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12:06 AM
@BESW that's a good list
As in it looks good, not tried any of the games
Trophy is the only one I'm particularly interested in, but the others look like decent choices for people who need something more D&D-like.
Quest is getting a LOT of press as a D&D alternative, to the point that I'm concerned it's feeding the "you should only have one game and dedicate yourself to it" tunnel vision which let D&D fester in the first place.
I've been reading the Wanderhome playkit and it's slow going because I keep stopping to take a break so I can appreciate it.
The recent 6e jam has some really great stuff.
There's just such an embarrassment of riches.
I'm hearing really good things about BOLT as a tinkerer's TRPG, designed for hacking and drifting.
12:29 AM
I'm really a d20 or dice pool kind of gamer
Q: Unarmored Movement formula

ChibeveI'm trying to plug in an equation for a monk's unarmored movement in DiceCloud, so that I don't have to change the bonus value whenever it changes. I had a formula, but lost it. Does anyone know what the formula is?

I should look more into Burning Wheel
Also fate
Have you tried Lady Blackbird? Its engine is probably generalizable and it's good for "fistfuls of dice if you're competent" play.
12:48 AM
@goodguy5 did you say "the two yoots?"
@BESW curiosity peaked
I like natures from mouse guard and I think burning wheel has something similar
@AncientSwordRage Iz free! The primary game is also available on itchio if that's your poison.
I think you might really like LB's keys.
@BESW ahhhhh
I did a hecking confuse
Did you confuse it with Bluebeard's Bride? That happens.
12:53 AM
Wait... Is it a game or a module?
^ confusion
It's self-contained game/setting/scenario that gives you a starting point and you play to find out what happens.
Each of the three games on ladyblackbird.org uses the same basic engine and setting, but applies it to unique characters in a unique scenario for a very different mouthfeel to the play experience.
Like, Lady Blackbird is a swashbuckling romance road trip, while Lord Scurlock is more of a tense family drama thriller.
@BESW pass on the setting and the self contained nature
Yeah, I'm pointing it out because the engine is phrasal which makes it very customizable.
Who would win in a fight, Lady Blackbird or Lord Scurlock?
Lady Blackbird, because Lord Scurlock is dead. And she's a weather witch.
@AncientSwordRage It's got a lot of "Fate if you want fistfuls of dice" going for it.
1:03 AM
Well, who would win if Lord Scurlock was alive and had an umbrella?
@BESW eheheh cranks the CAPE up to over 9000
@MikeQ Well, Lady Blackbird can still just hit the umbrella with lightning, but Lord Scurlock might have the political connections to get the charges dropped from her lover the Pirate King Uriah Flint.
1:22 AM
@BESW I'd just crank up the straight-line winds and make Lord Scurlock curse out Daniel Bernoulli forevermore ;)
@BESW ahh, I would need to figure what phrasal means in this context
> consisting of a phrase or phrases.
@BESW that sounds good, but I would still need to learn more about fate first
> in this context
The rulebook has phrases in it.
I'm fairly uncultured
@MikeQ I should hope so
> A priest, a priest, and a priest were sitting at a table.

> Two men were sitting next to them at the table: a lawyer, a lawyer, and a lawyer. The lawyer said to the priest, "I'll be seeing you in court." The priest replied, "I'll be seeing you in hell"
AI jokes by reading Reddit
1:42 AM
Just, read Lady Blackbird? It's free and the rules are a single page for players, a one-sided character sheet, and a single page for GMs.
@BESW I downloaded it earlier, but I'll read it in the morning over coffee
2:04 AM
Jonaya Kemper wrote a twitter thread about why she thinks Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall "is exactly what the ttrpg world needs right now."
2 hours later…
3:51 AM
Bodyworks by Speak the Sky is a mis-adventure mini-zine game for two players, specifically of the sort who want to roleplay body snatchers in a grim, bizarre, alternate London. Uses the board game Operation as a game tool.
2 hours later…
5:29 AM
@GcL I sure hope SE isn't running on paperclips and rubberbands, but you never know. Certainly wouldn't be the most bs I've encountered.
5:49 AM
Diwata ng Manila wrote a twitter thread "about the work that I am doing for Mnemonic: A Weaver's Almanac."
@BESW I was sort of skimming the chat and I downloaded lady blackbird and now I’m realizing I really want to play it, so thanks for introducing me to it! Alas, I don’t know anyone local who plays anything other than D&D5e or maybe (read: almost never happens) 3e or PF. I might need new gaming friends.
@BardicWizard I use Lady Blackbird at conventions for both people who've only played D&D, and people who've never played any TRPG at all.
And yeah, I'm pretty much the reason anybody I know in hugspace plays something that's not D&D or Pathfinder.
I should try it with my players the next time I forget to plan a session, instead of ripping off Star Trek again.
The big step was to find a franchise we all like that had an official TRPG license with a very not-D&D system; in our case it was Dresden Files, though we moved away from that pretty quickly it served as the passage into "Oh hey other stuff exists and it's cheaper and easier to learn and does certain things better."
@BardicWizard See also: Lasers & Feelings?
I might try that too...
6:01 AM
Or Banned from Argo if you wanna do some silly bombastic Star Trek parody stuff.
Space Goblins! is great silly fun; I actually re-jiggered Goblin Court so that Space Goblins could be a sequel game.
Banned from Argo is some quality filk. It's linked from the storepage.
There's just so. much. out there.
@BardicWizard I've also had some success with Honey Heist as an intro-to-indies game. Generally, stuff that's really aggressively pushing away from anything D&D-like, means that people have to give up making comparisons and just see indies for what they are rather than how they aren't D&D.
3 hours later…
9:09 AM
What noise do zombies make?
That's me
@BESW reading Lady Blackbird didn't happen but I'll read it today
You are the noise that zombies make?
I am the night
Which night? Are you Tuesday night?
@MikeQ all the ones where you wake up in a sweat and then can't go back to sleep... And still manage to some how oversleep
9:23 AM
You must be very busy, being a night every night, all while being a sentient zombie sound.
9:33 AM
@BESW best advice XD
@MikeQ it's a hard knock life
@BESW I passed my concentration roll and read the pdf.
The conclusion I came to was I would gladly play with that engine as a one shot, I'd reluctantly GM a one shot, but I would probably turn down anything built in it for a long term campaign
10:12 AM
It feel fun and novel, but I'm not sure if I would see myself playing with it over something else
10:40 AM
This just looks like MtG with less coherent rules
@MikeQ exactly
The author wants to simulate D&D while using MtG mechanics. That's not how game design works.
@MikeQ it's not how good game design works
it's how "I have a pile of cards, what can I do with it" game design works
The idea isn't bad in principle. Back in college, someone made a storytelling TTRPG using MtG decks. From what I remember, card types corresponded to types of events and scenes, and it's up to the player how to interpret the card itself.
Hope you aren't playing mono-black, I guess
10:49 AM
@Someone_Evil ?
@AncientSwordRage I can only imagine that ends up some combination of grim and bleak
@Someone_Evil oh, I found it odd as the example is someone playing a mono-black character
@AncientSwordRage For what you linked, or what @MikeQ was referencing? (I tried to respond to the latter)
@Someone_Evil ahh what I linked
I see where I got confused
Ah, no worries :)
10:55 AM
I like designing new card games using the standard 52 deck (plus maybe jokers)
I'm a bit sad people don't play cards like they used to, because the deck is a massively deep well of games of so many kinds
@kviiri I love a good traditional card game
My personal favorite is Kasino which is a Finnish variation of the Swedish game Mulle which in turn derives from Cassino
@kviiri do tell
@Someone_Evil I think cards were drawn via draft rules, rather than as preconstructed decks.
@AncientSwordRage The game begins with four cards per player (usually two or three players) and four on table. The players take turns playing a single card each until their hands are exhausted, after which they are dealt four new cards each, etc until the deck is empty and all cards have been played.
11:03 AM
Are there any other rules, or is the point of the game simply to exhaust the deck one card at a time?
@kviiri how is it scored?
Playing a card can go in two ways: taking a trick from the table or leaving a card on the table. A trick involves collecting any cards whose pips sum to the pips of the played card, eg. when playing a King one could pick up a ten and a three. Multiple pick-ups are allowed but each card is only counted once, eg. if there'd be two threes and a ten I couldn't pick up both of the threes with a king
The other way, generally used only when pick-up is not possible, is leaving the played card on the table to be used in future picks by oneself or other players.
so do you leave the king on the table, or do you just reveal it?
@AncientSwordRage If taking a trick, it's put in the score deck as a part of the trick
Scoring is by cards earned (most cards owned gives 1 point, most spades owned gives two points) and special cards (aces are 1 point each, deuce of spades is one point, ten of diamonds is two points)
Special cards have different values in different situations: when taking a trick with an ace, its value is fourteen, but when taking a trick involving an ace on the table, it counts as one. Similarly, two of spades is fifteen when playing it and two on the table, and 10 of diamonds is sixteen when playing, ten on the table.
Fully clearing the table with a single trick gives one an additional point, and the person who scores the last trick before the round ends (all cards played, deck exhausted) has the remaining cards included in their scoring
I think that's the comprehensive rules. One detail I forgot is typically the same person goes first for the entire deck
It's a fun game, nice blend of strategy and some chance. Plus it's fast to play
It sounds like the sort of game that rewards understanding the rules
They tend to end up as more niche games I think, as rewarding as they are to play
I'd definitely play it if it was offered
11:21 AM
It's not too complex, aside from the special cards but you get the hang of them after the first round or so
My usual hobby is teaching people, sometimes strangers, to play it and then lose
How about a game where you try to guess the card before drawing it. If you're incorrect, you reshuffle the deck and start over.
The point of the game is to convince other people that the game is fun.
Q: Can conflicting descriptions of the recent past be handled better than GM fiat?

Please stop being evilI've been having a problem in RPGs lately where participants, myself included, have radically different ideas about what just happened on a basic factual level. For example, in a recent Pokémon RPG where I am a player, a significant conversation was had amongst the players and an NPC about wheth...

11:57 AM
@ThomasMarkov It would probably be worth tacking on all the mind control abilities in that hypnosis answer
But also *grumble grumble* "What save do you make against hypnosis" and "What save do you make against hypnosis according to the rules" being two different questions... :(
Eh, I think I'd prefer to Occam's Razor the answer.
OP asked for hypnosis, I gave them exactly that. I dont want to presume that mind control fits into what theyre asking for too.
Also that exapnds the scope of examples enormously, probably.
I also expected the feywild plants question to be hopeless, but I found an example.
12:37 PM
@ThomasMarkov Makes sense. FWIW the Enchantment Wizard's Hypnotic Gaze feature is also a Wisdom save as is the hypnotic pattern spell
@Medix2 I added in hypnotic pattern
12:53 PM
@kviiri well like, we'll still play cards, just that we now have the option of playing smash bros instead
@ThomasMarkov why does it charm them, then incapacitate them? I'm guessing as a shortcut to letting anyone immune to charm be immune to the effects of the spell?
@kviiri if we keep starring things eventually we'll reach 12345 stars
We'll stop when we have more stars than the observable universe
Someone will say "Hey look we have 12345 stars", and then that will get starred, raising the count to 12346
@AncientSwordRage that's a lot
@MikeQ lol
12:57 PM
@doppelgreener yup
1:07 PM
@MikeQ Hey, look: we have 11119 stars!
12321 is a more interesting number
its a palindrome
AND it means weve reached 111 stars 111 times
Can an aarakocra be based on a goose, or would that be too powerful? Discuss.
@MikeQ Honk
Canada Goose? OP.
But on the other hand, you definitely dont want to have a problem with canada gooses.
Id allow it.
You got a problem with Canada gooses, you got a problem with me. I suggest you let that one marinate.
1:13 PM
@ThomasMarkov mmmm marinated goose
1:27 PM
Hey, I did a question :D
Melee power word kill hmmm... I know one example but gotta find more
A: What does 'StackExchange' mean?

Shadow Wizard Wearing MaskStack Exchange is the short form of "Stack Overflow Knowledge Exchange Platform", which was the original name of the platform. This is officially confirmed by Joel Spolsky in this comment: that was a typo on the Fog Creek site; It was actually Stack Overflow Knowledge Exchange shortened to "Stac...

@Rubiksmoose I was so scared that was gonna be some really long thing for STACK EXCHANGE
@Medix2 Stubborn Techbros Assume Charity and Kindness EXtraneous to Content, Harangue All Newcomers to Generate Earnings
1:46 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'd like to raise a motion to burn the witch.
@Medix2 it crossed my mind that just stabbing someone will reduce them to 0 hit points under the right circumstances, but that's definitely outside the spirit of what they're asking about
@doppelgreener It's questions like that where I don't know whether answers should just incorporate what other answers said...
2:03 PM
@MikeQ yes (or at least he should)
@MikeQ A goose should be fine but swans would be an epic monster
@Medix2 please do
I wrote the question on the fly, but still tried to balance
I'm not sure if the current power level criticism doesn't also apply to sleep. If it (sleep) just did 5d8 damage is it much different?
the feedback on wording thing ambiguously is spot on though
@AncientSwordRage wall of fired does 5d8 damage... half for a save... level 4 spell. Sleep is level 1.
no save on sleep ...
@KorvinStarmast but NathanS' criticism is that once they're out for the count you can kill them in one hit out of combat
2:18 PM
@AncientSwordRage did you intend to still make an attack roll?
With the Sleep spell, you get 5d8 hp of creature -> combat over -> crit them
@AncientSwordRage yes
and their allies can wake them up ...
@KorvinStarmast it's the same for sleep though
As it currently reads, it seems you should be rolling d20s.
eb don't cost a spell slot ... not sure this is a good idea ...
2:19 PM
when you cast EB, rolls twice as many dice
@AncientSwordRage I think you need to play test this.
first thing you roll with EB is d20
it should read "when you hit"
I should have been explicit as to it keeping an attack roll (@ThomasMarkov) and that like sleep the allies can wake them up (@KorvinStarmast)
@ThomasMarkov thats how it reads yes
@AncientSwordRage suggest that you edit that in, I think it will improve the question.
@KorvinStarmast agree
2:20 PM
@KorvinStarmast I'm reluctant to edit it and invalidate an answer, but it is needed
@AncientSwordRage Nathan can edit the answer ... I can drop a comment to check the edited question
@AncientSwordRage have you thought through the 'critical hit' matter of an attack with eb on how many sleep dice are involved?
Rolling a 20 means damage dice are doubled. are sleep dice doubled?
@KorvinStarmast added in to my edit
> ### Eldritch Slumber
> *Prerequisites:* [eldritch blast][2] *cantrip*
> When you cast _eldritch blast_, instead of rolling 1d10 per beam, you make any spell attacks as normal and roll 2d10 per beam (plus any additional modifiers from additional abilities or critical hits). Rather than deal damage, the number rolled per beam is instead the number of hit points of creatures that beam can affect. You may target the same creature with additional beams, but the effects do not stack.
> All affected creatures are rendered unconscious, until a number of rounds have passed equal to your char
2:40 PM
Hmm... I do like the idea of invocations changing Eldritch Blast completely as opposed to just tacking on extra effects. If you look past the mechanics, it makes it seem like Warlocks have more spell diversity.
@Yuuki I know somebody had a homebrew-review on making new shapes for the spell like radius explosion, line, and cone
@Medix2 thats cool
@Yuuki thats the idea
2:59 PM
I have just learned about Chesterton's Fence.
> The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it
I love it already
@doppelgreener A debate class I took talked about that a lot
I appreciate that it does not require the original purpose to have been remotely reasonable. For example, removing the inability for a certain part of the population to vote does not have to have any good reason.
Meanwhile, I think of a current case unfolding in the US system: Native American families are given preference to adopting Native American children in adoption processes. The lawsuit alleges this is discriminatory, and it may seem to be, but it is there to prevent the destruction of Native American culture via the tactics many countries have actually used—adopt the indigenous kids into white families to disrupt the ability to pass down generational cultural knowledge.
@doppelgreener It does have the issue of the worse or more obscure the initial decision, the harder it is to reverse
You could end up with a metaphorical maze of fences
(big article about it here for those interested in the lawsuit I just brought up: How a white evangelical family could dismantle adoption protections for Native children)
@AncientSwordRage Yes, that's true.
3:09 PM
I was thinking this was to do with removing the protection from questions (the fence) without understanding why it was protected
doubly relevant
Strawman Argument:
> the only explanation is that we don’t have the right color of skin
3:26 PM
Aaaand now I'm thinking about court cases I probably shouldn't mention here (they make me sad and angry)
@Pureferret Hmm, well at minimum, making it a "once per short or long rest" invocation would go a long way, since then it's not much different from just casting sleep regarding resources, it's at worst like you have a free spell slot, but one that can only be used for sleep. You can still do all the things that my answer says it can do, but it now costs something, so you've got to be a bit more thoughtful as to when you use it. I'm not sure if that's enough, but I think that would go a long way... In fact, this reminds me of stuff like "bewitching blast" from 3.5e (by which I mean NWN2)... — NathanS 18 mins ago
It's an interesting change
makes me wonder if it's more useful to make an invocation that gives a buffed sleep instead of relying on EB
3:42 PM
But that risks treading more on the toes of the Feylock
@gszavae Any number of moving parts could be the cause of friction. A good design choice one day can be a terrible friction point later on. Also, dev time is usually a very limited resource.
@GcL and getting it right so that it supports future changes is even harder
4:22 PM
Q: What is the significance of monster subtypes?

OdoA number of subtype tags are added after some monsters' general classification. With the exception of Shapechanger and a few other specific exceptions these tags are linked to a particular monster type. For example Fiends as classification sometimes have the subtypes Devil, Demon, and Yugoloth in...

4:43 PM
In this question, it is really guessing the system to say its 5e?
They stated they are playing a character "from [a 5e book]".
@ThomasMarkov it's not guessing
given it only exists in 5e
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
k but EGtW is dnd-5e book, ad they said they were playing that book.
Questions quoting paragraphs of text, precisely naming features, or mentioning "AL" have been closed in the past
4:48 PM
@Medix2 that doesn't mean they should be from now on
Maybe we should change the name.
@AncientSwordRage Whether that should change should be discussed in Meta nor applied without prior discussion
I think calling it a "guess" is usually a bad idea.
or at least, not accurate.
@Medix2 I thought the conclusion was we couldn't guess
@ThomasMarkov Fully agreed which is why I try to say "The current policy dictates that we cannot add a system tag without complete and explicit confirmation from the asker"
4:50 PM
I'm saying, as per meta consensus, this is not a guess
@Medix2 GcL just added the tag.
@ThomasMarkov I flagged it
So ive saw a post one time that explicitly mentioned two dnd-5e books as source for the content, and the reason given for why it was a guess was literally "there could be other systems with books of the same name"
@ThomasMarkov Alternatively, they could think they're playing 4e and using books for the wrong edition (I'm told this has happened)
@ThomasMarkov I did a google, nothing non-DND came up
@Medix2 it seems too much of an edge case, and regardless a 5E answer could still be relevant
4:54 PM
A Meta post on a question that (to me) feels especially non-guess-like: "What qualifies as guessing on a system?"
@AncientSwordRage well yeah, cuz Explorer's Guide to Wildemount is trademarked.
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount (tm) you mean
@AncientSwordRage And it's also policy (or at least common procedure) that answers to questions without a specified system (where having a system tag is meaningful to the question) are not answers and should be deleted
@Medix2 that I can get behind though
ive half a mind to come up with a question using material and mechanics from every sourcebook and never stating its dnd5e.
except make it a post on meta, make it read like it should be on main, except at the very end, the question is "is this guessing".
How about this: Let x=25. I am playing DND x^(1/2) edition. Is it guessing to say dnd 5e even though I could mean dnd -5 e?
5:00 PM
This question is also one I usually point to as "yeah... policy"
@Medix2 Unity domain only exists in DnD-5e
(afaik, but that's mostly provable)
@AncientSwordRage Agreed, and here's a Meta post on that question. There are two competing answers
@AncientSwordRage Its not provable. There could always be some obscure system youve never heard of that has a Unity Domain. The thing about sourcebooks is that their titles are trademarked and actually verifiably unique.
@ThomasMarkov true...
What about sourcebooks like the Player’s Handbook? Those aren’t unique titles.
5:05 PM
@ThomasMarkov Except that doesn't stop people from using the wrong books apparently
@BardicWizard Yeah, I get that.
> My feeling on this is that we are not modrons or androids or maruts. People come to SE to get expert advise. And as an 'expert', "I understand the question when I read it" (Jacobellis v. Ohio).
@AncientSwordRage If only it worked like that
Did yall see the ace attorney meme on r/dndmemes?
I kinda want to make one about guessing the system here
Its brilliant.
FWIW I've written about why I didn't see problems with the policy in the past, but since then I've seen it cause confusion, disagreement, and annoyance in new users and situations like this. I would be happy to see it change (yay data collection) but the most recent Meta voted in favor of maintaining the policy
5:11 PM
Q: Preparing for so many quests on Dragon of Icespire peak

SosI am about to start Dragon of Icespire peak, and I'm a bit uncertain on how I should prepare for it: I read Slyflourish's tips for DoIP, and I'm aware of some of its pitfalls, including low leveled characters, etc. What I'm wondering is, how in a practical sense do you prepare for the optional qu...

You can disagree with the policy as much as you want, but don't go on individual level trying to enforce a policy change. Meta is there.
@HellSaint yeah weve been talking about that for a bit now.
@Medix2 It doesn't. We have had people using books from wrong editions, which explains why they were so confused about how it works, but if we just guessed they were using the right book in the right system, then the question would be trivially answered by re-reading the book. Since it was a different system, we actually had to explain that, well, the book was for a different system and adapting it to the system they were playing was another problem
@ThomasMarkov That was wonderfully entertaining
@ThomasMarkov I'm going to guess thats a DnD-5e meme
5:13 PM
@AncientSwordRage Nah, Player's Handbook isnt a unique title
@ThomasMarkov Objection!
@HellSaint Yeah I know it has happened, though I don't know how frequently nor do I have a way of measuring the harm caused by rightly closing those questions to the harm (confusion) caused by closing questions screaming 5e-dnd... It's impossible to know and one reason I'd be happy to see the policy change but will enforce it since it hasn't
@Medix2 I'm not certain why it doesn't
(I mean in terms of policy setting, not in terms of bypassing)
@AncientSwordRage I'll grab... like six links I think
@Medix2 In general we think there is no harm done in closing questions.
5:18 PM
@HellSaint I believed that until I saw it causing harm
If the asker doesn't come back to edit the question, then he wasn't going to come back to see the answer.
If there is anyone else with the same problem, they can ask a new question.
Properly stating the system, I mean.
We have similar issues with Story-ID over at sci-fi
If a user doesn't accept the answer, we can't assume another similar question is a duplicate of it
@HellSaint if that happens
and if it does, and we get the old OP of the 1st Q coming back ang correctly tagging, do we now close one as a dupe, or merge Q?
@AncientSwordRage If the old OP re-asked with a system tag, you'd just edit the old post and delete the new one (or just delete the old one)
Legit question now: how long do I have to wait before I just repost the question myself and tag it myself
@AncientSwordRage Close as dupe.
5:22 PM
@ThomasMarkov THIS (I have this same question)
@ThomasMarkov You shouldn't ask questions on other people behalf, but if you really want to, you can do it right now.
@HellSaint it was more a question of principle than a statement of intent
If you are also playing a 8th level Chronurgy wizard with a bard that tried to use Id insinuation, go on :P
@HellSaint Huh? But only one question has the system tagged? Do you mean to add the system tag and close the old one as a dupe of the new one?
@Medix2 The question was if the older question, which now has been edited to have a system tag, has the same system tag as the new question
5:24 PM
@HellSaint Hmmm I don't see that, but that's probably me not comprehending things again
OP1 post with no system tag (gets closed)
OP2 posts with system tag (gets answer)
OP1 comes back and edits a system tag into their old Q (it's reopened)
OP2 has their question closed as a dupe of OP1's Q
@AncientSwordRage yeap.
@AncientSwordRage that seems backwards to how it should be tbh
OP1 has their question closed*
5:26 PM
unless OP2 was "tag sniping"
@HellSaint I fixed
@ThomasMarkov who would do that?
@AncientSwordRage I mean, I would close the question from OP1 as dupe of OP2.
@AncientSwordRage If two questions are the same and only one has answers, leave that one open and close the one that has no answers. If they both have answers, either close one or merge them
Because question from OP2 actually was made earlier with the proper system, and probably is the one that got answers already, if any
@HellSaint this feels right to me.
5:29 PM
yeah, if we're strict on deleting answers to unclearly tagged Qs
Now I'm just wondering whether every single tool-recommendation question (there's only 20 now) should be closed as off-topic :(
what if someone goes and removes a system tag from their own question?
retroactively making it unclear
@AncientSwordRage Then the answers would be made invalid meaning either they'd all get deleted (feels unlikely), or they'd be asked to ask a new question with a specified system
@AncientSwordRage we will just rollback it as we would with someone going on and editing the question in a way that it stops making sense.
Or that is a completely different question
Oh did "someone" not mean "the OP"? oh no, it definitely did "their own question"
5:31 PM
is there a way to filter to all question closed for "needs details"?
@ThomasMarkov To re ask with system identified?
i can neither confirm nor deny
I was just going to see if there were any actually decent questions that went unanswered for lack of tag.
searching unanswered doesnt include clsoed
@HellSaint I think this is more sensible, and maybe ask the OP to add a new system tag?
@ThomasMarkov Unanswered is a search param though
Though questions can also be closed as needing more details and have answers
I can easily imagine someone asking it without a tag, tagging it as like then realising they've been playing (I think they're similar enough for this example) and just deleting the incorrect tag
5:37 PM
@Medix2 ha, just figured it out right before you posted that
1600, yikes.
@ThomasMarkov Here's a much more cut down list of 387
@AncientSwordRage WE CAN USE WILDCARDS?!
@Rubiksmoose rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/q/10085/43856 - made the question a few secs before your comment :P
5:40 PM
@Medix2 Wild huh
@HellSaint looks like I'm now famous/infamous
I have to dash
but I eagerly await the results
Just realized your nick here in chat and in the main site is different
Why is that? haha
@Medix2 nice work, thanks
Q: Should this question be tagged as D&D5e without OP specifying it?

HellSaintStraight-forward: this question has caused an edit war and a close-reopen-close war. The argument for tagging and reopening is The splat book only exists in DnD-5e, so it's not guessing – Pureferret Can/should it be tagged as dnd-5e? Related: What qualifies as guessing on a system? When is it ...

Wait the original question only stated "Wildemount"? 0_0
damn we really need to relax on editing closed questions lol
so far, on the only candidate for reposting ithe system is totally undiscernable.
5:47 PM
I saw one about spells somewhere...
@HellSaint good thinking!
Found one, but its a "read my class feature to me" question.
Hey, random quick question: The standard lock specifies a DC 15 DEX check to pick it. Is there any standard for the DC of trying to break a lock open?
I'm guessing there isn't, I just wonder if it should be higher or lower than the difficulty of picking it
Hey, I found one that could actually be tagged and reopened lol
@ThomasMarkov The ones I've found have actually already been re-asked XD
5:55 PM
@James usually the adventure books state this DC in some introductory section
IIRC it is usually around DC 20. But that's from memory so don't take my word for it
@James I didn't find anything though there are Manacles (DC 20) and the DMG mentions smashing open a door but doesn't actual give a DC
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