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12:04 AM
Visual Novel Romance Collection for Black Trans Lives A bundle hosted by Truant Pixel, LLC. 14 games featuring romantic and queer content, including 10 Visual Novels, 1 Arcade Brawler, and 1 Shower Simulator! All proceeds benefit The Okra Project, a charity dedicated to combating food insecurity, and providing mental health services to Black trans folk.
Mr. Hands wrote a twitter thread of ad copy for each game in the bundle.
Upcoming Kickstarter (4 Aug): Wanderhome by Jay Dragon. A pastoral fantasy tabletop RPG about traveling animal-folk and the way they change with the seasons. Jay described the team here (twitter link).
@Someone_Evil howdy!
Just going to sauna so I'm not particularly responsive x)
It's 3:14 AM. Pi o clock.
12:41 AM
Q: Are there different planes of existence in Dragonlance?

Amethyst WizardThroughout editions, there has been the astral plane as well as other planes. Which planes are in the Dragonlance setting?

12:54 AM
S.P.L.A.T. has struck again, and has found the only thing more troublesome than polymorph
That thing: the party (specifically the idiot artificer in our group)
Some stuff happened today, that ended in insult and injury and ill-will and a lot of other stuff starting with i, but has proved being the diplomancer is a Bad Idea™
also major image: way OP
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2:19 AM
Q: Is there a "Shadowdark" or similar in the Shadowfell like how there's a Feydark in the Feywild?

NathanSThe Material Plane (or Prime Material Plane) has an underground realm known as the Underdark. There are planes in 5e that were introduced in 4e, the Feywild and the Shadowfell, that are reflections of the Material Plane. In the Feywild, there is a realm called the Feydark, which is a reflection o...

3:18 AM
@BardicWizard I hope this was all in-character, rather than out of character.
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4:25 AM
Jonaya Kemper wrote a twitter thread about the mythical norm and how media shapes our imaginations. (includes youtube links and reading recs for more info)
@JoelHarmon mostly... it’s not my fault that fire bolt spell hit his van window, and also not my fault that a third level spell completely scared away the combat encounter
But mostly it’s IC rivalry.
@BardicWizard Never try to roll intimidate vs. the DM.
I’m not the gm this time
What Is So Cool About Jam Hosted by Axes&Orcs. This is a jam to make hacks and things for Jared Sinclair's "What's So Cool About Outer Space."
Chillmage wrote a twitter thread about layout/design influences for Quest.
4:54 AM
Our game is me (shadow sorcerer), my best friend (swashbuckler rogue, only non-caster), the paladin, the GM, and the artificer. The artificer and I have never been friends (he’s easily angered, super arrogant, metagames, and doesn’t realize other people contribute too; I’m the most outspoken and experienced player in our group,{I’ve been playing for way longer than anyone else and GMing for almost as long}, and I often act as my character would instead of what’s optimal), even in other contexts.
And wow that took over 20 minutes to edit my rant into something that fits in the char limit
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7:11 AM
Q: A player rolls several 20-sided dice, takes the lowest value, ignores the rest. What is the probability of this value at least 7?

Ray AlezI'm designing a tabletop game, and I need to figure out how to calculate a few probabilities: Roll 3 20-sided dice, take the highest value. What is the probability of it being 7 or higher? 15 or higher? Roll 4 20-sided dice, take the highest value. What is the probability of it being 7 or higher...

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10:50 AM
Q: What is the proper CR for this homebrewed Souls-esque NPC?

GuidingOliveReturning for another year of a gothic horror adventure, I wanted to try my hand at creating a truly difficult encounter. Following on past my original npcs I opted to turn a certain Dark Souls boss into a DnD npc. However, my bravado got the better of me. And now I am forced to accept that I may...

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12:27 PM
@Rubiksmoose A piracy site to maybe blacklist: rpg.stackexchange.com/posts/171804/revisions
Q: MathJax guide for RPG.SE: How to format pretty tables and equations?

Someone_EvilFor a more exhaustive tutorial please see Math.SE's Mathjax quick reference which cover's many more things than this post does. This is trying to focus on the formatting which is typically needed here, which is a lot less than a maths site does. How do I format good-looking equations? How do I ...

@doppelgreener Made a note of it, so we can find it for an update
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1:55 PM
@ThomasMarkov Regarding the question on designer-reasons sources, some comments listed some but were deleted, presumably for answering the question
This included things like the Dragon Talk Podcast, the Sage Advice Compendium documents, the Twitter accounts of the designers, various places on YouTube, and using the WayBack Machine to find things like this
2:18 PM
@BardicWizard You get a higher character limit if you use a line break in chat.
@JoelHarmon really? wow
@Medix2 That's what I'm told.
Do people think changing "is this question wanted" to "is this question harmless" is a good change?
@Medix2 Yeah, but it breaks almost all markdown.
2:30 PM
@linksassin have those unprotected posts re-attracted spammers yet? If so has anyone written a query to track that?
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3:41 PM
Q: What in-universe reasons exist that explain why a druid can use metal weapons but not wear metal armour?

NathanSIn 5e, we are told that a druid shouldn't wear metal armour: Armor: Light armor, medium armor, shields (druids will not wear armor or use shields made of metal) I believe this was true in older editions of D&D as well; "druids will not wear armor or use shields made of metal". Certainly the bel...

Q: Is a question asking for a resource list of places to find developer commentary on the construction of 5e-dnd's rules on-topic and wanted?

Medix2We have the following relevant Meta Q&A which covers the topicality of asking for commentary on specific rules (they are currently considered off-topic): Are questions about rule intent on topic? However we now also have the following Mainsite question: Where can I find official commentaries b...

Q: What to do if seeking the answer to an existing question that's been closed because the system wasn't specified?

ZarHakkarA long while back, when I was first starting to get confident about asking questions on this site, I had a question I wanted to ask. However, I searched, and the question I wanted to ask already existed for quite some time, but it was [closed] because the querent had not specified the system even...

@HellSaint Now I wonder if there are any questions closed as duplicates of closed questions that are closed neither for being duplicates themselves nor for being off-topic
I'm sure one of our query magicians can find it out
There's probably a pre-existing one somewhere... to the net!
4:25 PM
Just found this: "[Stack users have] the uncanniest ability to ask the same exact question using zero words in common" and wow did that make me laugh
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5:44 PM
@Medix2 golf clap there's a t-shirt in there somewhere ...
5:59 PM
@JoelHarmon thanks
3 hours later…
8:36 PM
@nitsua60 I think I've had to use that trick when breaking an equation on a +, so I needed the align on the right side of the equation mark
8:57 PM
Q: Is there anything that either confirms or denies the possibility of a druid techsmith?

Obi1 Techsmiths are devoted to the development of new inventions and the progression of achievement in the name of the Wonderbringer. Followers of Gond believe in actions over words and results over intentions. They strive to hone their crafting abilities until they can create elegant and useful dev...

9:26 PM
@HotRPGQuestions First rule of techsmith druid circle, you don't talk about techsmith druid circle
9:48 PM
@Someone_Evil It's so funny how... fractal (La)TeX is. Every corner you turn, there's a hundred more branches to find =)
Dear heavens the new close-flag navigation is confusing
@nitsua60 Uh huh. Tex.se was also my gateway to this site, btw
10:07 PM
@BESW snortgiggles I like this
10:21 PM
A THOUSAND THOUSAND ISLANDS (patreon) by Centaur Games is a series of zines, designed for use in fantasy adventure tabletop RPGs. This project draws from the overlapping material cultures, lived stories, and mythistories of that region of the world variously called Indochina, Suvarnabhumi, and the Nusantara -- Southeast Asia.
Rogue Scroll by Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing a bare-bones adaptation of Swords Without Master crammed unto a single scroll. It has all the rules you need to create your Rogues and send them forth into adventure—without the looming presence of an Overplayer. You need only supply at least one other player, writing implements, two six-sided dice you can tell apart, and your imagination.
Lit Fires by Knit Nack is a dice-less GM-less game designed to be played solo or with friends. Pick a book, use it to make a character, and solve problems~ I have no idea what the title is supposed to mean.
Kazumi Chin wrote a twitter thread about how it is possible for us to replace the word game with experience, and how doing so allows me to better understand what it is that a lyric game hopes to accomplish.
Jay Dragon released a free playkit of Wanderhome in anticipation of its August 4th Kickstarter. 25 pages complete with everything you need to get started imagining the world of Hæth!
Speak the Sky is polling twitter about preferred Patreon products.
You are an Adventurer by Takuma Okada is a solo roleplaying game written for the Your Move Jam. You will go on quests that help you define who your adventurer is, and when the game is over you might even take them into another system.
11:05 PM
Hey @GcL sorry I missed your last message, it's been a crazy week for me. For reference, it is morning for me now :)
Morning all
Cindy Baldwin wrote a twitter thread on problematic disability tropes and the way those can feel to disabled people.
Ace Combat: Thunderbolt by Ajey Pandey is a hack of the BOLT RPG Engine, emulating the atmosphere and story beats of the Ace Combat arcade jet-fighter video game series—that is, a series of anime dramas about ace pilots told through melodramatic cutscenes and snappy in-flight radio transmissions.
Salit Salitaan! by Diwata ng Manila. Maaaring laruin gamit ang wikang tagalog, hiligaynon, bisaya, akeanon, at iba pa! Kahit magsalitang pranses pa, pwede rin, basta't sumang-ayon ang lahat! Ginawa ko ito para sa #WikaJam. Kung trip ko, papagandahin ko siya, someday.
11:25 PM
Anyone a fan of Drawfee on youtube?
They recently did a cross-over of Dark Souls and Hollow Knight. I really enjoyed it :D
Jeeyon Shim wrote a twitter thread about why time travel is such a compelling narrative genre in the context of their ongoing Wait for Me Kickstarter.
@BESW I'm actually writing a short(?) story about time travel with the exploration of "Self Identity"
I say shiort... but it's padding itself out very quickly haha
@Someone_Evil Was there a recent update that I missed or is this just the thing we've had for a bit?
@Rubiksmoose I think it's from whenever the reasons changed (which is a while ago)
I noticed because I encountered a MSE question which should've been on the specific site's meta
So to flag I had to choose "needs improvement" and then "community specific reason" to find the correct "off-topic" reason. You don't know that's where it's hidden, you ain't finding it on your own at any reasonable pace.
11:33 PM
Phew. Glad things aren't changing again!
But yes I fully agree it is confusing.
I think I'll be a lot more understanding of custom flags for that kind of stuff. Because I sure was tempted to use that option, knowing first-hand why I shouldn't
@Ben oh that looks interesting
Maybe it's just the mood I'm in, but is there a succinct reason for the new flag wordings? Because if you're flagging something it's because you think something should be done with it and so showing you what action you're flagging for should be more important than how you would usefully explain that to the asker
@Ben you might even say,... it starts off really Neat-o
11:51 PM
@trogdor 🤣
I actually really liked that one, it was done really well
I am yet to play Hollow Knight. I've always wanted to but never decided to get it. But this basically tipped me over the edge. So I'll be getting it this week I reckon haha
Hollow Knight is really good
I haven't played any Dark Souls games but I have watched people play them
in fact I think I've watched playthroughs of all of them except Demons Souls?
@trogdor You've played Salt and Sanctuary, it's basically a Dark Souls game.
maybe but like
does it really count?
@trogdor Depends what you mean by "count", I guess.
@trogdor Demon's Souls is probably about as different, I'd say? The fundamental mechanics are similar, but the world you're in is very different. Built differently, functions differently...
@Miniman you seen Mortal Shell yet?
11:57 PM
@Miniman I assume some like yourself will say it does, and others will not
@Ben Heard a lot about it lately, haven't looked into it at all.
At this point the demo is very limited, but it looks interesting.

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