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12:00 AM
Ah that's fair enough
But yeah it's gonna vary based on game too
Especially since I don't know of that many games that are all that flexible about having or not having a GM
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Q: Is there a difference between “When you are reduced to 0 hit points” and “when you would be reduced to 0 hit points”?

Medix2There already exist a few questions asking similar things about such scenarios, like the following: If a wildshaped druid somehow got Undead Fortitude, would this prevent them from reverting? Does Phoenix Spark overcome Disintegrate? Does casting Disintegrate on a polymorphed enemy still kill i...

1:47 AM
I guess I get the dubious honor of writing the first question relating to material in the Eberron Book. XD
@Xirema I have the book and am slowly digesting it.
Now, they need to do one just like it for Dark Sun.
PS: eberron feels a little bit like Planescape ....
just a little bit
Ah, they've learned how to properly handle ambiguous math.
> Steel Defender: Hit Points equal the steel defender's Constitution modifier + your Intelligence modifier + five times your level in this class
The defender is very good. It can on-command cause a creature to have disadvantage on one attack roll each round of combat, using its Reaction, so long as the attack isn't directed at itself.
Is the term "primarily opinion-based" SE wide or site-wide? It doesn't work very well on this site where all non-RAW questions are primarily opinion-based.
@Xirema only took five years
@jgn If you want to grind that axe, take it to meta
@jgn SE-wide.
2:00 AM
@jgn It's SE-wide, but we put a lot of emphasis on this stack on the "Primarily" part.
> Primarily opinion-based: While many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.
@jgn TTRPG rules are not computer code.
(and let's face it, TTRPG rules don't seem to get the rigor that code does .. in development)
It's basically impossible to avoid some degree of opinionatedness on pretty much anything that isn't "what does the PHB say on page 37 about Gnome Ability Score Increases?"
@KorvinStarmast Depends on what code ;) Please never look at the VBA scripts I've written for work.
@Rubiksmoose OK, I am over praising code in a general sense, please forgive me.
2:03 AM
@KorvinStarmast You are forgiven :P
@Rubiksmoose I think he's damning code development with faint praise.
@BESW ohhhh. I see that now.
Carry on then.
Sorry to ruin a good thing.
Quality of code development varies, yeah. (I am so glad I don't deal with that at work any more ...)
I don't even have tiredness to blame today. I actually felt quite refreshed this morning for the first time in a while.
@Xirema I have to be careful about answering your question. We are running an artificer (one of my players) in a game but it's the UA version and now that the artificer is "live" I have to think before I reply.
And I hate all of the 'fiddly bits' WoTC added with that class.
2:07 AM
@KorvinStarmast Indeed. I was reading through the book and noticed there's a subtle change in wording that makes the whole thing less clear than I think the developers intended.
(Even though there's some cool stuff in all of the Eberron material)
@Xirema What the developers intended: get it published on time :p
just got an email from dtrpg, my pdf from the early release, the update, is ready. Be still, my beating heart
Insofar as it's a setting book, I am liking that aspect of it. As a PHB +1 asset, I like it if the campaign is Eberron.
@Gwideon If you want high crunch in modern Fate, I recommend either War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus or the Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game.
@Xirema There is a lot to like, IMO, of the SF/Swords and Sorcery fusion Baker arrived at that hearkens back to the game's roots ...
I'll go and see of I can find any commentary of Arneson's on Eberron. I think he'd have liked the combo platter Baker came up with.
I just caused our enemies to fight each other instead of us with a single Eldritch Blast. Life is good
2:15 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami Oh, do tell, this sounds juicy
@KorvinStarmast nothing major, just two Flesh Golems linked by a magic chain. Blasted the chain apart and they went berserk and they were closer to each other than to us
@Himitsu_no_Yami cage match?
"Are all UFC fighters really flesh golems?" Discuss
@KorvinStarmast Tomb of Annihilation.
2:29 AM
@BESW don't really want high crunch. jsut enough crunch to satisfy a mechanics oriented player.
also I learned that that player just doesn't want to do anything other than dnd 5e
he probably has bad ideas of what others systems mean due to the way I made up my sci-fi campaign
anyways. how is everyone
doing alright here @Gwideon, as to you?
doing just fine
hey I'm just wondering um this is probably dumb but would someone be willing to run a fate starwars game. I mean I'd been fine with running one but um I'd kinda want to be a player in that kind of game
sorry nevermind
i've just had a craving to be a player in that kinda of game but um yeah
2:46 AM
there are on line meet ups for games like that, if you do a little searching around. but you are taking a few chances on who you'll end up gaming with
It's hard to find a good group online. plus online is kinda dominated by dnd
anyways I should probably go
3:06 AM
I'd be happy to run a Fate game for people, there's enough interest in it from this group alone, but aside from the difficulty of scheduling people across many time zones, I'm having trouble with my own time and energy lately.
@Gwideon The best place I've seen recommended recently, for a variety of online games, is The Gauntlet.
Q: Is this a reasonable magic pet?

Thomas O'DonnellI'm looking to develop a magical pet for one of my wizard PCs, I'm the DM and this is my first time as such so I wanted to ensure I wasn't creating something which could cause chaos. After watching the Critical Role campaign, one of the players had a magical cat, which he is able to instantly su...

3:18 AM
@Gwideon All the places I knew to find people were for like....jcink forum based RP stuff, so I am useless. :P
Oh, also @Gwideon my husband says apparently Mythweavers has a listing for a FATE based Star Wars game, although afaik Myth Weavers is play by post, so I dunno if that's your jam
@Ash play by post Isn’t really my thing
No worries :)
I personally love play by post, but I can definitely get it when someone doesn't
yeah, PbP is cool but very hard to manage from a time/scheduling standpoint, especially in a more...forum-y setting. you can do play-by-chat in an asynchronous, PbPish manner though, which might work better actually?
3:27 AM
My biggest problem without so far, in my 3 or so games by play by post is that people start off strong and then either lose interest or forget to make moves or become to busy at some point
I like hearing people’s voices. It gets a little tedious with out it
Tis fair enough
I actually tire of people's voices if I hear too many people talking or have to listen to a person talk for too long
Plus I kinda get overwhelmed by the amount of text coming in sometimes in less organized play by post stuff
@BESW How's work going, btw? I think I remember you saying a week or two ago that a bunch of things were all coming to a head/to busyness around the same time?
It's not as bad if it's a recording, something about having to pay attention to an actual person talking in somewhat real time and possibly having to answer I guess
3:29 AM
@trogdor yeah, that was my issue with forum-based PbP as well
If i hear too much talking without faces or without a something else to do...I fall asleep
But PBP sort of let's me take my time in a response as long as I have one
And I can read what the other people do instead of listening XD
@nitsua60 Lots of non-paying busyness, mostly. Upgrading hardware and software, trying to set up a new office space for new kinds of projects. And my personal responsibilities are getting harder. I've asked for a regular consultation with the local university's mental health services, to see if that can help me get things sorted out.
But yeah, everyone has different preference obviously
Some people prefer play by get or play by patch, or even play by delete
3:33 AM
@BESW Sorry to hear that, but hopeful that the local resources can help.
@MikeQ what does any of that mean?
@BESW :(
@Gwideon Try posting in the /r/lfg subreddit (and/or their Discord)? I don't know how much luck players have had looking for non-D&D games there, but it's worth a shot :)
@trogdor It means I made a cruddy joke
3:49 AM
@nitsua60 Thank you. I hope so too! And I'm mentioning it here in the hopes that it'll help de-stigmatize getting support for mental health before it all crashes down on us.
Also, if anybody has experience with iPad Pro keyboard/case combos and can offer recommendations or warnings, that'd be super helpful.
Mental health should be like physical health - regular checkups are good!
@V2Blast thanks for the suggestion
@Ash Indeed! On that note, I just scheduled a psychiatrist appointment in a few weeks :)
@Ash I really should've started getting regular checkups as soon as I became my dad's primary caregiver, even if I didn't think I needed it before then.
3:59 AM
nods I am a big believer in big life changes especialy needing a checkin
I need to see my counselor soon. Been having periods of depression that have been pretty bad. Bad enough that I didn’t feel like running
(heck I did checkin stuff before my husband arrived and that's a GOOD change! But it's still a change)
Thirst Sword Lesbians, by April of Gay Spaceship Games, has safety/consent practices embedded in the mechanics, such as "if any player used a safety tool during the session, all the PCs get an XP at the end."
@Gwideon yep, if it's meaning you don't want to do the things then you should check in
Yeah it shouldn't be stigmatized at all, seeking help for mental issues of any kind :/
4:00 AM
@BESW yoooooooooooooooo
more of that
@Ash I'm gonna make that a thing in every game I can.
I love it
I love y'all, and I want y'all to be safe happy beans. If you need to have help in finding the professional humans to help you process your things safely, or various things related to that sort of thing....I can try my bestest.
@BESW never really thought about doing a romance based rpg. May not be my thing though the safety and consent stuff is admirable
4:03 AM
@Gwideon There's a lot of them! Some aren't great (HGMO is... problematic) and some look pretty good and fun and safe (Pasión de las Pasiones looks like one, though I haven't played it yet). Lady Blackbird has potential for a swashbuckling romance polycule style of play.
....okay I never thought of doing LB as a polycule and NOW I WANNA
I automagically thought triangle but polycule is ore better
it’s not really why I play rpgs. I play mostly to tell stories and find out more about myself while strengthening the bonds with my friends. I feel that a romance rpg might be a bit awkward among my friend group especially since a few of my friends are Asexual/ Aromantic
and god I can’t spell
I do like my romance believe me. But um it’s a bit awkward to rp
Romance stories can do those things. It's not necessarily mutually exclusive
also....I've seen ace/aro rep in romances, it is also not mutually exclusive.
4:12 AM
@BESW i never got that specific idea from Lady Blackbird
I know. I guess it’s hard since most of my group are still teenagers. Romance well um makes me nervous and flustered and awkward, it throws me off balance and it’s hard for me to run like that.
@Ash I figured that out :) just took me a bit
@Gwideon same here honestly
@Gwideon It;s not for everyone :)
4:13 AM
I want to try it but it's definitely a subject I feel more uncomfortable exploring in front of other people
@Ash I’m already having a hard enough time playing npc love interests. I don’t think I could handle romance between my pc and another pc.
Like I said, it's not for everyone but that also doesn't mean it's not for anyone at all.
I like the idea, doesn't mean you have to
@Ash oh no I do like the idea it’s just there’s a lot of problems that keep me from trying it. If others can do it then sure go on.
I do think it might be fun to play a game like that with a significant other
These games require much more nuanced agreements between players regarding goals, boundaries, and what is and isn't okay. Moreso than "kill monsters but don't kill each other." Not to say these games are infeasible, but rather they may require a more mature player group.
4:19 AM
And if I can’t even get my players to respect the “kill monsters but don’t kill each other” agreement then they’re definitely not ready for the more nuanced stuff
Anyways I’ll move on
Sorry if I said something dumb
No worries. I say something dumb at least once per day. Besides, there's nothing dumb about discussing potential TTRPGs in the TTRPG chat room.
There’s part of me that’s worried I might be getting burned out when it comes to this hobby
I’m having trouble getting invested in games and um yeah.
I just don’t know
Its okay to take a break and do other stuff for a while
you can contain multitudes
4:37 AM
I sometimes just miss being a player.
But I’m the only one in my group who has a lot of dm experience
I'm thinking of running a Golden Sky Stories game this weekend
If you're interested
We’ll see. I don’t know anything about the system and well I have a campaign to run on Saturday.
It would be the 5th day from today counting today
Fair enough
No need to commit now, and if you aren't interested or can't do it at that time it's fine either way
Alright. Thank you for the offer
No problem
I love running GSS
And I have only done so once recently, last weekend
It would be literally no trouble
Was trying to edit that
Most of my regular players are busy on that day, which is usually our day for games when not otherwise occupied
4:50 AM
Depression, lack of sleep, and lack of motivation don’t make for a good combo when it comes to doing creative stuff.
Seems fair enough there, sorry to hear it
@trogdor ooh :D
Cecil barks happily and wags his tail!
I did do a bit of a prologue today for my players. Trying to start the connections from the previous summer campaign to rise of Tiamat
I was thinking of running the demo starter, especially if anyone with little to no experience with the system wants to join it should make it easier to keep up
I might or might not have managed to force myself to to work on my idea to hack the game to make it slightly less complicated too
5:05 AM
Just for anyone interested who isn't in the discord, the timeframe would be around 4 hours earlier than the time it is now to around now
@trogdor I could be convinced to give GSS another try, if you're short on participants
Mostly to give myself some time in the day where I don't have to expect to run something if no one is interested enough by that time, but to also try to be a little flexible due to likely timezones issues
@Gwideon It's interesting that you have the most DM experience among the group. Have any of them expressed interest in running any sessions?
@MikeQ cool, also I think if you ever wanted to try to run it yourself again, the demo scenario is free and a lot easier to run than the kitsune scenario
At least IMO
Yeah but um others have shut them down
5:10 AM
(To be fair I did run it later when I had more experience, but I kinda think my first game would have possibly been smoother if I had used the demo scenario myself)
@trogdor If we have new players, then you definitely don't want me running GSS.
And I’d have to help anyways (basically do all the work of organizing notes and all that.)
@Gwideon that sucks :(
@MikeQ i don't mean this time
@Gwideon This doesn't add up. The group really likes 5e. And some of them have offered to DM a session. But someone else forces you to DM instead? Or am I misunderstanding this?
I just meant that if you still wanted to give it a go, it's a hard game to run but the demo scenario is a lot easier, and free, and I think you might have a better experience running it the next time if you still felt like running it at some point
5:14 AM
@MikeQ Basically.
If not than just ignore me :P
My recent question on communitybuilding.SE that is also relevant to all some of your interests:
Q: How can I maintain user engagement/interest during "off weeks" for a weekly podcast?

V2BlastI help run the social media for (and am a player in) a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual-play podcast set in a homebrew campaign setting of the Dungeon Master's own creation. We livestream episodes every Wednesday. However, from time to time, we have to take a week off, due to either t...

@trogdor I'm not ignoring the offer. I'm just very hesitant about running games again.
@MikeQ that's also completely fair
@Gwideon That's odd. Unless this is some court mandating DMing in a dystopian legal system, you're allowed to refuse running a D&D session. Why do the others get shot down? Why would you need to organize notes?
5:16 AM
It's exhausting and hard to run games sometimes
And it's not a thing literally everyone has to do
( that being said , it's also messed up to make just one person do it and shoot down other volunteers :/)
@MikeQ inexperience. Why let someone else who has no experience run when you have a perfectly experienced dm.
That's some silly circular logic. They can't get experience DMing if nobody lets them DM.
Except then no one else can run it and you are stuck not playing when that person is sick, burned out, or busy
Not to mention it's just messed up
I’m honestly tired of being the big important “DM” master of the world. I just want to be one of my characters.
5:19 AM
I do enjoy dming but I’ve become burnt out
Maybe bring up the offer again, say you want need a break from the DM seat, and let one of the other players try DMing some sessions. Let them write it, although they may ask for advice. If folks are concerned about the player borking the lore, then have it be a self-contained adventure.
One of the reasons I got into running games was because our regular DM at the time was getting burned out and wanted to be a player sometimes
Not the only reason but you know, a pretty relavent one for the current discussion
I also wanted to experience running games and had ideas I wanted to try
5:23 AM
@Gwideon I do think you also need to more confidently communicate this to them. I've obviously got the most DM experience of my previous friend group because they literally never played D&D before I DMed the Starter Set for them, but I also clearly told them I was not planning to DM another campaign in the near future because I was burnt out. They were understanding about this.
We’ll see. I may just have someone take over for a few weeks under the guise that I’m finishing prep for Rise of Tiamat. I think I just need a break for a couple weeks and I’ll be fine
Dunno why you'd need a ruse cover story. "I need a break from DMing" should be a sufficient explanation.
I don’t know
You are, presumably, a human with other real-life responsibilities and stressors. It's not fair to expect you to always be available for an unpaid DM job on top of everything else.
Well it is partially true. I am setting up for RoT
I don’t think they mean any harm. I haven’t been super communicative.
I’m just so out of it and stressed that I’m finding it hard to be inspired
5:30 AM
Then soon would be a great time to vacation from DMing and let someone else try it out
What if they don’t like how the other person runs. We’ve had disastrous results before with a particular player taking over as dm.
Then that person can learn from the experience. Nobody's born a good DM.
I should stop worrying
hugs random people because hugs are nice and um yeah
Anyways I should sleep
I miss my Tiefling ranger. Wish I could play her more often
Anyways goodnight
Sleep well
5:36 AM
Yeah when I was playing 4e I had like,... Maybe around 5 or 6 characters I played in one campaign, plus like maybe almost 100 I had rolled up
Some of which,to be fair, probably weren't ever going to be used even given an opportunity but still
I am all over the " I want to use this character" thing
Goodnight as well
In fact it's probably especially weird that I played so many characters in the space of one campaign and was so ready to play do many more than that
But if that's weird I don't want to be normal so there
6:12 AM
Q: Can a Barbarian/Wizard multiclass trigger a magic item while raging?

StormwindMy party has a Barbarian who multiclassed to wizard. Levels 3 and 1, respectively. He has incorporated the Staff of Defense (from Glasstaff, Lost Mines of P) into the handle of his great axe and is attuned to it. He also has Shield in his spellbook. When raging he loses his ability to cast his...

@V2Blast Not going to post an answer, but remember that your community exists even when you don't release a podcast. You should be interacting with your community in a variety of ways, the podcast is only 1 such way. Asking what you should do on an off week seems to imply that your entire community engagement is just the podcast.
@jgn Sounds like a good basis for an answer! (But also, so far that has generally been the case; until recently, the DM ran the Twitter and Facebook himself, and he hasn't really done much with them except the occasional stream reminder. Part of why I offered to help out with the Twitter/Facebook is because he was often forgetting to post even those.)
@MikeQ Can confirm. I was terrible at it when I started. I've learned a lot over the course of my campaign.
Also, another communitybuilding.SE question about my podcast, albeit one that probably relates less to RPG expertise:
Q: How far in advance should I post a reminder for a scheduled livestream to maximize viewership?

V2BlastI help run the social media for (and am a player in) a weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual-play podcast called Planeslip: Echoes of Creation. The campaign is set in a homebrew setting of the Dungeon Master's own creation. We normally livestream episodes every Wednesday night at midnight ...

6:53 AM
@V2Blast Consistency is the key for social media. Engagement is the key for community building. Consider high engagement platforms and tactics. Posting intermittently on twitter isn't great for either unfortunately. (worked in social media management a few years ago)
7:40 AM
@jgn This is... too vague to be useful advice to me.
@V2Blast This is about marketing indie TTRPGs specifically, but probably generally useful:
A Crash Course on Marketing Your Indie RPG by Sean McCoy on Failure Tolerated.
And Necropraxis has some suggested reading in the twitter comments.
@V2Blast Consistency means posting at least daily during prime time. High engagement means posting things that people are inclined to want to interact with. Example of low engagement content: a cool pic of one of the characters. Example of increasing engagement: the same pic, but with the caption "Did this character look like you imagined? which character are you looking forward to seeing a pic of next!"
People like Dee Pennyway talk their indie social media marketing practices quite openly, too.
And Swordsfall, of course. They're open about pretty much every aspect of their business.
7:55 AM
@jgn Thank you! That's useful. ...Though for that particular example, I don't think any of our current character tokens are original; mine (and I assume the same is true for others' tokens) is just taken from art found on the internet. Not so much an issue when it's a tiny image in a corner of the screen, but it seems like it'd be more of an issue when I'm posting it as the focus of a Twitter post. I get your point though :P
@BESW Thanks for the suggestions!
There's a lot of people on social media, especially Twitter, who make "talking about marketing" part of their own marketing.
Which is clever because it hits those "parasocial engagement" buttons really hard, but it also gives back to the community.
8:09 AM
ooh, that is true
8:31 AM
Good morning
8:48 AM
Good morning. Happy Spell BEHꙮLDER with a Multiocular O day to you all.
9:32 AM
Anyone know anything about 5e in regards to taking 10/20 on skill checks?
@jgn It's covered by the passive check rules, which is essentially the same as take 10.
I thought I'd seen the take 20 rule in 5e somewhere too
Hm, couldn't find it.
9:56 AM
Q: Does 5th edition have the equivalent of Taking 20?

briddumsIn 3rd edition D&D there was the option to Take 10 or Take 20 on a skill check. Does an equivalent rule exist in 5th edition? If the answer is no, have you tried houseruling it in, and what effect did it have on your game?

@trogdor LB isn't designed for polycules, its keys are pretty clearly built around the assumption that multiple people attracted to one person is going to force a dramatic "choose one of us" moment. But a polycule would be an entertaining and potentially no-less-dramatic alternative response which is still true to both text and subtext while clearly subverting intent.
ah fair enough
Huh The Angry GM answered a question that was also posted on this site
Q: How can I make this labyrinth feel more alive/Daedalian and less like an RNG?

D. Ben Knoble Spoilers follow about the new D&D 5e Stranger Things Starter Set from Hasbro/Netflix. I've recently bought the Stranger Things-themed D&D 5e Starter Kit. I'm a vet of the edition, but thought it could make an interesting thematic introduction to D&D for some friends. The module promises to b...

Oh wait I can't link it yet, it's only on Patreon for now
Well spoiler alert
10:17 AM
Q: Does the Sky Stalker Ranger lose Favored Terrain for Level 2 or not?

John-D-FrogmanIn the Ranger Archetype Tableon the d20 site, it shows that a Sky Stalker ranger loses Level 2 Favored Terrain. On the Sky Stalker class page it does not state that it does, however it does state that the Level 2 Ranger Combat Style list adds the Monstrous Mount feat. Does the Sky Stalker actua...

10:54 AM
I have about 9.50€ Google Play credit to blow (I could put a bit on top for a really good one), because for some reason it does not transfer when moving country, and it cannot be transfered in other ways either. What's a good game for me to buy? I love foreign cultures, exploration, interesting procedurally generated content and optimistic stories. I'm not used to computer games, even less so on a tablet, and I hate pixel-specific or time-pressure options.
It doesn't tick all your boxes, but Gorogoa is amazing and would only take half your credits.
It's not got any time-pressure or pixel-specific elements, it's beautiful and poignant and exploratory in a really mind-bendy kind of way.
@PierreCathé Now I'm just waiting for someone to ask a question about the D&D vs. Rick and Morty box set...
@BESW Sweet! I shall give it my credits.
Gorogoa is fun
it's pretty good
my main complaint is it doesn't really give you much help figuring out what the heck to do
but in some ways that is a strength
mainly I got tied up mostly knowing which thing to do first rather than what I could even do
Hi everyone :)
11:08 AM
11:26 AM
12:19 PM
Q: Are monsters subject to the massive damage instant-death rules?

Medix2I have been looking at the following two questions recently: Are Trolls immune to all instant death effects? Does the Instant Death rule apply to zombies too? The first states the following in the question itself: [...] In addition to such spells, there are more general effects that cause...

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1:46 PM
Did they really do that to the Artillerist?
DnD and everyone making Lovecraft-inspired games are probably responsible for over 80% of the "Eldritch" tax revenue ever since the vocabulary tax was implemented.
@KorvinStarmast at your leisure, could you check something for me? You recently threw a flag on a link-only answer. Does that flag now show for you in your "helpful" count?
The Locathah might be one of the strongest all-around races. This ability is real strong:
> Leviathan Will. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, frightened, paralyzed, poisoned, stunned, or put to sleep.
Not to mention they get two of the more widely-applicable skills in Athletics and Perception
They do have a limiter though:
> Limited Amphibiousness. You can breathe air and water, but you need to be submerged at least once every 4 hours to avoid suffocating.
@DavidCoffron Dust of Dryness + fishbowl
2:04 PM
@PierreCathé Ooh. I like
It's a consumable though, so maybe not sustainable at early levels
Oh even better, a decanter of endless water
both the decanter and the dust are uncommon, and the decanter doesn't have limited uses
@kviiri I'd be curious to learn more synonyms of the word with the same flavour. I've tried to search for some, and even 'cosmic' doesn't quite fit, and I don't think I've seen any other word conveying the same flavour.
@vicky_molokh Otherworldly?
Or unearthly? uncanny?
"eerie" is also good but... I think popular culture overuse of the term extends to the word being used as a replacement for "magical" (but sounds cooler)
2:09 PM
I mean, I don't really see what makes the artificer's cannon "eldritch", 'cept for the name of course.
@DavidCoffron Otherworldly seems to have too strong an association with conventional supernatural stuff, such as the common afterlives in Eurasian cultures. Uncanny is very good in terms of direction but underwhelming in terms of intensity. Unearthly seems to be missing the context of That Which Should Not Be. Hmmmm. I suppose Qliphotic can evoke a similar feel, but would probably be laughed at by any actually knowledgeable Abrahamic scholar.
That said, I wanted to poke fun at it, not be a serious sam about it.
@kviiri He learnt it from an elderly person ?
Jokes aside, I do think expand one's vocabulary for the concept would be an upgrade of my GMing skills (as I do need to reference the concept at times).
@BESW I can't agree enough. I dream of a day where it'd be as normal for my acquaintances and co-workers to know "when he's having trouble, it manifests as mild depression" as it is for them to know "he's Catholic."
2:19 PM
Mental health is serious business, yes
And like good health in general, it's easy to appreciate only when it's wearing thin :(
how is everyone
@BESW Absolutely agree. If you ever need to just talk to someone, please reach out.
so um has anyone looked through the new eberron book
2:32 PM
@nitsua60 OK, checking ...
Yes, it came up as helpful, took me a bit to check. The post is from 2017?
@goodguy5 From now on, I will give the greetings in my time zone, and trust in the intelligence of fellow chatizens to assign it their own appropriateness.
@KorvinStarmast Yup, that's the one.
(Flag-handling is so weird (UI) from our end--I'm never quite sure if I've validated vs. invalidated a flag.)
@JohnP verboten
@goodguy5 And good morning to you too.
2:40 PM
Yeah, nice afternoon to you both!
@goodguy5 tilts head google says that means forbidden
Yeah, that's even a cognate to the English expression isn't it?
Swedish has a more recognizable "förbjudet"
...actually not very recognizable I guess :D
for → för is easier. -bid-→bjud is about the same, probably not easier for people who know what “cognate” means. -en→-et is confusing.
:52629185 Have you read the new Eberron book and want to compare notes? I haven't, but it might be one of the few reasons I would consider playing D&D for again. (I'm normally on the Indie side of games.)
2:55 PM
What about... Disney princesses reimagined as D&D 5e character classes
@Anaphory Yeah, I guess I have the advantage of having heard and seen Swedish for most of my life
@MikeQ nods in thought
@MikeQ I thought all princesses belong to the noble class
/me files payment for "Overuse of class struggle jokes tax"
@MikeQ So – can I be a Moana 5/Merida 2?
Belle is a beast-tamer, Tiana a curse-breaker, Moana a sailor, Mulan a warrior. What else?
2:57 PM
@Anaphory I have not. wanting someone's opinion on it so I can decide whether to get it or not
@DavidCoffron Merida is a ranger.
@JohnP Pocahantas some kind of diplomat class?
A whole bunch of them have animal familiars, so maybe there's some bard or wizard dips going on. Probably some warlocks in there.
Every Disney princess is a Barbarian unless it's the Greek dub.
Oh, you guys are thinking that way round. I thought you meant the other way round.

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