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Q: How can I use a somatic component while holding a weapon in 2 hands?

AndrásThe Weapon Storm spell has a somatic component1 (CRB p384): [...] This damage has the same type as the weapon and uses the same die size. Determine the die size as if you were attacking with the weapon; for instance, if you were wielding a two-hand weapon in both hands, you’d use its two-hand...

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2:14 AM
wife had her car broken into today while she was at work. Lucky us, she's OK, annoying damage, insurance deductible is not too painful ... could have been worse.
Q: Where can you put the Earth that you Mold?

aslumMold Earth says you can target loose earth and move it up to 5 feet away. However it's not really clear what that means, since the spell has a range of 30 feet. Does this mean you can move the earth to within 5 feet of yourself? Or five feet from where the earth started? Is there some other inter...

2:48 AM
@KorvinStarmast ugh. that's the worst.
I'll never forget the time someone snagged my catalytic converter overnight
Q: How does mounted combatant interact with total cover?

Please stop being evilThe mounted combatant feat lets you force an enemy to attack you rather than your mount when they attempt to attack the latter. What happens if you do that while you, but not your mount, is in total cover?

3:16 AM
@KorvinStarmast Sorry to hear that =(
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4:20 AM
@goodguy5 oh hey. My SO is in that club too.
5:02 AM
Q: If a wildshaped druid somehow got Undead Fortitude, would this prevent them from reverting?

CyanicI believe this is completely outside the realms of RAW as I don't know of any way for a PC to gain Undead Fortitude beside homebrew, Undead Fortitude reads: If damage reduces the creature to 0 hit points, it must make a Constitution saving throw with a DC of 5 + the damage taken, unless the ...

5:29 AM
Also, goos morning world.
Untitled Goose World!
5:42 AM
I managed to secure players for my board game night today but that means I have to leave for work earlier than planned
@BESW are you crazy? No one wants an untitled goose world :P
6:16 AM
@KorvinStarmast oof. glad she's okay and cost isn't too bad
6:59 AM
You should post 1 question per question, should you post 1 answer per answer too?
@jgn As a general rule, that's not required. Sometimes the best answer has to address the problem at hand from many different angles.
@kviiri Yes, however there are exceptions:
Q: Should I post two answers if I find contradicting arguments?

mike32RPG rules, in pursuit of flavour, can sometimes be flowery and ambiguous, even self-contradicting[citation needed]. In doing research for improving one of my answers that tries to resolve an interaction of two character powers, I have encountered evidence of varying strengths for opposing conclus...

Yeah. And there are many problems where the best answer is, honestly, a reasonably curated short list of options.
7:23 AM
Hmm, can I think of an easy example...
@kviiri You can find some here!
Q: What are list questions?

mxyzplk says reinstate MonicaWe have some lack of clarity, I think as to what consists of a "list" question on the site and why they are undesirable, per recent meta Q (Not) closing question for Spells with Concentration vs Spells with Thunder/Lightning Damage. I think it's worth discussing this in a more general manner. So...

Yeah. And many questions have a mechanical and a social aspect, or some superposition of those.
Or a practical and a social aspect, or... well, you can combine these and similar indefinitely.
Eberron: Rising from the Last War just hit D&D Beyond, as did the D&D vs. Rick and Morty adventure. But stuff is still being updated, so there may be some kinks to work out :P
8:28 AM
Good morning
I might take a leaf from Archer's book re: npc design
Got a character whose quirks and jokes are getting old ? Just stick a mind control chip in them and boom ! Whole new character
How are you folks doing ?
Fine thanks. Got a board game night scheduled for today, despite difficulty, and doing great at work so far. How about you?
I'm doing good, bit tired for no good reason, I'm pretty exhausted every evening :/ What games do you play ?
Cuba Libre, today. It's a part of why scheduling it was such a nightmare actually
It's a somewhat complex historical warfare game about the Cuban revolution, and a particular quirk it has that it has four players. Not three, not five. The game includes flowcharts that can fill in for missing players, but based on a bit of experience I can say I think it degrades the quality of the game considerably.
Nice ! The 4-player thing doesn't really surprise me, I own several games that work best with exactly 4 players
I had myself and the other guy who wanted to play Cuba Libre specifically, a friend who enthusiastically joined in, and a few other people who were like "ok maybe tentatively interested" or "I can come if you still have space" who despite recurring requests wouldn't decide if they were coming or not.
8:37 AM
Yeah scheduling is hard in the grownup world
it used to be so easy
Yes. A part of why I've migrated closer and closer to the boardgame hobby over TTRPGs is easier scheduling but I should've picked more accessible games with less strict player count requirements :P
Although tbh I really like Cuba Libre and still regret nothing.
@kviiri Exactly, i had to thoroughly motivate my players so that we could book everyone's sunday afternoon for RPG for the foreseeable future, and even then we have to skip some sessions
But yeah, the one-and-done nature of board games make it much easier to schedule
I wish it was more accessible though, many people are interested in the "spectacle" of seeing one of these bigger board games for the first time but there's only a precious few who actually want to learn the rules. Doesn't help that the manual is written like a reference guide, not a guidebook.
@PierreCathé And then someone decides to start the campaign mode of Scythe or something... :)
@kviiri Somebody should make a board game that has a lot of parts but is actually really simple.
@BESW The Mouse Trap?
8:44 AM
...a good board game.
I dunno, if the games has many parts, then to be good at it you still have to know how every part works
If the parts are really intuitive it can work, but that's hard to design
Best and simplest boardgame: baduk/igo/weiqi/go.
@BESW :-)
Rules fit on a sticky note.
Emergent gameplay worth centuries millennia of development.
I'm hesitant to throw the "best" label, but yes, I think they're a really good example of "simple games with complex strategy" (and certainly very good games too)
And there's certainly lots of games with lots and lots of overt complexity, but then viable strategies are rather simple. Particularly in video games.
Master of Orion is about as old as myself and I look at it as a sort of cornerstone of what good computer strategy games are like. I really wish someone took it and re-implemented all of its mechanics with modern UI, balancing and polish.
9:03 AM
And now I want to play chongka'.
@kviiri I wouldn't say it has all it's mechanics, but Stellaris is about the closest thing to a modern version of it I have ever played and I love it
Less than 20 hours left on The Humble Mabel Bundle, get 42 games for $5 to fundraise for Mabel Harper.
@trogdor Stellaris is definitely stronger in some points than MoO but I keep wishing Stellaris to have half as good ship design system as MoO had back in the nineties ;_;
Of course, designing for turn-based combat is easier in some ways.
@kviiri that's true, Stellaris' main failing in my own opinion is that it doesn't let you really customize your ships with like a point system or something
it's all modules and not really that many of them, and with a very linear ship progression
however, I like most of the other strategy elements better
17 days left on the Thoughty Bundle-Up for Whitney Delaglio, 41 games for $20 to fundraise for Whitney Delaglio.
9:12 AM
also, even the shortest games of Stellaris involve a lot of waiting around for your plans to finally bear fruit
sit there and wait for a fleet to get to where you told it to go, sit and wait for a planetary exploration/excavation to be done, sit and wait for the population on planets to increase, sit and wait for your colony ship to get built and also move to the planet it needs to colonize and then colonize the planet XD
Yeah, I showed my SO to Stellaris once and she asked after about an hour that is this game continue to be about this much waiting? :P
9:27 AM
I really like the game a lot
but I have stopped playing it for now in favor of some games with more action
and less waiting XD
but that's after finishing like 5 games of it and then starting like 8 more
I've got almost 300 hours in Stellaris apparently
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11:09 AM
Q: Can the bonus action Two-Weapon Fighting be used with a hand crossbow after making an unarmed attack?

MuertenI've started a Blood Hunter at level 3 and am using unarmed attacks. Since I'm not holding a weapon in my hand, could I strike with an unarmed attack, then use a hand crossbow in the other hand to make the attack? It would look like this: Punch Load weapon (part of the Ammunition trait) Fire ...

3 hours later…
2:08 PM
Hey guys, quick question about d&d 5e "attack semantics" :
@PierreCathé I somehow doubt this will be quick
If a feature allows me to make "a melee weapon attack", can I choose to instead grapple ?
@Someone_Evil :'(
@PierreCathé Yes unless you don't have a free hand
But we really need specifics here
@KorvinStarmast It's about the Battlemaster's Riposte maneuver
Ríposte. When a creature misses you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction and expend one superiority die to make a melee weapon attack against the creature, If you hit, you add the superiority die to the attack's damage roll.
I'd say no both because grappling usually requires the Attack action and also because although grappling is a special melee attack it is not a melee weapon attack
First part basically the reasoning for Can you make a grapple attack as an Attack of Opportunity
2:17 PM
I think Sdjz has the right of this.
@Sdjz That makes a good point. It feels weird though
Unless you were a multi class Battle Master/Monk who used unarmed strikes?
@Sdjz I think I'll go with this ruling then
howdy howdy!
2:18 PM
@PierreCathé I concur with Sdjz on this. A grapple isn't a melee weapon attack. It's just a special melee attack.
@NautArch Hail arch of nauts ... wait , that sounded like argonauts ... and you aren't Jason. Do you know a guy named Jason?
@KorvinStarmast people have called me jason (incorrectly)
and i do know Jasons!
@NautArch Was that on Halloween, mostly?
(With a hockey mask, anyone can be Jason, I guess)
@KorvinStarmast I just got a flash of "Leroy Jenkins" subbing in Freddy Kruegers name.
@KorvinStarmast sadly, no. I've got a J name and folks just don't pay attention.
2:25 PM
how is everyone
movin' and a-groovin'
that's pretty good I guess
2:30 PM
Bit tired but life's good
I think almost everyone is tired
What a weird submission requirement.
> Total number of pages must be divisible by four. Blank pages may be added to the end of the book if needed.
@JohnP it's a book binding issue.
@JohnP They probably fold bigger sheets
2:32 PM
@NautArch I could understand it for a full manuscript, but for a proposal submission?
I mean, they could probably automatize that process, but then you would still end up with those blank pages.
@JohnP That is very strange indeed.
@Gwideon so tired
@JohnP the blank pages in the back are where you put the library card holder. :)
@JohnP twitter.com/andre_spicer/status/1195548372498812928 just flew by me, and you reminded me of it.
@JohnP Hmm, that is kinda weird, but maybe theyjust want you thinking in advance about it so that when it is finally submitted they're not having you reinvent the wheel.
@KorvinStarmast You did not disappoint with that link :)
@Anaphory hah! That's funny and sad at the same time.
2:39 PM
@KorvinStarmast I opted to just remove the questionnable weapon property mechanic. We both still have one that definitely does it :)
@NautArch yeah, we sure spent a lot of time yesterday trying to get that cleared up ...
@KorvinStarmast Yup
There are probably other examples, too. It seems kinda obvious that there would be. /shrug.
But the question changed so much from start to finish that it ended up kinda meh.
and forgot to give you an upvote. Now given.
@NautArch How nice, and up doot with my second cuppa Jo. Thanks! :)
man...publishing appears to be much more convoluted than I thought...
What kind of thing are you trying to publish?
2:49 PM
@Anaphory full spectrum training program for martial arts - Basic nutrition, stretching, agility/speed, plyometrics and weight training.
Are you expected to submit a document that is your best guess at how the final result will look like, or is there space to add editing remarks, change layout etc.?
@Anaphory Depends on the publisher. Some provide a style guide, others appear to be "chuck us a copy of what ya got"
And all the style guides are different to the point that there is no way to fit more than one of them at the same time, I bet.
@Anaphory Oh, I'm not worried about that too much. Just the guidelines... agent/no agent, ask us first/just submit it, background/no background, social media presence, etc. It's a bit byzantine
@JohnP Oh, right! You have those things on top of what I see in academic publishing.
2:59 PM
This is an interesting question. Have we done balance reviews of WoTC playtest material before?
The closest I can think of are the questions about beastmaster ranger being underpowered.
@NautArch I don't remember seeing any, but it would be interesting. How do you balance something that was discarded as eminently unplayable by the designers?
I guess any previous questions along the same line have been closed and deleted, if they were ever asked
@JohnP It might not be unplayable, just uninteresting. If none gave feedback that they wanted to see it because the character is boring then it gets dropped
On a different note, this should be split in two, right?
@NautArch I feel like there's no particular reason we can't, as the querent points out we do balance review for homebrew stuff and there's no compelling difference between evaluating someone's homebrew and evaluating UA content
@Someone_Evil Probably, yes.
3:16 PM
ah yes, rep capped again ...
@KorvinStarmast Oh you poor thing
@KorvinStarmast That's early.
@Carcer And I agree with this ...
even though I think the UA artificer is a ferschlungerish mess.
@Carcer although it seems like the clearest answer is just a comparison against the final release
@Carcer Hypothetically homebrew reviews can push material to a balance point where it is ready for playtesting, but not really further. UA should already be at that point
Though the merits of such a question might merit a meta disc
3:22 PM
@KorvinStarmast ok navy boi, what is ferschlunger?
@JohnP It's a term I remember from 60's /s 70's MAD magazine that's sort of a fake expletive or something related to a Yiddish term ... when I first read it thought it was someone's name like Furshelginger ... not a Navy term nor a maritime term
I am sure I did not spell it correctly
Kind of like gorram in Firefly
Hiya @nitsua60
@KorvinStarmast What in particular do you think makes it a mess?
@KorvinStarmast Are you thinking of the yiddish fakakta?
Hey, @nitsua60 - Everything get there ok?
@Someone_Evil The Whole Artificer I dislike unless it stays where it belongs: in the Eberron setting. It doesn't fit anywhere else. It just feels wrong.
@NautArch Nope, It is something like "ferschlunginer" but I am sure I have the spelling wrong.
Fake German, perhaps.
3:30 PM
Adjective: furshlugginer (comparative more furshlugginer, superlative most furshlugginer)
  1. well-worn, beat-up, piece of junk
  2. 2001: I trust you, I just don’t trust that furshlugginer hunk of junk over there. — Glen David Gold, Carter Beats the Devil
@Someone_Evil I do have a guy playing a UA artificer now, in Salt Marsh, and it sort of works. He's a fire Genasi, and that part I like the most.
@Someone_Evil Woo Hoo, that's it!
@KorvinStarmast although i think fakakta works, too :P
@NautArch yeah, it'll fit well enough
@NautArch that term's been banging around in my head for nearly 50 years. Now and again it is used in a conversation between my brother and I. We were both MAD magazine fans.
I think I've seen one MAD mag i the last ten years, and it was a collection of movie parodies.
@KorvinStarmast Not all classes work in all settings, and artificer doubly so as it is opt-in as opposed to opt-out (ie. the PHB classes are in by default)
@Someone_Evil and specifically the level 20 abilty going up to six is justs ridiculous. The one extra attunement slot breaks Crawfords own design rules/guidance.
I will say that the recent UA Druid fire spirit looks promising, but could use a tweak or two.
3:37 PM
@KorvinStarmast They would (presumably) be using up some of the attunement 'slots' on their own class feature (=infusions). Guidelines are there to be pushed.
@Someone_Evil I agree; and Hexblade went just a little too far
Still feels like the answer to that question will be everything not in the final release.
@Someone_Evil I don't mind the UA ability to craft low level magic items, I just think it needs to cost more, not less, than using down time.
@NautArch yep
@KorvinStarmast obvious answer is obvious?
aye, captain
3:43 PM
iut also feels kinda rude to post it, so i dunno.
@Someone_Evil Isn't everything opt-in for a given table? or are you talking about AL ?
@GcL It's more a point about default and assumptions. Assuming the PHB options are ok to choose is way more reasonable than assuming Eberron options are
@Someone_Evil ^^ this
but I am glad that they are an INT caster ... :)
4:01 PM
Four int casters now? Arcane trickster, eldritch knight, wizard, and now artificer?
@GcL Well, one full and a half and two thirds
I don't know if i'd really consider rhte rogue and fighter as INT casters. I mean, they are - but not in the same sense as a true INT caster like the wizard.
If you want to be an INT-based class, there's really only one choice. and that's a bummer.
The artificer helps with that, but not every table is allowing it.
So I guess we have 2.166... Int casters
Never understood why they didn't have another INT -based class in the core..
@NautArch I believe there were some uproar about Warlocks being Int so they changed it (back?) to Cha
(I have no citation for that)
4:04 PM
INT is the ability score they use for casting, so INT casters. I would agree that only the wizard was an INT based class before artificer came along.
Although, INT rogues are good for less combat focused campaigns.
@NautArch warlock was supposed to be but then the fan base revolted ...
@KorvinStarmast that's too bad. I would have liked that, and would have made the warlock dip less 'easy' for the other cha-based classes
@NautArch yeah, and it would have fit the class description in the PHB
I am not sure what a Wizard Warlock dip would look like with INT/INT and I am sure there would be some cheese.
@KorvinStarmast possibly, but it also makes sense for both to be INT. And for the wizard who wants a shortcut to power :)
4:13 PM
@NautArch Because traditionally INT means "how wizardy you are", just like DEX means "how rogueish you are".
@MarkWells Sure, but then they offered all sorts of different options for those abilities. But they did nothing for the INT.
INT drives a lot of abiilty checks: nature, religion, arcana, history ...
I also tend to call for an INT check at my table for any kind of knowledge roll, even if the proficiency comes from somewhere else.
Trying to figure out whether that nobleman is actually doing a waltz? Make an Intelligence (Performance) check.
Only way I can think of to make INT more relevant when the game itself won't.
Intelligence (Medicine) is especially common at my table if the players aren't literally trying to make a check to stabilize a dying creature.
I've called for INT checks to see if a PC remembered to do something that they probably should have done, but the player didn't say :)
@MarkWells Oh, yeah, I also use INT checks for anything the player might otherwise get through metagamey knowledge. "You want to light the web on fire with a Fire Bolt? Make an INT(Arcana) check. ...... Okay, on a 16, you're aware that the web can be cleared away with fire, but you'll take damage at the start of your next turn, you still want to use Fire Bolt?"
(obviously they're still free to do what they want on a failure, they just won't get the certainty that comes with the DM telling them exactly what will happen or how it'll happen)
4:22 PM
"I tie a rope to an arrow and shoot it through the shop window across the street, then zipline across."
"Make an INT check."
(rolls a 5)
"Well, you were in a hurry and didn't tie the other end of the rope to anything. Let's see where you end up."
@MarkWells Hmm. In that context, tying the rope would be DEX(Slight of Hand), the INT check would only be DC15, on a success I inform the player of how terrible the plan will be. =P
Xanathar's suggests using Intelligence (Slight of Hand) for tying knots etc.
@Someone_Evil I could see that.
I guess, if tying the knot has an interesting chance of failure. I could see an opposed Sleight of Hand check for escaping from being tied up, for example.
"Make an Intelligence (Slight of Hand) check to tie the rope." "... 7." ".... Alright. You think you've tied the rope pretty well, and are about to zipline across." ".....Why are you gathering up d6's?" "Who knows? ;)"
TBH, if you're tying a large rope, it really should be Strength with Slight of Hand.
4:35 PM
Why not Dexterity?
There are some necktie knots that I conceptually know how to tie but have trouble with because how do fingers work?
I could see Int to know the correct knot for a rope of that size. Something like a strangle knot works better with smaller rope, while the clove hitch scales rather nicely.
@kviiri I was so mad. It was my first car and I'd had it for maybe 8 or 9 years when the incident occurred (and thus loved the car irrationally). I think in the heat of the moment, I'd have severely injured that person if I had the chance.
@goodguy5 happened to my buddy in brooklyn, too.
It seems so mean! My car is sleeping and can't defend itself and you come up in the middle of the night and harvest its organs.
That's super rude! Poor car.
4:48 PM
@goodguy5 goodmoney in catalytic converters
@NautArch it's objectively evil money
@NautArch there's platinum in there, right?
@Yuuki palladium for sure. I can never remember if platinum or not
@NautArch I know quite a few lich fences in the business of cataclysmic converters too (hence, the objectively evil money? @goodguy5)
@Xirema I do INT Sleight of hand for tying knots, and wisdom for checking if something common sense was missed DC 8.
4:54 PM
@GcL Nat-1: When you tie the taught line and hitch on different ropes...
@DavidCoffron I don't do crit fails even for skill checks. Just a fail. Heck, being pedantic and not glossing over the little details makes for a very slow game.
"I tie one end to the arrow." "I tie the other to the rafter" "I pick up the bow" "I knock the arrow" etc...
@GcL That is RAW. I was doing the joke thing
I missed the /S
@GcL That's because I dropped it with my nat-1 on Charisma(Internet Joke) /s
I don't know that one.
5:05 PM
@GcL Yes, that's one not-fun extreme. The other is "Make an Adventuring check to explore the tomb of the Lich Queen, defeat her, and bring back her treasure. You made it! Great, you win!"
that life cleric goodberry question.


Cast it as a 9th level spell (a little overkill), but that's 10 berries at 12 hp each. 120 hp!
@MarkWells DC check to remember to tie your shoes tie the other end of the obvious thing you're doing is a lot more common.
@goodguy5 Or you could just cast Mass Heal, also a 9th level spell, distributing 700 hit points among your party, instead of only 120. =P
The Life Cleric/Goodberry cheese mostly only has applicability by spamming it as a level 1-2-3 spell.
Like, level 1 spell, restore 40 hit points is actually obscene.
@Xirema But you can pass goodberries around!
> Next balance patch:
> <Spell to be removed>: Was a good spell?
> Dev: No.
> Dev: I'm told you were the goodest berry.
5:15 PM
I'm curious about that most recent answer that got added to that Life Cleric/Goodberry question though.
@Gwideon Hiya!
Because I think it's correct if you're playing a video game, but probably not in this context?
Or if the DMG defined an item called "Goodberry", and the spell said "creates 10 Goodberries, which vanish at the end of 24 hours" with no other stipulations.
how is everyone
@Gwideon Flummoxed. Deeply flummoxed.
@Xirema why? what has you so flummoxed. (also nice word choice)
5:22 PM
@Gwideon Quite well! Came up with my best character concept yet, an illusionist based on a real math thing. How about you?
tired. just so very tired
@Gwideon From pondering that Goodberry question.
@Xirema yeah, i definitely see where they're coming from, but i also don't see a need to rule like that.
But it's similar to my issue with the sage advice ruling on GWF and divine smite.
The RAW doesn't agree with the SA.
@KorvinStarmast hey-ooh!
In my campaign, I'd probably argue that the way that feature changes the spell is to increase the number of berries to 13 instead of 10. That's purely a balancing thing though.
And I don't think it's any more RAW.
5:27 PM
@JohnP Yup, thanks. Though my wife was out of town with one daughter this weekend, my mother was here to help watch the kids, and I ended up having to emergency-drive a kid halfway across the state to the specialized children's hospital and spend a whole day there. (I.e. I'm busier than a three-legged bobcat tryin' to cover his scat on a frozen pond.) And I got the flu (vaccine), so I'm a little worn down.
@Xirema Not sure which is more powerful, more goodberries or more potent ones...
More potent ones for sure, unless you have a lot more
On the other hand, I have a short (working) vacation coming up, I've kept up with running through all the madness, my son wants to surprise my wife and join her on her next half-marathon (so we're training together), my youngest's broken arm is healing very well, and I have a job that I like a lot, 98% of the time =)
@nitsua60 Oh boy. Everyone okay?
But given the small amount of HP we're talking about, I don't think a potent goodberry is really that big of deal.
5:28 PM
How're things your way?
If a goodberry gives you 6hp vs 1hp, you're still likely going down after 1 hit.
@Ash Yeah--the kid took a bad gouge to his face that they wanted the good plastic surgeons to work on, rather than the local yokels. They did a nice job, I think.
@NautArch Well, it's not only about in-combat healing.
@nitsua60 I'm glad t worked out okay :)
40 vs 10 between encounters is huge.
5:32 PM
@Khuldraesethna'Barya Very true! But I'm not sure adding more goodberries makes sense as a viable reading of how it'd work, either.
Disciple of Life:
> Whenever you use a spell of 1st levei or higher to restore hit points to a creature, the creature regains additional hit points equal to 2 + the spell's leveI.
Blessed Healer:
@NautArch Well, it's a spell that produces healing. 1→4 makes sense to me as a RAW ruling, but 10→13 makes more sense from a "I want Potions of Healing to still matter" ruling.
> When you cast a spell of 1st levei or higher that restores hit points to a creature other than you, you regain hit points equal to 2 + the spell's leveI.
Q: Should something be done to/about the [action-economy] tag?

Medix2The other day I found out that the action-economy tag exists. And upon looking further, it currently exists only on 14 questions, some of which also have the actions tag, some of which do not. One thing I found particularly interesting is that there are exactly two questions tagged with action-ec...

@Xirema Right, and balance the fact taht to get significantly more out of them, you've got to burn the resource for that.
5:34 PM
Worded differently, which makes me think each berry should restore 4 RAW.
@Khuldraesethna'Barya whatever you're pasting that from has some weird ideas about when things are "I"s or "L"s.
@Ash Thanks--I'm glad I happened to be the "emergency driver" on duty that day, since I knew the kid. (Had taught him last year.) I hope that was a little nicer for him than if it'd been just some random bio teacher that they'd never actually met before.
@goodguy5 Oh, dear. Even funnier is that I accidentally typo'd Disciple as Dlsciple before catching and correcting it.
@NautArch What resource is that in this context? It's a 1st level spell either way.
So a 3rd level GoodBerry would generate 10 normally, but 50 if upcast to 3rd level. Compare that to Aura of Vitality, which is 120hp.
And this is assuming that uncommon potions of healing aren't readily available
5:37 PM
@NautArch The Aura of Vitality combo is a far steeper Opportunity Cost though. Level 10 minimum (1 Cleric, 9 Paladin)
Even with the Class Features variant you'd need 5 levels of Druid instead of 9 levels of Paladin.
@Xirema Bard could pick it up via magical secrets and cast it.
@NautArch Well, okay. Level 6 Bard + Level 1 Cleric (or level 10 Bard + Level 1 Cleric if you're not using Lore Bard)
It's still a later-in-the-game combo than Goodberry + Disciple of Life is.
@Xirema I'm not saying to use life cleric with it. I'm comparing a 3rd level life cleric goodberry vs a 3rd level aura of vitality
@NautArch Oh. Well, in that context, you'd need to compare against 70, which is the average healing from Aura of Vitality over 10 rounds, not 120.
I was assuming you were getting the +5 for casting it as a 3rd level spell as a Life Cleric, which brings the average from 70 to 120.
yay meta is still awful. won't go into detail since thats off topic but yeah
I'm just gonna go hide in a corner and lurk
5:42 PM
@Gwideon Alright, Gwideon. You're getting to a point where you're just being masochistic for the sake of it. Stop doing this to yourself.
Take it to NAB.
I was checking if meta had cooled off. been ignoring it for a long time
@Xirema ohmy bad! You're right. We often had a cleric utilize Beacon of LIght.
But yeah, it's more like 50 vs average 70. Aura still wins for the cost.
And life cleric is still generally seen as the least 'powerful' cleric compared to the other subclasses.
This is waht they do well, why limit it?
Especially for the cost of taking the dip to do it.
@NautArch My only issue is that, at least for this specific combo (Goodberry), the Opportunity Cost is too low. I don't mind a Tier 2 character that's getting major boosts to their healing output, but when it's a level 2 character, that's a much bigger deal.
@Xirema How is using an ASI to do this not a high cost?
You don't get many of them, you delay your own primary progression for a single trick.
5:47 PM
@NautArch It's a very good trick though. =P
well not totally a single trick, but that's the big one :)
@Xirema so is GWM, or SharpShooter.
or one that nets you some cantrips.
Or dipping Warlock for EB.
Of all the gamifications, healing doesn't seem like one we should really be worried about.
@nitsua60 Well good, crap, hope everything is ok, and that's an evocative aphomorism.
@NautArch So in this context the Opportunity Cost is taking a level of Druid, not taking the Magic Initiate feat. That's a similar path to the same outcome, but only taking a single level doesn't deny you your ASI, it just pushes it back a level.
The only thing it denies is the level 20 capstone.
My GameRec question on reddit really shows why gamerec questions are bad. Look, GURPS just flew in, I had been waiting for that.
@Xirema Sure, i was looking more at the druid dipping to cleric for it rather than the Life Cleric (already suboptimal compared to other subclasses) doing something to get goodberry.
6:01 PM
Savage Worlds, Fate and a D&D B/X retroclone had come in earlier already.
If someone is going all-in on healing rather than on combat or other mechanics, I still don't see a big problem with it.
Also like a couple of interesting suggestions, one PbtA and one of the Fate packages has been suggested twice.
I might collect a group of random strangers to play some cyberpunk one-shots with, without too much time investment, and then invite a few people, who I like, who I am on the same page with for such a game, and who seem dedicated enough, to follow up play a longer campaign devised by the group together.
Random strangers because I have recently moved country, so I need to re-build my RPG circles.
@Anaphory local game store?
Local game store, university gaming groups, house mates already playing RPGs, boyfriend-of-a-friend, Strangers The Internets via Meetup, etc.
@nitsua60 ahoy, avast , and Helm's a-lee!
6:17 PM
Q: Is my Reactive Step homebrew spell balanced?

NathanSI've homebrewed a spell that is effectively a combination of shield (in terms of timing) and misty step (in terms of its effect) that I've called reactive step. It's intended for sorcerers, warlocks and wizards. I've reasoned that it's a 2nd level spell, like misty step, but I wonder if I'm miss...

One way to get a group of random strangers is to run around with a large net
@MikeQ /me takes notes.
Make sure to prepare for discussion questions like "What system?" and "Who are you?" and "Where are you taking us?"
@MikeQ "why are you doing this?"
"do you have a bathroom?"
@MikeQ And ask why aren't you rolling for disadvantage with that net?
6:21 PM
TIL that the word is "jibe" when referring to whether or not something fits in or makes sense; rather than "jive".
@goodguy5 Do you speak jive?
@goodguy5 And Jibe is a maneuver in sailing ... to bring the stern through the wind rather than to tack which is to bring the bow through the wind. TIL 43 years ago
@KorvinStarmast If they ask „Who are you?“, and I know who they are, then clearly I have the advantage of them, and that cancels.
@NautArch Surely, you know that I don't.
@Anaphory If they ask "Who are you, Who Who?" then we know they are Roger Daltry
Or an owl
6:22 PM
@KorvinStarmast 43YIL
@goodguy5 I didn't know that, and stop calling me shirley.
I picked a bad day to stop drinking lighter fluid.
Good buddy of mine just died last night, brain cancer. He's two years older than me.
We just rewatched it last weekend. My wife had never seen it start to finish. There was much laughter.
The day before, best friend from high school, his dad passed away (but we knew that was coming)
@KorvinStarmast I'm sorry :(.
6:24 PM
@NautArch Thanks, it's one of those deals where "the longer you live the more of your friends and relations you outlive"
be grateful for every sun rise ...
so sad! Sorry to hear. Death is so weird.

And (luckily?), I don't have a lot of coping mechanisms to deal with it because it hasn't come up much.
It's kinda weird a year ago that buddy of mine and I were helping to build those ramps to access a small house for a disabled man. Five or six months ago, doc tells hims "whoa, you got that brain cancer thing, you got six months to get your affairs in order ..." and doc guessed about right.
Went looking for a Paladin with cure disease ... fresh out of paladins in this district
how'd they find it?

Like, why did they look?
6:42 PM
Is there a term for when you notice something in an image that the sender was not intending for you to focus on (the stereotype is noticing the cute dog when its a picture of something else)?
hey sorry
And a hey sorry to you too!
I'm a bit nervous don't quite know why
@MikeQ Why do I feel like you where about to break into song there?
@DavidCoffron the real image was the thing we didn't focus on along the way?
6:50 PM
anyways I'm gonna just move along. I know this is probably getting annoying but i've been trying to find someone to talk to about this show. Anyone seen the tron animated series yet
I guess not
@Gwideon Not a bad thing to ask, but please try and keep single conversation threads to a single chat room.
Hm perhaps you would have better luck in other chat rooms of stacks more related to tv shows?
i will try to
(assuming it's a tv show)
6:53 PM
the only one i've been able to find is super inactive
Tron animated series? Don't you mean ReBoot?
@MikeQ Nope
i know Reboot is pretty good but it's not really my thing
i have a hard time with early cgi stuff
has anyone seen the new Eberron book? is it any good?
@DanB it just came out today right?
@DanB haven't, and not super-interested. But did just go check the old eberron to see if they updated anything and noticed that the formatting of the ToC on dndbeyond is borked.
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