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Morning all
1:47 AM
I dunno if it's the lack of caffeine or not but that made no sense to me XD
@Ben time zone appropriate greetings
Q: Can small characters really carry that much?

YotusLet's take a gnome for the example. Here is what the PHB 37 says for its size: Size. Gnomes are between 3 and 4 feet tall and average about 40 pounds. Your size is small. The PHB 176 also says the following for the carrying capacity: Carrying Capacity. Your carrying capacity is your Str...

Gnomish Pyramids
Each gnome can carry the gnomes
@AncientSwordRage aha. That makes sense
@AncientSwordRage <Gutentag>
@Ben 🤦🏻‍♂️
2:31 AM
Q: How do I determine how many spell slots I have when multiclassing?

Himitsu_no_YamiHow do I determine how many spell slots I have if I multiclass into more than one spellcasting class? For example, I have a character that is a level 3 Wizard, a level 5 Eldritch Knight Fighter, a level 4 Arcane Trickster Rogue, a level 4 Paladin, and a 4 Warlock. How many spell slots do I have a...

@GcL yeah, enough already
But I can see coming up with a few more well thought out patrons (unlike the hexblade)
I saw someone's tweek on the undying at GiTP, it looked OK
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Q: How does the spell Earthquake interact with a mounted PC, if the mount is knocked prone?

Orc's PlunderIf you are on a mount and it is knocked prone, do you automatically get knocked prone too? To set the scene, I am mounted on my Warhorse when an evil NPC casts Earthquake below where we stand. My Warhorse makes a saving throw but fails and is knocked prone. Does this mean that I too would auto...

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> Impossibly accurate. When you Carefully attack with firearms, the stress you inflict cannot be absorbed by stress tracks.
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12:18 PM
Ooh, that looks like one powerful Stunt, for a change.
@AncientSwordRage I worked out a formula for making pyramids of persons
Boringly, its just double the number of people you can carry
So if from the above question we say one gnome can carry 3 other gnomes, the base layer is just 2 × 3 gnomes
So if all the gnomes are strength 20, the base layer is 5 × 2... 10 gnomes!
Isn't that carry weight how much you can carry and still walk around (unimpeded)? For an actual human(oid) pyramid the numbers would be higher, no?
12:33 PM
@GcL Well, it went well with 6 players (one player forgot). But sloooow.
12:59 PM
@KorvinStarmast Thanks for helping me clarify the White Plume question
@NautArch as Bo Schembechler would say "The team, the team, the team!"
(Famous football coach as Michigan)
@NautArch at table or roll20?
@KorvinStarmast Roll20
I find it much slower than in person, except that the dice adds can all be automated.
But my 6 year old daughter put together a rogue and hoping to get a character for my wife soon so we can try a family session.
@NautArch heck yeah. Playing with the wife/kids is (or can be) great.
1:11 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, although it went fairly smoothly. Just long with all the players.
Must be nice for the family to play.
Themes in my main game are a bit too mature for my daughter.
@Slagmoth Well, we haven't yet. My son has done a few sessions with the neighbors, but that's on hold.
I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet with the whole family. My son really just likes the combat, but my wife and daughter will likely get into the roleplay. So...balance.
English is my wife's 3rd language so she is too self-conscious to play with so much reading involved.
@Slagmoth And thanks for hopping in. White Plume Mountain is a weird adventure.
Might I suggest Return to the Keep on the Borderlands. It is really a balanced situation for that.
1:13 PM
which room are you talking about in terms of absurd difficulty?
@Slagmoth ooh, i'll take a look!
The one with Whelm in it.
It isn't set up "correctly" either. So I made a tweak to it.
Lemme get me book
@Slagmoth the platform room or the final room?
Final room.
My players usually didn't have issue with the platforms... even though I increased the frequency a bit on the geysers.
That CR13 critter at the end should reasonably wipe the party given that he knows they are coming and essentially has an auto-ambush.
Yeah I saw that one... I didn't have a reasonable answer for you though.
1:17 PM
@Slagmoth ah, the Oni could do the same, but I wanted some roleplay first. I had them offer the party some delicious baby arm and then cast darkness to end the session.
once the players backed away from them.
@Slagmoth I don't think it really matters if there's an elevation change. The danger of falling into the mud doesn't really change. And that even seems crazy dangerous.
Yeah, after going through many 2nd edition modules I realized that their design was a tad weird, monsters that didn't belong and whatnot... I suppose that is explained away with them being contracted and forced into servitude here.
But you really thing a CR 7 Oni can take a party of lvl 8s?
Keep on the Borderlands is a great mix of RP and combat .... it may take a hint of "you need to get the denizens of the caves to fight each other" suggestion somewhere ....
I was also planning on doing long rests (with potential random encounters) after each item is found.
But i'm also really looking forward to the 6-7 PCs figuring out who gets these things.
I am actually trying to do the Keep with a fantasy SW rules for testing. We are very new to SW.
In my experience Sentient Items are a boon and a curse...
I love the portrayal they did in JourneyQuest though.
There is also the room with the fugitive captain that if you calculate the CR it is pretty high and in most cases they get a single-file ambush off as well.
BRB, have to feed my kid.
@NautArch These particular items are very strong-willed as well so the PCs will likely not know any of the drawbacks of attuning until they actually start to attune and at that point it is pretty much too late.
@KorvinStarmast I agree it has a bit of everything. If you want you can even have intrigue in it. A couple of tweaks to some of the "scheduled" encounters can make it really fun as well. And there is a LOT to do. If the party wants that module could take them a little past 5th or even 6th level if they play it right.
1:40 PM
no site easter eggs today?
@Slagmoth Yeah, i'm going to have read up on these weapons and how to play them. But I also fully expect others to come looking for them.
Kinda puts a target on the party.
For BR in more ways than one.
Nice trail of bodies for anyone tailing them to follow...
Not sure you are aware but there is a Silver Anniversary rewrite of that module as well.
I actually like it more than the original... mostly because it had some really unique and creative elements in it.
Not sure how the sentient spells can be translated to 5E though but would be interesting.
dark mode beta on the main site hopefully not a prank
@goodguy5 I was wondering the same thing. There were some grumbling last year about doing that to visitors and I donno if that has something to do with it
Anyone in here run a Savage Worlds on Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds they wouldn't mind me shadowing in to learn the system a bit?
2:07 PM
@Slagmoth i have not. Closest I got to SW was building a character but my friend never got the campaign going.
Hello human beans
2:36 PM
@MikeQ My coffee beans think that I am a cannibal ..
Once more I have been thrust into the GM fray
@MikeQ which game?
I gave the players some options, they chose pathfinder. It's 1st level, based on a prewritten module involving a mansion, and I've modified it to have more puzzle challenges. I'm drawing inspiration from horror/puzzle video games, so we'll see how well that translates.
One idea is to have alchemy books that let the players find items around the mansion and create powerful weapons, considering they're 1st level and some of the enemies are CR 3
2:59 PM
@NautArch are you going to continue with all 6?
@GcL Yeah, and maybe 7 if that kid comes back.He's pretty flaky, but I can also be pretty flexible here.
Last night was mostly just the end of the encounter that's taken a couple sessions to finish, and then random encounters as they waited for something to happen.
The next session is one that i'm specifically adjusting. I may need to adjust HP on the fly depending on how it goes.
I am giddy about what happens once they have to figure out who gets blackrazor
I found a turn timer helps for larger groups or players with decision paralysis. At a table top, I've so far used a chess timer, a board game hourglass, and push button stop clock. All worked pretty well for "giddy up, let's go" instead of "um... lemme think more"
@NautArch Or who blackrazor gets, depending on your frame of mind
Blackrazor is an intelligent weapon that you have to get rid of by AL rules, right?
ha, yeah! I just asked everyone to either put all their character sheet details in Roll20 or send me their sheets.
3:06 PM
@GcL ?? Which season.
@KorvinStarmast I don't recall. I seem to remember that a character can't start another adventure until they've rid themselves of it. Same with some of the ToA stuff.
There was a sword in one of my OD&D campaigns that was called The Sword of Sahanazar and we thought that it was the name of the big bad evil warrior. Well, we defeated him, slew him, but the rogue who got him also went down. All said and done, his minions retrieved the sword as they fled the battlefield.
We, about a campaign year later, were faced with another invasion from the Southwest (where Shanazar was from) led by Sahanazar wielding the sword of Shanazar. (Wait, we killed him last year, and we burned the body!)
Any sword wielded (or owned) by Shanazar is technically a sword of Shanazar
This time, we captured the evil one (this was our mission from the local duke) and we took the sword.
@MikeQ This sword was Shanazar; its ego and INT were so high, it basically took over whomever wielded it. (Kind of like Stormbringer/Elric, but Stormbringer wins)
And our Fighter became Shanazar ... shortly thereafter.
That turned into a heck of a PvP session.
@KorvinStarmast I wonder if i can/should do something like that with Blackrazor/whelm/wave
3:14 PM
And then I remembered to cast Heat Metal. And he dropped the sword. ( I was our group's first druid ever)
@NautArch Those weapons per DMG are just begging for such a treatment. "WHomever wields Blackrazor may/will become Blackrazor ..."
@KorvinStarmast I like it! And it provides both the hook of treasure hunters coming for them and that they need to find Keraptis to give it back.
May be as simple as returning to WPM
or toss them into the yawning portal :P
more likely with this group that it'll just turn into an evil campaign
@KorvinStarmast I think those are covered in the Story Awards/Effects/Items of the FAQ. They don't count against your magic item total, but you can only keep them for the duration of the hardcover adventure.
@GcL sounds right, and vaguely familiar.
Ahh... found it spelled out here: adventurersleague.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/…
"The following items were never legal for DDAL play (see the FAQ). If you have them, remove them fromyour character’s list of magic item"
The Sword of Shanazar had an egoism of 11 or 12, and had the special purpose of "Conquest of the North" - which we didn't figure out until our wizard cast Legend Lore. Our Paladin charged me, the druid ( who cannot wield swords!) with taking it somewhere to destroy it. Yikes! This was a quest never completed thanks to 1) a follow on invasion of paladins and clerics form a Lawful region who didn't like adventurers
And 2) a few of the players and the DM graduating.
3:35 PM
It has been a moderately frustrating day
@goodguy5 wuhappen?
Ugh. Finally found it. DDAL06 FAQ Freakin' adventureleauge.org and Dungeon Masters Guild are no help.
work dumb
games dumb
car dumb
wife occasionally mildly negligent/derelict in duties
At least goodbaby5 is still good.
My boss is on my case to access this tool that our team is going to eventually transition to. Sure. sure. but I've had several issues with not being granted access properly and this is just another of those.

I tried to play some game to chill and it was not chillful

My wife took the baby out for a walk (they had to drive to get there), but the car was apparently making some weird noise, which then stopped for unknown reasons.

And My wife cannot be bothered to confirm there's a bag in the baby poop pail before yeeting the wipes into its stinky depths.
3:39 PM
@goodguy5 Sounds like a crappy situation. eh? ehhhhhhh?
re: work problem

The person that created my access to a certain server somehow forgot to give me a home directory.
And she keeps being like "man, his room stinks"

well, yea
@goodguy5 I am guessing that this was your yeet usage To throw an object a long distance or with a sudden or forceful motion
@KorvinStarmast eh, I was kind of using it hyperbolically as it was just a "drop", but yes.
@goodguy5 Sysadmin sentiment "/dev/null is a fine home directory for all users." I wonder if they manually banged in the useradd command and borked it or if whatever automated system that was doing it wasn't configured well enough.
@goodguy5 you gotta let it go. I know I often can't and just had a little run-in with my wife. ANd we're all on edge, but you've got the extra edge of newbaby.
3:42 PM
@NautArch Oh, I'll be over it in a few minutes, but that's not going to stop me from teasing her about it or getting frustrated next time she does it.
@goodguy5 vicious cycle, my man.
But i feel you :)
alright, armchair general :P
@goodguy5 drop and give me 20 answers
I can't guarantee they'll be good
@goodguy5 Vent that frustration so it doesn't get the chance to become resentment.
3:44 PM
I think the thing that bugs me the most about it is that I view her tendencies to be inconsistent and illogical.

There can't be fur on the floor or glasses on the table, but she'll leave the baby's toys in the tub when she takes a shower and leave trash in her car.

I think it's an out of sight out of mind thing.
@NautArch Which could also be fun. Send a load of dwarf paladins flying on Pegasi after them. :-)
@KorvinStarmast if you make em ladies, they can be valkyries
@goodguy5 Valkyrie Dwarf Ladies sounds like the name of a prog rock band who does a cover of Jethro Tull's On a Cold Wind to Valhalla as their first hit.
I'm pretty bad at resenting things and people (as in, I don't do it, generally).

Except for around 27% of voting Americans, but that's a different issue.
4:06 PM
@goodguy5 Seems apropos. Would probably narrate that as an unstoppable flying force of beards, spears, and drinking songs... err... prayers of Hanseath.
@KorvinStarmast The only problem I see with this plan is getting the dwarves out of their mountain and away from their gold.
And also into the sky.
dwarves aren't especially.. fond of high places
@RevenantBacon Hmm, getting into the sky is as simple as mounting the flying steeds. But the "leave my gold for a while" means enticing them with something excellent, like better beer. (I suggest you discuss the "high places" bit with Naut Arch, whose Paladin had the mounted combat feature and used a flying steed-my response to him is a ref to that)
@KorvinStarmast "Hey Boffo, am I going crazy, or did I just see an entire barrel of mead fly by over the mountaintop?"
@RevenantBacon Yeah, and now I need to find a picture of a flying beer barrel for my Thursday night game. We have a dwarf/beer drinker player character who'd love that ...
(FYI, mead isn't beer)
My wife and I went to the Rohan Meadery near La Grange, Texas some years ago; not beer! :)
never took the feat, but I did heavily use Find Steed and Find Greater Steed with the pegasus option.
4:17 PM
@KorvinStarmast You're right, it's better
@NautArch sorry, I remembered out conversation incorrectly.
@RevenantBacon So much better! Unless you get bad mead. Bad mead and bad beer are probably equally terrible.
My favorite t-shirt is "4 out of 5 conquering hordes prefers Rohan Mead"
@KorvinStarmast Went with PAM/GWM/Sentinel for a good portion of my ASIs
whoops, sorry, the tshirt now says "3 out of 4 pillaging hordes..."
4:20 PM
When mead is good, it's really good. When it's bad though...
@RevenantBacon agree muchly
I'd rather have cider most any day though
me too, more refreshing. But now and again, some mead is just right.
@KorvinStarmast I wonder what happened to the 4th horde :p
@RevenantBacon They drank bad beer, I guess.
Or, they ended up near Wavre, Belgium, to delay Marshall Grouchy ...
(a remarkable General and Marshall whose career is a classic example of "one aw sh-- wipes out a hundred Well Done accolades")
4:28 PM
Just going to ask periodically.

Any one play Savage Worlds on Roll20 or FG?
@Slagmoth I'll pin it for a bit.
@Slagmoth Alas, for ne'er have I held sway upon the Savage Worlds
@RevenantBacon I am starting to like it, but I am new to the system. I like not being bound by classes as much as 5E
4:31 PM
Alright guys, I'm gonna be making a new character for D&D 5e. What class should I make it? (gonna make it at level 4 for fun) (just making the char cus I have nothing better to do rn)
Just was looking for a group I can watch more or less to see if I can learn it faster.
@Himitsu_no_Yami multi-classing or just single?
@Slagmoth probably single but I'm open to multi ideas
@Himitsu_no_Yami Warlock! :P
just kidding
@NautArch lmao
4:33 PM
Revised Ranger 2 and Assassin 2?
but since you do warlock a lot, are you wanting something more martial or keep casting?
Do you like the casting aspect or the martially aspects of warlock better?
keep in mind, It'll be on DDB so it has to be content on there (so I don't think Revised Ranger is an option)
Rogue 1, Ranger 3, Hunter
I do consider EB to be a kind of martial ability
@Slagmoth Technically, you're not an assassin until rogue level 3
4:34 PM
Right was revising
Then again, I am biased: Ranger Gloom Stalker 4
Revised Ranger 1 and Assassin 3
Rogue/Barbarian Multiclass
Advantage on init is pretty broken with that combo
@RevenantBacon I mean, you're not technically an assassin until you assassinate someone. You're just a level 3 would be assassin
4:35 PM
How about not Ranger. Never was a fan of them. Rogue/Barb is intersting
Personally I usually like casters but I'm open to the other ideas
Wild Magic Sorcerer 1/ Rogue 3
@GcL Fair. Just murdering someone in the gutter doesn't cut it either, you need to murder someone for political reasons, or it's just not a real assassination
Well, Assassin imho is just a person who gets money for killing people professionally... I had a Wizard do that as his primary source of income.
@RevenantBacon it doesn't have to be political. You just have to be paid to do it
@Himitsu_no_Yami a Barb/Druid is a neat mix, too.
4:36 PM
New prerequisite idea... having actually accomplish something. No bonuses nor mechanical add-ons. Just bragging rights... enforced by divine DM intervention.
@Slagmoth Technically, an assassination is when someone gets killed for political reasons
@Himitsu_no_Yami You can always go full wizard to try out a pure caster class.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Well, there may be a subtle difference between a hitman and assassin in the classical sense.
Technically, it does have to be political
Monk/Druid is an interesting mix as well
4:37 PM
Could also be religious
Alternate: Bard/Fighter.
verb: assassinate; 3rd person present: assassinates; past tense: assassinated; past participle: assassinated; gerund or present participle: assassinating
murder (an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons.
Maneuver master fighter/swords bard specifically
I like that. Hitman vs assassin. One gives you the auto-crit and the other one does as well, but they both provide fodder for us to go on about. I'll submit that errata. /S
4:38 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami oh yeah, religion too
@Himitsu_no_Yami to be fair in medieval times that would have been political... not much differentiation as they had governmental power.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Also has to be a surprise attack. Spoils the whole thing if you give them fair warning.
@GcL Not if you're The Riddler it doesn't
I never thought Edward's warnings were very fair.
That does it, I'm making an assassin
Name: The Listener
hope I don't have to go to gaming.se for someone to get my reference
4:42 PM
How much value is required for it to be an assassination?
@Himitsu_no_Yami I don't get it, but it feels like a Witcher reference
@Himitsu_no_Yami The tough thing about assassin is that a lot of the combat mechanics for it are very DM dependent and game dependent on usefulness.
@goodguy5 nope
@NautArch well this is just a character I'm making for the sake of making it
@Himitsu_no_Yami ah, then nm :)
When i'm sick, i'll build characters
@NautArch That you, 'rona?
thankfully, haven't gotten sick since the outbreak
4:45 PM
@NautArch Many mechanics are. I'm a fan of giving some players exactly what they imagine their skills will be good for at least once a session.
I wonder if anyone will get the reference if I make it a Dragonborn
@GcL Once a session is tough, but with assassin, it's even harder. THey roll poorly on initiative and no matter whaty ou do, they don't get the mechanic.
Character with alert in current campaign. Lots of surprise attacks they get to warn the party about... also the +5 init is pretty nuts.
@NautArch Let them set up ambushes. Surprise rounds are the jam of the assassin.
Not even the whole group... places where they recognize they could fit and get the drop on the enemy while the party waits for the party to start. Classic misdirection.
@GcL Yeah, that's very true. And I usually in general try and let players think ahead to ambush. My main group typically bypasses the ambush and opts just leeroy jenkins all the freaking time.
The inverted ziggurat was a recent example from WPM. They just rushed in with zero planning. Turned the encounter into a seriously dangerous slog.
Our Tortle Barbarian, Donnie Tello, was dropped I think 4 times. His new nickname is Death Save Donnie.
@NautArch Probably write some content where that goes hilariously well and hilariously poorly. If you know the group's sensibilities writing stuff they'll likely find entertaining given their predilections.
@NautArch that is entertaining.
4:50 PM
rolled for stats and got 14 16 11 12 18 14. Pretty good I think
@NautArch I love it.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Roll instead of a point buy? When does your DM have time to watch you roll for making characters?
@Himitsu_no_Yami 1 level shadow sorcerer, v Human, 3 levels rogue, assassin, rogue, feat = alert.
@GcL most games I play end up with rolled stats for everyone. Plus this isn't a character for an actual game (if I do use it there I'll reroll stats)
Since nobody seemed to get the reference by hints, I'll spell it out and maybe someone can help me with making it a custom background. It's the Dark Brotherhood from Skyrim
@GcL I have them roll in roll20 in a game I created. :) I even gave them a cut and past text file to do it with. [[4d6d1]] | [[4d6d1]] | [[4d6d1]] | [[4d6d1]] | [[4d6d1]] | [[4d6d1]] and there it is.
If player not happy with roll, then we talk about it and re roll or not as agreed.
Sometimes, I'll just add a point here or there to make the aggregate "plus" be close to what the others ended up with.
5:01 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami What hints?
our DM for my last game if I recall correctly let us roll for stats like normal but if we weren't happy with it he gave us the option to ignore the roll and just do point buy
@GcL Assassin, name "The Listener", race: Dragonborn
@KorvinStarmast I do a point buy with a slightly higher cap and permit going to below 8.
@Himitsu_no_Yami OK, if I take vHuman with these numbers, here's what I get: 14 16 11 12 18 14= 18 Dex, 16 Cha, 13 Int 12 Str 14 Con and 14 Wis.
Add the Alert Feat; add one additional skill to taste. (What I'd do with the sorcerer is Criminal Background since he's going thief, which offers Stealth and Deception, perfect fit for Sorc/Assassin)
Everyone likes vHuman but me I think
Perception, Arcana, Deception, Stealth, and ... hmmmm, Intimidation.
Alert feat is IMO just what this char concept needs.
4 cantrips, pick 'em.
Spells? Hmm. Choices ... arrgh, like a kid in a candy store.
5:05 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami Feats are awesome. But no darkvision can be a problem. But that's pretty loose depending on the DM.
@NautArch I just find humans boring
@NautArch that's why I suggested shadow sorcerer. :)
Q: What is the action-economy cost of drawing a weapon? What about two?

IfusasoWhat does it take to draw a weapon if you start combat with it away? Is it an Interact? If so, you trigger Reactions including Attack of Opportunity. Part of a Stride (as it was in P1e)? Free? What if you have two weapons; can you draw both or are they separate actions? While Interact seems like...

@Himitsu_no_Yami ah, gotcha. I thought you were a maxxer :P
@NautArch lmao I am but I don't want it to be boring. If I'm gonna play a game with all these fantasy races I'd be mad not to pick one
5:06 PM
Half elf also works, as does Tiefling (which I find boring and useless)
This particular char is focused on flavor
OK then go Dragon born.
Sorcerer and assassin, nobody expects this! And the occasional dragon breath is awesome.
just have to wait a level for alert feat
I'd suggest black or copper dragon, go for the acid breath
I can make that after this, I have most of this one in mind now. I'm just trying to figure out how to make this background both appropriate and balanced
@Himitsu_no_Yami it's pretty hard to make a background unbalanced.
As long as you follow the format of backgrounds.
@NautArch fair
5:11 PM
14 16 11 12 18 14= dragon born. Dex 18 Cha 17; Str 13 Con 16 Wis 14 Int 12
@Himitsu_no_Yami Criminal Background again (Stealth and Deception) and for sorcs ... Arcana, Intimidation or Persuasion
I'd still go with Alert at level 5/Rogue 4, to do that whole surprise / first attack thing.
Or just go straight Rogue Assassin and get more skills, heck with sorcerer MC.
weird, is there no alignment field in roll20?
@NautArch There is in the sheets that I used, up by char name.
But you type it in
(SRD sheets)
@KorvinStarmast not sur which sheet we're using, but definitely not on there.
Hmm, I'll have to check the stuff at home ... can't open it at the mo
My brother is starting up a campaign for his first time with his friends and has started asking me so many questions. Would it be insensitive of me to just say "look it up here first"?
5:19 PM
@DavidCoffron Probably. How much do you like your brother?
@DavidCoffron No, but have you two played together before?
Also, you are kinda his expert at this.
@DavidCoffron Could you frame it as: "The answers can probably be found here, and looking it up will give you a fuller answer quicker"?
@GcL We have a great relationship. He's a bit annoying sometimes but that's brothers :P
@DavidCoffron My older brother still feels that way about me :-)
5:20 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yeah; I started running a game online for my family bc quarantine, and that's what got him excited to run his own game (which I'm super psyched about for him)
@DavidCoffron This very much depends on whether he's asking you these questions for purely informational purposes or more as a "hey, this is our shared thing now"...
@Someone_Evil That's probably a much better framing; good advice
@DavidCoffron I have the Masters Vault on roll20. I think it's available for cheap. It's a great beginner dungeon with lots of good guidance for new DMs.
It has six pregens, easy to start ... but one can still make new chars also ...
@KorvinStarmast I pointed him to a couple resources for beginner dungeons, but he seems very excited about creating his own short campaign; so I've been walking him through that process with the usual tips of "don't over-prepare because players, especially new ones, make decisions you can't predict" (that advice has had varying degrees of success; but he's just excited so...)
So, this was the first one I got. Tried to make it as lore-appropriate as I could. DDB link
5:26 PM
Q: How should we handle the new overhaul of 5th edition rules?

David CoffronThe most recent Sage Advice Compendium article has just come out and says: We at Wizards of the Coast are attempting be more inclusive of past editions of Dungeons and Dragons. Content from the following Dungeons and Dragons editions will now be considered officially valid for Dungeons and Dr...

@TheOracle slow clap
@NautArch bows
I'm upset at how much I fell for that
someone wanna give me a TL;DR? I can't see it at work
@Himitsu_no_Yami WoTC have submitted a Sage Advice that they will be incorporating past edition rules into 5e. It presents a major problem for how we answer questions here and how to handle existing answers.
5:31 PM
I block the oracle...
@DavidCoffron Maybe offer to be a practice player for him? let him knock of the big rough edges with you as the not-going-to-get-frustrated-no-matter-what player.
@NautArch sounds like april fools ...
@KorvinStarmast watchoo talkin' bout, korvin?
@GcL That sounds like a good idea. Run some mock encounters and stuff... nods
@NautArch On the other hand, their rules fusion already happened, it's called 5e. :P
5:33 PM
i haven't even really been looking around, but are major brands doing april fools stuff this year?
@DavidCoffron You could head off some of the early mistakes new DM's make in how they think about the game. Especially with monsters. Make sure he knows that he's just figuring out what the monsters do... they're not his team.
@NautArch I know Google cancelled theres. Not sure about much else, but I haven't heard anything
@DavidCoffron Closing up shop? Too soon? Too soon.
I don't see that new thing at all so must be
@DavidCoffron You should've linked to the video interview replies instead of the rather uninformative 'article' in your meta.
5:37 PM
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Thankfully I happen to have that youtube URL memorized :P
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica I don't trust that link... Someone else click, I smell a rick roll
Well duh, of course. But seriously, was tempted to edit your post and replace it with this.
I'm glad rick rolls aren't dead
Too old to rick and roll and too young to die ... until corona showed up ...
@Himitsu_no_Yami They will outlive many of the memes, bc the song is so recognizeable. Already outlived doge and other long-lived memes
5:42 PM
I'd forgotten how much I disliked that song ... hmmm
I love the meme cus I grew up with it
@Himitsu_no_Yami completely get that ..
Don't care for the song but the meme is top tier
fair point
That has to be one of the most viewed videos on YT
5:47 PM
I mean, there are lots of ways, both mechanically and otherwise, to be able to answer that.
And no real way to say which one is 'better'
Probably is idea generation
What are some ways though cus I have nothing that would work at level 1
@NautArch Not really. It's wording is not great for the pedantic denizens of this stack, but it's fundamentally asking how to solve a specific problem.
@Himitsu_no_Yami Swashbuckler rogue. V.Human for Ritual Caster feat for Find Familiar and the Help action.
just two ideas that come directly to mind.
@GcL Well, I think I probably qualify as that, and I also really dislike being labeled as that.
Their problem is they have a character with sneak attack doesn't get the opportunity to use the feature due to the group lacking a tank. They don't know how to solve that specific problem.
@NautArch swashbuckler requires level 3
5:52 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami ah, good point. Level 1 is also super tricky and trying to maximize at that level is an effort in futility as well (frame challenge answer.)
@NautArch I don't like it either, but it's true. We like to quibble about definitions, wordings, specific meanings, and are generally amenable to ontological discussion. If the shoe fits... probably wonder why we have a closet full of them.
@GcL Yeah, I still don't think it's a positive label. And what some say is pedantry, other says is clarity.
vHuman ritual caster find familiar would probably work but it sounds like the char is already made
@Himitsu_no_Yami Roll on some tables to decide randomly!
@NautArch I think you put it on a resume as "attention to detail"
5:55 PM
@V2Blast but where's the fun in that when I can be inclusive of other people
@Himitsu_no_Yami correct, revised ranger is outdated UA and isn't on DDB. (class feature variants UA is also not on there yet.)
@NautArch There is one in the 5e OGL sheet. It's in the top section. It may be on the Bio tab instead of the Core tab.
@V2Blast hmm, i wonder which sheet we're using. It's definitely not there.
@KorvinStarmast The Master's Vault is Roll20's free starting adventure that uses D&D 5e SRD content only, I think: marketplace.roll20.net/browse/module/40/the-masters-vault
might be the shaped sheet then
@TheOracle boooooooo. booooooooooooooooooo
@NautArch I think the potential issue is that it's too broad, not idea-generation. but "Are there good options for me as a DM to help her get sneak attack?" seems answerable, though the question might need a little editing to be clearer
@Himitsu_no_Yami true :P
@V2Blast That's definitely another way of looking at it! I'm always wary about PoB and less so with Broadness. But too late :(
I put up another comment around that. Feel free to add.
6:11 PM
Big news!
also fixes the minor typographical issues with mind spike and Ancestral Guardian's listed die scaling/tables, as well as Arcane Archer's Arcane Shot previously saying it needed a magic arrow to work. (I think those were already silently fixed in past printings, but I guess those weren't enough to release a whole errata PDF over.)
@V2Blast So no more merry go round of healing?
6:25 PM
@V2Blast free now, eh? OK, maybe I didn't pay anything for it. Anyhoo, it is a fine starter adventure @DavidCoffron with plenty of good DM tips in it.
@V2Blast good news
@V2Blast Tch, typical Wizards R&D
@GcL :( I liked merry go round healing lol
Although to be fair, I've never actually been in a party that used it.
@KorvinStarmast You somehow posted an answer twice
Also, I think with the clarifications coming from MarsPlastic that your answer is exactly what they're looking for.
6:56 PM
@NautArch Not sure how I did that, how blush inducing.
@NautArch yeah, a mild challenge to the frame of the question struck me as the best way forward.
@KorvinStarmast and then it turns out to not be a frame challenge at all
@Someone_Evil I bit it hard, too.
7:13 PM
@NautArch Thanks to your guiding the question via engagement with Mars. gracias señor
Welp, time to update my healing spirit question then...
@V2Blast It's not the DM's job to give her sneak attack, as I see it. It is up to the players to work together as a team. (well, that's the guiding thought behind my answer)
@V2Blast ghasps
1 hour later…
8:23 PM
@V2Blast fix it in the most awkward possible way, sure
fingers crossed for the errata saying "several new warlock patron types were mistakenly printed in the book. those pages should have been left blank."
@MarkWells hey, the Celestial is a fine patron. What's your objection to it?
@MarkWells I'd rather it say "Several new warlock patron types were mistakenly left out of the book. They should have been included"
8:43 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami which ones?
Oh, yeah, Raven Queen is obvious. Doh
Well, Raven Queen would be a good one but also maybe ones we don't even know about is more what I was thinking
@KorvinStarmast The short version is "why is this not a cleric?"
@MarkWells because it's a warlock. short rest spell slots, invocations, eldritch blast, etc
@Himitsu_no_Yami Right, so there are mechanical differences that don't reflect any difference in the fiction. You just get your choice of whether to represent your holy warrior dude with one set of mechanics or another.
@MarkWells Think of a cleric as the face of a god, the one most people see and interact with. Think of the celestial warlock as when a god needs something done but not by the cleric
8:50 PM
Devoting yourself to a deity and forming a pact with a celetial entity are not quite the same
Q: Does the creature in room 27 of White Plume Mountain use the magic items they have?

NautArchRoom 27 contains a creature who has some additional items listed as treasure: Are those items active on the creature (changing some of their stats and giving some additional options)? Or are those not meant to be active/used and to be given as treasure? If they do use them, does that adjust t...

@Someone_Evil They're not, but the difference is much more interesting when the entity you're forming a pact with is one that you wouldn't choose to worship, love, sacrifice for, etc. The Celestial patron lacks tension. It's too easy to actually be on the same side.
Or just leave it up to the players how to interpret their class concept
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