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Q: According to Book of Exalted Deeds, how to choose between two evils?

Petr HudečekThe Book of Exalted Deeds says that evil means used to prevent greater evil cannot be used by good characters, and says: Some good characters might view a situation where an evil act is required to avert a catastrophic evil as a form of martyrdom: "I can save a thousand innocent lives by sacr...

Q: Do temporary hit points from the Heroism spell keep a troll alive?

Medix2The Troll's Regeneration feature states: The troll regains 10 hit points at the start of its turn. If the troll takes acid or fire damage, this trait doesn't function at the start of the troll's next turn. The troll dies only if it starts its turn with 0 hit points and doesn't regenerate. L...

@V2Blast Hey there, paladins. What, your holy armor isn't inscribed with the Word of God on every link? Cool, cool.
2:16 AM
Q: How to deal with a broken link?

VylixThis answer has two broken links. The answer itself will be fine since it already recite the summary of the link content, but what should be done with the link? Leave it alone? Comment that they are broken? Remove the hyperlink?

Q: Are commoners actually this squishy?

BlackMachismoI realize they're commoners but at 4 HP, an encounter with 2 regular size (tiny) rats could be fatal. Even if the commoner survives, he/she is going to at 1/4 to 1/2 HP. So seriously to critically injured by 2 rats. Is that correct?

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Wow, 10k starred messages! Does this mean general chat gets to see deleted content?
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7:18 AM
Hi all
hello hello
Had to cancel our weekly session yesterday :/
Oof. Why's that?
One of the players had their car towed and couldn't make it
7:21 AM
Damn, later than Pierre, I'm getting sloppy
Usually, I start work before you connect :P
@Nyakouai Don't worry, I won't make a habit of it
I cheated a bit too, I'm working from home today
Q: Can I catch arrows if I am not a monk?

Unstable ToadIs there a way for someone who is not a monk to catch a projectile, similar to the monk's Deflect Missiles feature? Let's say there are some bad people with bows. Can I ready my character to catch an arrow coming their way?

@HotRPGQuestions You can if they're not flying very fast
7:25 AM
@HotRPGQuestions Yes, using the traditional Con based arrow catching
@PierreCathé You can if they have not been fired
7:51 AM
fully worth a watch, especially 1:10 onwards (some strong language)
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10:39 AM
thoughts on using this art for the avatar of the Hot RPG Questions bot?
(it's the art of Cragganwick Cremator from MTG)
put a bikini on it and yes
11:11 AM
Very nice
I'm completely cool with this idea
The new picture or the bikini?
I spoke to the giant and he declined the option of a bikini.
What about tassels?
11:21 AM
I mean if he want's a bikini I won't tell him he can't have it
but if he doesn't have a high opinion of that idea then that's also his prerogative XD
@Nyakouai He is supportive of people interested in that direction, but has taken an ascetic vow and does not partake in such accessorisation himself.
Body paint?
Trust me, I can go on with silly ideas for quite a while; I do RPG character concept for fun
He is very proud of this photo so it's more or less take this one or leave it.
I can leave with that
I wouldn't want to offend him, especially considering he is a great deal more enormous than I.
11:24 AM
That's a good rule to stay alive: don't pick on someone more than twice your size
(my current intended crop)
he isn't cool with something with more light, or with even more fire in the,... bowl?
nah it's already pretty bright staring into it
that's fair
it's probably also already pushing the camera
it took a seriously good high dynamic range camera to take that shot
11:38 AM
11:54 AM
i've update the avatar since it seems to have gone down well and i don't wanna forget.
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howdy howdy
@doppelgreener Yes!
@NautArch Morning :)
@Rubiksmoose One of my table-mates was considering running a one-off for halloween, but then decided against. Very bummed as I started building a fun character.
@Rubiksmoose @doppelgreener ALso wanted to bring up whether or not my question on how to support good subjective should be reopened or not. It seems like it's the right question right now for folks to provide alternative answers than what's been provided historically.
@NautArch :( aw
@NautArch this one correct?
@Rubiksmoose yeah :( started thinking about a doc holliday type character and put together a hand crossbow using sharpshooter/crossbow export for 10th level.
@Rubiksmoose yeah, that's the one.
1:45 PM
@NautArch Aw that does sound fun. Good thing you can always put that idea in your pocket for later though! Write it down!
Definitely! It takes about 8 levels to come online, though. Which is a big delay.
I like one-offs because of the opportunity to dip without worrying about progression penalties.
I had done fighter 8 and then was debating about a paladin or cleric dip. Paladin makes more sense, but channel divinity is pretty handy for an undead mob.
@NautArch probably better to start with a clean slate addressing the current context: i.e. in light of current discussion you're trying to survey for what other options people consider to be good subjective substantiation
@NautArch I wonder though if medix didn't beat you to the punch though:
Q: Revisiting citation expectations of good subjective answers

Medix2There have been quite a few questions on Good Subjective answers and their policy, and I would like this one to avoid discussing what moderators are or aren't doing to enforce the current policy. Instead I have found myself questioning said policy and wonder what changes (if any) should be made t...

@Rubiksmoose yeah, that's where it's coming up :) But the question has already been asked multiple times.
I don't deny that mine wasn't a dupe, and medix2's could be considered a dupe of mine.
But it also seems like folks believe there is another measuring stick, but no one is stating what it is, only what it's not.
@doppelgreener Man, that chili must be spicy hot for flames to be coming out of the bowl. Four Alarm Chili? :)
1:50 PM
@KorvinStarmast Usually we'd call it finger-licking good but in this case it's best to keep your fingers out of the chili.
@doppelgreener Or wear asbestos cooking mitts ... :)
My home made chili has moved from three alarm down to two as I've gotten older, the body does not like that kinda fire as much as it used to
I am obligated to remind you not to put asbestos near your food, or for that matter, near yourself.
@NautArch I see so you're suggesting to undupe yours and dupe medix2's to that?
@Rubiksmoose I'm honestly not sure at this point :( Meta about meta?
@KorvinStarmast same :( I love heat. My internal organs do not.
@doppelgreener Heh, too late. The lagging all over the ships I served on was made of stuff that included asbestos. (70's, 80's ). I think they stopped using it some years ago.
1:55 PM
@Rubiksmoose Ultimately, I think this comment covers the issue.
@NautArch Go for it! At the very least it will get more eyes on these excellent questions.
@KorvinStarmast Ummm.... better late than never?
@doppelgreener Heh, having served in the safety and industrial safety realms in the past, I am wholly aware of asbestos less than charming side effects; your caution was well placed! :)
Hoi o/
1:58 PM
Good morning!
how is everyone
@KorvinStarmast There was a big thing in the late 90's in Australia. Lots of homes had asbestos-based insulation. The government launched an initiative to dispose of absolutely all asbestos in the country outside "safe" industrial settings, which meant anyone could get their home inspected and the insulation replaced at the government's expense, and everyone was encouraged to do so.
@doppelgreener Nice! Now there's a good use of tax dollars. Tip of the cap to Aus Gov't.
@doppelgreener I always thought the issue asn't having asbestos, but in removing it. Like if your asbestos insulation was contained and working, it was safe.
@Gwideon Not too bad. You?
2:02 PM
i'm okay
really tired
@NautArch Depends on what condition it was in and how often one had to do maintenance in that area (On the ships I was on, which you might call an 'industrial site" the yard periods, or when a ship mod was being done, raised this issue with some frequency)
@Gwideon Meeeee too. I did not sleep well last night.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, the issue isn't having it, it's about interacting with it, right? So if you are doing maintenance on it frequently and disturbing it, there's an issue. But if it's set it and forget it, it's largely okay?
@NautArch I'll say "it depends" on condition ... it's about interacting with it ... how you prevent people "interacting" is an interesting problem to solve in some settings
yeah I didn't either
2:08 PM
@Gwideon I'm very sorry to hear that.
@KorvinStarmast I agree :)
anyways I um got a new game this weekend
@NautArch Increasing Awareness is usually a good first step ...
It's called Kids on Bikes
@Rubiksmoose @Gwideon Howdy! And me three. I threw my back out again saturday morning. Getting old is no fun.
2:11 PM
@NautArch oh no! how'd you do that?
@NautArch Asbestos is mainly dangerous if you're inhaling it, and if it's lining your house for insulation, you may be breathing in small amounts of asbestos particles all the time. Better is to just not have it present at all. That's why there were always trained specialists brought in for asbestos removal though after all, and you weren't gonna be in the house while they did it.
@NautArch oof that sucks
@Rubiksmoose Not doing anything reasonable. THis is my history of when I've thrown my back out: 1) Wiping my kid's butt, 2)picking up a remote off the couch, 3)unscrewing a stuck lid and coughing simultaneously (this was saturday morning's precipitating event.)
@NautArch oh dear.
@doppelgreener yeah, it's just plain riskier to have around when there are much safer alternatives - sure, contained asbestos won't hurt you, so long as it remains properly contained, but it's not the complicating factor you want when something else catastrophic happens to your walls or whatever
2:13 PM
@doppelgreener Right! But I had thought it isn't an issue until it actually needs removal. If it's contained and not getting into the air, then it's 'safe'. But I also am not sure that just having it installed isn't a risk.
@NautArch I feel you, mine are also mundane things - I'm always like oh man I don't get a good story even
@Carcer I guess the problem is having isn't risky. It's when there is another event or the need to replace it that exposes it when it is. So you are putting people at risk (during removal) to get rid of it to reduce risk.
It's a lose-lose, but ultimately better to get rid of it.
@NautArch I think there might be a disagreement on what constitutes risk happening
@Ash It's funny when the story is so ridiculous, though. Like funny at me, not with me.
Well that's a big part of it: as long as it's perfectly contained, was installed totally correctly, etc. On a big picture long-term basis it was just considered a better idea to get rid of it all ASAP, so the government decided to just do that.
2:15 PM
@NautArch My last back throw out was carrying a kayak with a friend to a lake. Two years ago; at one point we two were carrying it from the car to the lake, then I am on the ground rolling around in pain. I think it was a mis step into a low spot on the ground. Such fun.
Like, "my room full of oily rags isn't a fire risk, I keep all my fire in the next room!"
@doppelgreener Yeah, better to not have it, just a big deal to get rid of it if there isn't currently an issue. But risk avoidance is important, too.
Doesn't know what to talk about
@NautArch this is true. The last time I put my back out it was because I tripped on a pair of errant socks.
@Carcer i'm not entirely sure that's apples to apples. I mean, asbestos does do it's fire retardant job pretty darn well. It's more like, I've got this very deadly thing in a box. As long as I don't take out of the box, it's fine. Please don't open the box.
2:17 PM
@NautArch and having the box around is a risk because there are many plausible scenarios where the box might be accidentally opened
@Rubiksmoose meta on meta
@NautArch [thumbs up]
it might ultimately be a very low risk depending on the circumstances, but the relative risk of the box being opened is always going to be higher if you actually have the box to hand.
@Rubiksmoose if cool heads prevail, we may actually get somewhere with this.
2:20 PM
@NautArch I think we are certainly even already getting somewhere!
@Rubiksmoose True. I think we've identified the disconnect. Those disagreeing just need to present new direction that's clear.
@Gwideon Oh I haven't heard of this game.
Looks like they've done well with the art though
it's an interesting ttrpg. I suggest checking it out
@Gwideon what's it about? (besides kids and presumably bicycles)
Seeing that it uses a full set of dice makes me a little worried it'd be as crunchy as something like D&D, but part of me feels like it's somehow fitting for the setting era it's going for.
2:27 PM
it's kinda a stranger things type thing. Also it's not very crunchy. instead of setting a number for stats it sets a die for a stat
@Carcer Yeah it sounds like the RPG Stranger Things could have gotten vs just a themed D&D red box.
@Gwideon that sounds kinda savage worlds
@NautArch was gonna say cortex plus?
^from my very limited understanding of savage worlds, that is.
yeah I guess so. The core book is only 80 pages so yeah it's a very light rpg
2:29 PM
Hah I like that the different archetypes are Kid, Teen, and Adult
well theres also tropes which determine what die is assigned to what stat
like the loner weirdo, or the aggressive jock
Q: How to revisit citation expectations for subjective questions

NautArchBased on questions like Medix2's, Medix2's other question, and my earlier one, there is a big disconnect between the historical guidance for supporting subjective answers and what the community likes/expects/wants. My original question about how to back up was specifically for addressing this. I...

it's really freeform and places a large emphasis on the players and gm working together to make a story
yeah the players have much more power over the story than something like dnd
it's kinda become my go to for introducing newbies to ttrpgs
anyways I'll shut up
@Gwideon Yeah with this tokens concept it feels a bit like FATE
Yeah I'll need to check this one out more
2:35 PM
My group is approaching the end of our little FATE campaign so I'm considering some stories to propose for the next one.
Now you just need to add some rectangular paper tokens and it'll be "card games on (motor)cycles".
2:54 PM
Q: Using water whip to pull a creature being restrained

YvihsHere's the situation: An ally is being restrained, and grappled by a NPC. The NPC is dragging the character. My character, seeing this, decides to use Water Whip on the ally. He's going to take some damage, but since he's restrained, he will have disadvantage on, and likely fail the Dexte...

@Yuuki *yoink*
3:35 PM
In the debate around sources here, another strike against Roll20. This answer linked to a spell description that was missing a very important piece.
@NautArch That link goes to text.
Can't really see the context of the answer (the related question, etc).
@Yuuki ack, this better?
I generally like linking the complete revision history, but at least that page has a link towards the complete history, which you can then follow to the actual Q&A page.
Plus, linking the complete history doesn't help you want to point out a particular revision.
Fair enough, good to know!
But my premise remains in that Roll20 is not a trustworthy source
what was wrong with the text, though? Can't view at work
3:47 PM
Nothing wrong about the text itself, just that you lose context with just the text of the revision.
Stuff like edit reasons. Plus the text just shows the post-revision answer text.
So you don't see what's been removed/added/changed.
Naut was saying the acid splash text was off on roll20
Oh, different "text".
@goodguy5 it didn't state you needed to see the target
just 'creature in range'
ah ha
yeah, kind of a big slip there
it's like the mistakes generally aren't often, but when they are...ooowweeeee
4:27 PM
And people complain about having to "pay for the content twice" with D&D beyond, but that's a major upside of that digital product, is that the text is almost guaranteed dto not only be accurate but also kept up-to-date with the latest errata
@G.Moylan although that's not true for links to basic rules content.
oh, nm. misread your statement :)
@NautArch That was my roundabout point, was that "free content" is free for a reason and paid content is likewise paid for a reason
@G.Moylan but basic rules content is free and correct.
You get the best of both worlds.
@NautArch on D&D beyond. not guaranteed on other sites, clearly
@G.Moylan Right, at times I feel bad when I change a link to dndbeyond public access, but I get over it quickly.
4:32 PM
@NautArch same. The fact that there's even an official online source is a wonder in itself, and then you add in that it's "always" accurate, and it's really hard to argue with. I'll happily pay for that if it means I can search a feat or something and see the correct version of it every time. My paper book will never update like that.
@G.Moylan Still frustrating that my paper copy ownership doesn't also come with digital ownership.
@NautArch it's true, but D&D beyond, as an independent company and a creator of its own products, deserves to be paid for those products
I can't ever see anyone getting a freebie DDB copy with the physical purchase, but I could see maybe a bundle deal. You pay slightly more for the physical book + a code, but obviously not as much as the two separately. Maybe one day...
Although the Essentials Toolkit did come with a free copy + additional content, so I suppose anything is possible
@G.Moylan Yeah, but it's weird when they are an independent creator of content provided by someone else. WoTC should have done this in-house or created a better pathway of ownership for users.
@G.Moylan Why would Twitch do that? THey can charge the full price and minimizing margins isn't in their business plan :)
@NautArch Fandom, now
new owners
@G.Moylan Sure, but then you have to convince fandom not to buy their service. And too many folks want it and are willing to pay for it. o/
4:47 PM
but that's also part of my point. It's a great product and it should be paid for. It goes back to the free vs paid statement earlier. There's an entire staff of people at DDB. Their character builder alone is a product they could charge for and they don't
that and the fact that it's so easy to share content among people. The way their sharing works is pretty generous, considering
Very much agreed, but again the issue is that it's two separate companies with the same content.
Q: How do we kill what we can't see?

Emron BardsleyLarge party, level 6 Storm Sorcerer, Shadow Sorcerer, Lore Bard, Dual wielding DEX fighter, Thief, Moon Druid, Forge Cleric We are repeatedly running into a problem encounter, that we've had to run from or take NPC losses, only killing less important enemies. Setup, hobgoblins all mounted on w...

very different products for the same content, yes. Again, I think the only truly viable way for the "give me digital and paper at the same time" thing to work out is either via bundle deals or if WotC eventually buys DDB. I think this whole thing was a grand experiment, after the failures of the digital content for 3.5 and 4, I'm sure they were apprehensive about the whole thing.
but DDB has been knocking it out of the park with their product, and being WotC's primary distributor for online content, is really getting pushed in ad deals and what not as well. I think the end game is WotC absorbs DDB, but idk
I think the reason it was indenpendent from the get is because it was experimental and it's more lucrative to sell a license deal than it is to create an entirely new department
@G.Moylan that'd be a great purchase, not sure Twitch is willing to lose the revenue stream, but not having to manage it is always a nice option :)
@NautArch Fandom
Twitch no longer owns or is affiliated with DDB
the only connection that remains is the ability to create an account with a Twitch account, but I'm sure that only remains for either 1) existing accounts as a [paid] courtesy from Twitch, or 2) since DDB has a crapload of twitch sponsors, as a service of DDB
5:05 PM
@G.Moylan Had no idea. So who owns DDB?
@NautArch That would be the president of D&D beyond
@G.Moylan I feel like an idiot (again, that's twice this morning.) WHen you say Fandom, you're talking about a company, and not the collection of fans, aren't you?
5:21 PM
@NautArch lol yes
@NautArch on an unrelated note, do you remember how I was planning on running a one-shot this halloween, and was discussing using pseduo-pre-built characters to use for that?
@G.Moylan fandom.com
@NautArch but either way your point remains, it's be a hard purchase, now. But again I think WotC hedged their bets and said "well, if it fails, we're not out much money if any at all. If it succeeds, at least their company's name and entire range f products is reliant on a license from us"
@G.Moylan I googled Dndbeyond and saw that it's owned by Fandom/Curse. Lightbulb went off (or on?)
@G.Moylan yes! What was the decision?
@NautArch Fandom bought Curse out from under Twitch, is my understanding
@G.Moylan And fandom purchased Curse.
@NautArch well I got a dry run of the one-shot in earlier this month with a different group, and they were WAY too powerful. That and I got a lot of good notes on things to improve. BUT, I'm looking at having characters with almost everything fleshed out (class, subclass, etc.) but, let's say with a fighter, You get to pick whether your 16/high stat goes into STR or DEX, and then you can pick your armor, your weapons, and a rare magic item (all from a pool). Slap a name on and you're done.
Or they come with names from the module
5:44 PM
@G.Moylan Hmm. One immediate issue is race not matching their preferred high stat.
@NautArch crap
Twitch and Fandom own different parts of curse is my udnerstanding
However it works out, Fandom owns DDB
@G.Moylan sorry :(
@Himitsu_no_Yami So here's the deal as I understand it. Curse owned DDB. Twitch owned Curse. Twitch sold curse to Fandom.
@G.Moylan I still think this comes down to what do your players want. Do they want to build or do they want to pick?
@G.Moylan Choosing a character name is no easy task
5:50 PM
@MikeQ that's the most time consuming part when I make a character
@NautArch both, presumably. I'm having a hard enough time getting people to tell me whether or not they'll be there, so I also have no hard number for how many people to expect. I don't really want more than 5. But I want to avoid problems I've run into in the past with one-shots, where I get a mix of charop cheese or useless characters
the useless ones were because the player either picked all F L A V O R and nothing functional, or because they didn't bother asking me whether a certain spell package/build would at all be useful
@G.Moylan Cheese is a flavor
@MikeQ if it's anything like cheeze whiz, and I strongly suspect it is, count me out
I am all for characters feeling powerful but at some point it becomes less about the characters being strong and more about the player trying to "beat" the game
and that isn't fun for me or the other average- or under-powered characters at the table
Ah. I've seen that. Unsure if that's entirely due to power disparity, though. My theory is that the unfun is because the cheesy player is trying to handle the game solo.
yeah it feels like the other characters can't or don't accomplish anything.
5:56 PM
Whereas someone could have a very powerful character, but if they're still playing cooperatively, then it can still be fun for players with less powerful characters. At least, usually.
I have a newer player that doesn't fully understand all the social dynamics yet and is used to powergaming in board games. He will get there, but is still a bit in the cheese-lord phase, and I want to help mitigate that by providing appropriately built characters
@MikeQ true
Q: How does guiding bolt work on an invisible target?

darnokMost spells state the target as something you can see. for example the magic missile spell says : Each dart hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. But recently I saw that the guiding bolt spell does not. It states this: Make a ranged spell attack against the tar...

@HotRPGQuestions It's going to be a while until I get used to this new icon lol
@G.Moylan I'm still having a hard time seeing a cheese build within provided constraints.
@Rubiksmoose I am incredibly disappointed that the icon isn't Dungeons & Dragons & Drive-ins & Dives.
Come on, "hot RPG questions" just screams a flame t-shirt.
6:03 PM
@G.Moylan Maybe be more direct and talk about their approach from a social perspective? If you just try to rein them in with a weak character, they'll likely either A) find a way to cheese it anyway, or B) get frustrated while trying to powergame.
Even with experienced players, I've had to discuss approach, that I want them to focus more on interacting with each other in a fun way, and less about trying to "beat" the DM as efficiently as possible
@Yuuki I'll have to take a look when I get access :)
@Rubiksmoose It's a t-shirt store page, I can just upload an image.
@G.Moylan Is it that, or is it that they like making combat-effective builds and that's how they enjoy the game?
I mean, my table tends to make very difficult combats, so my character designs are generally optimized for that.
and if someone doesn't, or opts to make non-optimal build or decisions in combat, then that creates it's own problems.
6:20 PM
Although those problems can be corrected. Maybe a special item or benefit.
Sounds like something I should add to my planning checklist. "Do you find enjoyment in making (combat-)optimized builds? If so, would you find it un-enjoyable if another player receives special items or benefits (so that they're not useless in combat)?"
@Yuuki It's kinda part of a session zero. What type of game are you playing?
@NautArch Oh, this isn't my game.
If it's mostly combat, and not much or no real RP opportunities, then building a non-combat optimized character will be a big disadvantage for the player and the group.
@Yuuki I know, I mean that question should be part of a session zero.
6:59 PM
Q: How to engage Decker in the actual run?

ChundIn my role as a GM for a SR5 group i often have the problem, that the decker in our group is not in the field with the rest of the team, which is perfectly fine. But after the fact complains, that he is bored, while the action happens inside the complex he decided to stay out of. Since his chara...

7:37 PM
hello everyone
@V2Blast What sort of diabolical plots do you have in store for us today
@MikeQ hmm... I hadn't planned that far ahead
let's say it involves the most dangerous game
@V2Blast Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?
hahaha. that is an... interesting... game for sure
7:45 PM
@V2Blast anyone who says that humans are the most dangerous game clearly has not met a honey badger on a bad day
> Stoffel—a Honey Badger in a South African wildlife center who’s escaped his enclosure twice to fight the lions in the exhibit beside his, built towers out of rocks and sticks to climb over his wall, and, when introduced with a mate, stood on her head to unlock the gate and get out once again.
@Yuuki As I recall, Stoffel also broke into his trainer's house at night
@Yuuki XD
Q: Is there a way to increase the damage done by the claw attack for a Tabaxi?

Unstable ToadIs there a way to increase the damage taken by tabaxi's claws? For example, increasing the die number/number of dice or something of the sort?

8:07 PM
> @KiennaS talks #TTRPG safety tools on Dragon Talk.
Friday at noon PDT!
8:20 PM
@V2Blast Not planning could be part of the plan
8:39 PM
Has anyone here managed to try out Feast of Legends yet?
I hadn't even managed to hear of it XD
Oct 3 at 19:03, by Ash
No idea if anyone has mentioned it here yet, but...Today in unnecessarily branded things - a Wendy's tabletop RPG? https://www.feastoflegends.com/?fbclid=IwAR3FWeqjN5BstUHNzT1W6DtWAevwRir6DkBBE7i-ZtEIxBSHUX4U6U5J2sY
ooh wait nvm I had,.... screw advertising as a game :/
@MikeQ yeah,....... X(
@trogdor hehehe. Well, so much of what intake ends up advertising. Or at least, my childhood was that. Cartoons made to sell toys and whatnot.
@trogdor In a way, that's not much different than what D&D does
8:42 PM
yeah but instead of advertising attatched to a show,.... it's literally all advertising
@MikeQ I mean you have a point
my statement still stands though XD
As we all know, D&D the TTRPG only exists to promote the TV show
I heard it was a shame though because it is fairly high quality.
Shame that it was so advertise-y
I've been asked by friend-creatures to run it for them. Probably need to gut the rules about using out-of-game food for in-game effects.
@MikeQ Especially if you have vegetarians. Because seriously\ who goes to Wendy's for salad?
9:04 PM
@Rubiksmoose I've never been to Wendy's for exactly that reason.
(Well, the reason being they have nothing vegetarian. Not because of the RPG.)
I only go to Wendy's when I want chicken nuggets. Mainly cus the alternative is McDonald's
Merits of fast food aside, we have 1 mainsite question about the system, hence the poll if anyone here has played it
> Roughly as much playtesting as acclaimed RPG products like Shadowrun and Exalted.
9:22 PM
Q: Would dimension door trigger or bypass mental prison?

SzegaAfter failing the saving throw for mental prison, the target is subjected, among other things, to this: If the target is moved out of the illusion, makes a melee attack through it, or reaches any part of its body through it, the target takes 10d10 psychic damage, and the spell ends. (XGtE...

9:52 PM
Complete immunity to the poison damage type is really, really strong for a racial trait, right? I'm not being overly cautious?
(Context: 5e homebrew vishkanya)
10:06 PM
It's my experience in D&D that immunity to a damage type is too powerful on paper, but deeply underwhelming in practice. It's either useless or game-changing depending on the specific scene you're in.
And of course, most of the time it's useless because a specific type of damage just doesn't happen all that often.
It'd be less of a problem in a system where players have more control over scene-setting.
10:32 PM
Yeah, I imagine a damage immunity would have a warping effect on DM planning.
I'm trying to review a friend's homebrew vishkanya race:
So my gut reaction is that poison immunity is strong and I'm trying to run comparisons between the toxic venom and the Dragonborn's breath weapon feature.
Once, one of my friends tried to play a spore druid. He was useless because every other monster was blatantly inmune to poison.
But not many enemies do poison damage... and usually the poison is accompanied by something else
See also: 3.5 rogues in undead-themed campaigns. RIP sneak attack.
exactly haha
There was a 3.5 warlock build for bypassing magic resistance, based around a strict interpretation of an acid-creating spell which could arguably be said to summon ridiculous amounts of non-magical acid.
@Yuuki While it certainly sounds strong, there is an official race with it
It's the Yuan-ti Pureblood from Volo's Guide to Monsters
10:43 PM
@Himitsu_no_Yami If you're talking about Yuan Ti, I think I remember the designer's notes saying something along the lines of it not being balanced against the other races and it was meant more as an exercise in representing a Pureblood character and placed a minimum on gameplay balance.
Incidentally, they left the cool Yuan-tis, the abomination, out of the question T_T
@Yuuki The poison immunity is strong. The toxin thing is brokenly powerful.
Probably the poison duration scaling to proficiency bonus?
Con save or incapacitated for multiple rounds. With no way for the target to end it early.
10:57 PM
DC looks like be 10 + proficiency.
11:14 PM
Okay, so following adjustments have been made:
- venom lasts for one day (I suggested this because less bookkeeping = better)
- Sleep venom status can ended early by taking damage or someone else taking an action to wake
- Target can make a save on each round to end poisoned condition early
Hmm... Considering that the race has no ability score bonuses, maybe that evens out?
@MikeQ Forgot to add that. They get +2 DEX and +1 CHA.
11:41 PM
@Yuuki Outside a particular context, immunity to a generally common damage type like poison is quite strong. Obviously, its impact in gameplay depends on the campaign and the kinds of enemies that appear in it.
@Yuuki That seems more reasonable. Not sure what the first bullet point means (i.e. what the change is) though

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