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12:23 AM
@BESW yes I miss it a little sometimes but I also know we couldn't sustain playing that XD
Yeah. All other things aside, the infrastructure is gone!
besides, most days if I had a choice between running GSS and playing some 4E again I would choose running some GSS anyway
1 hour later…
1:28 AM
I just finished one of my weekly d&d games, and I could use advice on something
One of the players (I’ll call them H) snuck into a side room while nobody noticed, and stole a sword of plot. H then hid it (rolling really well), and hung around in there until two others noticed they were missing and searched for them.
Because we’re doing it over zoom, I privately messaged H to basically say “the party will notice if you attack or draw it or if something happens otherwise you’re fine”.
Now I’m wondering how I should have the party notice eventually that H stole something without calling for perception checks or using passive perception all the time.
What have other people done in similar situations and how did it work out?
What do the other players think about these events?
@BESW they know H stole some sacred coffee beans and that they’re acting a bit shady, but nothing conclusive
No, I mean the players, not the players' characters.
What's the conversation at the table like?
Much of the group enjoys IC surprises as OOC as well, so I didn’t mention it
I see.
1:36 AM
@BESW it’s over zoom, so not much in the way of side conversation. They know I was privately messaging H, but not what about
I've never had good experiences with players keeping secrets from each other in games where we didn't agree ahead of time that would be part of the experience.
It's a whole different level of thing from GMs revealing planned surprises, because that's much more expected and the power dynamic is already known.
So should I say “so, last time, H stole a sword while you guys thought they were missing, and oh yeah the NPCs want it back”?
@BardicWizard Does it matter? That is, do you want the other characters to notice before they actually use it?
This is the first time I’ve ever had to deal with this. I have no idea what I’m doing
Is it even an established part of your group that players might be keeping secrets from other players?
1:38 AM
@ACuriousMind I’m undecided on it; the party knows there’s a sword but not where it is or who has it
What kind of table environment have you established, for participants to talk about what they like and dislike in the game, what their hopes are for the campaign, etc?
'cause what you're able to do, and how you're able to do it, is gonna depend a LOT on how you've structured the social dynamics around the game.
I've played games where everyone is very much in on inter-character intrigue and people would enjoy figuring it out on their own, but I've also had games where it would have been a breach of the social contract to keep such things from the other players.
We have some clear guidelines and often talk about stuff as a group, but it’s run through the library so I, another gm for the library, and the librarian in charge have to agree on stuff.
However, the group gets final veto on anything
It’s just this has never come up before and somehow no option really feels right
Thinking back on my own D&D games where people kept secrets, I'd want to throw it to the group as a general question.
It stinks to have to do it when there's a thing one of the players is invested in that's getting debated, rather than earlier, but that's how I wished I'd handled it back in the day.
For what it’s worth, H messaged me first to say “I’m entering this room without people noticing, what do I see” and that’s how it started as private-ish
1:43 AM
@BardicWizard Then...what's your feeling about how the players would react to it? Would they feel betrayed or would they feel fascinated when this is revealed to them after the fact?
I don’t even know; the group has a lot of players who drop in and out so the ones who come every week would probably find it fun and anyone who didn’t know the context would be confused.
It’s my first campaign with this group as a gm and I am only in one other with this group as a player
I briefly talked to the librarian about it; she thinks it’s probably fine and says she’ll back me up whatever I do about it if people start getting mad (we have a problem player)
@BardicWizard Oh, that's important. Things change a lot when you've got itinerant players.
The rule is characters only show up when the players show up. We have 4-6 who show up weekly, and a few more who can only show up once in a while
1:49 AM
And yeah, generally speaking we need to know that we're gonna make mistakes, and that we can't make everybody happy all the time even when we aren't making mistakes. Doesn't make us bad people, it's an opportunity to learn and to prove to people that we're trustworthy.
I think if you have an indeterminate number of players dropping in and out there's really no way to play this as a secret on the player level
H and the problem player (I think I’ve mentioned him before) are in the group who show up weekly, as are a handful of others, including the other gm
Unless everyone has bought in on being dropped into stories they have no clue about, you have to brief people about what's going on, don't you?
I brief people every week on the story so far, so I could drop it into that briefing, maybe first talking to H about it
It would also be useful to understand what H wants to accomplish by stealing it "in secret"
1:53 AM
But that feels like a solution that might get me yelled at by at least one person
@ACuriousMind I don’t know; they’re playing a rogue with a long backstory and a need to feed their family.
This is a textbook case of "his guy syndrome"
I’m just gonna text H and ask them what they want to do about it.
@ACuriousMind This, very much so. Players doing unexpected things is often a flag for some unstated issue that the player is trying to resolve single-handedly, or avoid, or force into the open, because they either don't think talking about it will go over well or it doesn't occur to them that they can talk about it at all--often they aren't able to articulate what the problem is even to themselves.
And even when there's not an unstated issue, GMs assuming they know why players are having their characters do things? Often a formula for confusion and resentment down the line.
I’ll ask them why they want it to be a secret and go from there, then
@BardicWizard Sure, but I know a lot of players that play such characters and delight in the other players knowing what they're up to
1:57 AM
See y’all after the very long conversation I’m likely about to have with H...
@BardicWizard Good luck. Ask lots of questions, listen to the answers.
Ask questions that don't lend themselves to yes/no answers!
How's tricks with folx?
2:05 AM
I'm currently running a campaign with players that all said "we don't want to be all on one side this time". We're not keeping anything secret, and they all delight in seeing how the others intrigue against them (or, in the case of one character, bumble about thinking they're all one the same side). It's utterly delightful
I've really enjoyed those sorts of games, although my group usually doesn't like dragging them out for long.
Generally I've just always had better results with players conspiring with each other and the GM, whether their characters are collaborating or not.
@BardicWizard Henceforth, bards shall count as "scaled ones" for pun-pun builds.
2:37 AM
Q: Does Death Ward protect against Implosion?

You're bad and should feel badDeath ward protects against death effects. Is Implosion's instant death a death effect for this purpose?

@nitsua60 I got a new pin for my bag today.
And I assume BESW could probably find some anyways if they don't know some already XD
I was going to respond but then I saw it's Lucian Kahn so the responses definitely have more and better queer TRPGs than I could hope to suggest.
...I'm super enjoying the people who clearly wandered in from much less kinky parts of the hobby and are kinda confused.
3:09 AM
@BESW Nice--that, actually, didn't take too long. It did come out smaller than I'd expected, though.
Thanks again for the help!
You're welcome! I sent a photo in Discord.
Neat! I think that size works nicely as part of a collection. A bit of flair, if you will =D
Oh yes.
I need more flair.
You certainly don't want just the bare minimum =)
The brain is filled with glitter, which helps.
3:32 AM
Update on my gaming situation: emailed the librarian, H, and the other GM. The conclusion we came to is that I gave the group a perception check (don’t remember if I mentioned this), they didn’t make it, H was fine, and if people (AKA the problem player) get mad about it, then we’ll work something out later. I also ended up with a reminder from the other GM and the librarian that they’ll back me up if somebody bugs me about it. Hopefully, this’ll all be fine this time next week
When I said H was fine I meant they said they had been fine with the group finding out or not, but that didn’t come out right.
2 hours later…
5:39 AM
Sounds exciting, everyone
7 hours later…
12:29 PM
@Rubiksmoose In Finnish the term is just "table RPG" so I often jokingly add "but I also have the splatbook for playing a chair"
howdy howdy
My group is considering theming the first group of adventureres into TOmb of Horrors as Indiana Jones characters.
12:49 PM
@BESW that also cracked me up. It says a lot about me that I was genuinely confused by people suggesting forts made from a table that you crawl under
(forgetting that a table is a thing you can be under is peak me)
There are a great many things I could say in response to that tweet, which I'm refraining from sharing with chat.
1:08 PM
Kickstarter: Wanderhome. by Jay Dragon. A pastoral fantasy tabletop RPG about traveling animal-folk and the way they change with the seasons.
Don't sleep on this one, y'all.
Wanderhome is gonna be so good if they bits I have seen are any indication
1:27 PM
Oh gosh yes. Most of Jay Dragon's stuff itches me a bit in ways that make it hard to play, which is sad because their work is always so beautiful and thoughtful.
And now Wanderhome just looks so good for me.
It's like cozy and stretching in the best way
2:03 PM
@BESW it looks beautiful, I may have to splash for the arty looking backer levels
I know, right?
And it's using No Dice, No Masters, and the thoughtfulness about safety and the way the characters celebrate atypical and marginalized traits...
@BESW It may end up on a shelf, but it's a risk I'm willing to take
@BESW will need to investigate more
Jul 12 at 22:29, by BESW
Jay Dragon released a free playkit of Wanderhome in anticipation of its August 4th Kickstarter. 25 pages complete with everything you need to get started imagining the world of Hæth!
Every character sheet has a list of things the character can always do (without interacting with the token system). One of them has "you can always fidget." That's so. revolutionary? for so many people, and it's just quietly sitting there.
You can always fidget.
2:08 PM
@BESW This game knows me
Its safety tools are social scripts!
/me fidgets
2:48 PM
I wish it was on every playbool though
@kviiri hah!
3:06 PM
Good morning!
@BardicWizard <insert hobbit joke>
@BESW besides the Kickstarter and the itch.io page, is there anywhere else with the art
Q: Does the effectiveness of a harpy's song fluctuate based on its Charisma score?

Tim of TimeIn D&D 5e, the harpy has the Luring Song action option: Luring Song. The harpy sings a magical melody. Every humanoid and giant within 300 feet of the harpy that can hear the song must succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed until the song ends. [...] Would changing one (or more) s...

4:11 PM
Fun fact: the same person who built the interface which allows us to pull HNQ data into this feed (@rene) has created a dashboard which allows you to see which sites have how many Qs on the HNQ: lackadaisical-appeal.glitch.me/status
@Rubiksmoose Is that a true fact? Where you get a bonus d8 knowledge to the next person you hit with it?
@GcL Of course not! For true facts, you've gotta pay.
3 hours later…
7:07 PM
Wow, nobody’s around today.
7:20 PM
Howdy. There are folks around, just not saying much.
2 hours later…
9:22 PM
@BESW yeah it's weird honestly, to think a lot of games just don't,... bake things like that in
1 hour later…
10:24 PM
Q: Balance implications of +3 racial bonuses

AnagkaiMany races have a +2 bonus to one ability and a +1 bonus to another ability. They do not usually have +3 to a single ability. I am wondering about the implications of having races with such bonuses in my game. I am considering point buy only. What I see is possible that was not possible before (w...

@BardicWizard I've been around waiting for people to be around
11:01 PM
I'm busy playing 12 hours of civilization 6 daily sorry Kappa
@HellSaint I had a good groove with with Civ V back in the days when Brave New World was released. Saturday, woke up at eight, ate breakfast and enjoyed morning routine. Started playing at nine, won the game at around six o'clock, just in time for sauna. Sunday, same deal, save for the sauna because that's a Saturday thing.
Q: What is the best way to help a new player join a higher level party?

Richard CHaving spent lockdown watching us play from the sidelines, and having played in one shots of a couple of different systems. One of our party’s partners would like to join the d&d campaign I am running. As a DM I have no issues with this, she gets the game and has been reading the rules and the pa...

I have ideas, but none of them are tested lol
I would often play higher difficulties on Sunday, because the playtime could stretch into the evening a bit without causing problems.
mostly just fake a higher level character.

Give them level 1 abilities, but give them the increased proficiency and hit points and what not
@goodguy5 Spells might be an issue though
They're a huge chunk of a caster character's complexity
11:08 PM

Level 1 spells and higher level spell slots. Tell the player they can level up their abilities whenever they want up to a higher level. you recommend one at a time.
your level 9 wizard has 5th level slots and 1st level spells
if you feel like you've got it under control, then you can uptick it to 2nd level spells
but it's untested and purely theoretical
It won't be balanced for sure. Not sure if the difference is enough to matter
But upcasting generally scales far worse than actually leveling spells
11:23 PM
This site has MathJax enabled, right?
Yes, \$ delimited
What does that actually mean?
How so?
How is it different from “normal” MathJax?
the normal is $ delimitation, some stacks use \$ because they had a lot of $s around on the site and you don't want to break things that way
11:28 PM
@kviiri oh yea, of course not, but the goal is to slip a new player into the fray at higher levels
alright @Someone_Evil, I feel like you're directly taking my comments here and going over to that question :P
That doesn’t really help. I’m trying to make a regex to match MathJax and it’s quite hard
Wouldn't it just be \\\$ ?
escape the escape and the dollar?
@goodguy5 Thank you for pointing out a question that really needs support in its answers, and letting me dust of the old pro-forma :)
@goodguy5 It’s hard since some sites use \$ delimiters, some expressions use $$ instead of $
oh, you're trying to match any mathjax. i see
I thought you were just trying to match the site
still seems like:
would get you most of the way there
11:34 PM
$$..$$ is seperate line and works the same way on all sites AFAIK, some sites use $..$ for inline, others \$..\$. Those should be all your cases, I don't speak regex so can't really help you more than that
No, SE network-wide. I could adjust the regex depending on site but that wouldn’t be ideal
0-1 instances of backslash and dollar
then dollar
@Daniil you can look for matching pairs as the opening and closing brackets. That means it's still a regular language
@goodguy5 Yeah sure, and I realize a perfectly balanced solution might not exist, but having them start with L1 spells might be a way too significant power gap
On mobile so may not be the best
@goodguy5 close
11:50 PM
@AncientSwordRage oh that's right. + is 1 or more.
@goodguy5 you also want parentheses instead of square brackets
Why wouldn't squares work?
Combat Wheelchair(Twitter link): A free supplement detailing a new inclusive equipment for DnD-5e. Includes dyslexic font version and audio description.
@goodguy5 they define a character set, not a group
@AncientSwordRage in this case, I don't understand the difference?
@goodguy5 maybe there's not one, but I assumed it would escape last meaning it's looking for a \ or a $
11:55 PM
@goodguy5 ((?:\\)?\$\$?).*\1
It's kinda ironic that our use of backslash is kinda the opposite of the normal use

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