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12:36 AM
So we've had session 0 for a new Star Wars game (based on PF)
D20 system
1:05 AM
how'd it go?
what's the feel of the game?
So far we've only got the characters down, haven't done any gameplay yet
But we've got a good balance for the party. We've got a techy-repair droid, our "People" person (bureaucrat/scoundrel), A jedi, and my character is a mix between Han Solo Jango/Boba Fett, with some minor force abilities
To whom it may concern: I just found out the blurb for the new D&D book very strongly implies it has more content than it actually does.
> Select one of the new races for your character—such mythic peoples as the leonin or a satyr.
Those are the only two new races in the book.
> New subclasses include the Bard’s College of Eloquence, masters of oratory; and the Paladin’s Oath of Glory, an affirmation of destiny laid out for you by divine providence.
Those are the only two new subclasses in the book.
1:44 AM
hey there @linksassin
@Shalvenay G'day, how's it going?
@linksassin would be better if the A/C wasn't on the fritz, but otherwise mostly OK
as to you?
I'm alright. Busy with work. Worked 9am-3am on monday due to an overdue report but otherwise ok.
2:03 AM
oof. did you manage to get some rest afterward?
@V2Blast 3 hours sleep. I'm slowly recovering. I figure it's been keeping me up stressing about it anyway so it's not too much of a loss.
@V2Blast I see the edit train has begun XD
@Medix2 Hmm?
yeah, I take a look at some of the questions that appear in chat and tinker with em :P
@V2Blast Just the time of day where all the "active" questions are V2 edits
2:12 AM
Edits that I sincerely appreciate and am learning from
What I don't understand is how you do them so quickly. It takes me 3-4 minutes to edit a post with links and formatting and you seem to be able to do it in seconds.
@Miniman Yeah, they had this issue with the marketing even a while back. Some people were confused by it saying something like "new character options, including the College of Eloquence for the bard and the Oath of Glory for the paladin", but Crawford had then tweeted that those were the only new subclasses (no reprints of others, either).
@linksassin Haha. Most stuff in DDB I've looked up already, and the formatting is easy cause I use the built-in keyboard shortcuts
(Ctrl+L for links, Ctrl+U for bulleted lists, Ctrl+O for numbered lists. Ctrl+I and Ctrl+B are obvious :P)
@V2Blast Seems like a great opportunity to fix the misleading wording.
@linksassin The secret of repetition is that you get both more accurate and speedier
@Miniman ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2:15 AM
@V2Blast Yeah, I know.
@V2Blast Hmmm weird, for me crtl+L is hyperlink
@Medix2 that's what I meant by "links"...
@V2Blast Oh that actually makes it use the [text][1] [1]:link format, welp, I just assume it did in-line [text](link). Time to use this from now on
@Medix2 Yep! I think I mentioned that in response to someone (maybe @Himitsu_no_Yami ?) asking why I (sometimes) switched links from that second format to that first format. Basically that it was easier for me to add relevant links using Ctrl+L, and then it felt weird to have just one link (i.e. one that was already in the post, inline in that second format) in a different format, so I'd change it for consistency.
I was once doing the inline links manually, when I first came from reddit - before Reddit ever had a WYSIWYG editor (or a redesign) - so my old answers probably use that second format. but since I discovered the shortcuts, it's been so much easier
@Miniman Is this like, 6e or something?
2:22 AM
@Ben No, just their latest supplement.
@V2Blast You do edits in the WYSIWYG editor? That might explain the difference. Plus shortcuts. I do everything manually in RAW markdwon
@linksassin I can't imagine doing it all manually nowadays. So much extra typing :P
@linksassin What's the WYSIWYG editor?
@linksassin To clarify, reddit's redesign has a WYSIWYG editor. I don't think SE's editor qualifies as one, though there's a live preview below it
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get
2:25 AM
@V2Blast Yeah but what's the editor format/style/thing?
@Medix2 what do you mean?
it's rich text, basically
I think that's its technical name: the Rich Text Editor
@V2Blast Oh oh, I think the WYSIWYG thing was about Reddit not Stack, think I just mixed it up
@Medix2 yeah, I edited to clarify after linksassin asked the initial question
@V2Blast :thumbs up:
I did google to confirm the names and Google suggested this snippet from a result:
> So typing Markdown is almost always faster than writing with a rich text editor, especially when you start getting into things like links or bulleted lists, which either make you use the mouse or force you to memorize a complicated sequence of keyboard shortcuts.
which made me laugh because even though SE doesn't have a rich text editor only, the keyboard shortcuts are way faster for me :P
2:36 AM
@Miniman So is this the Theros book? Is it coming out soon/recently released? (I don't even know what they've published at this point.)
@nitsua60 Yes, sort of (released on DNDBeyond, physical release delayed), and fair enough.
(Wee Youth Sing In Wonderful Yodeling Group)
@Miniman Ooh, on DNDBeyond I can go to "sources" and see that's been released. That's nicer than searching amazon for "Wizards of the Coast" as an author and trying to suss it out....
Or, yanno, paying attention.
@nitsua60 Ooooh, you can see the table of contents. Not that's how you should advertise.
2:52 AM
@Miniman Which makes the marketing a liiiiiittle more palatable. Given that the book contains centaur/leonin/satyr/triton/minotaur, you could buy it and not be too shafted if you didn't already have three of those races from other sources.
Ugh... I bet that "nautical adventures" bit is lifted from Saltmarsh, too =(
I do remember liking a bunch of the monster-work, but being disappointed in the hoplites.
@Miniman Yes, you can actually do this for any book on DDB. Though the level of detail of the overall table of contents may vary by book. (E.g. SCAG's table of contents is fairly generic and doesn't tell you about any of the included subclasses, subraces, or spells - just the first half of the backgrounds. Xanathar's has a much more detailed table of contents, showing a level of subheadings below each section heading.)
(also I assume you meant "now", not "not")
@nitsua60 nah, it's just a few sections of adventure hooks/ideas. there's a sidebar that touches on how detailed you want ship mechanics to get, suggesting you don't need to get too detailed by default but directs readers to GoS for more nuanced rules
> That said, if you’d like to add nuance to your nautical adventures in Theros, the book Ghosts of Saltmarsh provides more information on ships, hazards, and environments at sea as well as tables for use with nautical encounters, mysterious islands, and other marine features. The galley presented in that book might also make a fine vessel for your adventures—once your players give it a name worthy of their legend, that is.
anyway, there's a table of 10 one-sentence ideas for adventure goals for adventures at sea, a paragraph on how to involve recurring NPCs in a campaign that keeps changing location, another table of 10 kinds of mystical island environments they might come across, a table of 10 sorts of inhabitants they might find there, magical properties the islands might have, and a table of 12 underwater adventure plots
(the tables are mostly pretty generic concepts)
3:10 AM
@V2Blast That's good. Or bad. I'm not quite sure.
D&D Beyond also offers any images that are "top-level" for viewing/download without an account or purchase or anything, so for example anyone can go to Dragon Heist and get the big maps of Waterdeep.
Or, apparently, the maps of Theros
6 hours later…
9:01 AM
Q: Can a Centaur wear and benefit from magical boots, slippers and other non-horseshoes?

Gael LIt seems agreed upon that Centaur player characters (from Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica & Mythic Odysseys of Theros) can wear, and benefit from, magical horseshoes (of speed/of a zephyr). But what about other types of footwear: slippers of Spider Climbing, boots of speed, etc? Could a Centaur p...

2 hours later…
10:42 AM
@PeterCooperJr. oh yeah, I forgot that they started linking (some of) the maps from the TOC now. All their images are accessible without being logged in if you have the URL
2 hours later…
12:39 PM
every time someone links OotS, I go down a rabbit hole. and this particular one paid off: "The proper term is 'Smite Evil', not 'Bump Uglies'"
1:29 PM
Would it be a decent question to ask for a comparison of races between two sources? It seems super straightforward and almost a "just read the book" scenario but I don't own one of the books and I'm curious how things might have changed
Which races and sources?
That reminds me, I'll go update our official options posts with the MOoT things
ah it appears I was mistaken about it anyway. I was going to ask about Centaur versions in the Ravnica and Theros books for D&D 5E, but it appears the Theros book doesn't even have a Centaur race
according to the DnDBeyond marketplace, at least
No, it does. It's the exact same one
does it also include Minotaurs?
I'm assuming if it does it's the same situation
since again, I don't see it as a purchase option on DDB
Which do you see listed here?
1:33 PM
Everything. NautArch's campaign must own it on DDB
but when I go to the marketplace, the only individual purchase options for races are Satyr and Leonin
I think DDB lets you see the entire ToC without owning the content
@G.Moylan I assume they don't introduce new indiv purchase options because they are the same content. Does GGR have an indiv option for Goblins?
I see the TOC but if I click through I'm taken to the sourcebook page: dndbeyond.com/marketplace/sourcebooks/…
I own that so I can't verify
What's odd to me, is I own the Eberron Wayfinder's guide, but when I look at the new Eberron book, if I own a component it says "view" or something like that next to it, indicating that I already own that part.
(^ after i click on anything in the table of contents)
@doppelgreener The maps work, though.
1:40 PM
@MarkWells that they do
I'm in the shared campaign on DDB that Nautarch hosts, and someone in that group owns the book, so I have access to the whole thing currently. But I don't own it myself, and can't share it with players in my games, so it still shows up in the marketplace for me
I had forgotten I was in that campaign, honestly
that explains it. New filtering settings
Well now I see reason to not number link things
this just looks awful to edit, instead of just adding (TEXT)[MOoT] [MOoT]: link
yeah it makes it easier to shorthand links
specifically in massive posts like that :P
@Medix2 Ctrl+L
@Someone_Evil Really? It looks like every single link was edited
1:53 PM
@Medix2 It automatically renumbers the other links
@Someone_Evil 0_0
Well this is wonderful news
Why is MOoT legal in AL but not GGR?
Oh, did I muck something up?
that post indicates that players wanting to use Tritons can use MOoT as their +1
for AL
but I don't see the GGR races listed
GGR is listed on goblin, no?
1:57 PM
ah so it is. Not linked, but it's there.
interesting. So why aren't the book-specific races like Minotaurs allowed in AL?
but variants of otherwise defined races are?
@G.Moylan Because AL doesn't allow you to use GGR as +1
@G.Moylan They aren't variants, they are reprints
AH reprints clears it up
that makes sense
(With the possible exception of tritons which now have darkvision unless you are looking at a physical copy of Volo's.)
have they issued an errata for Volo?
according to DDB it seems they have officially been erratad to hav eDV now
when I pull them up through the Volo book it says they have DV
Last (published) errata says 2017 and does not contain darkvision for tritons
2:03 PM
interesting. DDB shows they have it, specifically on the vgtm page
2:31 PM
Hey all. I'm curious: does anybody here have any experience with the RPG Glitch either in released form or Kickstarter?
not I, Mr. Moose
@BESW Thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was yodeling hobbits
@nitsua60 Are those the Hoplites we fought in your one shot?
@V2Blast but if you are 19, some of them might be quite useful. :-)
@G.Moylan Alas. It looks awesome, but I'd be curious to hear from someone who has played it. Especially if I understand their tastes as I do many people in here :)
2:48 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica did you message me?
Stack App notified me but no orange number circle here
Yeah, I erroneously skipped over the mention of Demon regarding the God-Machine, and wanted to bring up that.
Sorry about that.
Thus the 'misread'.
Any stackizen interested in full access to dndbeyond materials is welcome to join this campaign.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica ah ok, I wrote that edit from memory, so if there is anything else to add please feel free to. I think it's 95% there as a good answer. I'm still a little confused over 1e and 2e, as well as 20th and 5th anniversary editions, but that's probably my own comprehension rather than an issue with the text itself
In other news, I can finally read my pre-ordered copy of Mythic Odysseys of Theros and I'm loving it. Especially the underworld stuff. It reminds me of Geist: Sin Eaters.
3:04 PM
@AncientSwordRage My familiarity dwindles as CoD goes on. While I did read 1e core mechanics thoroughly back when they were new, I forgot a lot, and I am not up to date with 2e mechanics and lore aside from minimal second-hand accounts. I know G-M became officially part of the wider setting in 2e, but not much detail. I do know this was met with some dislike in the fandom.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica my understanding was it went oWoD →(breaking change)→ nWoD (some of the splats) → God-Machine Chronicles → nWoD becomes CoD 1e→ CoD becomes 2e
As for the mechanics, I thought very little changed between 1e CoD and 2e? I much much preferred nWoD over oWoD and likewise for CoD
@AncientSwordRage I'm not sure what you're trying to convey. The name change is on the official side, but 'nWoD' was never an official name.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica was it not?
Therein lies my confusion
3:07 PM
The original CoD book has just 'World of Darkness' on it.
'New' was fan-speak, and I edited that into the answer right after your edit for clarity.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica that's true, and I have that book but I always think of it as nWoD to distinguish it from the old version
Also, 'World of Darkness' is not the same book as 'A World of Darkness' (which is an oWoD book).
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica 🤯
I never picked up on that subtly
AWoD is a semi-obscure book that details a few locations within WoD, and IIRC focuses more on vampires.
So... I feel like I may need to make a timeline/flowchart of the editions to help clear it up in my head
3:12 PM
I wanted to make one as the question requested, but I don't think I'm up to the task.
As you can see, the whole matter is rather tangled.
Also in a way I wonder if the answer gradually expanded beyond the scope of the original question, going into some very specific distinctions.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I think it has expanded, but it's still useful
Why would useful clarifications be erased . . .
3:25 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica maybe @jadasc knows better?
@AncientSwordRage If so, the deletion came with no comment that would convey the knowledge. Maybe because of awkward phrasing? I added the AWoD disambiguation and rephrased the top bit to look (hopefully) more appropriate.
Do you want to flag the resolved comments as NLN or should I just move the whole thing to a chat room (it's getting rather long)?
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica a comment would have been helpful
Good edit @vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica
Shall I superping Jadasc? From what I remember, they're not big on chat, but it seems the easiest way to hash out any editorial differences
@Someone_Evil ? Is what directed at the WoD question?
3:41 PM
@AncientSwordRage That was the intent, yes. I ask because there are too many fiddly bits in a system I'm not familiar with, so I don't want to remove things that shouldn't be, nor bother preserving things that have been dealt with (not that there's much cost to there being a chat room)
Purging all of them is also an option if they're all dealt with to the extend they will be
@Someone_Evil @vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica what do you think?
@Someone_Evil Probably either delete resolved ones or leave them along. Don't think a dedicated chat will help matters.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica it looks like all comments are resolved?
(My impression is that dedicated chats just hide a slow discussion like what's going on with WoD/CoD over the week; they're nice for long fast-paced ones though.)
@AncientSwordRage This and some lower Hunter comments may be worth keeping.
Mostly because they seem to hold useful additions, but I'm not sure how to integrate them smoothly.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica true, I saw them mentioned but didn't grok that point hadn't been explicitly addressed
3:56 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yes. Though the ones you fought I had modified. In order to make them hoplites rather than just "guards with spears."
1 hour later…
4:58 PM
Finally picking back up my ToA campaign after life got in the way for a couple weeks. Realized our barbarian hadn't raged the entire fight
we left off mid encounter
There are various badges that say you must "maintain a positive question record"; does that mean that if the record stops being maintained you basically go back to square one?
since it's been so long and he probably won't realize it, I decided to change up the encounter a bit since it was so unfair (16 CR 1/8 enemies vs 4 level 1 characters, of which none have any healing and only two have range)
I healed my player's characters up a bit and killed off another enemy
5:20 PM
Q: How is a "positive question record" calculated?

TravisFor the badges Curious, Inquisitive, and Socratic, you need to ask varying numbers of well-received questions on different days. You also need to maintain a "positive question record" On Stack Overflow, I have enough well received questions for the Curious badge, and am almost there on Math SE....

@Someone_Evil Oh it seems... yeah that didn't help me but I thinks that's just me
Or maybe it's just that the positive question record is a completely separate thing having nothing to do with the 5/30/100 days
Ah yeah, that seems to be the case, good to know
@Someone_Evil Is there a way to see my question record score?
5:36 PM
@Medix2 It includes deleted questions, so not easily
@Medix2 There's probably an SEDE query hanging around somewhere...
You'll need to change the site and provide your user ID.
Easiest place to find that (if you don't know it off the top of your head) is by looking at the URL of your profile page.
That didn't give me a score I think? Unless "N" is the score?
Should be--it's counting your days of progress toward the badge cutoff.
(5, 30, 100)
@nitsua60 I keep forgetting that exists.
Alternatively, you can just use the little "track my next badge" feature on your profile page to do the same thing.
5:47 PM
I can see my days of progress but not my current question score
Right. That's what the badges are based off of.
I guess I'm not following what you mean by score?
As in, I want to know the question score which equals (total questions - negative questions - closed - deleted)/total questions
If that number is above (or equal to) 0.5 then you count as having a positive question record; I'm wondering how close I am to not having a positive question record
The score is (total questions - negative questions - closed - deleted)/total questions according to the linked meta. You could probably get that out of the data site.
I don't think SEDE does deleted content does it?
Ahhh, sorry.
^^ gets you close. But it's not seeing deleted, so if those are a significant proportion of your contributions... then I just don't want to know you, man =)
5:50 PM
@nitsua60 Oh sweet! Works good enough, thanks!
@Someone_Evil There's a deleted date as a column in the posts table, so I assume you can get info about deleted posts.
OMG I'm hoi polloi now, I can't see my own deleted questions!
@GcL I suspect it might only get the recent ones?
@nitsua60 Just the recent ones or ones you've bookmarked XD
I'm just guessing, though.
@nitsua60 I don't know why it would only get the recent ones. Deleted posts are still visible for some, so I assume the entries in the tables are still around.
5:53 PM
@GcL Just that only the last 60 days' deleted questions are visible to a user through their own profile, so I suspected that there must be a permission somewhere, and maybe SEDE's also respecting that?
Dunno. Do you know a user that has a deleted post older than 60 days?
I will say, @Someone_Evil @linksassin, I do miss the diamond menu. Now I have to get to meta through the front door hamburger menu, like everyone else. And I don't even get a one-click preview of the questions!
@GcL I mean, me.
@nitsua60 What sort of food did it have?
That works. I think I used your userId for the last round of garbage TSQL I hacked together.
@Medix2 visible notification of new meta posts =)
5:56 PM
@nitsua60 question preview seems like a quality of life improvement.
@nitsua60 Also seems like a QoL improvement.
@nitsua60 at least you can go through the front door, the bouncer won't even let me in most of the time
If you miss them, and they were good, you might recommend they be rolled out as improvements available to all.
@GcL Yeah I'm wondering why those are mod-exclusive...
Likely a result of how they got developed in the first place. Some people wanted something to help them do a specific thing. Sometimes those turn out to be generally nice.
@GcL There's a userscript for it...
Q: Allow me to get notifications for new Meta posts, like mods do

UndoI'm currently helping out on a beta site. One of the most valuable things on new beta sites, especially private/early public betas, is Meta participation - see this mod newsletter: Treat Meta Questions Like Gold It’s not unusual for your meta site to receive significantly less traffic than the m...

Upvote this ^^ =D
5:59 PM
@nitsua60 Something different from just having a "newest" tab open? Oh wait... that would only track questions and not answers... hmmm there really isn't a way to track "newests posts" is there :( Custom filter? Is that a thing?
I already waded into meta once today. I don't have enough hot water nor soap to go in for another dip.
Take a look at the accepted answer--it's a cobbled-together hack of what all moderators get.
And it's not for meta.se--gah, I wouldn't want that. It's for the per-site meta.
@nitsua60 Does that userscript only notify new questions and not answers, if so isn't that like having "newest" open in a tab?
@Medix2 I suspect only new questions. And yes, it's like that. But not another tab taking up my top-estate =)
Also, it hews to the workflow and scanning habits I've developed these three years.
@nitsua60 I have multiple desktops with various tabs and windows, all sorted/organized of course
@nitsua60 Time to google "hews"... (conform or adhere to)
6:03 PM
@nitsua60 you can't talk about "another tab" until you have this on the regular lol (pic incoming)
I like how on mobile (for Google at least) instead of saying the number of tabs you have open, upon reaching 100+ it's just a smiley face
@Medix2 I love that too lol
@nitsua60 You will be happy to know that I took that idea that you had (heavily armored, mine had breast plate and shields) and applied it to some NPCs (Veterans, think?) a few months later; I ended up with a squad of 11 blind Hoplytes who served a medusa. They rather vexed the party during one particular battle. I gave them 20' blind sense IIRC. I'll send you the stats when I get to that PC, see how it compares to what you threw at us.
@KorvinStarmast noice
@nitsua60 done
@nitsua60 @JoelHarmon liked my typo witty neologism so much that I chose not to revise it. "coolaborative"
6:15 PM
one of my screens has so many tabs on it that it literally can't fit anymore, if I try, they go off to the side and can't be clicked on until I close another one
@nitsua60 Maybe I can't find any posts with a DeletionDate. Just running a query for posts where the DeletionDate IS NOT NULL doesn't turn up anything.
@nitsua60 do you know the Id of a post that was deleted?
Figured it out. The deleted posts get moved to their own table: PostsWithDeleted
6:33 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami Have you considered declaring "tab bankruptcy"? or using a tab manager/saver like OneTab?
7:03 PM
Q: Are the instructions given in the "Planar Binding" spell part of the casting time, or can instructions be amended during the spell duration?

MetaDndThe Planar Binding spell is a 5th level abjuration with verbal, somatic and material components and a casting time of 1 hour that allows the target a Charisma saving throw. If the target fails the save, it "must follow your instructions to the best of its ability". Are the instructions specified...

7:51 PM
Q: Would it be balanced to increase the Spell Level of Hypnotic Pattern?

Mars PlasticTo me, Hypnotic Pattern seems quite strong for a 3rd Level Spell. The main reason I think so is that it can affect a huge number of targets, and a creature that fails the saving throw will not get another chance and may very well be taken out of the picture for almost the entire combat encounter....

8:38 PM
Is there a post on how meta policies/rules/guidelines posts work? Like when a question has multiple competing answers is the highest scoring one just taken as the one to be implemented?
Generally yes? What else is supposed to happen?
If there's a clear community consensus by community voting generally the top one is the current policy
@Someone_Evil I think it's just a bit... Unclear? Odd? I suppose it just means the system favors new questions over new answers to old questions
@Medix2 for sure. Versioning is a major weakness of the stack system as a whole and Meta policy posts are definitely affected.
Is there a particular question that is weighing on your mind? I'm not sure we've had any major Meta recently that have been unclear.
8:54 PM
Nah I think I'm just thinking about "what is Meta" and realizing that it having the same structure has Main is... Less than ideal
Must definitely a case of square peg, round hole.
@KorvinStarmast Approved!
Pretty sure BESW had multiple rants about this as well :)
9:11 PM
@Rubiksmoose Pretty sure he lamented previous rants. We also need a rant versioning system.
Dependency tree of rants. A treerant is a CR9 plant post with the ability to animate related rants 1/day and cast wall of text at will.
@JoelHarmon That's the kind of GM I like to play with. :-)
9:30 PM
Done and done :)
9:45 PM
@Medix2 That sounds like a question for meta meta.
@Rubiksmoose If anything I'd say it was this question just since it's unclear to what it really is, especially since whichever answer gets accepted doesn't really mean anything, it's just whichever gets the most votes I guess?
Actually not most votes, highest score*
10:05 PM
@Medix2 Huh... my tag edits haven't been reverted. Flying under the radar. Just like in Airwolf.
@GcL sounds like you've been lucky ;-) I've seen many edits get reverted for guessing and lots of them are from the community.
@Rubiksmoose or could be good. I'd rather be lucky than good, but I'll take either.
@Rubiksmoose I kinda wish we'd stop calling them guesses and just call them edits. Since guesses implies there's a "absolutely sure non-guess" option imo
@Medix2 That's why my edits were. Sure-fire helicopter-to-helicopter guided edits.
That's very fair. The term stuck pretty hard
10:11 PM
@Rubiksmoose Oh yeah I can imagine and changing terms is always shockingly difficult
@Medix2 well we've been operating as a site under the first policy. And the most recent Meta confirmed that. But yeah that is a bit confusing having those two answers be so close in voting and (as you say) the checkmark not meaning anything here.
@Medix2 and there's nothing really pithy and specific that seems to work as shorthand
@Rubiksmoose This one is pretty succinct.
@Rubiksmoose "tagging"
"don't tag the system!"*
*of questions you did not post
@Rubiksmoose Actually, probably work forward-linking that older one? (Putting a line at the top saying "this is an older discussion supplanted/augmented by [new one]" and then an <hr>.)
10:15 PM
*unless the querent mentioned it explicitly in a comment or chat
@nitsua60 I think that might be good
10:39 PM
I wonder how much of that problem is the fact that so many of our questions only have that tiny, near invisible tag as the explicit indicator of game system. I mean we even edit it out of titles. If only we had some way of telling posters this before they post it... (self promotional, I know)
@Someone_Evil I often wonder whether coloring system tags and/or making them always be listed first would do anything, though IIRC both have been requested
Listed first is definitely not a problem for the most common culprit tag
@Someone_Evil Yeah... That's a good point actually
That might help against the related other problem of D&D 5e answers to non-D&D 5e questions though
Oh maybe it is already just always listed first, could've sworn I'd seen questions where that wasn't the case
Maybe they're by number of posts with the tag, hmmm
10:51 PM
Tags are listed most common first, so 5e usually comes first, though the 3.5e tag comes after [spells] if they're both on
this question seems to be an exception? There are more questions than
I'm kinda surprised there isn't a tag colour thing in the site seeing as SO has language tags which seems like the thing you want to highlight, but maybe they never had much of a problem with it
@Medix2 I think there's a caching thing going on
Possibly due to synonyms
There's no way to see whether a question has been posted with the synonym of the tag, is there?
Well at least TIL they're sorted by use (time to wonder whether deleted posts count)
@Someone_Evil The site seems to say has no synonyms
I assume synonyms because a number of questions from the D&D Next period has the 5e tag not first
@Medix2 has two
10:58 PM
@Someone_Evil Ah so perhaps the tag-sorted only checks things actually tagged with interesting
Well, (assuming hypothesis is true) that question was posted with a tag which had fewer questions than HoG and has since been synned into
11:13 PM
[amused] There are more than 300 questions, but only one of them is visible to me because of my ignored tags. And that one is closed because it doesn't have a system tag.

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