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12:04 AM
@Ben I love their point about the parallels between Artorias and the Broken Vessel.
I like the Hornet as a Dark Souls Knight XD
to be fair all three I've seen so far are great
@trogdor Thpoilerth!
it's extremely good stuff
12:23 AM
this is making me want to play more Hollow Knight XD
@trogdor I have been thinking about going back and trying to get some more pantheon stuff done.
oh god
the pantheon stuff is going to haunt me forever
I'd have to do a playthrough first, I'm not going to try to go in cold.
do steel soul
Why are you like this.
12:25 AM
@GcL I haven't seen any yet. But our sample period probably isn't long enough for that to be meaningful.
I almost won the second Steel Soul run
I really shouldn't have messed with Grimm
@trogdor I mean, notch, though.
that's the exact reason
and I've beaten him before
and I've even called him "easy" so
I got cocky and died :/
I'm still set on doing another steel soul run and I think this art thing literally gave me the energy to do it XD
Maybe I'll practice Grimm when I get to where I can fight him
I mean, assuming you didn't delete it, you could just practice fighting him in the DLC on your first save file .
12:31 AM
Because he's apparently The Guy who can still kill me despite the fact I killed freaking Traitor Mantis without dying
I did delete that
I have another Normal save that is very close to unlocking that though
12:45 AM
@trogdor Dark Souls is like Hollow Knight with obtuse RPG mechanics, and the platforming sections are terrible because of clunky 3D
I'm aware that the platforming sucks in Dark Souls
And the main story has zero emotional impact. There are some interesting character-focused sideplots, but they're easy to miss.
@Ben What I find especially amusing is that many Hollow Knight character designs are based on Dark Souls characters anyway
One of HK's many strengths is definitely that it has a lot of character and story charm
@Miniman @MikeQ yeah that's the main reason why Hollow Knight was one of the first "true soul-like" games
@Ben Ehhhhh. I love HK, but it's not nearly as soulsy as many other games.
1:00 AM
It felt like Dark Souls, even though the design was more like conventional Metroidvania
I think the main comparison of what "Souls like" means is the mechanics?
Sure, plenty of games have copied the death+respawn mechanics, but not so much the ambiance
I dunno. I have seen HK. Am yet to play it though
I haven't touched my PS4 in over a fortnight D:
1:34 AM
hey again @linksassin
@Shalvenay G'day
@linksassin how're things going?
@Shalvenay Eh. About usual for a monday morning.
@linksassin ah, did you get a chance to watch the video I sent you on Discord btw?
I saw some of it. Its not really in my wheelhouse though tbh.
1:40 AM
@linksassin ah, fair enough.
More fantasy/medieval weapons would be though.
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4:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad ns for domain in body, pattern-matching website in body, potentially bad ip for hostname in body (194): Best eyes drops by Michael Benedict on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
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5:44 AM
Is it possible to have site-specific close reasons? It would be great to have one for the "system metatag is required on all questions" rather than lumping it in with "needs details or clarity"
@gszavae Kind of. But only for the "off-topic" sub-reasons (which isn't appropriate here) and even then already have all of our slots full with custom reasons there anyways.
So alas, right now that isn't an option for us.
@Rubiksmoose That's unfortunate. I guess that stacks weren't designed to run this way
@gszavae My guess is that it is (more) difficult to code it up so that each site can have their own reasons in this way. I think it has be requested on Main Meta before FWIW. But yeah, it would be nice if we had that option.
And with that I'm off to bed (where I should have been at least 2 hours ago....)
@Rubiksmoose I don't think there are any technical difficulties in changing reasons, god I hope there isn't! Sounds like ideology to me.
Good night, take it easy mate
Thanks, you too.
2 hours later…
7:35 AM
@gszavae I think one of the reasons is so that they can roll out wording changes to all sites at once. If every site had custom wording that would have to be a manual task if they wanted to make updates or changes to any of the stock wording on the site.
7:53 AM
@linksassin sites already have custom close reasons, they're just not allowed to have many - it's possible to have the stock options and a longer list of site specific ones, they just don't
8:05 AM
@linksassin I mean, there's no technical reason why that would be impossible or even difficult. They just don't want to do it
8:44 AM
Q: Interaction between an Intellect Devourer and a Simulacrum

Sam LacrumbAn Intellect Devourer Has an ability called Body Thief, which states: ...the intellect devourer magically consumes the target’s brain, teleports into the target’s skull, and takes control of the target’s body. While inside a creature, the intellect devourer has total cover against attacks and o...

@HotRPGQuestions snow way that works
9:08 AM
Q: Is there any 5e spell that I can use to transform into a bulette? (For any pc class)

Azyrite_36For some reason I’ve just become obsessed with bulettes and I want to play a character that can turn into one for the new campaign we are starting. I am very new to dnd, so this might be a silly question, and balanced homebrew is on the table. We haven’t decided on what level our party is startin...

9:43 AM
@HotRPGQuestions Ahh to be new to dnd, I was very obsessed with Drow at one point
and then Raccoon animal companions
and then Kobolds
and then/now warlocks
Maybe you could be a half-drow half-racoon half-kobold warlock
@MikeQ I once wrote up a half-dragon troll paladin
The increased Int from the template made me think they would no longer be set on having an Evil alignment as default
this was back on the WotC forums, for 3.5 ed
1 hour later…
11:10 AM
Q: Can you combine an Artificer's Enhanced weapon infusion with a +3 magic weapon?

Lauro VeronThe Artificer's Enhance Weapon infusion (ERftLW) grants a +1 (+2 at 10th level) bonus to attack and damage rolls made with the infused weapon. Is it possible to combine this infusion with a magic weapon that already has a +3 magical bonus? Thereby granting a +4(+5 at 10th level) bonus to attack a...

12:06 PM
@gszavae FWIW That has been asked about and was declined though there is a more recent answer there now
12:19 PM
Gosh locking questions sounds so complicated...
12:29 PM
Can Moderators edit locked posts? I'm not finding a clear answer
@Medix2 I'm pretty sure we can
@AncientSwordRage I found a post describing not being able to do so, and then a post saying they could and no feature request adding that so I was just confused XD
@Medix2 it might depend on who or what kind of lock
@AncientSwordRage Yeah I looked at all the different lock descriptions and MSE posts and they... Didn't help any
"On locked posts, the following actions cannot be performed by non-moderators:" (and then says nothing about moderators). Policy Locks explicitly prevent moderator edits. Historical Locks explicitly permit Moderator edits. And comment-locking only locks well, they don't affect editing at all...
Maybe notice-less locks are weird...
1:01 PM
howdy howdy
I did find this.... "Easy enough to add a custom lock reason for your site to handle whatever it is that comes up so often there that it's no longer expedient to be deleting comments and editing in obnoxious banners."
1:28 PM
@Medix2 You weren't as patient as me this morning with that thunderwave question :P
@NautArch I saw three upvotes and went "okay, people agree", perhaps not the best move but it seemed like that was 5-ish people
@Medix2 Yeah, I was actually just about to close it but when I clicked, you'd already done it :P
Apparently locking posts really was kinda a mess... there's a lot of implemented feature-requests which is great and also makes me go "oh wow, this was really different in the past"
@Rubiksmoose Hi! Random question: is there a way to lock a post without giving a reason? Can questions locked in this way be edited by moderators?
@Medix2 Nope! In the menu for locking (similar to closing) we have to choose a reason to get to the lock. But yes, moderators can edit questions no matter the locked state (though oddly we cannot rollback locked posts).
@Rubiksmoose FYI, I'm not sure if it was a great idea, but I did add a comment to that meta flag I put up.
1:43 PM
@Rubiksmoose Hmmm... Well you can't edit policy locked posts but now I'm wondering where this comes from: I really wish mods could edit while a post is locked for exactly this reason. I don’t see why it’s not possible.
@Medix2 oh yes, policy lock is the only one as far as I'm aware, that prevents a moderator from editing. And that's just because those are posts that SE doesn't want anybody editing.
@Rubiksmoose Maybe this is just some weird exception...
@Medix2 Let's experiment!
@NautArch I think its a decent point and well-made. Not sure if it will lead to something productive or not.
@Rubiksmoose Thanks, was worried about coming off antagonistic.
@NautArch Now I'm looking at the thunderwave question more... it just kinda feels like "How would you interpret this houserule?" which... it's certainly different
1:50 PM
I thought thunderwave paralyzed the target and didnt deal damage? That's what my pikachu told me atleast...
@Medix2 Right now it's "somatic spells must target you or your space" and thunderwave specifically talks about what happens in that instance. I don't understand where any ambiguity is.
@NautArch I think they might be unsure what "must target your space" entails? Like can you target the edge of your space, maybe?? But then they also self-answered so then I'm just confused
@Medix2 Yeah, I dunno. It seems 100% obvious to me that if you have to target yourself, and the Q&A on thunderwave says what happens then, why there is any confusion.
It's like asking if you'll get wet if you jump in water.
@NautArch They even said that what actually happens when you target yourself should be a separate question... I'll probably leave it closed for now since I'm not seeing a real difference
@Medix2 It does appear that I'm able to edit locked posts. It is possible that it changed at some point but an MSE posts suggests that if it did, it was a while ago. It is possible SSD is referring to rolling back which is what was happening in that particular post.
1:54 PM
yeah, i still don't see anything. But i'm pretty sure that houserule is going to cause some problems elsewhere.
@Rubiksmoose Oh gosh that'd be interesting. You can edit but you can't revert
@NautArch Absolutely XD I'm gonna go look for reasons it will end the campaign now
@Medix2 yup it's very strange
So MSE has a help page and an FAQ, if they give differing information should that be pointed out?
@Medix2 There are so many big spells that with somatic components. It pretty much vastly limits spellcasting if they don't want to kill themselves.
and/or allies who then became friendly fire
@NautArch And Sculpt Spells and Careful Spell can't even help the caster out though I guess there's always absorb elements
1:59 PM
@Medix2 I'd think so!
@Medix2 yeah, it's just...bad.
nerfs that caster completely
Sorcerer's could get around it with subtle spell, but that's pretty limited.
and i'm not sure if it actually would (DM call)
Now I really wanna know if that's a thing...
From silence: "[...] Casting a spell that includes a verbal component is impossible there. [...]" I would very much assume you can use Subtle Spell while in an area of silence
This one, Neut?
..... Naut. First message in and I typo somebody's name. Wow.
@vonBoomslang A newt? I got better!
And howdy howdy!
What kind of caster is this character? Is it just for them, or the whole table (if the latter, what casters do you have?
It's for a druid subclass.
2:03 PM
@vonBoomslang Fun fact: A newt used to be called an ewt (similarly an apron used to be called a napron)
@vonBoomslang So this rule is only for Druids?
It's part of a "you can cast spells in wild shape, with the following limitations" feature
there's a similar "an ewt" thing with unicorns! they went through like three cycles of it, IIRC
I can totally believe that, words trade letters like that all the time
@LizWeir I'm assuming they started as newnicorns. ;)
2:06 PM
@vonBoomslang Will the limitation drop at level 18?
I think it was in French, "icorn" -> "un icorn" -> English "unicorn" but also "l'icorn" -> French "la licorn" -> "l'alicorn"
So its weird, on that tadpole question, I found references to tadpoles in 2, 4, and 5, but not in 3 or 3.5.
yes, let me quote the rule in its entirey
"You retain limited spellcasting ability. You can cast druid spells which do not require a material component. Additionally, until you reach 18th level, if the spell requires a somatic component, it must target you or a point in your space."
@vonBoomslang okay, that makes much more sense!
But I still don't see any confusion in thunderwave. You have to target you/a point in your space, and the duped question covers that.
@vonBoomslang So verbal-only spells act as normal? (as if you weren't wild-shaped)
2:09 PM
Yes, all six of them.
Yeah I just checked, not very many XD
(earlier version of the sub could -only- cast verbal spells but it was, well. Too few to be interesting)
Ahem, after some thought I think the question comes down to "is the edge of the next square considered part of your square so you can target it"
but reading through some of the other discussion, you can interpret it as the spell targets you, and then spreads out into an adjacent cube
@vonBoomslang Do you think there's a case for that? 'Cause I don't :)
which removes the confusion
if you have to target you/your space, once you're out of your space, it's not either of those.
2:12 PM
I'm also confused why the "your space" line is there, I'm probably missing something but why not just require it to target you
Oh... things like shape water
yeah but by that reading you could potentially argue you can't cast the spell at all
some spells don't target creatures, Medix2. For example, Healing Spirit targets a space, not a creature.
@vonBoomslang So far that, they'd have to target their space.
which is why the "your space" line is there :)
@vonBoomslang I wonder if you can cast produce flame and shape water... hmmm
But again, I don't see how it's unclear that you'd have to target your space or you, which the other questions answers as to what happens when you do.
2:15 PM
The way I've advised ruling it, Medix, is you can shape water in your space. As for produce flame, you can cast it and you can attack with it (assuming your shape can hold it), but you can't cast and attack with it in the same cast.
since that'd be targeting a different creature.
Fair point, Naut. "Where you can place the wave if you target yourself/your space" is a better way to word it, which I think can be found in the other ones.
It's still a really neat thing to give the druid some more casting flexibility, but adding some real limitations.
Ultimately, I think a houserule on targeting of spells is super in the GM's ballpark (the GM would be making the rulings on how things work and if they work)
Thank you. Do you want a link to the whole sub?
I know, Med, but I feel it's only fair for me as the maker of the sub to provide some advice for edge cases.
2:28 PM
hey there @KorvinStarmast
@Shalvenay Hi shal
@KorvinStarmast how're things going?
@Shalvenay Hand is healing, voice to text is clunky, wife is happy now that our above ground pool is no longer leaking
That's almost a haiku.
@Medix2 I voted to reopen the thunder wave question, the interaction with the homebrew rule makes it not quite a duplicate, methinks.
2:36 PM
@ThomasMarkov I 100% disagree. The specific interaction of thunderwave when cast on their space is detailed in that question and answer.
@KorvinStarmast we're happy that our pool that we go to is open. They've got some good measures in place for safety and it's been a summer saver having it.
@ThomasMarkov At the very least the answer with the homebrew rule is "you must damage yourself"
@NautArch I did not want an above ground pool, but her niece's ex husband was willing to install it ... so we have one and wife is happy.
@KorvinStarmast hehe. Pool maintenance is the worst.
I had one growing up and it was one of my chores.
@NautArch yep. If I could afford an inground pool I'd have one installed, but it's not quite in the budget. Then I'd just put maintenance into my daily routine.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, this summer has made us reconsider a pool.
But not in the current budget.
Especially with the kitchen falling apart.
2:41 PM
@NautArch solution, rebuild the kitchen with a pool inside it
@AncientSwordRage Boom!!
it'll be like the playboy mansion grotto!
@NautArch The duplicate answer doesn't address "Does it push the caster?"
@GcL I think that could likely be a question as well, but why wouldn't it? IF the spell is affecting, it's affecting them.
@NautArch Which direction is 10' away from the caster in that case?
@GcL The OP themself said whether/how the caster is pushed should be a separate question from the one they've asked
2:44 PM
Then what's the question? Do they take damage? Asking about the "interaction" seems to imply all the effects of the spell.
@KorvinStarmast ah. btw: the Iranian investigation authorities did put an update out on UIA752, and it turns out they turned up some interesting issues
@GcL The question is how to interpret the houserule. Can you, say, affect the edge of your space but not yourself and meet the requirements?
@GcL Yeah, I think that's a distinct question that hasn't been asked.
@Medix2 The title is asking a different question than the body of the post. I don't like it when that happens.
Question was meant to be specifically about targetting it
since that's what the rule concerns
2:47 PM
@GcL We have some question on that somewhere IIRC though not about thunderwave (i'll do digging in a bit)
could be about Gust
(hilariously, a different feature of the same subclass would STOP thunderwave from pushing the caster even if cast on themselves)
@NautArch Others may call it a sink, but you'll know what it is
@vonBoomslang Though with gust of wind I'd probably say it's impossible. Something starting behind you isn't entirely "from" you
but the spell does let you target, well, you
@vonBoomslang It does?
2:58 PM
@Shalvenay yeah, and I appreciate their candor. I wasn't expecting that level of detail. Missile unit had fog of war, which can happen to anyone. (See also the radar unit near Panang vis a vis MH 370)
@KorvinStarmast yeah, I can imagine that having your radar scope messed up would be quite disorienting for the operators too
@Medix2 "One Medium or smaller creature that you choose must succeed on a Strength saving throw or be pushed up to 5 feet away from you." doesn't say it can't be you
@vonBoomslang Oh gust not gust of wind mb
@vonBoomslang There is the argument that you are not within 30 feet of yourself but yeah, hmmmm
Man, I really really wish I was a T-SQL guru. Or really, even a novice.
There's probably a stack that can help you with that /S
3:03 PM
lol you don't say? ;-)
Q: Counting the number of deleted answers on questions that have been protected

RubiksmooseSo, I'm continuing my dig into the protection feature on my site for a data deep dive and I'm getting stuck trying to find this data. I'm looking this time for the list of all questions that have been protected at any point on the site (whether or not they currently are) along with the number of ...

@vonBoomslang To quote the unreliable Crawford: "If I say, "Each person within 5 feet of me gets a cupcake," an idiomatic reading of that English doesn't lead to me getting a cupcake"
I feel a bit less bad for asking for some help on MSE because at least I can reward them with fake internet points for their help.
@Rubiksmoose Up to 525! Wait... can you bounty a question twice?
@Medix2 yup! And don't forget about accepting as well!
I believe you can bounty an unlimited number of times?
@Rubiksmoose ou can bounty as long as you have points to spend :P
3:10 PM
@Trish That is true lol. Unless you turn to those shifty back-alley rep-lenders anyways.
Woohoo! My first Populist badger!
Remember how I made find greatest steed?
I think Ive found a RAW workaround
@ThomasMarkov go on
@Someone_Evil go on
And I think it even circumvents the mounted combat rules and lets you just control the mount on your turn.
3:21 PM
Ill post a question, but there are a lot of moving pieces to it.
My curiosity has peaked
@ThomasMarkov What did you think about the frame challenge of just making it a class feature?
@ThomasMarkov Mounts moving on your own turn does open up a lot of kiting option and other things btw
@Someone_Evil woohoo!
@NautArch It makes sense. I really liked the idea of making a magic item that improves a casting of find greater steed.
3:23 PM
@NautArch Or make it available to the proletariat by making it a classless feature!
@Medix2 I know, but I think what ive got for it is actually RAW. But ive got more research to do first.
@ThomasMarkov Is this new one based on that, or just another spell where you've attempted to resolve it?
@NautArch It's a RAW combo using existing spells.
@ThomasMarkov Can it be a whistle? because grails and horns are pretty over used. Like... every French castle has a grail. They won't show you, but they always insist it's a very nice one.
@ThomasMarkov Ah, okay. So it's not a new Find Greater Steed, but something that gets you something similar?
3:25 PM
@ThomasMarkov Does it involve wish or true polymorph ?
Though I'm thinking of making a follow up to my spell post about the magic item "Saddle of Finding the Greatest Steed"
@GcL I LOVE the eagle whistle.
@ThomasMarkov Magic item or similar other reward like blessings (DMG 227-228) so you could call it Blessing of Unicorns
@GcL Its a carefully curated series of true polymorphs.
@ThomasMarkov You can only be affected by one at a time. What does casting it in series get you that you wouldn't get just by casting it once? Are you trying to use TP to increase the CR or level of the target?
3:27 PM
In my last campaign, my paladin used Find Greater to get a Pegasus, and our DM had given our dwarven cleric a Unicorn, but if it died, it died.
True polymorph is limited by the CR of the target, unless you turn it into an object first.
@ThomasMarkov Pretty sure we have a question on this
Didnt find one, Ill try again.
@ThomasMarkov So just cut to the chase and turn boulder of sufficient size into a the desired creature (less than whatever the CR limit is)
@GcL I want the creature to retain the benefits of find greater steed.
3:30 PM
Gotcha. I don't think TP does that. I think when you make the spell permanent, it's just it's own creature doing it's own thing.
@GcL See this answer re: familiars rpg.stackexchange.com/a/136173/62294
@ThomasMarkov When you do creature to object, I'd wager it loses the features of find greater steed: "The creature's statistics become those of the object". The statistics of the object lack any of those factors
@DavidCoffron The benefits of find greater steed are functions of the spell, not the creatures statistics as argued in the answer about familiars I just linked
The "It retains its alignment and personality." of creature to creature can be argued to maintain the "instinctive bond with it that allows you to fight as a seamless unit." but the creature to object lacks such language
3:33 PM
So is your plan to use find steed and then use two true polymorphs?
@Medix2 Yes.
Interestingly, this is unanswered:
Q: True Polymorph interaction with Find Steed

Sam LacrumbFind Steed (p240 PHB) States: When the steed drops to 0 hit points, it disappears, leaving behind no physical form. You can also dismiss your steed at any time as an action, causing it to disappear. In either case, casting this spell again summons the same steed, restored to its hit point maximu...

Was thinking of putting a bounty on that one
I'd probably just argue it simply isn't your steed anymore after two true polymoprhs
@ThomasMarkov I have that open in a tab waiting to see if anybody answers it
@Medix2 ontological philosophy intensifies
3:35 PM
Here's a counterargument to the familiar situation:
A: Does a familiar stay the same after being true polymorphed and then dismissed and resummoned?

T.J.L.No, because a True Polymorphed familiar ceases to be a familiar. True Polymorph states: The target’s game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the new form. A polymorphed creature is not the original creature. Compare it to Shapechange (the spell or the...

Not that I agree with it, just found it
@Medix2 That raises the common 5e-confusion about invalid targets; the spell's effects specific "your steed" has all those features. If it isn't "your steed" do the affects still apply?
(or "the mount" in the case of find greater steed)
@DavidCoffron Yeah but here it becomes a sorta-valid target at the end, and I haven't seen anybody argue that a target becoming invalid ends the spell only that is suppresses it
@DavidCoffron There may be a problem here. Paladin Jerry has a pegasus. Wizard Bryan TPs the pegasus into a bird. By the argumentation of that answer, the bird isnot the pegasus. Jerry recasts fgs to resummon the pegasus. Bryan drops concentration. Two pegasi?
To be honest, this all seems way too convoluted. If you want to give access to better steeds, the magic item solution is significantly simpler, easier, and works.
At the point in time you're chaining together 9th level spells... which are reality warping anyway... sure. Seems as reasonable as any other 9th level reality warping spells chained together.
@ThomasMarkov There cannot be two: "You can't have more than one steed bonded by this spell at a time"
3:39 PM
@ThomasMarkov The "Casting this spell again re-summons the bonded mount, with all its hit points restored and any conditions removed." is in context of "The mount disappears temporarily when it drops to 0 hit points or when you dismiss it as an action." I don't think you gain that option if it disappears for other reasons
@GcL And at that point, you could just use wish; if your GM is willing to allow double TP to get the better mount, they will probably allow wish to do the same
@ThomasMarkov Good point. Although I think the "You control the mount in combat" is probably superseded by TPs "If the spell becomes permanent, you no longer control the creature."
Wizards could write an entire source book on how find greater Steve interacts with other spells
Find greater Steve. Thanks autocorrect.
I'd rather they explicitly define targets and stop using 12 different types of attacks XD
Most of that would, greater steed takes damage. Most spells deal damage, don't they?
4:00 PM
@kviiri Am I reading 13th age right in that there aren't rules for mounted combat?
@DavidCoffron Yeah. TP doing the class of thing changing is pretty reality warping. Usually when you cast from one thing to another and then another, something raises an error
@DavidCoffron i think it technically works, and the only thing that's lost is the ability to control the steed. I do like the intermediate step where the steed-sized boulder is your mount despite the effects of find greater steed being suppressed because the boulder isn't a valid target of the effect.
@GcL Wouldn't you also lose the neat bits of find steed? The telepathy, the spell sharing, etc.?
@NautArch They're not part of the stat block. The effect is suppressed while the target is invalid per Xanathar's. When the target is a creature again, I'd expect the effects continue to apply.
4:09 PM
@GcL ?
By that argument, one could say any form not listed in find greater steed is an invalid target for the effects.
If TP makes it no longer what it was, then it's no longer the spell effect of find steed, no?
But I stand by my point earlier that this is the most inelegant solution to providing more powerful steeds (if they're even necessary, to be honest.)
@Someone_Evil Could you leave a comment under the MSE answer and then edit it a little bit later?
@Medix2 Why did you pick Pathfinder-1e for that stone shape question? I don't see anywhere that OP specified that system.
@NautArch Oh hmmm it could be 2e true
4:13 PM
@Medix2 They had multiple tags on there and it was unclear what they really wanted.
I think they need to tell us
@NautArch They didn't add those tags
@Medix2 ah, now I see. Yeah, I"d remove all tags.
let OP tell us what they want
THat was a bizarre tag addition.
They did say Pathfinder, but not which edition.
Probably not PF2, which calls the spell "Shape Stone" instead of Stone Shape.
(how inventive)
Heh. I wouldn't be on OP knowing the difference.
or that being sufficient
@MikeQ Sounds more accurate tbh
4:16 PM
PF2 also doesn't have full round actions.
@NautArch If the TPd creature is no longer the same creature, theres a problem with resummoning the same creature and ending the TP.
@ThomasMarkov Right, you'd have a creature and your find steed on a resummoning.
But again, these are all coming up because of an inelegant solution.
4:39 PM
@Someone_Evil I'm gonna be offline for a bit but when we're both online I'd like to test leaving a comment under your recent MSE answer to my question and then I click through to it and then you edit it. But yeah, only when we're both online
Or anybody else could...
@Medix2 whatcha need bud
Somebody wanna leave a testing comment under this answer and then edit it after I give a thumbs up?
Welp, somebody got to it
Yeah just edit that @ThomasMarkov thanks!
and Im pleased you agree with me.
Oh yup, no double notification, case closed
cool. good to delete the comment?
4:42 PM
Should be yeah
5:15 PM
Q: Can you tell if someone transfers Hunter's Mark or Hex if the original target is reduced to 0HP?

NathanSThe spells hunter's mark and hex both have this clause: If the target drops to 0 hit points before this spell ends, you can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn of yours to [mark/curse] a new creature. Both of these spells have spellcasting components that would be observable to another crea...

5:45 PM
Darn, looks like i lost at least one player as I attempt to try 13th age.
"D&D or bust"
@NautArch huh? Are we not playing 13th age with kviiri? Or were you going to start a group?
(guessing with your local d&d group?)
@KorvinStarmast My own, yeah :)
As we finish up Dead in Thay, I wanted to try something new.
do we have a discord?
@KorvinStarmast I'm thinking Sorcerer right now for Kviiri's. But I"m still working on understanding the GM end of things with icons, OUT, etc.
And weird that there isn't mounted combat...one of my players wanted that :(
@TylerH that does look legit, but is that a legal link?
and at this point, I think i'm generally sticking with just the core rules while I figure out the system.
@NautArch No clue; it is the first result on google for me when I search for "mounted combat in 13th age"
I know there were a series of "13th age monthly" that dealt with additional features/rules people wanted to know about so I imagine it could be obtained somewhere else like the 13th age website or amazon or something if there's a concern about legitimacy
5:58 PM
@TylerH They have the full core book on there :( Imma going to delete the link.
oh, you did.
If you can find a legal source for it great, in the interim, please don't link to pirated content
@ThomasMarkov No..., but @BESW does
(I mean, I assume lot's of people have discord server's for all kinds of purposes, but you know...)
Q: Lets crunch some numbers about protection and spam on RPG.se

RubiksmooseVery soon we intend to start a discussion about how protection is used on this site going forward. To inform that discussion, I've tried to dig deep and find some data that could help guide this discussion. It got so lengthy that I decided that posting it as its own post was probably the best way...

@TheOracle mmm, crunchy spam.
@NautArch hahahaha
@NautArch Crunchy spam, stringy spam, spam soup, spam with eggs, ... *vikings start chanting*
6:15 PM
Glad to get that posted finally, I definitely spent way too much time doing that lol
@NautArch nah, was mod deleted, apparently :-)
@TylerH :)
@NautArch my pc is 95% ready, my connections are great gold wyrm, with the druid and the elf queen being the less important two ...
@KorvinStarmast Nice, what race/class?
@NautArch here appears to be the official buy page for that edition of the PDF pelgranepress.com/shop/default.asp?i=PEL13AM23D
6:17 PM
I've got a character from a book that I kinda want to emulate for it @KorvinStarmast
@NautArch half elf and bard, I;ll send you the sheet I put together via gmail.
@TylerH yeah, i think i'll hold off a bit on getting supplemental info.
@KorvinStarmast cool! It'll help me in understanding the system/helping my players, too.
she is still pondering the power/skill mix for our first sesstion, but I am more or less ready
@Rubiksmoose what questions were you answering with your number crunching?
@LizWeir let me doubt it. Uni = a single; Corno = Italian and probably Latin for horn. It's more plausible that unicorn gives un'icorn and then l'icorn, la licorn and then l'alicorn, rather than unicorn coming from un'icorn.
6:22 PM
@GcL Many questions honestly. But my intent with that post was not necessarily to pose conclusions, yet.
The big overarching question I was asking is "how has the site used protection in the past"
And hopefully that will inform the question of "how should the site use protection in the future" to some extent.
@Rubiksmoose I find it useful when the questions that are being answered explicitly laid out.
@GcL Fair point. I do as well. I'll see if that is feasible for me to do here to make things more useful.
@Rubiksmoose That seems like a broader question than the data answers.... or perhaps that should be a discussion section. The number crunching appears to me to answer some specific questions, and I don't know if my assumptions about what those questions were are correct.
@Zachiel oh, good point
I'm certain it's bounced around but that route might be more plausible
@GcL That is correct. I don't think data alone can fully answer it.
But I may add a discussion section as an answer.
Because I think there are some things worth highlighting in there.
6:32 PM
@Rubiksmoose Maaaybe change "how does" to "how has" or "how did"?
Oh the "maaaaybe" was meant to signal me genuinely being unsure if that was the right move not the "I'm saying maybe but I mean definitely" kind of maaaaaybe
@Medix2 I was thinking the same thing when you said it. :)
@LizWeir Sometimes, though, most plausible doesn't mean real :)
hm, yeah, looking things up this one's less attested than I remembered it being
think I may have believed some Incorrect Internet Etymology again
(or I just don't know how to find etymology in French!0
7:04 PM
@NautArch gmail sent with two attachments. As I review what I sent you, I think I have a more complete on on another PC, will forward those also.
@KorvinStarmast coolio! I'll take a look.
@Rubiksmoose I think that would be a separate question citing the small specific questions answered by the data crunching and referencing the other posts that began the entire thread. "How should we use protect to do _____" insert whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. Then go on to define the success of _____. E.g. we are successfully doing X when we observe Y.
That might help to narrow the discussion considerably, and give a concrete goal and definition of success. Lacking those, people are free to insert their own and declare mission accomplished because they've found a large-ish naval vessel somewhere conceptually nearby.
@GcL Success is certainly a squishy idea here being that we largely get to define that ourselves. And people are likely going to disagree what that metric is.
@GcL I did put up an answer with some takeaways though.
@Rubiksmoose That might be something to start with then. If success or the goal is undefined, talking about how to get there seems moot.
@GcL Indeed. That will be the next step in a separate meta. This data was intended to help inform that discussion.
7:17 PM
I think the data answers a bunch of specific questions on the topic that you had. E.g. How many of the HNQs have been protected? What proportion of the HNQs have been protected?
I assumed those are two of the questions asked, because they seem useful and appear to be what the data is answering.
I applaud preemptively taking a stab at putting effort into what questions would be useful to have answered and answering them.
Oh while we are on the topic, we were thinking about taking action on the reprotection meta tomorrow (a week after it was posted) unless we get another answer or sign of shifting. So if you've been waiting to vote, now's a good time to do so.
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