? Inform? Have a say in? One of those probably
Hm, I checked my history to make a more accurate statement. I voted "Looks okay" 32/111 times, though notably, my voting habits changed after reading more meta entries on the topic in favour of voting "Looks okay" more often.
Guide, advice, opine?
@Someone_Evil Thanks for finding those links by the way. Huge help!
@Someone_Evil Yeah those work too. Dictate was just way too strong and exacting
8:58 PM
@Akixkisu yeAh, there should be. But we're soft on lack of support.
9:26 PM
Q: What is the interaction between mold earth and create bonfire?

Sam LacrumbIf I cast create bonfire in a 5 foot unoccupied space, and then, in the next round, cast mold earth to excavate that same area creating a 5 foot pit underneath the fire -- does the bonfire fall or stay at ground level? This came up in game. The bonfire is magically created and does not need to b...


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