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1:37 AM
I did a chainmail! Well, about 1 1/2" by 6" .. and now my arm feels like its going to fall off!
1:47 AM
@BlackSpike Butted rings? Welded? Riveted?
Iron? Steel? Vibranium?
Planar? Mobius? Klein?
@nitsua60 I just poked you on Discord, if you've got a moment to look.
@BESW ouch!
@nitsua60 Butted 2mmx10mm stainless steel European 4:1
@BlackSpike Ooh, very nice. Shiny.
Does "4:1" describe the linking pattern?
@nitsua60 it does. Each(1) ring is linked to 4 other rings
1:59 AM
What other patterns exist? Do you have a handy picture library?
I'm really disappointed that M.A.I.L. doesn't stand for "M.A.I.L. Artisans' International League."
I am v pleased that it does not!
Yeah, there is some funky stuff!
I don't know these things. I just do Euro 4:1 </bladerunner>
My plan is to get our Witcher cosplay built, make a dice-bag (its the Law! I have to!), and then see how much my arms hurt.
2:10 AM
> Maille construction is not intended for children or intended to be taken lightly. Care must be taken at all times, as sharp hand and power tools may be used, as well as other materials capable of causing injuries or repetitive stress disorders. Take precautions and have fun mailling responsibly.
(Emphasis mine.)
@BlackSpike Don't say they didn't warn you =)
@nitsua60 Yup. I'm going into this eyes-open :) One of the reasons I'm steering away from making my own rings ... I could wrap 1km of wire around a spindle, and snip each link snip-snip-snip <repeat ad nauseum> ... or I could throw £££ at someone ..
Already hearing anecdotes of Veteran maillers, who have major hand/wrist problems from snipping
@BlackSpike what's AR?
Oh, there's a glossary.
And it's aspect ratio, not "armor rating." Darn.
2:26 AM
@nitsua60 hehe
Yeah, wire-width to ring-diameter.
They are careful not to give any "this will stop a blade" type info ... guidelines ("Rivets are better than butted") but not actual ratings ...
Right. I just even wonder about a comparative rating, like a 1 to 10 scale that's not indexed to any actual-world impact/damage.
So many variables ...
I just watched yoochoob, bitching about people who test chainmail ... things like:
riveted is ~10x (?) stronger than butted.
materials make loads of diffrence
what gambeson underneath?
Me likey.
("Aura sheet.")
2:41 AM
The who did what in a where, now?
Aye, that looks v nice! But I can't even begin to see how to make it!
It's easy. Units of aura, with a japanese 12 in 1 2 captured among.
Just like basketball's easy. Just put the ball through the orange ring. On its way down.
"Why don't you simply <do the utterly complex thing>" /petpeeve
> "That should be easy, just..."
-every physicist approaching a new subject matter domain
Running a marathon is Simple. You just keep going, Hardly complex. Not "easy". But "simple"
@BlackSpike That actually highlights my current training difficulty. I know how to train for a marathon. But my next big race is a 50 K with six separate legs, and that I don't know how to train for. Run 9 mi, then 3 mi, then 5 mi, then 6 mi, then 3.5, then 5.5? I can't wrap my head around it.
2:50 AM
Good point - it is not as simple as I say.
I have a good friend (it's her birthday today!) who cycles 10k to go to the triathalon! I don't think she does 50k, but 25k seems a weekly thing ... she's always saying "ugh - didn't do enough training .. ate too much cake"
and then she posts "another personal-best!"
Back to aura sheet: it looks like the background-ring-with-three-rings atop is the (triangular) cellular unit. The smallest rings link them together into a sparse hex-lattice. Then the eye-grabbing 12-in-2 plug the centers of each hex.
@nitsua60 I'm seeing a circular unit. Centre, double-linked to surrounding links, with "stuff" linking to other circles
@BlackSpike Yeah, that's what grabs the eye. But reading the description it sounds like the centre double-linked is actually the last bit to go in.
Making the "stuff" first sounds necessary, as it's more complex?
Possibly. I'm still n00b, trying to figure 4:1 before I delve into such things
@BlackSpike I... may have to join you in this delving this summer!
(It depends if I get my forge built with time left over for another project. We're calling it a patio+grill, but we all know what it's actually going to be used for....)
3:01 AM
@nitsua60 Well, by summer, I may understand what that is! :D
@nitsua60 Ooo! An ultra, when is it?
@nitsua60 we've been trying to stop a friend building a back-yard forge (or smelting furnace) ...
ugh, time for sleep. Well, long-past, but can't be put off any more ...
g'night all
3:22 AM
@Rubiksmoose Not really (IMO), as it's a relay. And no individual leg is >26mi. It's at the end of August.
3-person relay, going about 100mi.
@nitsua60 Ah I missed that. It sounds very challenging and fun.
It will certainly be at least one of those!
I never did anything like that. Like you said, how do you even train for one of those? The hardest part for me on my ultra was starting again after stopping (to change clothes and bathroom)
The two pieces of credible advice I've found are (a) practice widely-varying the times of your runs, and (b) practice doubling- and tripling-up on your shortest run of the week. (Like, if you've got an easy 2-3 just to stretch things out, try doing three of those through that day.)
That sounds both reasonable and tough.
1 hour later…
4:50 AM
Not trying interrupt or to jump off topic but just quick question if there is a chat or forum for sound boarding homebrew characters?
For advice and balancing and all?
@BradleyLindsey probably best to throw it out here :)
5:18 AM
Same with maybe custom feats, weapons, the whole shebang?
5:30 AM
Here seems fine.
There's also forums:
Q: I've been told my question is better suited to a forum, but where should I go?

SevenSidedDieI asked a question that got closed for not being suited for the Q&A format that RPG.SE uses, and was told that my question would work better on a discussion forum. Where can I find an RPG discussion forum well suited to my question? Guidance for answers This should be a curated list of direc...

5:50 AM
Yeah, here is okay
It'd be among the more on-topic things discussed here :p
Aug 7 '18 at 20:02, by doppelgreener
At least for this chat, going by its history, the most off-topic thing anyone's probably asked in here was a tabletop RPG question.
6:48 AM
Okay I was thinking a Fullangr, barbarian/smith? Dual wielding siege axes, with some form of mithril composite or similar chains (non spiked) fuse to the arms from the forearms down but each with one end that can be used for a whip or grapple hook or something similar. Both axes and chains carved with runes for different things.
@BradleyLindsey So, just to be clear, you're planning on homebrewing fullangr, siege axes, and a rune carving system?
Also, is smith just background (or similar), or are you referring to a smith class?
Q: How does one track/incorporate errata in relation to printed rulebooks without having to memorize, or constantly check against, the errata?

Jason_c_oI bought myself a shiny new rulebook for a relatively new system and, of course, there's already a full document of errata! In order to make this easier for myself, I sat down with a pen and sticky notes to mark places in the book that have been errata'd. I found that the pen tended to smudge, ...

Twee alternative things that GM stands for, yes or no?
@BESW "Goblin M____" springs to mind.
@Miniman Goblin Mother, specifically.
7:00 AM
@BESW Non-specific goblin mother deity, or the actual mother of the goblins?
I'm just thinking about saying that instead of "GM."
@BESW Gregarious Mongoose
I think it works.
I thought of it because I wanted to make clear that the GM has a guardian spirit too, and that means the GM is a goblin.
7:15 AM
8:07 AM
@Miniman That's just it I've got the design and concept but I don't know all the different steps to pull it off. And I think I'm going to go with a hesitant yes to your question at the moment.
But the smithing thing a little of both I think. I was going to have it where before death while the fullangr was still moderately young the mother and father taught him everything they could. The mother to fight and the father smithing, tried to teach runes but figured I'd leave that knowledge spotty. But he did learn to smith and kept practicing on his own afterwards.
8:22 AM
@BradleyLindsey Well, there's a few ways you could go. There's a) do a bunch of work to homebrew everything, b) find the closest analogues to your concept that already exist, and use those either with some alteration or just by describing them in ways that fit your concept, c) decide that this isn't a concept that D&D really supports, and therefore either d) table this concept for a game where it will work better, or e) find a different system that supports this better.
But which option is the best option for you depends on you, your DM, and your group.
I will say that, even if you decide to go with a), starting from existing elements is a lot easier than creating stuff from scratch.
@Miniman Thanks man that does help a lot. A buddy told me that though I like AD&D and 3.5 I might be beat off going with pathfinder because of the range of options and in his words that a lot of pathfinder players and dms just dont care if you pull heavily from d&d so long as you dont try to railroad or break the game.
@BradleyLindsey By the sounds of it, you don't have a game yet?
@Miniman No youre right but I meant in general he told me that before i ever heard of 5e.
But yeah I like the creating and making and soundboarding as much as actually playing.
@BradleyLindsey It's a lot of fun in itself, yeah.
8:57 AM
Fate might be a good fit if you want a character concept with lots of custom stuff, but it plays very different from DnD so it might not be your thing.
9:21 AM
Fate's not very good at out-of-session play, which seems to be a value here.
Fate's good for customizing, but it doesn't really care about getting the fiddly bits just so.
9:33 AM
Yes, true
10:29 AM
Hmm I'll check it out might be fun. But yeah I see where y'all are coming from and thats some of the best parts for me.
I love Fate for a lot of things, and part of what I like is that it dramatically reduced the out-of-session time needed for both GM and players, which made it possible for more of my friends to keep playing regularly without burnout.
@BESW Great Maker. Gambling Monitor. Guilesome Minstrel.
10:55 AM
Gullible Marshal. Generous Maven. Greedy Miser.
Guide, Malevolent.
Great malcontent
Grumbling Mason.
@BESW where would i look to find out about trying Fate
Guilty Maverick
You mean like where to read the rules, or where to find games to join?
Yes to the first, Yes to the second, But only so long as we start with the first.
11:00 AM
Fate Accelerated is a quick-start introduction to the system, and Fate Core is a more complicated version of the same system with more fiddly bits and a lot of talk about why the system is the way it is and how to modify it for your own use.
Sweet thanks man.
Dec 23 '19 at 21:24, by BESW
@JinLong I've heard good things about online games organized at The Gauntlet Forums. They're open to a wide variety of systems and playstyles, and are pretty good about making sure people are safe while playing with strangers.
11:14 AM
@BradleyLindsey Gullible Maverick would make a good GM role for a lighthearted game about getting into all kinds of trouble while on wild adventures in the 1800s or early 1900s. (See Jumanji or The Mummy but less perilous.)
Specifically because the person leading the expedition is an idiot.
He has of course hired all of you, the players, to help him on this grand expedition.
I love the idea of being hired by an idiot to go on adventures
somehow that is far too appealing
it's a very useful hook and plot driver
I suppose it could be yeah
I'm just drawn in by the idea
I don't entirely know why
it's also fun
@trogdor Remind me of this after the first.
11:28 AM
an endearing idiot is always popular
@BESW as in like the first of next month?
@Carcer this could be a big part of it yeah
This month was supposed to be re-writing Puppy Day and then I went and wrote a whole new game also so I'm in crunch for Puppy Day.
GM doesn't stand for Time Management
11:30 AM
@BESW you don't have to write a game about it XD
The Goblin Week Jame ends in a day and a half though, and the Pleasant Dreams Jam is over in a week.
Let me know when your goblin game goes out. I want to share it in some queer circles.
@trogdor I know, but you know me, throw an interesting idea at me and I'll at least start writing a game about it.
@trogdor like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, soon BESW will enter his cocoon and emerge as a cryptid that communicates exclusively via the medium of short indie RPGs.
@doppelgreener I'll be shouting about it in the usual places. And if you follow me on itch you'll get notified that way too!
11:31 AM
@Carcer you joke but he might do this
at least in a metaphorical sense
sorry, I must correct myself
@BESW I can do that!? I haven't signed up for itch yet.
short indie RPGs and quotes of himself from several years ago
@doppelgreener Yup! Following and mutual following also opens up extra ways of giving feedback, apparently? It's a little confusing.
that actually gives me an idea
11:35 AM
@trogdor I once GMed a small campaign about stalkers (not in either of the eponimous universes though, but rather a homebrew setting). At some point the party had a chance to give a tour to a bunch of rich young thrillseekers. The players and their PCs were very leery of that job opportunity and preferred other jobs (such as biological sample fetch quests and a trip to an abandoned mine under the leadership of a greedy veteran NPC despite being promised a rather modest percentage of the loot).
@vicky_molokh and their employer was an idiot or?
@vicky_molokh rich thrill-seekers sounds like arrogant idiots, though, everyone hates those
do you just mean they avoided the job given by an idiot?
@trogdor The rich kids were not particularly smart, and of course had no prior experience with the Alienation Zone [sic].
11:36 AM
ah ok
I kinda figured that might be it
but then you had said they didn't go with those guys XD
@Carcer I don't recall portraying them as particularly arrogant, and I assume anyone who's an idiot deciding to become a leader of an expedition is automatically an arrogant decision.
or at least wanted to maybe
I'm imagining now a party game where you get a topic and then have a conversation about that topic by writing on slips of paper and passing them around, and then you get a second topic and have to have a conversation about that only using the words/sentences from the prior conversation
which now that I type it out is basically just a more awkward physical jackbox game, isn't it
it sounds like a weird jackbox game now that you say it
the only thing I connected it to before I read that was telephone
yeah, the whole "recontextualise something you already did" is very much the jackbox thing isn't it
11:39 AM
which,..... isn't even the same principle you were talking about
they seem to like going on that theme
evidently it works
not necessarily for every game but definitely for a lot of them
I mean, they do seem to switch it up pretty well?
to make it different enough from the other games they made
for enough people to like them
enough to play more new ones
I've never actually played a jackbox Game myself but i have actually watched a number of games of it on YouTube
11:43 AM
As weird as that is, to know so much of the series of games by witnessing other people play a bunch of them but never having tried one myself
I mean, jackbox is basically designed for that though, the audience participation is built in
Except not so weird i guess if I'm not the only one here who that is the case for XD
They definitely adapted well to a world in which an online audience will watch people play a game
There is basic proof that a lot of people have watched jackbox games
Not any i know of that all of them also never played any for themselves but still
It's likely true that at least almost as many haven't as have
Or barring that some at any rate
yeah I suspect the skew of users will be that they ultimately get more as audience participants from popular streams than they have actual players, but hey, seems to be working for them
Seems so yeah
I know one family who has at least one set of jackbox games
I don't know if they have ever played it
I assume they have if they own it but wtv
I don't think I have a local friendship circle with a vibrant enough ecosystem of injokes and shared references to make it really shine
11:53 AM
But yeah, they have been able to continue making very similar games
That tells me they aren't apparently suffering from a loss of sales
ah, you can't be too sure about that for a hot internet property
I think i just don't know enough people who see each other enough or who all know each other myself
I mean
a lot of them lose money for a very long time and are propped up by investors who are hoping to eventually monetise the userbase
Aaah ok
That also would work i suppose
though I don't think that applies to jackbox
11:55 AM
Even if it seems like a very weird investment to me
XD ok
I wouldn't really know either way
2 hours later…
2:07 PM
@BESW Gifty McGivesalot
Gargling Moonshine
@nitsua60 You had an "n minus one" type of formula that you apply to large groups of monsters in 5e. What is it?
My brother ran us a fight last night with 19 in the enemy party: mix of orcs and orogs.
"God, i Miss [her|him|you|them]"
@KorvinStarmast Like, how many save or hit?
YES< how many save.
A whole pile was inside a web and then inside a fireball.
between 8 and 14 of them.
For 19, I'd do expected number that save +/- d4. (Off the top of my head.) Let me rummage up the post.
8 in a web and 14 in a fireball.
2:09 PM
Q: My DM insists on rolling a single save for groups affected by AoE save spells. How does this affect my odds of successfully affecting the enemy?

LegendaryDudeAs the title question, my DM rolls a single d20 save for groups affected by my area of effect spells that require a save, in order to save time. I can't help but feel like I'm being ripped off by this as a wizard with primarily AoE save-or-suck spells. I don't know if this is just a feeling or ...

How did you derive expected number: use save DC? (It was 15)
Yes, that's the one!
Let me send my brother that link.
@KorvinStarmast Save DC and their modifier to the roll --> target number on die --> probability of saving * N appearing --> expected N saving.
@nitsua60 Got it, brother is good with math, he'll get it.
(heck, I get it, I just had not figured out where to find the link. Since you were in chat, I asked. :)
It's a long-winded way of saying <N>+d4-d4 is pretty good for reasonable (non wargaming) numbers. I like the second answer better, personally =)
@KorvinStarmast Ofc. Glad to have math flying out into the world!
@nitsua60 OK, would he roll 2d4 and take the result
Pick one to be the plus and one the minus and see which is bigger?
2:13 PM
@nitsua60 also pronounced "the gim" (with a hard 'g')
@KorvinStarmast Yeah--I usually read left-to-right, so roll 2d4, add on the result to the left, subtract the roll right of that.
@nitsua60 Brilliant. on roll 20, Mark can add the first and subtract the second. Cool.
@BESW Great with Mayonnaise
Glorfindel's Masseuse
"Gandalf's 'Meh'"
'Gotcha!' Master
Great Mezcal
Gloopy Mess
2:19 PM
@Eternallord66 πŸ††πŸ…΄'πŸ†πŸ…΄ πŸ…°πŸ…»πŸ…» πŸ†πŸ…΄πŸ†ƒπŸ†„πŸ†πŸ…½πŸ…ΈπŸ…½πŸ…Ά πŸ†ƒπŸ…Ύ πŸ†‚πŸ†ƒπŸ…°πŸ†πŸ…³πŸ†„πŸ†‚πŸ†ƒ.
@Xirema Neat
3:06 PM
@Xirema when the asteroid hits us, we surely will. 8^D Cue up Tom Lehrer's "we will all go together when we go" at this time
(Granted, he was referring to a global thermonuclear war, but the asteroid hitting us will have more or less the same effect)
I'll see if I can change the lyric matching te deum with ICBM for an asteroid event ...
@KorvinStarmast It's not an asteroid in this context.
Glorious Mechanism?
Grindelwald's Machinations?
It's a Gamma Ray Burst from a "Nearby" (in cosmological terms) collapsing star.
@Xirema which is fine, but I riffed off of the term "stardust" and rolled with it. :)
Not especially likely to cause actual problems for us, but it'll probably be visible in the sky for a few days if/when it happens.
3:10 PM
@Xirema No, but I don't like the circumstances.
would you like to be on a mailing list to know a little while before it hits us?
Again, it's in the constellation Sagittarius or The Archer.
*Oh we will all char together when we char
And let there be no moaning of the bar
When the asteroid comes round
cue the music, we'll get down
And the party will be "come-as-you-are*
@Carcer The stardust or an asteroid?
3:12 PM
@KorvinStarmast the gamma rays
@Carcer As my name is not Bruce Banner, I'll take my chances with the gamma rays. :)
gamma rocks
you might like to know if you've got a telescope
@Carcer we do not, my son took it with him to san antonio, I'll forward the link to him in case he's interested
2 hours later…
5:06 PM
Huh. I haven't been on mobile chat in a while and it looks quite different
A less dangerous helmed horror?
We didn't play D&D last night, we played M&M.
Mirth and Murder
How was that?
5:33 PM
it was great fun. (I was being a little silly there: we had a D&D 5e session) It featured a single grand battle between our party and a force of 14 orcs and 8 Orogs. Battle Royale. The only one sober was the DM. All of the rest of us were sipping something, except for my friend in Maryland (roll20 game) who was slowly getting more stoned as the session went on.
The evening was filled with as much laughter as it was slaughter and mayhem. Actually, more laughter.
Here I am trying to role play my new warlock and all we end up doing is cracking up as the brains and blood flies ...
... in our imaginations.
At one point, my warlock got all up in the cleric's grill about not healing the warhorse our barbarian was riding in this battle, and before he could answer an orog did enough damage to drop it and the barbarian missed his dex throw and we had this furball/ruck over the barbarians body for about two rounds when an orog grappled him ...
we laughed so much my face started to hurt. The jokes were mostly of the 'you had to be there' kind
Sounds like you had a great session @KorvinStarmast ;)
@NautArch I wish we had more like that one. Most of the players were able to show up, except my friend who just had a root canal.
@KorvinStarmast Our primary group doesn't meet at all if someone can't make it. Only if it's either last-minute emergency or a planned longterm outage do we do it.
@NautArch I just sent my brother the idea nits has on + d4 - d4 for handling large groups that need to roll saving throws against mental or area of effect spells. I wanted to suggest it last night, but did not want to interrupt play.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, I remember that. I think I still prefer to roll individual saves.
5:42 PM
@NautArch we are all good with whomever shows up "playing" passively the other PCs for those who can't make it. If we didn't the campaign would have died a long time ago.
@NautArch With roll20, I do, but at a table I used Nits method if N > 5
totally reasonable. we just like rolling dice.
I'm still a little bummed about this question. The content isn't in-line, and the answer with upvotes is pretty general with it's ratings. I feel like had someone given an answer like that about something that had the details in the quesiton, it'd have been downvoted as not backed up because so much content isn't actually reviewed.
6:18 PM
@NautArch yeah, maybe that prompt you offered will get the kind of response we are hoping for.. I note that the asker has not returned to re engage.
@KorvinStarmast I tried to be as reasonable as I could. Just disappointed in the upvotes on an unsupported answer.
@KorvinStarmast I'm not surprised.
It was contentious amongst ourselves, not a good thing.
I just wish (as with elsewhere) that when we disagree internally, we could be friendlier about it and work towards making questions better (and thus answers better.)
@KorvinStarmast They deleted their account so I doubt it :(
@Rubiksmoose Is it worth flagging that answer as unsupported, or should I just go frozen on it and let it go?
@NautArch Honestly, I probably would have just closed or deleted the question once OP completely deleted their account had it not gotten answered. At this point I wouldn't recommend anybody really to answer it unless they really wanted to. Chances are incredibly low that the question will ever be useful to anybody else IMO
@Rubiksmoose too late, right? :(
6:25 PM
@NautArch Indeed.
As for flagging it? You can if you want. I'm not sure honestly. Besides adding a notice (which I'm not sure this one would qualify for) not much we can do about it. I think it is a voting issue.
And for the above reasons I'm not even sure that encouraging someone to put more effort into the question is something that I would recommend anybody do at this point.
@Rubiksmoose VTC: if they no longer care about the question...
@KorvinStarmast Already done in fact. Yeah they vandalised it before scheduling their account for deletion so I think that's a pretty clear sign.
@NautArch I went ahead and looked at the link in the dnd wiki, and honestly, that's the kind of fiddly stuff that IMO D&D needs less of, not more of. (I am looking at you, Artificer class!! )(That's opinion, I know some people like fiddly stuff)
I've closed this because OP no longer cares about having this question answered (they vandalised their post before deleting their account) and because it is likely to not be of use to anybody else, best not to waste your time on this one. If someone cares about the answer to this question, I'd suggest posting it as a new question and be ready to answer questions people have about it. — Rubiksmoose ♦ 14 mins ago
Never done this^ before so feel free to call me out. I could just be tired and at the end of my rope here a bit. It's been a long week.
6:41 PM
@Rubiksmoose I get the impression I'm missing context
oh, user deleted their account. I'd maybe have prefaced the comment with that else it seems a bit out of blue
@Rubiksmoose I think you did the right thing.
we gave it a chance, and it didn't work out.
@Carcer Better?
@KorvinStarmast Thanks :)
@Rubiksmoose yeah, that makes it a bit clearer what happened.
Cool. Thanks. I agree that context was important so thanks for pointing that out :)
6:56 PM
@KorvinStarmast I started doing a review, but there was so much there it got a bit daunting.
@Rubiksmoose makes sense to me, but other users may take issue.
@NautArch There are an insane amount of fiddly bits there. I also started looking at it and gave up.
@Rubiksmoose it's almost like it would have been more manageable if there was a specific subclass they wanted to use for us to review? :P
PF Alchemist was my favorite class back in the day. Now I don't think I would want to deal with it.
@NautArch lol
@Rubiksmoose that said, we have a few users (two examples are HeyICanChan and KRyan but there are others) who thrive on questions at that level of complication.
@KorvinStarmast I'd like to see their answer. But again, my point was when folks actually have posted their own homebrews that include multiple subclasses, we've asked them to split it up. But instead, all we've done is drive a user away. No one wins.
7:00 PM
@KorvinStarmast For sure, but at this point they wouldn't be answering for anybody. So I think the best option for someone who wants to do the question is to ask it again right now, and be around to answer questions and focus it.
But yeah, I won't stop people if they want to reopen.
@NautArch People didn't drive me away, even though I ran into all kinds of bickering and (to my view) negative waves when I first stuck my foot in the water here.
@ThePuzzlerThree o/
7:04 PM
@KorvinStarmast did you delete your account?
@NautArch No, of course not. Like I said before, I am stubborn. I don't let a little bickering get in the way of something that interests me. I had a mod threaten me with that before, though.
@KorvinStarmast To the moon, @KorvinStarmast!
7:27 PM
@Carcer Now I want to see a short indie RPG centered around old @BESW quotes.
7:46 PM
Q: How do we deal with my DM's house-rule about critical damage?

ET got homeIn the campaign I'm playing in, our DM has set a house-rule for critical damage. So, we do maximum damage for one set of dice, roll the second set and add modifiers at the end instead of the typical twice-the-dice and modifiers-at-the-end rule (PHB p. 196). Example with a L1 Guiding Bolt...

@HotRPGQuestions You make builds that improve your crit chance.
Q: What are all the ways to increase the chance of a critical hit?

Alex MilletteA natural 20 is a critical hit. Some builds aim for these crits. But how can a player maximize their chance of scoring a crit? I know a few, some more reliable than others: A champion fighter gets crits on a natural 19-20 (18-20 at level 15). A rogue assassin attacking a surprised creature wil...

@Someone_Evil you could threaten the dm with a pointy stick to give you a crit
(don't do that)
@Yuuki Better to entice with a pointy carrot than to threaten with a pointy stick.
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What are good invocations for a lvl2 Warlock, Great old one?
@Ludoss IT, maybe? It'd be easier to understand client requirements.
(what do you mean "invocations aren't vocations that are inside"?)
if you're being an eldritch blaster, Agonising Blast is basically mandatory
@Ludoss What are the other themes of your character and/or what would you like this character to be able to do?
Also, is Xanathar's available to you?
The pc has eldritch blast, so Agonising Blast.
The second one makes problems. I don't own XGE.
Are your the player or DM? ("pcs has" confuses me a little)
8:30 PM
I am the player.
@Ludoss Having Eldritch Blast doesn't make you an eldritch blaster though.
What is an eldritch blaster?
Basically every warlock knows eldritch blast but not everyone builds around it.
It's a type of build that focuses on using Eldritch Blast basically.
In Dnd5e eb is a cantrip.
Most of your invocations will be tied to improving your Eldritch Blast one way or another.
8:34 PM
In the PHB I see Armor of Shadow, Devil's Sight, and Eldritch Sight.
If your combat flowchart looks like this: (Start of Combat) -> (Eldritch Blast) <-, then you're an eldritch blaster.
ah, okay
I want some utility and not only combat.
Devil's Sight can be good for both, IIRC.
Although your friends might not appreciate you using darkness as a combat spell.
Hmm... I wonder if there's a question about the interaction between Shadow Evocation and (Day)Light in Pathfinder?
Which edition of pf?
Does 2e have Shadow Evocation?
I suppose this would be the most relevant question:
Q: If one uses Shadow Evocation on a willing ally can they choose not to disbelieve?

Jeff FryIf one uses Shadow Evocation on a willing ally (e.g. Telekinetic Charge) can they choose not to disbelieve? Shadow Evocation Nondamaging effects have normal effects except against those who disbelieve them. Against disbelievers, they have no effect. Disbelief Creatures encountering a...

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What is the differences in DnD5 lvl 1 play vs lvl 2 play?
Q: Player action choices on official adventure books

AnyndelI've been running a few officially published adventure books during the last few months, but I never know how to convey the possible actions the players can take and I feel they lose a lot of possibilities because I'm not giving them enough knowledge and just letting them decide whatever they wan...

Q: What defines a harmful effect or ability?

DeepsCharmed condition says: A charmed creature can't attack the charmer or target the charmer with harmful abilities or magical effects. The charmed condition is just one example mentioning harmful effects/spells/abilities... I don't think it is clear what is a harmful ability or harmful (magi...

@Ludoss varies per class, but generally not much
so still need to rest after every combat?
I mean, you shouldn't be resting after every combat, but slightly less
@Ludoss 1 level.
8:53 PM
I considered that joke
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