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1:59 AM
@goodguy5 ooh, this one is very close... though I think it is intended as swashbuckler
2:34 AM
@Medix2 item description says this This bag superficially resembles a Bag of Holding but is a feeding orifice for a gigantic extradimensional creature. Turning the bag inside out closes the orifice so at the least the question is easily researched, and perhaps the DM does not want the answer given in their campaign ...
2:59 AM
@nitsua60 bravo on your podcast performance
(PS, your shout out to McChrystal's op ed was nicely done)
@KorvinStarmast Tyvm. I was a little surprised to be the "cold open." I sure hope that part, esp. devoid of its context, didn't come across too Pollyannaish.
It came across really well; let's say that you put a great face on RPG.SE. :)
And now it is time for bed; nite all.
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6:11 AM
Good morning
6:23 AM
@kviiri Awww heck. No I've got to go to bed
@GcL C'mon. Friday. x)
7:08 AM
@Adeptus FYI they do actually have a wishlist feature now, I think (it's the heart-icon button next to the buy button)
7:22 AM
@nitsua60 That makes me think of the Gricean maxims of conversation and his writings on conversational implicatures, which I only vaguely remember reading about in a linguistics class in college:
In social science generally and linguistics specifically, the cooperative principle describes how people achieve effective conversational communication in common social situations—that is, how listeners and speakers act cooperatively and mutually accept one another to be understood in a particular way. As phrased by Paul Grice, who introduced it in his pragmatic theory, Make your contribution such as is required, at the stage at which it occurs, by the accepted purpose or direction of the talk exchange in which you are engaged. Though phrased as a prescriptive command, the principle is intended...
An implicature is something the speaker suggests or implies with an utterance, even though it is not literally expressed. Implicatures can aid in communicating more efficiently than by explicitly saying everything we want to communicate. This phenomenon is part of pragmatics, a subdiscipline of linguistics. The philosopher H. P. Grice coined the term in 1975. Grice distinguished conversational implicatures, which arise because speakers are expected to respect general rules of conversation, and conventional ones, which are tied to certain words such as "but" or "therefore". Take for example the...
7:47 AM
Interesting reads, thanks @V2Blast
Wow, do 5e questions frustrate me.
How come?
Well, maybe it's just the one. But the user is sticking to their false premise that I'm trying to debunk.
8:25 AM
@KorvinStarmast I can fulfill that role in the GoS game. :P
@kviiri What's your timezone? :)
@V2Blast Helsinki – UTC+3 during DST and +2 otherwise
@kviiri I have yet to play a TTRPG solely through text. I personally prefer voice myself :P
ah ok
@KorvinStarmast This character art conversation reminds me that I still haven't settled on a token image for my Faceless bard in my BG:DiA campaign... we're 4 sessions in.
(we've also had 3 character deaths, one of which was mine... though I came back. for reasons. :P)
@V2Blast I can relate. Bear in mind though I don't have native proficiency in English and it is much more obvious in speaking than in writing ;)
So I might lack a certain eloquence and confidence I have over text
13th Age should be relatively text-friendly, though! Esp. if we have some sort of shared whiteboard thing ongoing where we can draw situations
> "It should be relatively text-friendly," kviiri said, "as long as we introduce a non-text medium to it."
@nitsua60 I am bad at listening to podcasts... remind me to listen to your podcast appearance sometime. or at least put it on in the background :P
@kviiri lol
that's fair. the GM of my first Lancer campaign ended up canceling it at least in part because he didn't feel like his English was good enough to GM in it (he's French)
8:47 AM
Tip to people playing online with maps (such as roll20): When the players enter an area, always describe it verbally first. Then reveal it visually once you've described it.
If you show first, and try talking afterward, they may be too distracted by what they see and won't listen to what you say.
How about the TV storyteller style where you draw things as you introduce them?
That's very difficult for most people to do via online intermediaries.
In theory that could be cool, but it runs the risk of players acting on incomplete information
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11:15 AM
Q: How fast would a Tenser's Floating Disk descend if I pulled it over a long drop?

ScanicusSo I'm designing a variant human warlock with the wizard ritual caster feat and while considering which rituals to start with I read the description for Tenser's floating disk and looking through the eldritch invocations I saw the Ascendant step invocation allows levitation on myself at will so i...

12:27 PM
@V2Blast heh, you already do? ;)
@HotRPGQuestions anything other way to read this?
@BESW do you have any context?
@AncientSwordRage "Ski toy"? I'm confused.
@BESW autoincorrect
What is the resistance mechanic?
@kviiri bravo :)
It's there in the thread.
Or you can check out the Blades SRD.
12:38 PM
@BESW cheers
Makes sense now
I suspect the lowered disruption cost of a safety tool that's still "part of the game" is a major contributor to Goblin Court's "Guardian Spirit" being met with such enthusiasm.
@BESW all I can find is this: goblinpunch.blogspot.com/2015/03/…
Nothing about goblins court comes up for me.
Goblin Court is a game I published earlier this year.
I was going to release a v2 update last month, but... things happened.
12:59 PM
Ooooooh, sounds like fun
The only major change will be that you get +1d6 for helping someone else with their Goblin Goal, rather than for pursuing your own. The rest is quality-of-life changes and some setting tweaks to set up for a crossover package that lets you convert Goblin Court characters to Space Goblins! characters.
@AncientSwordRage Let me know how it goes if you play!
@BESW I've lost touch with my previous group, and they only seem to like 'hard' games like DND and WH40K
but if I ever do, I'll let you know
@V2Blast I dunno... I haven't even listened to it yet. I mean, the whole reason I got asked on was that I told the CEO that I didn't understand SE's communications strategy and that I found the podcast pretty irrelevant... I'm not sure I'm going to push anyone toward it =)
1:14 PM
@Powerdork I noticed
@nitsua60 makes me think of "train on the water, boat on the tracks"
train on the water, fire in the sky?
2:02 PM
@AncientSwordRage It got worse.
@Powerdork they make a good point about not intentionally dropping off a cliff. But why bring up levitation.
@AncientSwordRage First guitar riff I learned =)
Can I get a second opinion on this: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/151475/…
It seems to me that a new user has an idea what the question should have been about, and edited it (only the title but still), and then proceeded to answer based on their interpretation which doesn't really reflect in any of the querent's own writing, comments or acceptance of answers.
@kviiri roll it back?
@AncientSwordRage That's why I'm asking for a second opinion. Don't want to jump the gun.
But I guess that counts, yes.
2:11 PM
@kviiri considering every answer seems to have the op saying "Yup makes sense" I can't see a better way of handling it.
@kviiri I'm very puzzled by this comment on the question. I have trouble understanding the distinction. Have I been Monty Haul'd? Or did the answerer? I must've missed something in there back when I read it all the first time.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I think you mean "Monty Hall'd"? :-) but I think the user is trying hard to assert that what is actually being asked is "roll 3, choose 2" instead of what the actual question body is.
@kviiri Yeah, Hall'd.
Which, granted, seems to be a part of the OP's motivation.
Nevertheless, changing the question now to conform to what the OP "should" have asked seems like the wrong move. And I see actual value in the question as-it-is too.
2:22 PM
@kviiri Agreed.
People who aren't into probabilities are easily deceived into believing a variety of probability fallacies, or conversely have the understanding that nothing makes sense in probabilities. Both of these could understandably assume that random two dice out of 3d6 have a different distribution than 2d6 – the first group out of some variation of "gambler's fallacy", the second just because... well, Monty Hall and the like.
Sorry, I had written half of this long-winded justification before your agreement and decided to finish it for posteriety x)
We have a Situation with the floating disk question.
Could we get a moderator to move the comments (in this question) to a separate chat room?
@MikeQ Oh, don't worry, I'm deleting my post.
Fair enough. Best not to argue back against frustrated users.
2:34 PM
@MikeQ You can use custom flags to suggest a mod do that. They're quite happy to in my experience
@Powerdork but it's a great post
@AncientSwordRage You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped*, and the question changed into something that's a poor fit for the Q&A format.
The way my partners understand the situation,
> If the question is effectively "what's in the mind of my DM" but the author is pretending it's "what's in the text of this rulebook"...
@Powerdork but you can help everyone else who comes across the question
2:50 PM
"Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise." - a stock reason to close questions
However, someone else provided interesting and useful information, so maybe I should retract the close vote.
3:28 PM
Heya, @Tiggy! Welcome to the RPG:SE lair :)
@kviiri This is why I asked if either I or the commentor got Monty Hall'd. Because when a counterintuitive claim is made in statistics, the first thing you should do is double-check whether something is not what it appears to be and where.
3:55 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica It is kind of a bizarre question, and I understand how someone could see that and think "no, you don't mean to randomly choose the dice, that's nuts."
4:07 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica When a counterintuitive claim is made in stats my first instinct is to run the simulation, because I'm sure something's not what it appears and that I'll never figure out where/how without cheating =)
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Yuh
I think this time it was largely between definitions: roll 3 and choose 2, or choose 2 and roll 3.
Those are the same though? Well, if the chosen dice are chosen randomly...
@Medix2 No, the original user intent was to get an anydice program for rolling three dice and choosing two out of them randomly
Which is equivalent to choose 2, roll 3 (the third roll makes no difference, but this might not be obvious to the layperson)
"those are the same"... "No, they are equivalent" ??
I think we agree but are just using different words here
@Medix2 No... rolling 3 and choosing 2 is different.
Because then you see the results before you choose
4:21 PM
Not if you choose randomly
The user's intent seems to have been that ultimately the choice wouldn't be random
But they asked a question about a model where one chooses randomly, presumably not knowing any better
Oh... I guess that means keeping the highest or lowest two then, weird
You can also keep the highest and lowest
I don't know what sort of a dice mechanic they were going for, maybe something where specific results, eg. the lucky 7, have special effects?
Do people think I closed this question correctly?
@Medix2 That looks correct to me
4:39 PM
Okay, re: the random roll question, is this comment appropriate? I feel it's really pushing the limits of civility but I might be a bit biased here rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/151475/…
In other news, I just stumbled upon the TVTropes article: Turkey City Lexicon which presents a "catalogue" of tropes for sloppy speculative fiction. One of the items is the Motherhood Statement:
> The Motherhood Statement: SF story which posits some profoundly unsettling threat to the human condition, explores the implications briefly, then hastily retreats to affirm the conventional social and humanistic pieties, i.e. apple pie and motherhood.
I don't get what that tries to say, does anyone have a better understanding?
@kviiri It's terse but not particularly rude. Seems to be par for math discussions.
@MikeQ I think calling the OP's question "ridiculous" and praise for other answers "unfounded" is pushing it
5:32 PM
@Someone_Evil Oh hi! I was just being nosy. Lol
hey there @Tiggy, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
@Tiggy Well, you are welcome to nose as much as you like
Howdy o/
@Someone_Evil Oh thank you. :3
6:17 PM
@Tiggy Hail Tiggy! \o
6:35 PM
I think the last few days have made it clear: if we just ban questions about dice, or involving dice, or involving games that use dice, we'll really cut down on the number of arguments around here =)
6:55 PM
@nitsua60 OK, that's a brilliant plan if you are optimizing for argument reduction. (There's a math pun in there, but I keep forgetting which part is the argument)
But we here optimize for Pearl - no, wait, that's a programming SE. Aaaarrgh, I am so confused! (There's my gin and tonic, thankfully ...)
7:06 PM
@nitsua60 I have faith in our ability to quibble about anything. We'll adapt and make up for it somehow.
@nitsua60 Sure, but that's why I want to listen, to see what you say and whether they listen :P
7:24 PM
How the heck do you decide how much gold to give your players?
My players are trying to open up a tavern, which costs like 1250 GP, which they definitely cannot afford (at level 2 right now), so they're specifically looking for missions to do to give them gold.
I have two different missions planned right now: The city guard requests them to kill a carrion crawler, and will pay them "<x> gold" for it, and a different mission where I'll reward them with crocodile hides that they could sell to a tanner to make leather with or something like that. But I have no idea how much the city guard woul
@James What game/system/edition are you talking about?
I use the treasure hoards (which include coin) and typically smear it out across adventures
@James I sorted out the mean annual income for a middle career farmer for my campaign and then based everything from that. Also, consider the incomes of the run of the mill people and what they can do with it. Illustrating the vast difference between commoners and adventurers makes treasure feel more rewarding to my players at least.
7:33 PM
@V2Blast I listened to the whole thing. Nits done good.
@James location, location, location. If they don't build it where a lot of travelers are inclined to stop, they go out of business. Make sure that they know this risk.
7:46 PM
@V2Blast With that question about feign death and resurrection I'd be fine just reopening it. At least then two of the possible instances of mis-targeting are covered, though the others still wouldn't be..
8:00 PM
@Medix2 ehhh..... it's pretty much the same as all the other invalid target at casting time questions. The wand Q&A answers it pretty well.
8:16 PM
Hmm... does anyone have any advice (5e-specific or general) for running an adventure for a two-person party?
8:43 PM
Q: How can I gain resistance to poison and/or necrotic damage?

TiggyI'm about to start a campaign that I suspect will be filled with poisonous & necrotic monsters due to the setting. I have been thinking of playing a stout halfling, but would prefer to play one with a wisdom bonus. Are there any other ways to gain resistance to at least one of these types? I wil...

9:16 PM
@Yuuki I've done it before. Had an entertaining short campaign where two characters had to covertly help a group of bumbling noble's heirs, who saw themselves as adventurers, complete their quests without it being obvious they were being helped.
Did point buy with two additional points to allow the characters some bonuses they wouldn't otherwise have had early on.
Basically it let them both take human variant to start with a feat and good ability scores.
1 hour later…
10:33 PM
GEHENNOM by Monkey's Paw Games is a 52-page setting guide, introductory adventure and repository of gameable lore for the UNCONQUERED universe, or indeed any Knave or Knave-adjacent OSR TTRPG.
@Yuuki The fewer people you've got in a group, the more everyone (including the GM) will be in the spotlight. Smaller games are more intimate and more exhausting because most of us need a break from being the center of attention.
So pick your system and story with that in mind.
That same intimacy can make it easier to do collaborative improvisation because there are fewer people to check in with and make sure it's all going okay. But again, burnout can be a thing.
@BESW Amen on your first point; Smaller games are more intimate and I.M.E. that has always been a benefit.
If you're using a system like D&D that assumes larger groups, more active care must be taken to make sure encounter experiences are tuned properly.
For example, a game like D&D assumes that if one character is incapacitated, there are three other characters still with agency to conclude the encounter.
Even if you adjust the numbers and levels of foes, D&D with two players will always be a little out of tune for two players because losing one PC means you're down to last man standing.
Outside of actual fighting, when you get fewer players it becomes increasingly likely that the "party" will be missing some competencies that you might otherwise expect. I'd particularly look at the characters (and their sheets) to look for things that aren't there and be careful around those challenges.
However, you can get a lot more mileage out of interpersonal scenes by leveraging that intimacy. Talk with your players about kinds of duos in stories--frenemies, siblings, mentor/protege, Mulder/Scully, etc. There's a lot of fun and drama to be found by approaching every scene in terms of how the two PCs will relate to it differently and how they interact with each other because of that.
@BESW Yeah, and that's a part of the fun: risk reward decisions become more interesting.
@BESW whereas with Golden Sky Stories, just having two PCs can still result in a very satisfying interaction and "aid mission" to the NPC who they are helping. Different framework, though.
10:49 PM
If it were me, I'd seriously consider implementing a reward-for-confessional mechanic.
Something like...
> Confessional: Once per scene, at any time, you may stop the action and "address the camera" in character, explaining what your PC is thinking and feeling about what's going on. You get one inspiration every time you do this.
@BESW Heh, fourth wall breakage can be fun.
(I'm deriving this concept from InSpectres, but simplifying the mechanical reward part.)
It's a great way to push the PCs' inner lives and facilitate communication between players.
That's one of the RPG's that our group might try when the DM can't make it. But only because all of us enjoyed the X Files
What kind of in-game currency does a good "confessional" look like as you think through this?
Not sure what you mean by 'currency' there.
@BESW When you mentioned a "reward for confessional" that made me think that the 'reward' would be something the character can 'spend' as "in game currency" (like a fate point or a doubloon from Pirates and Dragons)
10:58 PM
In my example, the reward is inspiration.
Ok, got it.
And now we do the dishes. I was supposed to grill salmon tonight , but it is raining so I broiled it and now ... clean up! Cheers!
In InSpectres, the reward is being able to establish narrative conveniences. But also, if you declare something to be true about another PC, the group gets extra XP currency at the end of the mission if that PC's player chooses to incorporate your declaration into their roleplaying. (if they don't, then the implication is that your PC is just mistaken about their PC)
@BESW This is a good point--the two-PC sessions I run for my son and a friend we usually cap at about 2 hours, as things are starting to go off the rails by that point....
(Compared to the 4- or 5-person games we run other weeks, which have no trouble extending through 3 and into a 4th hour.)
Yeah, our six-hour D&D sessions only worked, in retrospect, because there were five or six people to share the emotional and creative load.
Ditto our Fate campaigns, actually. Fate's spotlight management is a lot more diffuse but we could still go longer, generally, the more people we had in the room.
11:56 PM
Speak the Sky needs more likes and sharing for their request that itchio add alt-text to its pages. Tweet and itch feature request.

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