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12:43 AM
@Shalvenay Got it. Won't be there for the session, though.
Have fun.
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2:28 AM
Q: How do Human Traits Work?

ilikerangersI'm a relatively new player to the D&D scene. I'm creating a human ranger and was puzzled at the logistics of human traits, and I can't seem to find the answer anywhere, although I might just be bad at researching. On D&D Beyond, when looking at the human race, under "Human Traits" it gives a li...

2:46 AM
@BESW good read, thanks for linking
1 hour later…
4:04 AM
hey there @Aza, long time no see!
4 hours later…
Jokes aside, system-antagonistic seems to be an attitude that does exist in some RPG circles.
I've seen it the most in Storyteller circles.
8:50 AM
Q: When do characters level up?

user55711I'm a new DM with a group of very new players. I've read through the rules and some of the Player's Handbook (I just haven't finished it yet). We are still within the first arc of the campaign and have plenty of time to figure everything out and for the players to reach the end goal, so I'm not s...

9:05 AM
@Shalvenay I feel horrible at phrasing questions today, but I posted it. I hope I'm not beating aroung the bush too much.
Link in the feeds, and thanks for the title.
9:20 AM
@BESW um,... how is that a thing exactly?
9:37 AM
ah ok it's a typo
@BESW New tag?
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12:56 PM
Q: What rules do we want for homebrew review questions?

Oblivious SageThere seemed to be a strong consensus in this question that we're not happy with how homebrew review is working on the site right now, and that the way forward is to get some additional rules around it to try to cut down on the most common types of problems these questions have. What sorts of ru...

Re: moved messages. One of the few things the Stack Exchange did pretty good with its social infrastructure is that users aren't publicly shamed with enumerations of what they do wrong. This helps us re-integrate into the community without being haunted by our mistakes. RPG chat is working so hard at being respectful and welcoming, please don't fudge it up by pasting gossip to the starboard.
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2:33 PM
Q: Do we want a [homebrew-review] tag separate from the [homebrew] tag?

Oblivious SageThe vast majority of the homebrew questions we get are asking us to review their homebrew, either directly ("Is this balanced?") or indirectly ("What LA should this race have?" or "How much should this magic item cost?"). However, we also get a nontrivial number of questions about homebrew that ...

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4:20 PM
@Shalvenay give us a bing when you're ready to go
@Glazius I think I can be ready soon here, yeah
This time I'm here and ready :)
alrighty then, will be ready in a moment :)
@ACuriousMind @Glazius ready when you are :)
5:04 PM
@Shalvenay I just feel badd at questions now.
2 hours later…
6:52 PM
Zachiel, you aren't bad at questions: what you are confronting is quite a challenge given that you are switching systems, and that the system you are moving to seems to assume some system mastery ...
7:48 PM
tinyurl.com/FellowshipPlaybooks <-- free to download playbooks for Fellowship, a PbtA game about adventurers from disparate walks of life coming together to help their world and fight an evil overlord. There was some interest in a demo today, figure I'd offer these up and ask if anyone else was curious.
It's a game that makes you very much the custodian of your own people (you are the Dwarf, everyone expects you to talk about the Dwarves, or the Heir, and everyone expects you to talk about your kingdom) and has a really interesting approach to conflict framing and resolution.
If anybody's curious I could put together a little something for 2 to 5 not-me players. There's an interesting part to it that you can't really see in a one-shot; the Overlord is kind of a character and gets more tricks as the players get more powerful.
8:26 PM
@Glazius Looks intriguing, I like the playbooks' focus on determining aspects of the character's culture. I'd be up for it, tending to play a Halfling.
@Glazius yeah, I can tell where this'd have been a much better fit than DW for what I'm doing
I'll let it float for a bit, I know people are likely to be out for the long weekend.
8:46 PM
one thing that irks me is sort of the conflation of race and class if you will that seems to be present in the playbook selection
Yeah, it deliberately breaks from later D&D in that regard.
@Glazius yeah, I recognize that from the very early forms of D&D
@Glazius I do wonder why?
Updoots if you agree:
Hi agirlnamedfia, and welcome. Unfortunately we've learned we don't handle requests very well, as you can see at the various links in the close-notice. That said, I strongly hope you'll pop into Role-playing Games Chat and ask the same question: I, personally, have played or run all the adventures you're talking about, and I know plenty of other chatizens have, too. You'll need 20 reputation to participate, so I've thrown you an upvote to get you 1/4 of the way there. Hope to see you soon! — nitsua60 ♦ 2 mins ago
9:05 PM
@Shalvenay I think part of it's that it is asking you to define your people so much? If you are an exemplar of your people, then when you define your people you're also talking about what you're good at.
With D&D you're dealing largely with races and professions defined by someone else, and you can explore the interactions without any particular investment.
Also, this, in case you were wondering about losing dozens-to-hundreds of rep:
Q: Massive user removal in one night?

Graviton I woke up this morning to find that I suffered a massive drop in reputation points across the network because lots of users had been removed. What happened to those users? Was there a database cleanup?

@nitsua60 I seem to have escaped unscathed
[checks]I lost 30 points yesterday, and 20 last month, from removed users.
9:21 PM
@BESW so their votes just don't count anymore after that?
see the big meta there
@Glazius yeah, I just expected it to not be so one-dimensional XD or at least, be consistent in the dimension it adopted
I also don's seem to have lost anything
though I guess I am maybe not high enough rep to tell?
I dunno
9:40 PM
you'd have gotten a notification of lost rep due to a user being removed if it had affected you
If you've also gained rep during the period, the rep counter may not report the loss but you can see it if you click the dropdown.
I note the comments in the meta post seem to suggest that it's exclusively or almost exclusively affected users who were active a few years ago
@BESW oh you can still see it? I thought it was legit hidden if you lost points but gained the same or more
Nah, you'll always see a "-X user was removed" entry in your rep history
Yeah, I lost a little bit across a few sites. Not a whole lot, but enough that I was curious. Thanks for the link.
9:42 PM
Hey everyone, this is my first visit to the RPG chat so feel free to tell me if I'm doing something wrong, it's been ages so my chat skills are rusty :) I've got a recommendation question for a DND 5e module, is this where I ask it?
[wave] Hi! Yes, these chat rooms are much less formally structured than mainsite, so if a question doesn't fit the formal Stack Exchange requirements we can discuss the subject here instead.
@agirlnamedfia Sure! You can link to your closed question, too here.
I'm not personally able to help because I've no experience with D&D since before 5e, but @nitsua60 and others here are well versed in it.
9:55 PM
oh yeah, linking might be easier, it's here: rpg.stackexchange.com/q/148724/55728
basically, I need some help picking a module within some specific parameters
I started DMing with LMoP, and then did STK. STK was fun, but very sandboxy. It very much is giving you a world and you need to do quite a bit to fill it out.
I've heard that Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is good to new DMs too, but I haven't looked through it yet since I don't yet know if I'm DMing or playing it.
If your only concern with Waterdeep is that it may be too short, I think it may be a good choice exactly for that reason. Start with something small. It's easier to make things bigger if you want to do more than to cut back if you realize you've signed up for too much.
That's true, I suppose
That's been my experience with most kinds of RPGs, yes.
and we only play once a month, so either STK or OotA would probably take forever
yeah, agree. I don't have any experience with the modules in question but I think a short one to cut your teeth on is probably the better way to start
10:00 PM
Though it has the challenge of being city-based, so you need to be prepared for your players to be able to do just about anything.
And I believe it can lead into the other Waterdeep module, if you want to go beyond level 5 and want an Underdark dungeon crawl. Or it can probably lead into Chapter 2 of STK without too much trouble either.
My players don't want to do a dungeon crawl, so maybe not DotMW but STK, huh... good suggestion!
I also get better participant retention with shorter campaigns, because if people think they can't commit to a year-long campaign they're less likely to join at all.
But in general, with any sort of game design (and DMing is basically a form of game design), you want to plan for it to be too short rather then too long.
Since you can always take a short game and say "That was fun, let's play again", but if a game drags on too long then everybody just wants it to end.
STK chapter 1 is a pretty fast-paced get-the-characters-to-level-5-so-the-main-adventure-can-start "prequel".
So I'd expect that W:DH can lead into STK starting at chapter 2 if you want more. Though I haven't tried it.
someone probably has, and wrote about it on the internet
10:26 PM
Morning all
Just wanna say thanks to everyone who gave advice over on Not A Bar :)
Q: Would the Geas spell work in a dead magic zone once you enter it?

delfilerSo I am not quite sure if geas would still be in affect in a DMZ, or do the damage if the command is not followed. It is quite confusing as some players say that it wouldn't, and others say it would. I can't really figure it out myself, because I am 50/50 on it. What happens to the geas spell ...

i'm headed off to bed, thanks for the help everyone!
@agirlnamedfia Hi!
@agirlnamedfia Bye!
10:46 PM
@agirlnamedfia Reading your question as you first wrote it by the time I got to "mess around every once in a while" I was already thinking to myself "Storm King's Thunder sounds up their alley."
Sorry to miss the whole chat =\
@nitsua60 I did too, so, you're not the only one missing out
We missed out on the chat,and the chat missed out on your expertise haha
@agirlnamedfia if you're up for 6-9 months of ~weekly play, SKT would be right up your alley (I think). It is a little sandboxy, but when I ran it I printed a table-sized map of the book's map, laminated it, and then the players kept track of locations, quest-lines, memorable NPCs by writing on it with wet-erase and we never had trouble with them "losing the thread," if you will.
I'll second what Peter said about Dragon Heist: it's a bit shorter than your question seemed to be describing. I do like it and it's structure would lend itself well to what you describe, I think. But the caveat about "they're in a city, if they really want to go down other alleyways do you really want to be ready for that?" is on-point.
11:31 PM
Is it just me or is it frustrating when a post doesn't have a game tag? You have an answer (with only a slight chance it's not the answer/an applicable one), but you can't post cos they haven't clarified. Lol
Not angry frustrated, more like... I want to but I can't
Oh yeah, that's definitely a thing.
heck,... that happens in here
people run into the chat asking for help with a class or a build or a home brew or something and assume everything is D&D 5e
I used to do that a lot. Lol
For which I do apologise
it's just annoying, no one got hurt XD
mainly it sucks if we start assuming it's always D&D 5e because then someone comes in asking an Eclipse Phase question or something
11:49 PM
Yeah. I mean, I did it a lot. And on top of that after a while I said "just assume it's 5e when I ask". Which of course was exactly the opposite of what we want to do. Lol

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