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Q: Can you heal a summoned creature?

Chadwick PoulsenIn D&D 5e, when a creature is summoned through the bag of tricks or other magical means, can you heal these allies? Or are they meant to not be healed but just used until their expiry?

Q: Is healing by fire possible?

SonkuragariI know this exact question was asked for 5e but I play 3.5 which has more options so I'm wondering if there's a way for a player character to heal from fire, similar to an Iron Golem. It doesn't matter if it's a spell, template, magic item, etc. Just so long as, instead of taking damage from fire...

1:03 AM
It got an upvote. I'm happy XD
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3:21 AM
Q: Can a Beholder use rays in melee range?

Alex ParvanCan the Beholder use Eye Ray in melee range (RAW)? I can't find any restrictions of the sort, yet I've seen posts with people saying that the Beholder will use Bite on melee targets.

@HotRPGQuestions only if it doesn't wear Ray-Bans
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6:25 AM
6:56 AM
there's a bit of a popular celebration ongoing
Finland won the IIHF world championships and that usually entails partying all night (it's something of an unofficial national sport)
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8:00 AM
@Glazius seems you were right - 125 acrobatics was enough to prevent 100% fall damage. For some reason I assumed it never went to 100%.
8:21 AM
@kviiri partay!
8:45 AM
We also had European parliament elections yesterday
Lots of tension
Oh, and I played Cuba Libre, and finally got it finished \o/
I have strong feelings and lots of expletives about the MEP elections
I hear you had a "Brexit party" landslide?
(is it an actual party or just a nickname for pro-Brexit politicians?)
9:30 AM
@Carcer Was a great opportunity to "thank" them for the "great" work on that internet copyright reform....
@Derpy the copyright stuff doesn't even warrant a fraction of a fornication from where I'm sat
@kviiri Yes, the "Brexit Party" is a real party. They won the individually greatest vote share and seat count
@Carcer Let's go to the NAB if you might, I want to ask a few things about them
unfortunately here in the UK we've got no truck with advanced political concepts like "working together" or "coalitions" so the remain vote was split quite badly
9:45 AM
@Carcer let's just stop at saying that I am not even sure how some parties in my country may even exist..... but I don't think this is the best place to discuss politics.
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10:53 AM
Q: The Passive Wisdom (Perception) score of my character on D&D Beyond seems too high

Kenny WylandI just made a 7th-level Dragonborn Vengeance Paladin character on D&D Beyond. It says his Passive Wisdom (Perception) is 18, but I don't understand how they calculated that number. The character has a Wisdom score of 10 (a +0 modifier). He is proficient in Perception. His Proficiency Bonus is ...

11:36 AM
Now the airforce has decided they'll send two jet fighters to accompany the hockey team's homecoming flight x)
...which is two hours late. (I work near the airport so I'll probably see it landing)
hey there @nitsua60
12:39 PM
Oh boy, moderator elections incoming
Just as I thought I had run out of campaigns to watch :)
Moderator election campaign. Roll Public Speaking to rally voters!
Some day I should sign up for a political campaign, though given how things go, it's likely I'll have to GM one instead.
@kviiri Plan: steal BESW password and candidate him. :P
it is a an evil action but for a greater good.
A very small part of me wants to sign up for a moderator post, but I really don't think I'm quite there yet
In terms of stiff upper lip, time and energy or general polite firmness
@vicky_molokh yeah, I've been running a campaign with some fairly heavy political themes (in DW of all things, but that's definitely not the right system for the job :P)
maybe the Fellowship game @Glazius and I want to start up could be good for some of that? tossing out the Evil Overlord definitely has political implications XD
If you Finish Them by working things out, acting calmly and reasonably, or helping them with their problems, roll +Wisdom.
When you speak with conviction and ask someone for help, tell us what you want from them and why they should help you. If they're willing to listen when you detail your plan and their place in it, roll +Sense.
12:54 PM
I occasionally tried to invoke some political themes in AW
(when you mark one use of "scary as hell", even if they're not willing to listen roll +Blood)
@kviiri that's why you want BEWS. You pay for one person, you get a full team of 24/7 working robots. ^_^'
(which is also why I still claim BEEws avatar should be a beehive. What picture could be more fitting for an hive-mind user? )
.... wait, don't tell me he is not here the one time I make fun of him for being always here and always ready to reply?
^ Gotcha. @BESW
Q: Can I use the Shadow Step feature to effectively teleport into a Darkness spell I cast upon myself?

BloodySprinklesI cannot find anything that specifically says I’m unable to accomplish the combo I have in mind, but it seems incredibly broken so please tell me otherwise. If I take 2 levels of Warlock (picking up the Devil’s Sight eldritch invocation) and 6 levels of Shadow Monk to gain the Shadow Step featur...

1:17 PM
hey there @PATRYGuillaume, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
(and welcome as well @Akixkisu :)
@Shalvenay hello, as per usual I will be lurking.
@Akixkisu feel free to :)
1:43 PM
@Shalvenay Hello
2:02 PM
2:38 PM
@Anaphory Ascension Day is this week, I plan to beat Crawl by then
Wish me luck :)
@kviiri Good luck to you!
Thanks :)
Are you going to Ropecon this year? (Did I already ask?) A friend of mine from my group here might be in Helsinki then.
@Anaphory Probably not, but always in motion the future is
i am a bit shy with large crowds, but I also have recently found lots of enjoyment in pushing the limits of my comfort zones
@kviiri I'm so drowning in work and non-work obligations, I haven't even played a level of Crawl for a long time. Even the main reason I came here right now was good intentions for productivity: I remembered that BESW said something about the working method of caffeine ages ago and needed a first pointer to read up on that, to optimize my caffeine intake over the next two weeks.
@kviiri I can easily empathize with both parts of this sentence!
2:46 PM
@Anaphory Kinda funny, I was going to ping you with that ascension pun thing just a moment before you came in
3:07 PM
Q: Would a Dragon be able to use the Fleet of Foot feat while flying?

Lucius VorenusFleet of Foot from Complete Warrior: Would a Dragon be able to use the Fleet of Foot feat while flying? The feat states: "When running or charging..

3:49 PM
Fleet of Foot Feet
2 hours later…
5:55 PM
btw @ACuriousMind and @Glazius -- if you're wondering where some of Kahruk's speechifying came from, it was a paraphrase of some stuff attributed to Col. John Boyd, USAF (not a direct source, but quoted here: code7700.com/1993_integrity.htm )
hey there @nitsua60
I'm not sure if this is/was already obvious to everyone but...
The election page states "moderator positions available 2". Does this mean that 2 moderators are being elected? (bringing rpg.se to a total of 5 moderators?) — Sdjz 2 hours ago
6:15 PM
@Shalvenay hiya
@nitsua60 how're things going?
@Sdjz yes, barring truly bizarre circumstances. (Only one person runs, or staff deem every nominee unsuitable, or the like.) — nitsua60 ♦ 1 min ago
@nitsua60 Thank you :)
@Sdjz I doubt it's obvious to everyone--most people probably haven't yet gone to the /election/4 page yet, since it's not obviously linked and it holds little of interest at this point.
Though it did come up once last week:
May 23 at 2:10, by Rubiksmoose
@nitsua60 I just noticed something on the election page; why does it say 2 moderator positions available?
6:33 PM
@Shalvenay A kid in the middle school marching band passed out during the Memorial Day parade this morning. Five feet in front of a dozen EMTs (the volunteer fire dept. marching) and about fifteen feet from an ambulance (also in the parade). So, probably the best possible time/place for that to happen.
@nitsua60 whew
@nitsua60 what can I say, I find interest in odd things/places :)
apparently, people are pretty consistent in their determination of the relative effort they think spells should require based on what the spell does.
6:49 PM
@nitsua60 Just curious: how do you three manage to keep our site moderated at all times? I know the community does a lot of "your work" but there's still only three of you (and you and mxy are from close time zones too)
(obviously it's not as much of a concern when we get two new moderators)
7:10 PM
@Glazius This Fellowship thing seems super interesting, thanks for sharing
Nice to see a fantasy PbtA without such overt DnD baggage as DW does.
7:23 PM
Q: 2019 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

JNatIn connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as the space for the candidates to provide their answers. As noted, we only selected the top 8 questions ...

@TheOracle Well, let the Great Races begin?
There's not *that* much we need to do on most days. You-all (and the Community user) probably throw a dozen or two flags a day. 3/4 of those are comments being obsolete, and it's pretty quick to take a look and delete a bunch of those.
The next big batch are automated flags like "more than 10 answers in the last 5 days" that Community throws; generally that's nothing special and just needs a quick look-see to see if perhaps a question has become an automated SPAM magnet and needs protection. (Usually not: it's just an interesting question that's getting answers.)
@nitsua60 Gotcha, thanks for taking the time to explain :)
I try to spend some time keeping up with the scuttlebutt around the Teacher's Lounge (the Network-wide mods' chatroom) and on meta.SE--and I know Greener makes a point of that, too--so that if something big is being discussed that we think might impact the site or even just be of widespread interest to everyone, we can point it out.
@vicky_molokh still 23 minutes to go :P
7:37 PM
I, at least, have taken my job to be largely two categories: (a) handle things that you-all can't (comment-deletion, 90% of it) or shouldn't have to (true assholery); and (b) ensuring that you-all are having discussion about practices/policies that either I think need discussing or I'm hearing rumbles that make me think there's something needs hashing out.
@nitsua60 did becoming a mod cause you to cut down on regular user behavior (editing/asking/answering) at all, compared to before?
My activity's decreased in the last few years, but I think that's coincidental. It has more to do with my growing lack of interest in most of the 5e questions coming over the transom. (Which is why I'm asymptotically approaching Epic badge.)
Occasionally I come in here and drop a pointer to a question with requests that people look at close or reopen, because I'm kinda-thinking it should happen, but not nearly sure enough to wield my supervote.
I think we have too much DnD compared to everything else, but that's sadly representative of what I see in the actual RPG world too :S
@kviiri Tell me about it. I've gathered pitches for my in-town group's summer season, and there are maybe a dozen different systems represented. And I can barely bring myself to assemble them into a document to put in front of people's eyes, because I know it's just going to end up being "latest 5e hardcover."
aw :(
Some parts of my group have started to open towards other systems which is nice. We had such a fun experience with Lady Blackbird, I guess that counts as a victory :)
7:49 PM
It's fine. I'll have fun hanging out with friends, and I won't have to run it. But it does feel like a lost opportunity.
I get what you mean. I do like tactical combats, from time to time, but I, uh... think most of my group has a really poor touch on GM'ing and our feedback culture has had recurring problems.
Some of the stupid things we've done are at least obviously stupid in retrospect. Like the one time when we had agreed, in the end of the previous session, to pursue a particular quest (so the GM could prep it), and yet reconsidered and ultimately decided via a coin flip which one to pursue. (we stuck with the original one after the debates and negotiations)
The GM, too, admitted in retrospect that he should've just said "My fellows, if you really are so on the edge on what you want to do that you want to flip a coin, could you just pick the thing I prepped?"
@kviiri That's... an imminently fair request.
It's so tough sometimes to make those hindsight-obvious calls in real time, though!
Haha I feel that - I get that idea X sounds maybe more fun in concept, but the fact that i would be improvising it is gonna potentially impact that
@nitsua60 no kidding
8:07 PM
@Shalvenay gotta love training and drills, eh?
@nitsua60 heheh
8:23 PM
Q: 2019 Community Moderator Election

CommunityThe 2019 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks, but this depends on how many candidates there are. Please visit the official election page a...

8:50 PM
@Glazius Heh, one of the elf names in The Fellowship is someone I know in real life :D
He's a fairly involved TTRPG player so I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually named after him
@kviiri Yeah, Fellowship's very much a work of craft. Pretty sure it was kickstarted too, let me see...
Hm. There wasn't a "be a name" level, but there is a backer list in the end of the book.
I also know a TTRPG player from the Orc name list. (coincidentally, my IRC nick is on the Half-Orc name list in DnD 4e)
@Glazius Check if T. Pirinen is there for me :)
If you might
I wanna know if my hunch is right
Hm. Doesn't seem to be, no.
hm, false positive then. (unless he backed under a pseudonym, but I'm not going to make you search for all his aliases)
9:06 PM
Well, if the playbooks have you curious about the real thing you could always buy it and check. ;)
Yeah, maybe I should
It seems fun
OTOH I'm a bit wary about buying RPG stuff because it's not like I'd get to play it anyway.
@nitsua60 "Asymptotic," by Louie Zong.
9:25 PM
Q: Can a flying character can use Ant Haul to carry another character?

aloisdgOne of my player is a level 8 Oracle of Flame and she has the revelation Wings of Fire. She is not strong enough to lift someone while flying. She would like to. She plays a Peri Aasimar with a strong angelic savior behavior. As an Oracle, she could learn Ant Haul. The target’s carrying ca...

Anybody here familiar with Fate of the Flying Temple?
@kviiri I am planning to run a game of it, too, if I can get a demo squad together.
@BESW Got the book, played the original Do. What you need?
I'm looking for feel-good/adorable/cooperative Fate games, and it's the closest possibility I can think of so far.
Yeah, you ain't far off.
I mean, anything you run with Fate Accelerated doesn't have to get much nastier than hurt feelings?
9:40 PM
Sure. I'm looking for something pre-structured to be the emotional equivalent of Golden Sky Stories, but in Fate.
Q: Do firearms count as ranged weapons?

Dot.tyroDo Firearms (specifically, the firearms from Critical Role's Gunslinger Martial Archetype for Fighter) count as ranged weapons? Can they be used with the Archery or Close Quarters Shooter (UA) fighting styles?

Well, you're not going to get the Aiki-and-hugs reinforcement GSS gives you, because Fate isn't built to play for applause?
On the other hand if you're looking for something comfortable to keep coming back to, Fate deals with that much better, and also dat letter dragon.
And you might get the same kind of cheering squad feeling if... just to throw something out there, your Fate Points were sandwich cookies and tapping an aspect only costs half the cookie if someone else comes up with a way to use it?
Top of the head idea, never tested.
I like the idea of rewards for cooperative creativity, but since at least one of the players is at least 10 time zones away that could be awkward.
@BESW yeah, there is no Cookie over IP protocol for compatibility reasons :P
(it would be compatible as an out-of-band embedded payload in an IPoAC message, though XD)
9:55 PM
Well, unless all of your players are diabetic, they could just manage their own cookie pool on the honor system.
Er, any of your players, rather.
No good having a fun game mechanic someone can't participate in.
@Glazius oh, I'm sure we'd be able to come up with suitable treats for just about any dietary situation out there :)
Morning all
@Glazius (it reminds me of the infamous steak question sighs had I been in that position, I'd have gone for some nice, tasty Shiitake mushrooms instead of the steak; Morels would be more fitting yet, but harder to get one's paws on since you can't just up and buy them at the grocery store XD)
What game are you playing that uses eat-a-steak resolution mechanics, because I want it?
@Glazius the question, quite sadly, was apparently an attempt to troll the Stack outright, and sadly, the steak wasn't part of the resolution mechanics either
10:10 PM
Ah. I'm thinking all out of bubble gum hack.
...can't thing of what the eight bites of steak represent though.
Maybe it's just the keto version of all out of bubblegum?
10:23 PM
Q: What is the reason we are moving to having 5 diamond moderators?

RubiksmooseI noticed a few days ago that our election was aiming to fill 2 moderator positions instead of just the one position that was vacated by SevenSidedDie (as I expected). Is there a reason behind that decision that the mod team would like to/is able to/is comfortable sharing with the community as a ...

11:00 PM
@Shalvenay I'm trying to make a pun with "a-morel" but I can't think of anything right now
11:30 PM
@V2Blast the best I could come up with the the meat version was "You've made a big misteak"
Which sadly isn't that good.
hey again @nitsua60
@Rubiksmoose you need to raise the steaks
@Shalvenay hiya
@V2Blast: You should talk to my brother in law. He raises steaks.
@V2Blast hahaha that was certainly better than mine.
11:43 PM
@nitsua60 how're things going?
on a different note, the word "Oriental" somehow came up in the GM discussion channel of the Starfinder RPG discord server I recently joined...
"is your world oriental based?
is oriental a bad word to use now?
is there a better word, is my question."
[loud frown]
I'm Occidental. What's the problem?
11:49 PM
@nitsua60 Could I get a mod eye on this question?
@Joshua just a note, if you're going to start a discussion on this in earnest, please note that we require everyone to be respectful and kind.
@Aza hey there @Aza, how're things going?
In that light, are you asking as a serious question that are interested in getting an answer to with an open mind? Because if you are, I'm sure there are members here who could help you understand.
@Aza Greetings!
@V2Blast 'lo! :)
11:53 PM
I guess I just see it as a really imprecise word.
It is that. But it's also a word associated with historical and ongoing harm and trauma.
All I'm saying is that if you want to have this conversation here, I recommend you come from a position of actually wanting to learn the answer. (Which I'm not saying your aren't, but just trying to head off some of the ugliness that comes when people don't).
And that impact on real people is more important than any technical unclarity.
I don't think it's an especially good word to use
I've seen words get changed out more than once because of some perceived insult. The problem's not in the words.
11:59 PM
You're right in a sense -- if you're very literal about the words, they're imprecise. But they exist because they do (and did) tangible work for select people. 'Oriental' and 'Occidental' are not organic words, and their vagueness is a deliberate feature. So, if you want to understand why the framing is offensive, it's important to look not just at the definitions, but how they were & continue to be used.
Even at its best it lumps a bunch of countries cultures and peoples who are actually more different than similar to each other into one mushed up thing

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