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12:06 AM
@Swandre3000 saw this and absolutely could not rest until i drew it
this response though
Apr 5 at 11:27, by BESW
Next time I play a PC in a fantasy-ish Fate game I'm gonna make a seeker.
Honey Badger Seeker dual-wielding swords that he throws like a boss.
3 hours later…
3:04 AM
Transistor, by the same studio as Bastion, is free to own on the Epic Games Store if you get it before May 2: epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/transistor/home
3:38 AM
I would be tempted if that wasn't a whole other thing to have some games on that
Bastion was apparently great and Transistor looks like my kind of things
but I have two seperate game owney platforms on here already :/
eh, it's free. Epic Games Store has had a different free game every 2 weeks for the past few months I think
I have Steam, Origin, and Epic Games Store. I think that's it
(...also maybe uPlay)
3:55 AM
@trogdor Bastion was great, highly recommend. Transistor was...weird. I wasn't really enjoying it, so I didn't finish.
Pyre was also weird, actually, much weirder, but I enjoyed it a lot.
Hades looks pretty good, but I'm going to wait until it's not just on epic store.
@Miniman strangely, my brother played Bastion and it just didn't quite look like my kind of game but he loved it, and then Transistor came out and I was like "I should pick that up sometime because it looks more up my alley" but it just never happened
@V2Blast it's free which is great, but the opportunity cost of a whole third platform just for it isn't worth it to me
@trogdor It's an incredibly polished game. Every aspect of it just shows how much work went into it.
@Miniman pyre,.... looked cool but also like,... I could see myself quickly getting tired of the same mechanics in the main gameplay parts?
Bastion, I mean.
@Miniman yeah I mean I don't think it's bad
3:59 AM
@trogdor Yeah, and I did a bit. But it's very low effort and relaxing, so I was okay with it.
that isn't the thing XD
@Miniman yeah I can at least understand that
it's what I bought Stardew Valley for
it turns out there is more to that game than that but you certainly CAN just farm all the time and not do anything else if you really want XD
I beat Bastion. Started Transistor a while back but didn't get that far in
also yeah, Stardew Valley is a solid relaxing game. I got into Harvest Moon back in the GBA days when I played HM: Friends of Mineral Town on an emulator
I never played Harvest Moon
part of why I tried out Stardew
and I actually really like it
for some reason I spend a lot of time literally just keeping the farm itself up and I am usually satisfied with that
it's not all I have done but it is all I have done on some ingame days
1 hour later…
5:05 AM
@trogdor I loved Bastion but I didn't get into Transistor as much.
@trogdor I love the idea of games like Stardew Valley but then I get overwhelmed with figuring out what I need to do and how to optimize it and how to remember what needs doing from one day to the next
5:39 AM
Thinkin' about ROGUES 🔪🔪🔪 #DnD
6:07 AM
@Ash I've never bothered with "optimization" in games like that. remembering what needs doing gets easy once you fall into a routine
6:50 AM
I listened to part of a Sundown playtest today and now I'm back to thinking about hacking together my own system out of my favorites bits of everything.
7:10 AM
@Ash Stardew has the advantage of not having see stupid starting debt like for example Animal Crossing, so you don't have so much to optimize
That's one reason I like it because there was a lot to accomplish but I could decide every day what I wanted to do
It's been about 4 in game years and I did a lot of the side stuff but not everything
Some people "finish" it in less than 3 in game years but I feel like that isn't a fun way to play it
And it's cut into 4 seasons, so if most of what you want to do any given time is farm you only have to worry about 1 4th of the crop types
And everything makes money anyway, it just makes more if the seed is more expensive and or takes longer to grow
The only optimization I've had to do is making sure not to plant something if it's gonna die at season change before I can harvest it
My only complaint is that none of the month/seasons are 30 days long
(but you can see when it's over on the calendar)
And as far as the non farming stuff, anything I couldn't figure out myself I just looked at the wiki for
It lays most things out pretty clearly
Navigation around all the places you can go is slightly tricky though
7:38 AM
@V2Blast Hades is... basically Transistor's performance tests, but an entire game of them? Which is extremely my jam. And also somehow Supergiant haven't stopped connecting on worldbuilding even in a roguelike.
Even starting from an extremely known story point I'm enjoying these character interactions.
1 hour later…
8:53 AM
@Ash basically, at least for Stardew Valley itself, which is the only game like this I have ever played more than a couple hours of, planting crops is the only thing that commits you to doing something later, and even then you only have to check what you have planned yourself, I only use like an 8th of my farm for it and I use maybe twice as much on barns and trees
You can use a very small area to make money if you don't care about doing anything other than selling what you grow
When I started I used even less land and I still made enough to get the money sink items I wanted at the pace I wanted
I like it a lot, and it's honestly the most relaxing game I have
And there is a lot you can do in the game but it's all optional
Even planting stuff
You could spend the whole game fishing or cutting down trees or harvesting from orchards (although for that last one you need enough to buy fruit trees so that takes a little longer to start)
9:44 AM
@Glazius Wait, so...does it use transistor's combat system?
10:16 AM
Happy Easter everyone
Happy Easter!
10:31 AM
Happy Easter people of the past
I mean technically it's still Easter in the future
Happy Easter and Happy Ridván!
10:53 AM
Q: Is there a spell that can create a permanent fire?

ShaneI'm looking for a spell which a spell caster would cast to permanently light a torch in their home. Or, maybe a hired arcanist would go around town at sundown to light the street lamps until the morning. I'm certain I've seen an 'eternal flame' or similar spell around. Unfortunately, but Googlin...

2 hours later…
12:56 PM
@trogdor this makes it feel like I might enjoy this more than Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon I always felt this vague sense of pressure.
@V2Blast I still tend to forget things but that's my short term memory being ridiculously bad
@trogdor yeah, the debt mechanics in AC always frustrated me but I like so much about them otherwise that I put up with it.
3 hours later…
3:36 PM
@Miniman No, it's a more actiony combat system like Bastion was. But the way you evolve over the course of a run is very much Transistor's performance mode.
4:23 PM
Q: Does the Rock Gnome trait Artificer's Lore apply when you aren't proficient in History?

NathanSRock Gnomes have the following racial trait (PHB, p. 37): Artificer’s Lore Whenever you make an Intelligence (History) check related to magic items, alchemical objects, or technological devices, you can add twice your proficiency bonus, instead of any proficiency bonus you normally apply...

2 hours later…
5:58 PM
@Ash yeah I never tried Harvest Moon, I probably wouldn't like it as much, and AC was fun but the whole "we are gonna force you into a massive loan" thing turned me off of it
6:19 PM
I'm back on my bullshit again, asking Anima questions I suspect there aren't any canonical answers to...
@Stackstuck Don't worry too much about it, worst case you're ensuring that we get some non-D&D 5e questions :p
Yeah that's true.
It would be nice to get answers though!
e.g. this question which I suspect is going to come up very soon in my actual game... rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/144076/…
@Stackstuck Man, reading questions about rpg's you're not familiar with it alarmingly similar to reading a foreign language...
@Stackstuck what you found with your linked one is almost as bad as Pun-Pun (and way simpler, too!)
Nah, "as bad as Pun-Pun" would be an infinite stat-boost loop.
6:28 PM
that's why I said "almost"
The few spells you can cast with this aren't too likely to explode things outside of combat, and you still have to pay upkeep on them anyway.
(there's a few items they gave as examples that give you a certain amount of free maintenance, but there's no power that grants it...)
(and there's no directive on whether it stacks or not!)
(they did, at least, make a rule, in an entirely different book, that says you can only use so much presence worth of items before you start running into chances of things not working or worse (at higher levels))
Not really a thing that has come up, but certainly a thing that could.
6:55 PM
and this where I feel much like my GM is wrong... rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/143181/…
@Shalvenay tbh if there was an infinite stat-boost loop somewhere in the game I Would Not Be Surprised
...let me look at the psychic rules.
No mental boost in the psychic powers? huh.
Makes some amount of sense, I suppose.
I think there is something in the Ki powers...
No, that would require an additional resource.
dang, they didn't make that either.
Surprisingly sane.
7:37 PM
Q: Can haste grant me and my beast master companion extra attacks?

BloodySprinklesBackstory: I’m currently working on a level 20 character build for a one shot I’m doing, I want to play a level 15 Beast Master Ranger/ level 5 Divine Soul Sorcerer. By doing such I’m giving Myself access to a slew of good spells that interact with the Share Spells feature. Scenario: (Allowing t...

Q: Is this Kuo-toa homebrew race balanced?

NathanSOn D&DBeyond, I've found this homebrew Kuo-toa race. There are others, even on D&DByeond, but this is the one that seems to most closely adhere to how the Kuo-toa appear in the Monster Manual (or their D&DBeyond stat block). I'll reproduce the racial traits and such here: Otherworldly Percep...

8:27 PM
> Ramming speed. You get +2 on overcome actions involving sheep and similar animals.
9:13 PM
Some of these Positive Whoniverse prompts would be great starters for Doctor Who games:
Your phone rings. You answer. A companion is on the other end of the phone and they need help. Who is calling you, what's happened and how do you help?
9:31 PM
@BESW The infinite loading indicator, of course. Calling me to ask to re-plug in the Internet cable. (One of the squares is endlessly not loading.)
Usually fixes itself for me if I just do a hard reload of the page.
9:54 PM
Q: Is this Half dragon Quaggoth Balanced

Josiah RigganThis is going to be an early boss for my upcoming campaign. I have 7 5th level players, and this fight is meant to challenge them quite a bit. There will also be a few minions. The story is that this quagoth found a dying dryad and consumed her heart, this made him a sorcerer as well as giving ...

Half dragon, quarter shoggoth, and quarter... elf, probably.
10:29 PM
Half Dragon anything isn't balanced
only full dragons are balanced
10:49 PM
@trogdor Hey you don't know maybe theyre really good at standing on one foot, did you ask them?
Q: Is Mordenkainens' Sword under powered?

Q PaulMordenkainen's Sword seems to be under powered for a 7th level spell, it only does 3d10 damage and while admittedly it can do this damage every round for 1 minute, it still just seems to not be that much damage for a spell of it's level. So is it just me or is it not a very good spell?

11:11 PM
@Ash that is an excellent point
@Ash lol your right I didn't ask that XD
Lol then maybe they are balanced we just don't know
11:31 PM
Maybe everything and everyone is perfectly balanced
No, no I can't say that XD
That's just too much
I was gonna say, I know I'm not lol
For me it's pretty variable
Some days are good and others I might be wobbling around like I drank certain substances I don't actually indulge in
Alcoholic ones I mean

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