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1:50 AM
Someone give me fast numbers on this. Fast, doesn't need to be accurate. How long in real-time is a table of 6 players gonna take a full round of turns?
Not counting the time a DM takes to act out the enemies.
1.0 dog year
@Axoren 6 minutes.
Depends what game system and what level of play
@Miniman Thanks. @MikeQ Why?
I'm planning out soundtrack for the game.
I'm planning a high-level boss gauntlet for my table.
@Axoren It'll be faster for some turns, slower for others, but in terms of budgeting time, I'd go with 1 minute per turn.
1:53 AM
So, I want to make sure I have enough music for each fight.
The more complex the gameplay, the longer time between turns. It's not unheard of for a 5-player group to take 30+ minutes per round.
That won't happen at our table. If it happened, everyone would take a lunch break and whoever's turn it was would just do something
Not to say that everyone at my table is master tacticians, but we are all fairly snappy with decisions
Sure, ideally it would move at a faster pace. But delays can happen, or people can be slow, or may need to look up rules, and so on
1 minute per turn sounds accurate
My plan is that I just need enough music such that I can scramble-loop it and it won't get repetitive.
So, I'm expecting like two to three plays of the same song per combat
I try to have the music be anti-thematic to the setting, so that it contracts with the setting, but matches the action and intensity. The players really like it.
@MikeQ Well, yeah. But by the same token, in 5e, there will be turns where someone just says "I attack" and it's over in seconds.
(Depending on party composition, this can easily be most turns.)
2:03 AM
Early levels, combats are jazz and bluegrass until they reach later levels where the stakes are higher and things start getting choir vocals and boss-music. But then beyond that tier, I start playing electric guitar (the rockstar levels), then space battle type music (larger than life stakes), then breakbeat (a return to the rockstar levels again, but extra complexity).
I find that video game soundtracks are good for looping, since they're designed to not get repetitive.
(But it's best to find games nobody in the group has played.)
I'm planning to go through the whole gamut of music genres so that this one-shot feel like an entire journey, and see if they catch onto it.
Nothing says early level shenanigans like Jazz. Especially when everyone's clumsy and squishy.
I just checked my list of songs and yeah, a bunch of them are video game music to titles I haven't played.
I always felt jazz was one of the most complex and difficult kinds of music to master.
They do tend to work REALLY well
To play? 100%. It's very improvisational. When I was learning piano, my teacher told me that writing jazz songs is like letting your fingers write the song before your pen does.
And I could not get into the head space of jazz musicians and play jazz on piano. It's so all over the place
Just doing the really quick rhythms was something you can't just muscle through
But that's almost why it's perfect for early levels.
Everything is wild because everyone's playing new characters and trying to figure stuff out
Crazy things are attempted and nothing is consistent
2:20 AM
hey there @IgneusJotunn
Hey, how are things?
alright here, fairly quiet on my end
2:37 AM
Q: Can I use magic gifted by a deity if I'm not a paladin, warlock, or cleric of that deity?

MurderofCrowsSo, I'm wanting to create this homebrewed God called "The Crow Lord" (basically a less depressing and edgy version of the Raven Queen) and I'm fairly new to D&D and I'm a bit confused. My little-to-no experience in D&D has told me one thing (mainly my DM saying it): that you can't be a servant/fo...

Q: Does immunity to piercing damage make you immune to the pull effect of the spell Thorn Whip?

RevenantBaconIf a character has gained immunity to all piercing damage, would that character also be immune to the pull effect of Thorn Whip? For reference: Thorn Whip Transmutation cantrip Casting Time: 1 action Range: 30 feet Components: V, S, M (the stem of a plant with thorns) Duration: Instantaneous You...

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4:12 AM
@smbailey As Rubiksmoose said, there's no style guidelines enforced for posts. I usually do try to clarify some such terms (e.g. "the Shield spell" vs. "the/my shield") and sometimes capitalize specific game terms (e.g. names of spells, class features, etc.) in the title to set them apart/make it clear that it's a specific game term, but that's usually when I'm editing the post mainly for another reason anyway, and users can of course revert such changes if desired.
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7:27 AM
@Axoren Assuming 5e, a minute per turn isn't a bad estimate. Pathfinder maybe 90 seconds. Shadowrun, hours....
8:14 AM
@linksassin @smbailey ^👀
@AncientSwordRage That still isn't an official source, but I've seen enough to convince me I might be wrong.
@linksassin that's true, but it's a culmination of evidence
I'm convinced it could have easily been the other way as your logic also makes sense.
FWIW I ended up asking on Reddit in one of the megathreads
2 hours later…
9:51 AM
@Axoren When I was at school and still doing music lessons regular-like, Jazz was one of the things I could get my hands to do, because it was all improv and not memorisation
@linksassin I wish I'd ever been able to find a group for shadow run
I absolutely love the setting, and Neuromancer/burning chrome books (I forget what is part of what series)
10:10 AM
@HotRPGQuestions I'm taking this if I ever go Gish/Tome-lock and then reflavour the spell Thorn Whip as tentacles
@AncientSwordRage See... having played it I wish the opposite. I did not enjoy it.
@linksassin it looks complicated, was that the reason?
Better to have played and lost, than never to have played at all ?
The setting is great and so are the stories it is supposedly designed to tell. But the mechanics were awful. So complicated that we had a single combat last 3 5 hour sessions.
And not in a good way.
You spend about 40% of your time sorting dice because the dice pools are huge and so many things cause them to explode.
But the biggest issue was the required system expertise to even be competent. We ended up with one player making the rest of us completely redundant because they actually knew the system. Even with their help the rest of us couldn't make our character competitive.
I made an adept face/fighter character. And at the start I was competitive but the adept magic system has an extremely expensive upgrade path and I never improved over my initial abilities. My mate playing a decker couldn't afford a decent deck so could even do the main thing his class was meant to do.
@linksassin sounds poorly thought out by the developers...which edition was this?
The game promises scrappy street thugs fighting against the system. But really you have to have rediculous level resources to upgrade to semi-competent. At that point you aren't really the "scrappy gang" you were meant to be.
SR5 I think.
I think there is a revamped version that rolls back a lot of the mechanical complexity and streamlines the game. But the experience really soured the system for me.
10:22 AM
@linksassin ooof
I have the 4e book somewhere, but I have no idea if that's better or not
Not sure. I don't pretend to be an expert in the system. Wasn't even my idea to play it. But we unanimously agree to end it after a year.
We'd been playing Edge of the Empire before that. That's a system I really liked.
@linksassin I'll have to look into it
Though it does become unbalanced to the point of being broken at high levels.
balance is hard
Yeah. Our main issue was with the soak mechanic. If you put everything into it, which our Wookie fighter did, you can absorb more damage than the rest of your party has health.
Had a hilarious moment when we discovered that he could literally be on fire and not take damage. But it meant that anything that could hurt him would instant kill anyone else.
10:26 AM
@linksassin I think WoD had issues with soak, I should look into that for my RPG I'm developing
@linksassin I've had that issue when I last larped by half-ogre paladin
made balancing the game hard for the GM when I played
I like soak as a mechanic better than just massive hitpoint pools. But you need to be really careful about what you let stack.
@linksassin Mmmhmmm
It got to the point where I was immune to daggers even when un-armoured
@AncientSwordRage Lol, sounds about right.
@linksassin Add on armour as well (Ideally I was in plate on chainmail) that character was a beast to take down
@AncientSwordRage We houseruled that our wookie wasn't allowed to wear armour to try to fix the issue.
10:30 AM
Unlike a lot of systems we had hitpoints (for each location) and life points. It meant I struggled to keep up with how much damage I took, which may have only been properly calculated after combat
I literally died from maths at least once
@linksassin seems fair I guess?
@AncientSwordRage Oof. That's not great.
@linksassin I forget if died or just knocked out, but even so
I like mechanical crunch but I want it to flow during play.
@linksassin those two can be diametrically opposed
Damage tracking was one thing i did like about shadowrun. You just filled in the boxes. The row of boxes you were on indicated how big a penalty you took. It did lead to death spirals as you got worse the more you were losing but it was easy to track and felt pretty realisitic.
@AncientSwordRage Unfortunately yes. I currently run Pathfinder 1e as I find it pretty good for the balance between crunch and gameplay flow. Though I would still like to streamline gameplay a bit more.
10:35 AM
@linksassin sounds similar to a firefly game I played once
@AncientSwordRage Is that the firefly rpg? I've heard mixed reviews about that. Some people tell me it's great others that it missed the mark
@linksassin there was more than one I think
I had to look it up, but they used a would and stun track
@AncientSwordRage Probably. I think these were about the same game though
Another similar system is blunt, lethal and agrevated damage from WoD/CoD
@linksassin I mean more, I don't know if I played the game that got mixed reviews or not
Next game for me is Blade in the Dark. I'm looking forward to damage being more of a narrative thing than mechanical
10:40 AM
@linksassin sounds interesting
Yeah I haven't played it yet but the system looks really interesting. Cuts out the boring bits of games and focuses on getting you into the action.
11:11 AM
Why does the ‘upcoming events’ thing link to here?
@Fivesideddice because it's a chat event
11:43 AM
@AncientSwordRage I see. What happens in a chat event? Do we just talk about things to do with RPG.SE’s upcoming birthday then? Like, ‘oh what did you get the site’ ‘well I got this really nice watch and I think (etc. etc.)’?
@Fivesideddice I think we just chat
2 days ago, by AncientSwordRage
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12:02 PM
@AncientSwordRage ayyyyyy
12:13 PM
@ThomasMarkov AEEYYYYYYY
12:38 PM
I cleaned out my office at the college yesterday
Its over for real finally
@ThomasMarkov fo' realz
12:58 PM
"Now, my question is, is an eldritch cannon counted as an enemy or not?"
There's a gun control joke here somewhere.
1:42 PM
Ten years of this site? Oh my how time flies.
@Maximillian indeed
@ThomasMarkov just seen the Q
2:01 PM
Brain says "Any cannon is an enemy if you're on the wrong side of it.", though game logic is different.
@Maximillian what does pinky say?
You should really be listening to your gut on this
@Someone_Evil my gut is hungry
Gut wants an eldritch cannon too.
2:12 PM
@ThomasMarkov EGtW looks like nothing but trouble to me
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, several of the spells have seemed problematic in their design.
The setting is wonderful, imo.
@ThomasMarkov the problems put me off looking into the setting
Are you into the show at all?
@ThomasMarkov Show?
Oh Critical Role
Critical Role
2:17 PM
I really struggle to follow/engage with other RPG groups in videos
I listen to the podcast version while at work. The quality of voice acting to me sets it apart from other rpg groups Ive tried to listen to.
I tried to follow a few in the past and I just gave up
Matt Mercer sets unrealistic standards of mens hair at the table. Oh right and also unrealistic standards of GMing. Love his voice though.
@ThomasMarkov I have heard of such things
I still prefer Chris Perkins as a DM.
MM is good. Chris Perkins is even better.
2:21 PM
Though I really miss in-person D&D sessions. Last six or so years have only been virtual tables.
@ThomasMarkov in which show does CP DM?
@AncientSwordRage He does a lot of one shots.
He's done Acquisitions Incorporated before
@ThomasMarkov thats another source book that seems to have a different tone to the normal
Also, did anyone see the interview with the designers of the Battle Wheelchair on the DNDBeyond youtube channel?
@AncientSwordRage I did not, but I read the material, pretty brilliant design methinks.
@ThomasMarkov indeed
2:34 PM
@ThomasMarkov I like how almost all of the spells are poorly balanced, or ambiguously worded
I wouldnt say most, but its enough to be problematic.
Also echo knight is pretty bad.
Magnify Gravity is like Shatter ++ it's great
Gift of Alacrity is completely riddiculous
And don't even get me started/ on how strong *Temporal Shunt is.
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, that's fair
Hey @BardicWizard
Temporal shunt is ridiculously good.
I want to ask a question that I think the answer is 'obviously no', but I'd like to be sure.
Does piety work across planes?
2:48 PM
Like the Theros mechanic?
@ThomasMarkov yes
why wouldnt it?
it comes from the gods themselves AFAIK
but there's nothing in the rules to indicate that, or that it stops working off-plane
Do warlocks lose their powers when they travel?
I'll ask it and try to edit it in response to feedback.
@ThomasMarkov shrug
2:53 PM
Clerics and paladins?
I'm not understanding why there's even a question here
@ThomasMarkov double shrug
lol then maybe it isnt worth asking?
@ThomasMarkov I think it is, but maybe I need to phrase it from story perspective?
It's a fair question. Various D&D lore has implied that deities may own and/or may be limited to certain planes.
The Theros gods are heavily limited to Nyx
3:01 PM
If I remember my MtG lore correctly, which I probably don't, some planeswalkers and tentacled cosmic monsters outrank (most if not all) gods, who are otherwise limited to their own planes
hmmm is planar travel possible in theros?
I dont know that it is.
Campaign or MtG lore?
@ThomasMarkov there's canonically only one way travel between planes besides being a planeswalker, and it's not native to Theros
> They are three distinct planes of existence, tucked into their own pocket of the multiverse and shielded from the rest of the cosmos by the power of the gods.
3:11 PM
I guess the question boils down to, are the effects of Piety imbued into the character, or is it something that is a continuous effect initiated by the god in question?
I dont think it matters if the sourcebook doesnt say anything about planar travel affecting it
@ThomasMarkov where's this quote from?
introduction to chapter 3
@ThomasMarkov so you're saying the point is moot
3:14 PM
Hmm... the book seems to have moved the plane to the D&D cosmology, rather than the MtG one
> Compared to most worlds of the Material Plane, the mortal realm of Theros is small.
@AncientSwordRage idk
@Someone_Evil I find that odd
@ThomasMarkov Sorry, "MOoT"
I took a stab at it
> these gods have influence only over Theros and the two planes connected to it
@ThomasMarkov tis a good stab
3:19 PM
from Welcome to Theros > Dreams of Divinity
@Someone_Evil oooh wheres that
hmmmm i may have to ammend my answer considerably....
temporary delete for now
3:44 PM
under the variant ability check proficiency rules, a lore bard could have proficiency in every skill except athletics.
Which variant is this?
Uhm... that line about additional proficiency is really half-baked isn't it? It would be trivial to have proficiency in every ability, no?
@ThomasMarkov Why not Athletics specifically?
@RevenantBacon Strength has only one skill attached to it - athletics.
@Someone_Evil this whole section in the DMG is half baked.
3:49 PM
Well, skill proficiencies don't exist under this variant, so the real point is all abilities except one, but I don't know if Con got counted
@Someone_Evil its functional;ly equivalent to all proficiciencies but athletics
V.human with the skilled feat would have proficiency in all six scores under that variant, right?
oh no, I didnt even think about feats
its like wizards put maybe 5 minutes into writing this variant
4:19 PM
Several of the variants have spots where they don't fit neatly into the rest of the game (something about how much of the game is just a pile of exceptions), though some of them are based on neat ideas (I'm not counting this one as that)
4:48 PM
@Maximillian pleased to see your name pop up again ... hope all's well
5:45 PM
Q: Can you use more charges to upcast spells from the Staff of Power?

Haram22Since the Staff of Power says: While holding this staff, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it Can you expend additional changes to cast a spell at higher level? Example: With the Staff of Power you can cast Magic Missile of level 1...

@Rubiksmoose And the hollow stars for whatever? Like promoting wares that the channel owners or mods like?
6:07 PM
I hate summer. Today is supposed to be 109ºF minimum, and this week has a high of 111ºF. “Happy” August.
I’ve got a friend in a colder area (Alaska, U.S.A.)and she just said the high this week for her is 68ºF. Global warming: ruining the summer since 2020.
For anyone else who needs it; those temperatures equal 43, 44, and 20 degrees C respectively
@Someone_Evil thanks!
We had 32°C t'other day but the weather app said it would feel like 38°C
That's ~90°F feeling like 100°F
@GcL it's supposed to be for announcements, I always thought
You can announce anything you like so the pins can be quite liberal
@BardicWizard climate change ruining the seasons. We either get unseasonably warm winter which doesn't kill mosquitoes, or a polar vortex which just straight up kills humans and our will to live.
6:33 PM
@GcL wow. And I thought a hot summer was bad
Does anyone else feel like this should be closed for poor quality? rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/174371/…
It already has 5 downvotes and no upvotes, and it seems to just be another "what's the max damage" question
hard agree.
@RevenantBacon If neither combatant is named Max, the max damage would naturally be zero.
@RevenantBacon We shouldn't close it just because its not well thought out. That's what downvotes are for, judging the quality of a post. We only close things if they don't follow the guidelines of the site.
Close votes are not super downvotes.
6:46 PM
@DavidCoffron fair.
Not all closed questions are bad questions and not all bad questions are closeable.
@DavidCoffron But in this case, it's also a duplicate of every other "what's the max damage" for 5e
@Yuuki Yes, I understand this
7:02 PM
I've once again dug myself into a confusion about supported answers :(
I VTCd for needs details
@Medix2 lets hear it
Hit my thousandth podcast-download today!
@ThomasMarkov Theoretical Optimization answers almost never quote rules for every single item or feature they use. They just name them. Is this unsupported? Since imagine some other answer describes using a feature in a way it cannot be used like this answer, is it unsupported only because it is wrong? That feels wrong to me
Also, new kitten is on its way home!
@Medix2 if you like ill add page citations to all of my optimizaton answers :p
7:06 PM
So I'm just like... This answer has demonstrably incorrect conclusions and rule-applications. Does that mean I should vote to delete it? And then all I see is general guidelines sometimes saying not to but unsupported answers should be deleted so... *confusion increases*
@Yuuki @RevenantBacon Here's an example of a heavily downvoted question that shouldn't be closed (since it is definitely a genuine rules question)
@nitsua60 congrats on the 1000th kitten and new podcast!
(seriously though that's awesome!)
@Rubiksmoose It's a good thing I've been cutting up all those trees the storm felled, generating sawdust for kitty litter =)
@DavidCoffron I could see it being closed if only because some of the restrictions strike me as unusual, so unusual that I question whether they were meant to be there
7:09 PM
Apropos of blue bubbles, am I the only one who feels like I'm stepping into the world's largest and oldest minefields when I consider validating/invalidating flags from arguments in the hinduism.se chats?
You are not lol
@Medix2 It's not unsupported, it's just wrong.
@MarkWells Yeah and several posts say not to delete those
@DavidCoffron was there supposed to be a link?
@Medix2 as someone who answers a lot of optimization questions, I tried to provide links and quotes in a couple of them (here's an example), but some of them just involve so many different rules and different books that it makes the answer much harder to read)
@DavidCoffron So I checked that out, and it should have been closed, as it's a clear duplicate of another question by the same user (except a different type of ammunition, but was still asking the same thing) duplicate: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/165159/…
Other than that, it's not a bad question.
@RevenantBacon Darts and bolts are not the same. Darts are stand-alone weapon, bolts are ammunition
It's very different in the rules
@DavidCoffron I know, I've read your answers. At first I debated throwing a bunch of quotes at the end, and then realized quoting things is, at least for me, generally a bad idea. So maybe I'll just start using page numbers but then I have to name the book titles and everything. So now I'm just like, uh, does using a feature need to support that a feature does what I'm saying it does, idk ...
@DavidCoffron Oh, you're right, I was thinking of a different edition
7:19 PM
@RevenantBacon In fact, it was closed as a duplicate at first, before being reopened by differnt users
Still not a bad question
@RevenantBacon I think it got downvoted because it was posted at the same time as the dart question and many people thought it was pedantic reposting of what seemed like identical questions (but under inspection they aren't)
But that's just speculation
@DavidCoffron possibly
I've also seen questions get 10 or more downvotes, before ending up with a positive vote total after an answer is posted revealing that the question isn't actually that bad
@Medix2 Correct, we generally don't delete other people's answers simply because of factual incorrectness.
7:24 PM
I find it both amusing and irritating when an answer is accepted even though it's demonstrably wrong. Especially when there is a correct answer right after it
@RevenantBacon I agree, but that's just how StackExchange system works. Sometimes the person asking the question will find an answer more helpful than the one which answer the community finds best
@RevenantBacon then you'll love this one
@Rubiksmoose Maybe you know; isn't there a badge for causing a question score to go from negative a few to positive after posting an answer?
@DavidCoffron And sometimes, they just want someone to confirm their incorrect interpretation of the rules, but I've only seen thtat once or twice
7:27 PM
@Rubiksmoose That's the one, thanks
I remembering being confused when I got it and was like, I didn't know that was a thing
:) No problem. It and its sister badge were added relatively recently
@Rubiksmoose twitch twitch
Well, actually, he's not really wrong
The better question is, why are youfiring those arrows if they have sentimental value?
@RevenantBacon Because he "sent" them and "ment" to do damage
(that was way too big of a stretch)
@RevenantBacon It's not a poor quality question. I just don't think anyone likes it.
Ask silly questions, get silly answers (and downvotes)
@GcL Yeah, that one isn't. It definitely is phrased in a silly way
7:32 PM
@GcL That reminds me of one of my favorite questions to solve, but one of my least favorite questions to have been asked (because frankly it doesn't belong shrug):
Q: A million-to-one chance to succeed an attack?

Olivier GrégoireFlavor I like when my attack rolls succeed often. D&D 5e is designed to have success rolls roughly two thirds of the time. That's too low, way too low. I think that nine times out of ten is better, much better. I made my research and I know that the best way to succeed nine times out of ten is to...

For some people edge and corner cases are fun. That is part of the game for them. Heck, it can be part of their fun with their friends to know about those. I find that the people that like them tend to downplay or ignore how much hand waving they do when thinking about defining the cases. It seems like they assume a fewer number of specification are needed than actually are.
7:51 PM
I've found a user with 6700 rep and 20 gold badges
Multiple Famous Questions presumably
20 of them
Well there you go :)
Impressive. I don't think I've had a single one XD
@Rubiksmoose 4
Well at least you can't argue that I have an award winning memory
Sure you do. The badge doesn't care about the content of your memory. Just that you accessed it 10,000 times.
It is highly read performant.
8:18 PM
I wonder how many top users here, don't have the peer pressure badge
I'm sure it's possible to find out in data explorer, but I'm so bad at using that site lol
8:30 PM
@ThomasMarkov I was sure that it was going to be @V2Blast (who apparently only has 6) but no, it's actually @Robert who appears to be no longer active
I think that should do it
@Someone_Evil Wait, does that show who doesn't have it, or who does have it?
Should be those who don't
Adapted from one which gave users with, which is to say that I added a "not" in what I think is the right place
@Someone_Evil So what this means is both @Rubiksmoose and @SevenSidedDie both have not given in to Peer Pressure
@RevenantBacon hah! you're right!
Actually a surprising number of high rep users on that list
8:43 PM
@Rubiksmoose Right?
Including all the current mods XD
@Rubiksmoose lol
1 hour later…
10:09 PM
@Someone_Evil Ah, the query description's misleading then
> A way to find which users (mostly high rep) have the peer pressure badge. Was just playing around with T-SQL and cooked this. =D
Oh, forgot to edit that :)
Should be fixed now?
Q: Can the spell immovable object be used to carry very heavy things?

Thomas MarkovThe spell immovable object from Explorer's Guide to Wildemount (pg. 187) says: You touch an object that weighs no more than 10 pounds and cause it to become magically fixed in place. You and the creatures you designate when you cast this spell can move the object normally. [...] [...] a creature...

10:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (249): Does reducing a character's max HP with a spell also reduce the "negative HP" threshold needed to cause instant death? by MONISHA WALES on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
woo voodoo spam
Keyword spam, probably "spell" and "death"
interview with the designer of the combat wheelchair.
11:12 PM
SQUISHY! by Surgeryhead is a rules lite system for those who want to run a survival horror scenario in a pinch.
Kickstarter: GUN&SLINGER by Nevyn Holmes is an RPG about a weapon and a wanderer. A Maestro and two players (Gun and Slinger) set out into a dead planet mutated by a god's forgotten child and hunt strange bounties, investigate the world, and unlock hidden powers. During play, they seek to learn the nature of what’s hunting the Slinger, figure out why the Gun is sentient, and discover how the world died.
Fae Jam 2020 hosted by Kestrel Rae. Write a physical/analogue game or supplement connected to the fae. The definition on that is broad, so have fun!
11:26 PM
How is this evening for everyone?
Or morning/noon/night/prevening
11:53 PM
Q: When do you use ability checks without a specific skill?

Snowman8734When, if ever, as a DM would you ask players to make an ability check without allowing them to apply a skill proficiency? The Player's Handbook (p. 174) says: The DM calls for an ability check when a character or monster attempts an action (other than an attack) that has a chance of failure. Whe...


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