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7:25 AM
Q: Dog's behind moves sideways when walking; Is this common in large breeds?

its_meThere aren't any large dogs in/around my place, except mine, and I wanted to know if it's common for a large/giant breed dog's butt to move (shake?) sideways when they are walking? (Click on the image to watch the video or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yEeQgon--Y)

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1:22 PM
Q: Are these ivy berries poisonous?

WindfireThe ivy(?) bush in the garden has some black berries on it, are they safe for Guinea Pigs? Further, is there a website that lists safe/unsafe foods for Guinea Pigs?

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7:54 PM
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10:53 PM
PetCo's Dollar per Gallon sale is happening again. Don't know for how long.
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11:59 PM
Happy New UTC Year everyone!

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