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12:16 AM
Q: Can I Quicken a cantrip to cast it twice in a turn and also use Twinned Spell on both castings?

GreenHatI'm currently building a monk sorcerer who uses melee spell attacks, notably the cantrip Shocking Grasp. Can I use the Quickened Spell Metamagic option to cast the spell as a bonus action and then use the Twinned Spell Metamagic option to attack an additional enemy, then use Shocking Grasp again ...

@nitsua60 I was wondering how long that would take you.
12:33 AM
@linksassin I get startled when I realize I'm in a room where I'm not an RO!
12:51 AM
@KorvinStarmast I've never understood No DMs.
1:26 AM
hey there @linksassin, how're things going?
1:52 AM
Q: How does the phoenix’s Fire Form work?

AttonwizardThe phoenix from MToF has an ability called “Fire Form”, which states: Fire Form. The phoenix can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide without squeezing. Any creature that touches the phoenix or hits it with a melee attack while within 5 feet of it takes 5 (1d10) fire damage. In addi...

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@Shalvenay Been a lot better. Just had to take my dog to the vet. She's been off food for a few days and did a very gross vomit. Vet hasn't found anything majorly wrong with her but have to get x-rays and a lot of tests done to be sure.
3:38 AM
@linksassin ouch. things are still plodding along here. hopefully the AC serviceperson gets out this way soon
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Q: What are the 5E origins of the Mind Flayers?

king of panesThe 3rd Edition D&D sourcebook Lords of Madness says the illithid species originated in the distant future and somehow traveled to the distant past to avoid extinction. A trilogy of 2nd Edition modules says they came from another plane known as Penumbra without the time travel. Has the origin of ...

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8:34 AM
Q: In Adventurers League, can you change Full Plate armour into Half Plate?

john boydPlaying in AL my barbarian has acquired a set of adamantine full plate armour. As this prevents him from his rage benefits, I was wondering if I could simply use it as adamantine half plate, using the half plate stats? From the Player's Handbook: Plate armour: Plate consists of shaped, inter...

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9:39 AM
> Keranos inspires eight mortals with eight ingenious ways to destroy the world...and a duplicitous goat all set forth to enact their terrible brilliance.
10:10 AM
Q: Does adding the system tag to this question violate the "never guess the system" policy?

NathanSThis question: Would Zorquan be a Unity domain patron? As I said in a comment, given that the question includes "2e Forgotten Realms" (provided for background context for lore purposes) and "we're playing a fairly by-the-book 5e campaign.", isn't this confirmation of D&D 5e? Can we not just add ...

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Is this an appropriate question? Where can I get a free version of Eberron's Magewrights, to apply to other campaign settings?
I have been watching a Todd Talks on YouTube which mentions they may be in one of the unearthed arcana articles, but I haven't found it yet. I also don't want to buy the whole sourcebook just for the magewright part.
For main, no. That would fall under shopping as far as I can see
At the same time I don't want links or advice to pirate stuff
@Someone_Evil does that cover free content?
Something like this:
Q: Has there been a Kraken patron for the Warlock class in Unearthed Arcana?

NathanSRecently, this Unearthed Arcana article was released, which includes a new archetype for the Warlock class: the Lurker in the Deep patron. It's pretty obviously geared towards having a Kraken as a patron (with a bit of wiggle room to allow other patrons such as an Aboleth or Water Elementals, but...

Ah, "is there a X thing among Y published category?" is much more workable than "where can I get X piece of content for free?"
Yeah my bad in the phrasing
You could also join naut's DDB campaign to get access to the eberron stuff (see starboard)
11:38 AM
@Someone_Evil ohh good point.
I've asked it, but if I get no answers I'll checkout the campaign
Do you have the episode and timestamp of the mention by any chance?
@Someone_Evil I can get one
12:16 PM
I went back to relisten and I can't find any mention except that the artificer was in a ua at one point.
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@AncientSwordRage Keith Baker's website has some content about magewrights.
I use them as a professional class of NPCs. I like to illustrate the difference between the heroes and the mundane magewrights by describing how interminably long it takes them to cast what is a cantrip or equivalent for the player characters. I also use the extensive kit of equipment required for them to work magic to contrast with the players pouch of components or spell focus.
@GcL thanks for pointing me to that resource
Were you looking for some game mechanical description of them?
@GcL yes
Lemme run downstairs. My recollection is that you're not going to find that. What game mechanical aspects of them were you interested in?
@GcL the link you shared is really good tbh
I wanted to k ow if there was a template or guidance on making them. The ideas for what spells each profession might have in the link goes a long way towards it.
1:37 PM
From a brief glance, that's much of the same as in the books
howdy howdy
@AncientSwordRage E:RftLW has that, but it's mostly a CR0 NPC block to which you add the details described in that Baker article above
@AncientSwordRage I'll be damned. They did make a generic magewright npc for 5e.
@Someone_Evil ah ok
@GcL YOu making deals with the devil again?
1:39 PM
@GcL Do I need to cast bless?
@NautArch No. That a-hole won't accept my pull requests anymore. Apparently "hacking the gibson" is not sufficient justification for all the changes I propose.
Also, I refuse to go to L.A.
@GcL same.
but i'm from Northern California.
Should this question be closed as a duplicate?
@AncientSwordRage I use them in guilds of professionals and they cast spells that are entirely different than those available to the players... and way less useful in combat. Want to erect a wooden scaffolding? There's a magewright spell for that and it takes an entire day to cast. Want to enchant pipes against corrosion and rust? There's a magewright for that... it takes a day of preparation, a day to cast, and a day to have certified.
@Medix2 i'd say yes
1:44 PM
Also, they do stuff in my Eberron like make minor magical weapons (+0) but with some valuable effect like never rusting or not needing to be sharpened or making a distinct noise when waved above head. Stuff that regular soldiers and captains would find useful.
That allows me to have a lot of magic weapons in the game without mucking about with the balance issues of adding pluses everywhere.
@NautArch It was reopened after it was closed...
@Medix2 I wonder why NathanS reopened it after they closed it.
i can't see anything that's different
@NautArch The question that V2 points to seems to be worded poorly. At first read it implies using two weapons in the same Extra Attack.
Essentially, "Can I attack with more than one weapon using Attack?"
So yeah.. I'd leave it un-duplicated.
Wait, but that's literally exactly what both questions are asking?
Of note: the answers are basically identical
One is clearly asking about using two different weapons for different attacks, the other seems to ask can I use more than one weapon at the same time.
@Medix2 Identical answers don't mean the question is the same. What's the difference between 11 and 9? What's the difference between 4 and 6?
1:49 PM
@GcL Yes I know that, but the questions are asking the same thing as well, no?
Answers being identical doesn't make it a dupe, but the questions do seem to be the same: Can I use two different weapons as part of my Attack action with extra attack.
The specific case may be slightly different, but the question itself is identical
@GcL There's a difference there?
@Medix2 Can I attack using two weapons with my attack? vs. Can I attack with two different weapons using two different attacks?
@GcL That first one doesn't exist? They both mention Extra Attack so wouldn't the first one have to be asking about four weapons?
I'm not seeing either question as asking whether you can make two simultaneous attack rolls
To me, "couldn't I throw the axe and attack with the sword as part of the same extra attack action?" this is asking about using an axe and a sword as part of a single extra attack.
1:52 PM
@GcL Which is two attacks, as in, Extra Attack is two attacks
@Medix2 Okay. It sounds like the question is asking about one.
Though if it meant to ask that I'd say it's quite unclear that they asked that
Ah well, I'll just let it sit open, it's old and I probably shouldn't care about old dupes
2:19 PM
Coffee time
Always... until beer O'clock and Not A Bar
@GcL I don't drink alcohol, so it's always coffee time
@AncientSwordRage o/ fellow teetotaler
AKA Thats my secret, I'm always caffineated
@NautArch \oo//
I realise the irony of doing that as 'Zaphod'
sound issues. someone ping me please
2:33 PM
@goodguy5 ping
how the heck did that happen
@goodguy5 shrug
One ping only? Were you were being tailed by a nuclear-powered attack submarine while sounding like a undersea geological anomaly?
well, switching back and forth between audio options fixed it I guess
Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
2:37 PM
@GcL crazy ivan?
@goodguy5 basically isn't the same as a full restart of the computer.
I had already restarted twice trying to get twitch to work before I just uninstalled/reinstalled
check your device manager?
any firmware updates out there?
Speak to your systems administrator?
eh, it's working now, whatever
2:39 PM
@NautArch bottom half of the hour...
@nitsua60 have you watched any of the new jack ryan show on amazon (not to be confused with new jack city)
No. And, yes, that would be confusing.
@nitsua60 I really liked the first season. Second season I felt he was a bit over-coiffed.
but they're mindless fun.
which is what i'm generally looking for right now.
and why my wife and I started escaping to Cheers (seriously, it's a good show. BUt you do have to kinda move past the really really inappopriate work behavior.)
Woody: What's going on, Naut?
Naut: Let's talk about what's going *in* Naut.
2:48 PM
@nitsua60 I'm the Norm of chat? I'm kinda okay with that.
cheers is crazy
one of my favorites was "It's a dog eat dog world and i'm wearing milk bone underwear"
it spun off, or featured spun off characters for: Friends, Mork and Mindy, Fraiser, and one other I think?
It's like an 80s/90s sitcom cultural nexus
@AncientSwordRage It spun off characters for Friends and Mork and Mindy?
I mean, frasier is the obvious one, but I can't say I've heard of other spin-off shows.
@NautArch Ursula Bouffet is a waitress in something like 3 episodes, and her twin sister is Pheobe
I thought Mork is in an episode as well
2:55 PM
70's or 80's?
@KorvinStarmast I dunno, either would be before my time more-or-less
@AncientSwordRage quick search shows ursula was on mad about you. I don't think MOrk was on cheers (which make it a cameo and not a spin-off anyway)
weird, I got my facts mixed up
in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, 22 mins ago, by AncientSwordRage
I have approximate knowlege of many things
@AncientSwordRage I was just a pretty devoted fan of Cheers, too :P
There's other spin off from Cheers as well apparently, like Wings
3:01 PM
@AncientSwordRage Wings wasn't a spinoff. Just another show in Mass.
that i also really liked
@NautArch I'm just going by Wikipedia now
It's just Frasier and apparently there was a Tortellis that went nowhere (I don't think I ever knew about that one.)
@AncientSwordRage ah, it's related in that the showrunners were the same and they also went on to launch Frasier. BUt the show itself isn't a spinoff.
@AncientSwordRage i love that cat thing
wiki says "Characters form Cheers, occasionally made special guest appearences on wings
I wouldn't call cameos spinoff, though.
3:06 PM
@doppelgreener it speaks to my soul, Dopplejader
@NautArch true, but theres a connection
oh, definitely. same showrunners :)
and boston.
I'm being loose with my language
and i'm just a very literal person :P
my wife complains about it all the time. My son is the same (as was my dad.)
@AncientSwordRage hahaha
And for Mork and Mindy it was a Happy Days spin-off
Q: Looking for the complete Happy Days Spin Off Tree

Andrei FreemanI believe (but it is like fodder for another question) that Happy Days may be part of the largest spin-off tree in TV History (To the date of this posting) Is there a compiled list or graphic of the tree? (Noting that HD was a spin off so if it's parent Love American Style had other spin-offs, t...

@NautArch I asked the equivalent for Cheers
I have aspirations for automating tie-in/spinoff finding this via a webapp
3:31 PM
It can be hard to define differences between "spinoff", "has cameos", "set in the same universe", "makes a reference to", etc.
@PeterCooperJr. Spinoff seems pretty clear. Character from show X gets show Y as a main character.
@NautArch main character -> main character
@NautArch So, is "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" not a spinoff of "Star Trek" (the original series)?
@PeterCooperJr. no, it's 'set in the same universe'
like Bones is in the first episode of S:TNG, but as they're not a main character it's a cameo
I've thought about this a lot
My aim for the webapp would be that you'd feed in a movie/show, it would put together a list of all 'roles' (Actor + _ + character), and the look up all the movies/shows that actor is in, and filter down where they play the same character
then you could appy some rules to determine if it was a spin off or a cameo etc
IMDB has a lot of that sort of stuff already, along with a "Connections" sections with Spinoffs and references and the like.
3:36 PM
ultimately I'd want to draw it on a graph
@PeterCooperJr. Yeah, i'd agree that STar Trek shows aren't spin-offs, but are set in same universe.
a spin off would be if Bones got his own show.
@PeterCooperJr. but it's not going to be easy to use the API freely
@NautArch yes, exactly
@PeterCooperJr. Thats good but for instance
> The Golden Girls: The Housekeeper (1987) (TV Episode)
> The show is mentioned by name.
So, Miles O'Brien was a recurring (though probably not "main") character in TNG, but a "main" character in DS9. So would DS9 be a spinoff of TNG, and both just "set in same universe" as the original Star Trek?
@AncientSwordRage I wouldn't count that
@PeterCooperJr. he's not a main character in TNG, so I'd say no
3:38 PM
Even though later in DS9 a main character from TNG (Worf) joined the main characters in DS9? Does it retroactively become a spinoff?
@PeterCooperJr. Nah, miles would be a recurring cameo.
or something like that. but the show isn't about him, so it's not a spinoff.
Just saying its complicated, is all. You can define rules that give you answers one way or the other, it just might lead to some weird cases since there are lots of shows and the relationships can be weird.
I think I would only count initial main characters
@PeterCooperJr. Ultimately I'd like to build a community around it so that if you had enough rep, you could 'amend' the links
hmm, how large is a dragon turtle's head?
But this is why I said 'aspirations' I don't think I could get most of it done myself
@NautArch smaller than a dragon turtle, and bigger than a loaf of bread?
3:45 PM
@AncientSwordRage turns out, I don't think I need to know :P
@GcL never felt a need to tbh, I don't mind a bajillion tabs open
4:17 PM
I misunderstood having so many tabs that opening new ones means old ones can't be clicked on as a problem.
4:52 PM
@GcL it actually makes the new ones unable to be clicked but really it's not a big deal
5:11 PM
Hi Guys, not sure if this really fits as a question for the SE - or at least not sure how I'd phrase it. I did a lot of planning at the start of this campaign, know what factions are there and how they feel about different things, a few areas where there are interesting people/loot and such...and then recently I've been super busy, we're only about 6/7 sessions in but I just find myself improvising a lot.
The world is really open...maybe too open? I just don't know how to plan things at the moment. Players are enjoying it but they seem to think I've planned it all rather than am just making bits up on the fly!
@LioElbammalf that's pretty much how it goes lol
Any tips for how to better DM? Or at least pointing out where I'm going wrong with it
@doppelgreener Haha, oh okay...at least I'm not alone
First time DMing and only played once before
@LioElbammalf I definitely don't think you're doing anything wrong!
WHat's the actual problem you're having, though.
Improvisation is most of what a DM does, though :)
Running games tends to involve a lot of flying by the seat of your pants, no matter how much you plan. There are a bunch of popular games (mainly those in the Powered by the Apocalypse family, like Dungeon World) which explicitly aim for this and support it, and which expect that the GM is playing to find out what happens too.
The exception is if you're railroading quite hard, which is not everyone's cup of tea, although it is very much the tea of choice for many people. (You'll fly by the seat of your pants a bit, but mainly to the extent of constantly keeping players following the script you've already laid out. GMs who railroad hard tend to be negating any deviation from the script anyway, thus limiting the improv factor.)
Just that I feel like I should plan stuff more than I do I guess. I only have vague outlines - didn't know if there was some rookie mistake I was making
5:16 PM
@LioElbammalf oh geez, no.
Vague outlines I've found are best. As long asy ou've got a world you undestand so that it can react appropriately, let the players interact with it and then react (improvise)
@doppelgreener Yeah I wouldn't enjoy a railroaded game so I'm just letting the players go where they like
Is there a primary story/event that's going on?
@LioElbammalf I feel the best amount of planning usually looks like an inverse donut: you need to know about the things in the player's immediate vicinity because that's what they're about to interact with, and you need to know the big picture so as to maintain overall themes, but you don't need to know much or have much planned for anything in between.
@NautArch Yeah they're helping a town that has a bandit problem (problems whichever direction they go but the bandits are the big one) - the bandits have taken over a much smaller town and are using it as a stronghold to run raids out of. There is more behind it but they haven't found that out yet.
@doppelgreener Ah, yeah, that does make sense
@LioElbammalf I'd just keep in mind that any 'hints' of information they need, you'll either have to supply several hints and/or be really heavy handed with the hints.
5:21 PM
I tend to plan just a session at a time (and my sessions tend to be shorter than some peoples, usually just 2 to 3 hours), and figure out what encounters the party is likely to find. If they go here, they'll meet X, and if they go there, they'll meet Y. And then I try to keep a random other encounter in my back pocket in case they go somewhere I'm not expecting or I otherwise need to stall for time.
But otherwise, let them interact, and you can react with your world, story, and encounters. Or, at least that's what i do in those types of games.
@PeterCooperJr. I do the same. But also understand the players may make a choice Id idn't plan for, and i'll have some encounters on standby that i can apply to many places.
I tend to work from published adventures, though.
@AncientSwordRage Mork had been on Taxi, which (in my market) aired its reruns in the half-0hour before Cheers.
Most of my general experience is homebrew, but since COVID, i've been running published adventures. Although Dead in Thay is so 'open', that i can't plan.
And it's important to keep in mind that "encounter" doesn't necessarily mean "bad guys to fight". I guess the word "scene" might be more accurate.
5:23 PM
Wait, Happy Days? Wow, guess I had that one mis-filed.
Whether roleplay or combat, an encounter is an event where players interact with "stuff"
Though I usually try to keep a combat encounter in my back pocket too (at least for D&D), since it takes so much longer it's better for stalling with. :)
What's the Taxi spinoff...?
@NautArch They've had a hint written in theives cant for ages now and not tried to get it decoded (they killed the guy who was supposed to tell them the information so I had to make up that he had it written down). Going to have to hammer some hints in soon though
5:23 PM
@PeterCooperJr. For my group, it's more that we generally prefer combat.
@LioElbammalf Failure is stil an option in those cases. Especially if you want to help teach them that killing isn't always the best option.
"you could have known this, or had a way to find it, but you killed the guy"
@NautArch you're gonna need a bigger boat, is all I'm sayin'
maybe they can do an ability check to see if they remember the signals to show to someone who knows it.
but just giving something just reinforces kill kill kill
@nitsua60 Just looking at the pic, it definitely seems HUGE.
Yeah, a lot depends on the group. This remote-play-with-people-from-work I started a couple months back seems to be perfectly happy with kill-and-loot-all-day. A lot of them are new and coming from a videogamey background, so I'm trying to present how there are multiple solutions to problems besides killing them while still letting them get their aggressions out. Don't know how well I'm succeeding yet.
Heh. If everyone is having fun, so be it!
Dead in Thay has been interesting from me and my group.
@NautArch They are normally quite good with not killing people - they just didn't like the information broker, they knew he blackmailed a few people. I'm making it so all his information comes out (his safety if anyone killed him) so they're going to face a lot of problems.
@PeterCooperJr. I do find my group (limited experience obviously) need to have at least one good fight or they don't enjoy it so much.
5:29 PM
One thing to keep in mind is that if anything is important to "the plot" for the players to know in order to proceed, that you can't count on it just being available from one NPC. I've heard "the three clue rule" (and I'd go dig some stuff up on it if I weren't working right now), but there should be multiple ways to find out the important stuff.
Their favourite thing for me to say seems to be "Okay...tell me how you finish him"
@LioElbammalf Everyone enjoys that :)
@PeterCooperJr. There are a couple of other ways they can find this information...or at least ideas I've got for how to improv it in
@PeterCooperJr. Here you go.
Can we get some reopen votes
5:43 PM
@MarkWells Thanks - that helps :)
ON a zoom chat where they are trying to 'show' something. But no video.
weird. i was using a monster on dndbeyond. Just went back to look at it, and it's saying I have to purchase. BUt I can see the content that it was from...
6:10 PM
@NautArch I'm just sayin: when I've had a dragon turtle appear at the table, I've used one of my kids' stuffed-animal turtle-cum-pillows as the scale model.
@nitsua60 nice :)
we fought one once and it was definitely a beast.
6:36 PM
Can someone who is in one of the stackizen campaigns see if they can access the crystal golem
@NautArch it took me to the market page
@G.Moylan weird
wonder if there's a back-end error
i was just accessing it yesterday
did someone leave the campaign?
or do you own that material yourself?
it'd be v2blast, it's mostly their access.
but they're still in, because I still have access.
I also have access to Dungeon of the Mad Mage
but not the monsters
when you join a campaign with content sharing on whose content is shared? just the creator's? everyone's? anyone who opts in?
6:50 PM
Q: Rod of Absorption to create spell slots with Magic Initiate

TREBThis question is about the Rare magic item "Rod of Absorption" from D&D 5th Edition. How the rod absorbs spells and gains levels of energy seems clear enough, my uncertainty is about how attuned spellcasters "convert" energy into spell slots. This section of the item's description is the relevan...

@Himitsu_no_Yami ANyone who is in the campaign. So V2Blast holds the most ownership, so their content is shared with everyone.
I own some, but mostly the older sourcebooks and not the adventures.
If y'all ever get bored, head over to worldbuilding.se and just skim through the titles, some of them are great with no context
Wfh has answered that ^^ for us.
7:33 PM
@NautArch I've got MooT, does that mean everone else does too?
@AncientSwordRage If you own content and you're in a campaign with the sharing feature turned on, all members of the campaign have access to all the collectively owned material
@G.Moylan cool
Q: How are modrons chosen to be promoted?

StuperUserI am about to run an encounter of the week featuring modrons that includes combat encounters with monodrones and duodrones. The stats for modrons state: Cogs of the Great Machine. If a modron is destroyed, its remains disintegrate. A replacement from the next lowest rank then transforms in a...

@AncientSwordRage Caveat: If you have access to content that way that you don't yourself own, you can't share that content in another campaign that you host with different players
@G.Moylan that makes sense
8:12 PM
@NautArch It makes referencing searching a bit easier. Better than the kludge of grepping through pdf extractions.
8:27 PM
I hopped into the campaign myself just to make sure everyone has everything since I do as well
8:39 PM
tfw I typed up an entire question and went back up top to double check related and found my answer. Why is searching so hard?
I blame the cats and the music they listen to.
also, the answer leads with "you're overcomplicating things" which slightly hurt cus I'm known for doing that
Q: Is the new 5e Piety system restricted to only the deities of Theros?

TrekkieThe new sourcebook Mythic Odysseys of Theros (currently only available on D&DBeyond) includes the Piety system that allows the player to earn buffs and abilities depending on their relationship with their deity. The book defines all of this for the deities added in the update, but I was wondering...

@Himitsu_no_Yami I think the tab count gave that one away.
@GcL I disagree with that <.<
my tab count is just fine
9:10 PM
Nothing says simplicity like more tabs than can be clicked on.
@V2Blast @NautArch can you link directly to a D&DB character sheet? (wrt this question) rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/169973/…
I wanted to ask the character's race/feats/backgrounds/magic-items, but those are 5e terms...
@Medix2 sigh Sometimes, often even, I really hate this policy.
@Rubiksmoose You can export characters to PDFs apparently
@Medix2 I think that would be fine to ask. Probably worth waiting until they answer the simple question first though so it doesn't turn into a help pile
But, I mean, they are 99.999999% playing 5e, as I'm sure you also know.
9:20 PM
@Rubiksmoose It got edited so we're good. Also apparently at the top of any character page is the "share" button
TIL if you pick variant human and don't own any feats DnD Beyond gives you the archived playtest Telekinetic feat
@Medix2 hah! That's pretty funny.
Well I gotta say I can't find any obvious reason the HP is wrong on that sheet...
Just to make sure, you can open this: ddb.ac/characters/29827298/c9c7bj
Guess that's not a link...
Oh they added a link, and it works, nvm
Is it just me, or are those ability scores not possible?
They have to have:
STR 15
DEX 17
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 11
CHA 10
Before racial bonuses
Can't repro: ddb.ac/characters/29827837/IMoeVf
9:40 PM
Oh I reproduced the error
Darn it no I didn't...
Well question deleted so I guess it doesn't matter.
Now I want to know what the answer was XD
Maybe they had something in the "HP modifier"
@Rubiksmoose Yeah that's my current guess
In case anybody was wondering: that is 40 point-buy-points worth of stats.
9:51 PM
@Rubiksmoose Yeah I did that out as well XD
And only if you house ruled allowing people to buy 17 out of the gate as well lol
@Rubiksmoose You can share a link. Though the "share" button gives you a URL without the https:// at the beginning so you have to manually add that in
@G.Moylan The DDB marketplace only lists the first place a thing was available, generally speaking, for standalone purchase. So e.g. centaur is listed under GGTR, not listed separately under the Theros book. Likewise, triton appears under Volo's, not Theros. But if you buy the book as a whole (compendium+individual listings all together), it does unlock the character options included in the book even if it doesn't list them on the marketplace page.
@V2Blast odd. Why do they re-list it for the Eberron Content? is it because Wayfinder's Guide wasn't an "official" release?
@G.Moylan It's not AL-legal, to my knowledge
@G.Moylan I don't think they do, but I'm not positive
@V2Blast They do. The new book shows repeated entries for things I already owned from Wayfinder's
10:00 PM
@G.Moylan No, I mean, they're only listed on one of the two marketplace pages
not both
Q: Is Mirthful Leaps affected by jump multipliers?

David CoffronIn the new sourcebook Mythic Odysseys of Theros, the Satyr gains the ability Mirthful Leaps: Whenever you make a long or high jump, you can roll a d8 and add the number rolled to the number of feet you cover, even when making a standing jump. This extra distance costs movement as normal. If...

Compare the two links:
as far as I can tell, nothing's listed on both pages
@V2Blast Oh interesting that they moved the "primary" source to RFtLW instead of WG
for things like races
@G.Moylan Yeah, DDB basically confirmed it was an official errata even though no errata PDF was released. (Apparently they've done this once before, with the amphisbaena's attack in Ghosts of Saltmarsh - the poison damage no longer requires a Con save and is instead extra damage on the attack. And they added 1 to it.)
10:03 PM
Here's confirmation on reddit: reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/gv0cni/…
(I'm sure it's mentioned elsewhere too, I just don't have the link handy)
All you need for admission is a donation to one of their charities.
You'll find me running the Honey Heist session if you were curious.
wow the magic missile question hhas me conflicted
is there a set time?
@Rubiksmoose I've edited the link into your message :)
I guess it's still being updated, as I see no date/time for yours
@Rubiksmoose you can, but the problem of link rot remains. Deleted question anyway,so...
@V2Blast boo! my time is already set though. Let me check.
10:14 PM
@Medix2 the export is no bueno. Or at least was last time I tried.
@V2Blast Apparently 6pm EDTSunday June 14.
And they are apparently still filling that in lol
cool cool
Yay! I have a time and my internet name now lol
10:58 PM
@Medix2 They're on the docket for merging as per that meta, we're just trying to decide which way to merge. (Buttons without an easy undo are scary)
11:34 PM
My player just had a great idea since we're having an outdoor encounter
he's playing a bird-person (since I can't spell Aara-whatever-it-is) and grappled an enemy and is about to fly them up and drop them
He can use his action to dash next turn and get them up to 50 feet to drop for 5d6 damage at level 1
@Himitsu_no_Yami I feel you on the spelling thing
@Himitsu_no_Yami It's pretty good, obviously, but not too OP for two actions (grapple, dash) and the lower-than-usual chance of success on grappling vs. attacking, IMO.
It's certainly thematic.
Gulls do that with sea urchins (and probably other birds do and with other marine animals)
Leaves these rock faces with scatters of spiky, round shells(? hulls?), interesting motif if you find the right angle

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