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12:19 AM
@trogdor It's like that "leetspeak" one I posted yesterday
Which... yup, is still up.
12:45 AM
@BESW Well now I do want to read this.
I do not
I just read through @BESW's... review of the VfV movie. And I love that midrant, he used "r🐘".
@Ben Honestly I think the bit where he flirts with Madame Justice, the repudiates her and blows her up, while doing the voices for both sides of the conversation, is probably the best bit and you can just go home after that.
I mean that is great
12:49 AM
I dunno… I have a soft spot for properly crazy
I just don't think it's worth it to me to read it for that
o/ Just before I head off to sleep, should I rename the HNQ bot to HNQ or similar instead of just "Feeds"?
@BESW wait what
That might not fit as a name
12:51 AM
It's a part of the reason why Carnage is one of my favourites. He's not the best representation of that same stereotype, but he is just unpredictable, to the point where it's completely understandable why he does some of the insane things he does - it's because that just what he does.
@Ash it starts here
@Ash he had a whole rant about V for Vendetta yesterday
Ah cool yes
@doppelgreener But yes, the answer is it should get a more explanatory name.
You saved me the trouble of doing what you just did @Ben
I'll take it
12:54 AM
@BESW Only if I can get mine with ketchup and relish.
@Ben Ah, it's a comic thing. okay. drops it into the "I don't know how interact with this thing but I can appreciate it existing" bin
@BESW Groovy. It's been renamed to Hot RPG Questions. This name and its avatar can get updated by a diamond moderator.
This won't apply retroactively
But as a side bonus, from here on you can check that one user's chat history for recent HNQ history
@Ash Bunnings (the Australian Hardware name) often has sausage sizzles to raise money for local clubs, etc. Lately, they have started putting the onion (or relish) underneath the sausage, so that it reduces the risk of dropping, creating slip hazards.
Good thinking
12:59 AM
@Ben That is quite smart
It is, but in true aussie style, we all made a big joke out of it. Haha. Some even suggested looping the sausage through each individual onion ring, to reduce the risk even more. :P
@Ben huh good idea there
@Ben you just said it's a joke but I would do that
Jump to 2 minutes - that's the default "aussie" approach to serious matters.
@Ben "Nope nothing there" hahaha
@Ash for some reason the ping sound just made me jump then hahaha
1:14 AM
@Ben that happens to me extremely often
@Ben Sorry for the accidental startle
That is,... Mesmerizing
I think that's probably what I look like when it happens
But I'm not a cat
I swear
Double paw, I mean pinkie promise
You're not a cat, you're a dragon, duh, I can see your picture.
1:22 AM
It's all cleared up then good
So I just looked up the video on youtube just to check I spelled that right, and the top comment...
> You know you're the definition of internet generation when your idea of nostalgia is rediscovering old flash cartoons
hey there @linksassin
@BESW Felix Colgrave is another one.
g'day folks. @Ben Are you referring to the great sausage scandal of 2019? It is tearing communities apart in melbourne
1:35 AM
@linksassin It is very much the "pineapple on pizza" all over again, yes.
Threatened my mates relationship. His gf works at bunnings, he refuses to go somewhere that won't put his onion on top.
It's quite serious
@Ben All I know about Felix is the Fever the Ghost music video, because it was linked here.
@BESW One of his originals - the Pigpen resurfaced in my searches recently.
I think I linked that one?
My Early Internet Days are probably different from a lot of peoples'.
I had broadband in the college dorms, but otherwise I was on 56k dialup until 2008.
I wasn't on the internet quite as often as I was reading or gaming until probably 2012
Heck maybe longer than that
1:40 AM
And my online interests and social spaces weren't especially representative of the typical nostalgic experience either. My first online community was a couple of webcomic forums for comics nobody ever mentions anymore--or mentioned then, to be fair.
Outside of two specific forums and some LJ fandoms, this is the first and only large public online social space I ever participated in (starting 2012).
Community, yes right
Those things
@BESW GwtB was mine. People started talking about "Red vs Blue" and I thought.... yes? That's what I read? I was just confused because they kept calling it RvB, and I could never remember the name of the webcomic, but there was a yellow team too
For me, the historic online thing called RvB is RoosterTeeth's Halo series, which was popular with a lot of my IRL friends.
I think this site is literally the only place I have done any significant interaction with a "community" online at all
(Because I went to college during The Early Halo Years.)
1:44 AM
@BESW It took me a while to actually learn that yes, this is what my friends were actually referring to as well.
OMG YES. There's a GwtB shop.
My friends were also big on something that was like, a webcomic riffing on a video game I'd never played, and all they ever talked about was how funny a sociopathic wizard was.... and then ten years later I figured out that the author was the same guy who does Atomic Robo.
Ok, I need help selecting a color for this. This will involve personal opinions
@BESW Most of the "early internet" stuff I got caught up on much later when my ex-wife was like "I MUST CATCH YOU UP ON INTERNETS" because my parents didn't have anything but dialup til....2011? SOmething liek that. (I had moved out by then). So its a weird thing of "I know this but I don't have nostalgia for it")
@Ben prepares self
@Ash I don't get a lot of the nostalgia for early Internet stuff, because so much of it was cynical and often outright cruel.
Green is the superior color
1:50 AM
@Ash Oh, on another note - you're a mod over on Arqade?
@Ben Blue contains eye-searing secrets and vibrations which will drive weak minds mad.
@BESW I do have a blue shirt that says "Wednesday" that has a similar effect on people...
Paisley is technically not a color, but should be.
The fact that I never wear it on Wednesday is irrelevant. Obviously
green is the superior color
1:54 AM
@Ash Like, Foamy the Squirrel is stuck in my head forever but I'm not happy about it.
I managed to remove that from my brain actually
Yep it's gone again
Go meditation every day
For the win
@BESW Oh damn... Foamy. He was, if anything the epitome of my anarchist persona.
@Ben The only good thing to come out of Foamy was Pilz-e's stunningly accurate description of the pill-to-solve-your-problem culture. "Some of the side effects to the medication I take are [massive list of increasingly terrifying/implausible effects] ...bleeding from the eyes, my ears ache, sometimes I get headaches, migraines, death. But I got pills to cure the death. So I take those, and it offsets the death effects."
The age I was when I watched those videos was less "listen to what he's actually talking about", and more "be impressioned by the mood and tenacity he exhibits"
Yeeeah, I've always had difficulty decontextualizing media.
2:10 AM
@BESW There is also that.
@Ben Yep, I am
@Ash Have you seen this one?
I should probably post that over on the Arqade channel..
2:33 AM
hey there @nitsua60
2:45 AM
@Ben oh great more of that
@Ben No, but...that's what flags are for, no?
It's the same one. I'm just feeling like it should probably get more attention.
I've evaporated it, I have no time for silly trolling people
@Ash I'm not sure. Personally I feel like it should... well that's fair haha
@Ben well it's the same to you but there was one other here
So there have been two
2:50 AM
My own head gets in the way of my judgement in these things sometimes
(Sorry if I seem a little short, all of a sudden I realized that not only am I running on adrenaline because four lours sleep but also I forgot dinner so I am eating cheese strings and carrots to try to get my equilibrium back)
@Ash fooooooood
@Ash Justifiable
It occurred to me that in D&D you could testify to your own murder.
2:51 AM
I should sleep but I am doing that "everything is AWESOME YAY" thing that happens when life is being good and you just are like "I DONT NEED SLEEP EVER"
One word elooooooongaaaaateed
@Ash do not do this thing, you will crash
Your new Jet
Sorry but a new Jet would be awesome
It isn't
Though I have definitely felt like that before
@trogdor depemding on context, a Jet in general would be nice so I could see all my friends when i wanted
I don't want an old one though
Because I'm already real scared of flying
2:54 AM
True, true
I am not scared of flying per se, I am most like "this will bring brain melting misery" (my shunt does not like flying)
Denial will only keep you afloat as long as there are people to nay-say. :P
I'm scared of it and I also hate being packed Into a small space
Especially with 200 other people
Oh, yeah, physically fitting is a wohle other thing (I am fat - I recently am thin enough that I don't need seatbelt extenders anymore but it's still...squishy)
My first online community was... this room =)
Thanks, everyone!
Awww nice :D
2:58 AM
@Joshua @Shalvenay--your "matters of law" drama scene! What are rules of evidence like for post-mortem testimony!?
@BESW now that's gonna be in my head foreverrrrrrr <3
Considering that Resurection is a cleric spell, I don't see any issues at all.
Eyewitness is still eyewitness.
@Ash I'm not exactly thin myself
3:05 AM
@nitsua60 Nice!
@BESW now I want cookies
@nitsua60 I wanna say mine was too... but I think I actually hung out over on the gaming channel for a while first :P
So, you know... tomato; potato :P
@BESW I forgot this existed and now i am discovering it all over again with such delight
3:20 AM
To the math nerds in the room: I'm heading off to bed thinking about R=NdX rolls, where N is large--dozens, maybe even up to a hundred--and X are standard sizes.
Obviously <R> is a good 0th-order approximation. Then <R> +/- dsomething might get you close, but for large N it's tough to get the distribution flat/broad enough.
(See https://anydice.com/program/141c6 for example.)
I've got a gut feeling that somthing like <R> + {some exploding term with +ive and -ive possibilities} might be able to do simply and well-approximating.
@nitsua60 oh no, not the maths!
@nitsua60 speaking of dice math: askamathematician.com/2013/09/…
^^ found that link helpful when I needed to roll a few d27s using our dice roller XD (random seating selection)
Q: What are the consequences of changing the number of hours in a day?

linksassinThe phrase "24-7" is a common term for "all the time", referring to the 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. Early in one of the games I'm playing in one of the other players made an in-character comment of: "38-6". At the time we thought it was hilarious and allowed it to become cannon for our w...

Well ok then... never had a HNQ before...
@linksassin it's actually a pretty good question, IMO :) btw: having a different number of days in a week shouldn't be a concern -- Faerun itself does that, with the "tenday" being the next unit up from a single day-night cycle
3:35 AM
@Shalvenay thanks, I sent it to the player who started it in the first place too
We've been talking about it for months but never encountered any consequences till the other night. So I thought I'd ask about it
Good show man.
There's some archaeological/sociological study into what effect different week-lengths have on individuals, cultures, and economies.
BTW looks like the HNQ bots is useful and worth it
Anybody up for nuclear handgrenades before bed?
@Joshua did someone order a Davy Crockett minime?
3:42 AM
Why is this showing up in the chat feed again? Not that I have a problem with it... I was just used to the pop-up at the top of the apge
@Ben the chat feed just shows stuff that makes HNQ
Ohhh cool
4:23 AM
So we can all be ready to flag/downvote/closevote/protect/remove from HNQ. For given values of "we" and "all".
Weeeellll…… I just had a bit of a recap about the BBEG from a one-off campaign. The player reckons that the BBEG is dead.
[hisses through my teeth] I don't want to correct her. Lol.
Friends, I wrote up a couple blog posts about my #ScumandVilliany campaign we started up last week. If you're into that sort of thing, check out the character/ship creation notes and the first session notes below. Thanks friends http://tandylarson.com/2019/03/16/scum-and-villainy-ship-crew-creation-session-one/ http://tandylarson.com/2019/03/17/scum-and-villainy-session-one-recap/
@Ben How is the player's thinking the BBEG is dead a bad thing? Surely that's just more drama for the big reveal
@linksassin Well they get borderline PTSD about the last encounter
I've never seen someone get so worked up about their last encounter
@Ben they get upset about an encounter they survived?
4:30 AM
They were basically willing to die if it meant that they could take the BBEG with them
4:48 AM
@Ben I really hope you mean they were willing to have their character die.
@Miniman Yes
@Miniman Isn't it the mark of a great DM if your players have that much buy in to your game?
No it's pretty much only a bad thing to want to die for that
5:06 AM
Even with that vital (so to speak) distinction made, it sounds like it's pretty important to them that this villain is dead and gone forever.
Vital hehe
Sorry it's still a pun
Even if it's deadly serious
I'll stop now
@linksassin It can be, but I personally feel that it can also be misguided. In that particular situation, I don't feel really happy about
it was a joke. I sincerely hope none of my players are ever willing to die over my game.
But willing to sacrifice a character? Sure.
@linksassin Oh right you were referring to the more literal sense. Haha
@Ben That I was. Good video that one.
5:16 AM
The way the DM feels about this scenario is similar to how I felt with that scenario in my own campaign. The situation was different; in my game it was the final session, so it had to happen. But the way it all went was just very emotional. The PC felt like there was nothing left to lose - all they held dear had been taken from them.
After the game was over, I spoke to the player, and seven they admitted they were also very angry. Not at me, but at the BBEG, and the situation I set up.
The game ended, with the PCs still alive (this was a prequel to the actual adventure we were currently playing - so kinda necessary).
Do you know why they are angry?
@Ben That sounds like a good thing - The players were emotionally invested in the game narrative
They saw the BBEG as a real antagonist and not another pile of HP to chisel away
5:47 AM
So, the player was invested in the characters. I would bet even personally invested. The way the scenario happened was a dually a little forced - the player kept diverting from the storyline to do relationship roleplay with the PCs. So I basically "kidnapped" the NPC, and left a breadcrumb trail for her to follow.
She got there, and the NPC was a prisoner, incapacitated and out of the fight, so the effort required to get the out basically made it a non-option.
The BBEG was played like this was still playtime... Only just getting warmed up, etc. That's when things got violent very quickly.
As in, initiative was rolled immediately. No BBEG speech... They need to die...***now***
How did it end such that the players belive the BBEG is dead but they aren't?
So far I'm failling to see the issue. Sounds like you have invested players who hate your BBEG. To me that's a good thing.
@linksassin The PC spent there last conscious moments basically choking the life out of the BBEG, but they fell unconscious before anything was confirmed.
I think the problem is relatively obvious
What caused them to become unconscious?
The player(s?) Is (are?) Invested in the bad guys death
Like on a personal level possibly
5:56 AM
Do you think they will feel cheated if that battle was "for nothing"?
I think perhaps the reason I feel bad about it is because the player is upset about it, not just the PC
It might be seen as a betrayal of trust if that bad guy shows up again
Yeah I thought so
They are upset that they didn't kill him? or that the BBEG kidnapped this NPC?
Isn't there some rule of storytelling tropes that off-screen deaths are not necessarily deaths?
I think they don't know he isn't dead
@MikeQ there is
I don't know the name of it but that is decidedly a trope
5:59 AM
I agree. I think they know on some level he isn't dead. They might feel a bit bad about it for a while. But it will motivate them to get him next time.
If the player's really invested against the BBEG, then I could understand frustration if something else killed the BBEG first. Otherwise I'm not seeing any issue.
It doesn't mean it has to be followed though
Make sure you give them their moment to really defeat this guy for good.
They know the NPC isn't dead, but they don't know that the BBEG is still alive.
They have a feeling, but no confirmation
Recurring villains need to recur at least once. Otherwise they're just... curring.
6:01 AM
@linksassin Yeah. If that opportunity ever comes.
I'm still confused as to what they are actually upset about. I understand that it was an upsetting situation for the PCs to be in. But they survived and their NPC friend did too. I think if you keep playing they will move on
If your players are this invested in hating this BBEG. They will make sure that moment comes
The game I ran was meant to just be a one- off, as an "introduction" to 5e. It was supposed to peter out as soon as the main campaign started, which I was not actually running.
Make sure you give them that chance.
Oh, you aren't the DM for the main campaign?
Then of course, the GM said "yeah, you can use that game as part of your backstory".
@linksassin No. Lol
Ah okay. Inform the regular DM that they now have a potential recurring villain to work with.
6:03 AM
@Ben Ah, that makes so much more sense. Do you think the GM will use the BBEG?
Offer them your notes and stats for the BBEG. Most GMs won't turn down free content
And, to complicate things further, that game has also sort of petered out. One player has left, and the GM seems to have given up on running it... the last session was 6 months ago (work obligations) but it was also very very forced. even half of the fights were cut short with no explanation
If the primary DM has given up, then you can run a spinoff campaign, maybe....?
Any NPC interaction was hand-waved away, and there was zero opportunity for any kind of PC RP.
@Ben Would you be interested in picking up the campaign?
Sounds like you have some invested players that would love to finish the story
@MikeQ That's probably the only time it could happen.
@linksassin Me too. The DM was originally invested in a custom campaign, with his own world and everything, then all of a sudden he up and dumped that game, and dropped us all in a pre-written game (Tomb of Phandelver)
6:08 AM
@Ben Given my experiences trying to take over a campaign-in-progress after the GM and half the players abandoned it, I can't advise you do the same for the current story and trying to proceed
Not saying it's strictly a bad idea, but I can't advise it.
But, if I do run any campaign, it'll likely not be for a while. I am a pretty amateur DM at best, way more of a story teller than anything, and I also have a lot of other stuff going on too, so time is a big restriction
@Ben In my experience if you have time to play. You'll find the time to prep. It isn't as big of a time sink and you may think.
I mean, letting the campaign die would also get you out of the whole BBEG dead/alive thing.
It may be better to drop his campaign entirely. Pick up from where your last game left off instead.
I thinl I'd default to not trying to continue the old one, but you could always ask your group how they feel
6:12 AM
Rather than trying to continue a terminated campaign, I can advise running a "sequel" or "spinoff" adventure. Maybe introduce a time skip or change in location. That way, you're working with your own story, you're in control of the lore, but you can also recycle elements from the previous story.
That's pretty good advice. ^
I learned it from doing the exact opposite and failing disastrously, so yes, it's backed by genuine experience
@Ben If you got that kind of investment out of players I don't think you need to worry about being a novice DM.
@MikeQ Best way to learn isn't it?
@MikeQ IOf anything, that would be the story I'd go with
I learned to always give the party the kill when I had an NPC kill the first Boss of a campaign for plot reasons.
They were a bit bummed about that.
6:15 AM
@linksassin Maybe. Was still frustrating and a huge loss of wasted time and effort.
One of the main issues well... I say "issues", but it can be an opportunity for a great story if I do it right... the BBEG works entirely thought mind control.
@Ben My BBEG is currently an illusion/echantment sorcerer. She plays on the parties mind. It's a great opportunity for a good story
@MikeQ Wow 8 months? I've never done that much prep for a campaign
There's gotta be a list of do's and dont's in that scenario. Lol
I don't think I've done more than 2-3 weeks of prep before starting.
I prep just enough to make the starting location seem real. Then keep them there for 2-3 months while i prep the rest of the world
@Ben Maybe I will have one once this campaign is over. It's my first time running this kind of villian. I hope it works out
I was pretty terrible in that regard. I knew what I wanted to do in that session, then I made it up as we encountered it.
6:21 AM
@linksassin Since I was picking up at an awkward point in an already complicated campaign, much of the prep time was trying to make material that was consistent and connected to the existing material
@Ben That's what I do now, but I have a pretty solid world built that they can sandbox in
In hindsight, if I had separated my story from the prior one (e.g. time skip so that the existing NPCs and minor plot threads don't matter), then I could have assembled a coherent campaign much faster
@MikeQ Fair enough. I play in a rotating DM game where the main DM has a really complicated vision for the world but isn't the best at communicating it.
When others DM we basically just make our own little sandbox towns and try not to mess with the larger world.
@linksassin One of the few great moments of our Deadlands:RL game was when my character, a fairly brutal law-woman of the Texas Rangers, held a subdued deputy-turned-witchingman down so another PC who was said deputy's superior before their betrayal could off them
It was awesome <3
I wish I remembered those good moments more often so I could make them happen more
@linksassin Yes, that modular approach sounds better. No dependency on external plot threads, no complications when the players all have different preconceptions of what's going on when you begin DMing the story.
6:24 AM
@kviiri Cool. At the end of my previous campaign, I tackled the BBEG to the ground and held her there as my party blew the building and brought it down on us. I took the hit but it was worth it to see her dead.
@MikeQ Daze ran a good one, but he picked up from a very specific point, finished that, then went a completely separate direction.
@Ben Sounds like a good way to do it. Pick specific part of the campaign to continue. You can always go back and pick up on the old ones later if you want to
@Miniman I agree with this for what it's worth
@Miniman Actually, the only reason I'm thinking about it now is because the player is a friend of mine, and they bring it up every now and then. Lol
@Ben Next time they bring it up you should ask them. "Would you be interested in finishing that story?"
6:32 AM
@linksassin Oh, they ask me that. Lol
that's what I meant to link
@V2Blast lol
longest-running episodic webseries (and second longest-running webseries period, behind Homestar Runner apparently)
@Ben Don't rush into DMing if you feel you're not ready yet. Spend time learning the fundamentals and theories and such. Read the entire DMG, chapter by chapter.
6:41 AM
Observe recorded groups, but make sure to note the whys and contexts, don't just copy the motions
The last game I ran, I told a story, more than anything. There was very little "DMing" involved, outside of any combat. And even then, the last combat scenario was its own story too
@MikeQ Where's the punchline?
The best way to learn to DM is to DM
Watching shows like Criticial role is a great help but you'll learn more from doing than anything else.
@linksassin Not much of a punchline, but I was a cargo cult DM for a long time, simply copying the motions of DMs I liked, and got frustrated when their tactics didn't work in my games
Fundamentally because you aren't Matt Mercer. I try to copy parts of his style but I can't be him.
Q: Is it okay for a cleric of life to use spells like Animate Dead and/or Contagion?

brian baxleyI'm a returning player that's new to 5th edition, but I have played AD&D and 3.5e. I've read the core material for 5th. I'm wondering if it's against the class / sub-class make up to use these spells. Is it okay for a cleric of life to use spells like animate dead and/or contagion?

6:44 AM
You have to learn your own style.
@linksassin Yes and no. More importantly, I'm not DMing for that particular group, who enjoys that particular style.
@MikeQ Also a valid point. You should definitely run for your particular group
Even if I was magically bestowed with charisma and professional voice acting skills, Mercer's style wouldn't necessarily fit for a random group of players, or the types of narratives I like to manage
@MikeQ Mercer was just an example. Whatever DM you copy won't be a perfect fit. Even if you can do it.
Right, I didn't even intend Mercer as an example. An intended example would be... my first DM ran eldritch horror games with lots of convoluted intrigue, and then I tried to copycat their style into superhero and high fantasy swashbuckling adventures. Did not mesh well.
6:47 AM
Ah I see what you mean.
My advice would be steal what you can use, but don't try to copy.
Right. So it's less important to note the motions, and more important to consider why those motions do/don't work for the context of that particular game and social dynamic.
Every DM will do something better than you, try to figure out what it is and learn from it.
But there is no point trying to copy things that won't work for you.
Yea, although there are some really generally good tips to remember
Simple is better than complex, together is better than solo, you aren't as obvious as you think, discuss the game all the time
(Well, not literally all the time)
At the very least - I know that in this particular case, immersion is everything.
Doesn't matter about anything else - if it's believable, within the universe, and they don't get drawn out by unnecessary or unexpected rule-checks or dice rolls, it's a good game.
Which, then comes back to why I think I feel bad about that ending... because of their personal investment in it. I didn't upset the character, I upset the player, because of their level of investment in the story and characters
7:12 AM
@Ben Maybe have a discussion with the player/DM/group and ask how they'd like to continue moving forward, if at all
...I think one of my friends from a group 12 years ago is still trying to mimic my old GMing style which I've long since abandoned.
@Ben This is a lesson I've had to learn more than once over many years.
@Ben yes, this is what the problem is,.... the thing that has me worried about it is that you may upset them again if you decide to bring forward a villain they thought they had killed
@trogdor This is where my idea about adapting Microscope's Add/Ban/Legacy palettes would come into its own.
You only get to bring back a villain if one of the players adds it to the Legacy palette.
That makes sense. If the player wants a second round against the antagonist, then it's fair game to bring them back.
@BESW that seems like a reasonable way to go about it I suppose
7:24 AM
Without that, I basically rely on my players being the kind of people who tell me what they want, and/or just talking about stuff outside the game while I'm around and I listen carefully.
So far as GMing styles go, it's a matter of figuring out a convergence of what either you or your players enjoy, what neither you nor your players won't tolerate, and maybe what you're good at but that's not nearly so important.
Really focusing on what you and/or your group likes can make up for any number of failings in execution.
My most successful games are rooted in figuring out what my players are gonna like that I'm gonna be enthusiastic about (I try not to guess, I straight-up ask "I've got this thing I'm interested in, does it sound fun to you?") and building from there into the prep.
@BESW Yeah, I fall into that trap quite often
7:49 AM
It doesn't help that I'm the "active" guy of our TTRPG group, usually the one who has the initiative
Ah, yes, I've had to cultivate that quality in some groups.
Little surprises are ok, but no planning big surprises that would change the nature of the campaign.
@MikeQ I'm getting flash backs from the "I told my players magic would come with consequences in this campaign and they made mages anyway" question
See also:
Q: How can I check whether an extremely adult/mature plot idea would be accepted by players without revealing any details of the idea itself?

WibbsI am running a post-apocalyptic zombie game with a dark and mature story, exploring a number of adult themes. I have complete buy-in from the players; some of them have stated it is their favourite role playing experience ever. One of the PCs took a Hindrance called Enemy(Major), but left the de...

8:20 AM
Q: How to balance combat encounter for magic user group that suddenly can't cast magic?

VylixMy campaign is set on a low-magic setting, meaning magic is not common. Magic users are generally welcome, although at some places they hate magic users. Most (80%) of my players start off as a magic user, sorcerer, warlock, wizard, ranger, bard, arcane trickster, eldritch knight, etc. despite t...

this is the one I was thinking
Hah, that's special.
That's sort of like the answer in the one I linked, where the answerer's all very reasonable about boundaries and respecting players and then goes BUT IF IT'S HORROR THEN YOUR MENTAL SAFETY IS FORFEIT.
8:48 AM
@BESW nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope
I mean sure yeah let's just trample other people's boundaries and destroy whatever amount of trust they feel towards us and cackle as we point out they totally signed up for that treatment
Surely they will then be our bestest friends
In fact let's ask them exactly what they won't be ok with and just do that

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