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6:50 AM
ça dort encore ici?
7:27 AM
@Raphink: ça vient de se lever ;-)
7:55 AM
@BrennanVincent à l'usage, le chat avec les réguliers permet d'avancer beaucoup plus rapidement que des discussions sous forme QAAA sur le meta
8:15 AM
Who does the accepting of suggested edits round here?
all of us
I already accepted one yesterday, and I submitted one edit today
at least, I think so
another question is: who handles flags?
hm, I don't see the menu though, are you typing the url directly?
or maybe I don't see the notification for my own suggested edit.
@Benjol I suggested an edit 5 minutes ago, so if you don't see it, and I don't see yours, then noöne is can do edit review
but when we have some 500 rep users, then we'll be able to manage this
I'd say "good morning" to all, but I'm still waiting for an answer on this :-)
Q: How can one say "good morning" in French?

JezI've usually been told just to say "bonjour" in French when in English one would want to emphasize that it is early and you are greeting them in the morning, and would therefore say "good morning". Given the legitimacy of phrases like "bonne après-midi" which does emphasize the time of day, is t...

8:25 AM
not really the same. the French perhaps need to 'borrow' something from English there? ;-)
@Jez it is “really the same”
you wish there existed a difference that does not :)
no, it's "good day". you could say it in the afternoon. you can't say "good morning" in the evening.
actually, it's more subtle
"bon après-midi", "bonne soirée", are things you say when you leave
"bonjour" is for meeting people, and it doesn't vary with time of day
really? didnt know that.
and bonsoir?
bonsoir is really the evening (and end-of-afternoon) variant of bonjour
rule of thumb: attached means arriving, detached means departing
but I should make that into an answer :)
8:28 AM
@Mvy Typo in your answer
"during the fay"... you mean 'day'
@Jez thx
I shouldn't have answered in chat, now 4 other people have answered before me :)
I really hope this enthusiasm will endure
when i was younger, I didn't like to say 'Bonsoir', I always said Bonjour all through the day
but now, I'm old, and I do like everybody...
pour aller te coucher, tu ne disais pas bonjour quand même, si ?
Je disais 'Bonne nuit'
ce qui n'est toujours pas Bonsoir ;-)
8:38 AM
@Fx Lol, still going with the noöne's even in French eh? ;-)
I will not be converted from my no-one!
8:54 AM
@Jez ;-)
@Jez: do you know (as proposal originator) if we have a way to contact the SE team
for example, who reviews edits and flags?
contacting the SE team aint easy.
I'd ask people like @Dori, @RobertCartaino etc. if you can find them
I wouldn't bother trying to e-mail them using the 'contact us' link, that tends to get ignored :-)
I thought one of them would be on the chat of a newly created beta
@Jez Or @RebeccaChernoff who is currently lurking in this channel.
Probably leaving a @RobertCartaino comment in a question like this would work:
@Ninefingers Yep I was just about to mention her too :-)
@RebeccaChernoff question for you: on a private beta, who reviews edits and handles flags?
9:02 AM
@Fx Maybe post a Meta question dedicated to it, actually.
9:30 AM
Darn... what was that French word we were using to mean 'on-topic'?
I saw it somewhere on the Meta.
@Jez I don't buy it either, yet. The real experts that I talk to to invite them in the network tell me they don't care and prefer to invest their time (and their content) in their blog or business. So I guess, the remaining are only wanabee experts or those who have a very special personal interest in participating. To promote their company for example.
Bon ben voilà, pas assez de rep hier, je suis bloqué pour aujourd'hui :-S
@Jez: So you won't get many, regardless the quality. In fact, a few (extraoirdinaire) members I became friends with (off site) left the network because of the way it is managed.
@Raphink quoi?
I'm sure the site owner have more information that we have to say this
9:32 AM
@jez: 200 rep max a day :S
but you got 300 or something
Pourquoi pas parler Français sur le chat FR&U. Sur le chat EU&U ils parlent bien Anglais! ;)
c'est vrai quoi
@Pierre303 nous changeons entre les deux comme GL&U :-)
Ca permettrais à ceux qui veulent apprendre de pratiquer
9:35 AM
Il y a des questions auquelles je ne saurais même pas répondre ;) Il faut vraiment que je révise mon Français
oui, il y a des choses très pointues
et des gens bien au courant on dirait ;-)
@Pierre303 Mais français est ta langue maternelle?
@jez : "le français"
"le français" sounds to me like "the French guy" :-)
9:42 AM
@Jez dans ce cas, dis 'la langue française'
mais c'est moins courant
et on dirait pas beaucoup 'le français' pour 'the French guy'
en général, on dit "le français" ;-)
sauf dans 'le français moyen' éventuellement
c'est surtout les anglophones qui disent "le français" pour "the french guy"
very characteristic of them actually ;-)
ou alors dans les blagues multinationales
un français , un belge et un suisse sont dans un avion...
Nah in English we wouldn't say "The French" for "The French guy"
it's curious, because we definitely do say "The German" or "The Italian"
we're a bit selective when it comes to that
"The Spanish" is wrong, it's "The Spaniard"
kinda random
@jez I'm not saying that you would say "The French", I'm saying that English speaking people say "le français" in French
but we don't really
9:48 AM
darnit, what is that word that means 'on-topic'?
im searching the Meta now.
I can't find it.
I can't think of a single word to say that
what is the context?
@Jez: oui je suis Belge Francophone
"Questions of this type are on-topic"
and I swear I saw a word yesterday that somebody said meant "on-topic"
@Pierre303 Pourquoi ai-je l'impression que les Belges s'intéressent plus à la langue française que les français ?
@Raphink et les quebecois
@Raphink et les Chiracistes
9:53 AM
@Jez les chiraquiens :-)
@Raphink: la particularité des petits peuples c'est qu'ils sont généralement plus ouvert sur le monde. Donc le fait d'avoir un site sur le Français sur un réseau comme SE est une opportunité je pense. Ce n'est que mon point de vue bien entendu.
n'est-ce pas vrai que Chirac a claqué la porte d'une réunion avec les mots "pourquoi bon Dieu parlez-vous en anglais??" :-)
@Jez arf, un grand moment de langue anglaise
il faudrait le retrouver sur youtube
je vais voir
ah non, je confonds avec 'do you want me to go back to my plane'
@Jez il n'y a pas que Chirac à avoir fait ça, mais c'est peut-être le seul président :-)
je suis sûr que j'ai entendu cette histoire
@Jez : the one I thought about: youtube.com/watch?v=304UHIZE01c
you can hear his magnificent french accent ;-)
I can't find the one you talk about
9:57 AM
"stop now. Bonjour!!!"
la classe internationale ;-)
et sinon, presque rien à voir : youtube.com/watch?v=Y_dIBpQuXLI
gah, très insolent dans mon opinion
'dans mon opinion' => 'à mon avis' ;-)
ah oui
and 'insolent' is maybe too nice :-)
10:01 AM
I think this is probably off-topic for the main site(?), but maybe topical here. Are there any French language computer science journals? I'd quite like to publish some research (on data visualisation) in French, but I can't find anywhere worth submitting it too!
there are some French conferences, but usually with poor visibility
French journals in CS are quite rare
Yeah, the best I've found was a workshop
@StéphanePéchard C'est brumeux?
which I'm never going to persuade my boss to let me do
they are more popular in Math or Chemistry
@awoodland what workshop ?
@Jez yeap ;-)
10:04 AM
I can't remember now, it was a while since I looked
my boss is a French ex-pat and his advice was basically "don't bother, but if you find something let me know"
i can't even think of one myself...
I published to one myself, but I didn't present the paper my self
@awoodland was it CORESA?
(for Compression et représentation des signaux audiovisuels)
it might well have been
it was in Bordeaux the year I looked I think
@awoodland: try this one: magazine.developpez.com very popular one
10:10 AM
@Pierre303 it depends on what type of paper it is
not if it's a research paper
ok I read his question again. It's "Science journal"
yeah, "to publish some research"
11:07 AM
I don't know a french Science Journal to publish research, something equivalent to the IEEE magazine. But there must be one because some of professors show us research they publish in french.
my professors*
12:05 PM
Les Comptes-Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences (CRAS, un sigle des plus douteux !)
@Fx SE staff.
Looking at them now. Sorry, I've had a migraine and been in bed for about the past 16 hours. ):
@Jez, emails to the team do get attention. we also keep an eye on metas, so perhaps that'd be appropriate.
@RebeccaChernoff thanks
does someone on the SE staff speak French, to copy-edit French questions?
Does super rusty french count? (:
12:21 PM
@RebeccaChernoff don't know, do you feel you can do a good job with it? :)
I've seen a couple of questions that needed edit
My background with French is that I took 4 years in college, 3 years in college, and spent a summer in France doing a summer study abroad program.
I've edited a couple of questions, now that Rebecca is going to review them, they should appear soon
And then there's about 5 years of rustiness. ):
I can read it much better than I can write it. I mess up on grammar a lot.
How many rep does a user need to be able to edit questions?
it's true I saw questions that should be edited/corrected to be comprehensible...
12:23 PM
I'm one vote away from edit rights :)
To fully edit, see french.stackexchange.com/faq#reputation, but anyone can make suggested edits.
That said, in chat, on meta, or on the main site, if you see me make an error in my french, I am genuinely interested in being corrected.
@RebeccaChernoff can people with edit rights review other people's suggested edits?
I won't mind it a bit.
parlons français, then!
Hummm we lost a lot of question from the "Le bon usage du français " proposition.
Is there any mean to access it?
seems it has been deleted
12:25 PM
@Fx (:
ok, I have to get some rep then... :-)
@Mvy Je peux l'obtenir. Quel (umm?) était-il?
I recall I ask two or three questions in there. I remembered one and asked it few mins ago. But can't recall what the others were. (if there were other on topic of course)
Seems to me a mix of shop-rec with a potential tendency to become a poll
@Mvy I agree
EL&U treats these questions as off-topic, which is good in my opinion
“ not constructive
This question is not a good fit to our Q&A format. We expect answers to generally involve facts, references, or specific expertise; this question will likely solicit opinion, debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion”
grabs his flagpack
12:32 PM
> En anglais, l'usage du passif est très répandu pour éviter "d'impliquer" le rédacteur. Qu'en est-il en français? ex: "Maintenant nous allons voir..."
@RebeccaChernoff if I may insist, I still need an answer to this question: can people with edit rights review other people's suggested edits?
@RebeccaChernoff works in French too; makes for very boring technical-sounding writing
@RebeccaChernoff Oh thanks :P
@Fx oui.
damn it, I did it again: en français aussi on utilise la voix passive, ce qui rend les textes verbeux et rébarbatifs
@RebeccaChernoff the page at french.stackexchange.com/privileges/edit doesn't mention it, though, which is why I asked :)
also, I don't see any outstanding edit suggestion, but this may just be because you did all the work :)
And since you're around @RebeccaChernoff, should we push the following GL&U meta question of @Robert in out meta as well?
Is it possible for us to change the rule about minimum number of characters for an edit? I tried to change "d'est" (obvious typo) to "s'est" in a post, and wasn't allowed to :(
Q: Should we translate posts as a "community norm"?

Robert Cartaino"German Language & Usage" is the first site we created with significant activity in a non-English language. Many of the "problems" being discussed in meta seem to revolve around issues of accessibility; Not all users are fluent in both English and German. I wanted to get your thoughts about...

@Fx ah ):
12:36 PM
Cause that tag question meta.french.stackexchange.com/questions/4/… is going straight to the wall.
@Fx tu as 500?
@BrennanVincent it's been asked over and over and over and over again on EL&U, but the SE staff doesn't want that
it would be extremely useful on language site, though
@RebeccaChernoff oui
That's terrible; why shouldn't each site be able to decide for itself?
I tried to figure out a compromise. The related links will point you to the other meta question where trivial edits where refused etc.
@Mvy Well, you're now at -5 from -6 before :)
12:40 PM
@Mvy Je pense que quelqu'un demandé que déjà?
@RebeccaChernoff: ?
J'ai pas compris
@RebeccaChernoff Je pense que quelqu'un a déjà demandé
^^ funny, when I replace german in the question I linked by french I'm redirected to the first meta question in FLU :P
@RebeccaChernoff page not found :(
12:42 PM
that's not helpful at all: I could review edits, but I have to stumble onto them :(
@Fx 66, 81, 86, 104 q:
@RebeccaChernoff thanks
though 86 is tricky: it's an edit of mine when I was below 500, so I can't approve it, but can rollback either :)
@Fx De rien. Il m'aide si vous les faites! q:
@RebeccaChernoff Cela m'aide
12:48 PM
@RebeccaChernoff It will be a state of eternal rustiness. They always correct you on something. ;-)
@RebeccaChernoff can you check if you could do something about this 500/1000 issue? I guess that'd really help us in the first week
@Jez bon!
allez, j'ai quand même un peu de boulot, à plus !
Pareil mais bon... je vais rester à regarder ce chat quand même. :P
12:51 PM
@Jez: Haha, true :)
@Fx tu y arrives bientôt (ok, "tu y" surely isn't right?)
@Mvy: J'ai répondu à la question suivante en expliquant un peu notre cas: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/102499/…
@RebeccaChernoff: si, pourquoi ce ne serait pas correct?
Quoiqu'à l'oral j'aurais plus tendence à dire "t'y" (mais ça ne s'écrit pas dans les textes formels)
@BrennanVincent Je regarde.
word ending in a vowel followed by "y" is ok?
12:55 PM
@RebeccaChernoff yes
@RebeccaChernoff orally yes
ah, d'accord.
@RebeccaChernoff: You'll notice also that in formal written French there are never liaisons with "tu"
"tu aimes" and so on which is often pronounced "t'aimes" orally
hmm, good point.
(only in an informal register, of course)
12:59 PM
I can't figure out IPA :-(
how do I indicate a new syllable

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