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12:23 AM
v-4 released in Vyxal/Sandbox
very cool
@lyxal Yeah, samr
And Use | as a separator maybe?
We need a way to nest the things for extra brevity
Will do stuffy tomorrow
which imports math, fizzbuzz (don't tell redwolf ;p) and antigravity
No i meant it would import math, math.fizzbizz, and math.fizzbuzz.antigravity
@lyxal for that we can just use newlines andor semicolons
nah they're called bewlines
12:29 AM
Bewlines it is :P (back on my laptop, no more incoherent spelling, I promise)
@user fizzbizz
ysthakur closed issue #246 (Make Vyxal a package so it can be installed with pip, Vyxal/Vyxal)
ysthakur merged PR #247 (Vyxal/Vyxal) (Vyxal:packaged → Vyxal:master): Allow Vyxal to be installed with pip install
ysthakur deleted branch Vyxal/packaged
just a quick question: why'd you merge that into master?
So we can have that available right now with ATO :P
because the whole point of the rewrite is that fresh-beginnings will become master
@user idot. master has v2.5.x
2.5.x is broken
12:31 AM
Yep, I'll make a separate thingy for fb too
@lyxal But ATO is using 2.5.x, right?
...I am in constant awe of my stupidity
ATO doesn't have vyxal idot
Doesn't harm anything, though, I'll just port it to fb too
@lyxal pxeger's put it in staging.ato.pxeger.com afaik
@user I'm seeing a very distinct lack of Vyxal there too
nvm, it's not there, I could've sworn it was
actually it does
12:33 AM
I am unharmed by the gren
stupid userscrpt
it shows that it's a ping
because when you hover over @..., it thinks it's a ping
yeah okay it isn't accurate
1:03 AM
@lyxal Yep, that pings me
3 hours later…
4:15 AM
@lyxal wait you are adding imports to vyxal?
pretty much
ok i must steal this idea
jk jk we aren't
(we totally are)
(but that's because Vyxal has a practical language design goal)
(not really useful for standard golflangs)
@lyxal i was thinking to add the import feature for a while now
@lyxal CMC: Make minecraft
4:31 AM
Ideas I've had:
- n in while loops is 1...infinity counting up (modifiable with mM)
- [...|...|...] is if...elsif(pop again)...else (if none were truthy)
@emanresuA yes that's what happens in the rewrite
Wait seriously?
Someone actually thought of this?
Jul 24 at 0:47, by hyper-neutrino
@lyxal what is intended behavior for [a|b|c|d|e|f]
we had a whole discussion
4:34 AM
Oh lol
Jul 24 at 0:51, by lyxal
[inital true|sub condition 1|sub condition 1 true|sub condition 2|sub condition 2 true | else]?
Hyper big brain
Did we decide on what to do for (...|...|...) and | in the global scope / a function scope?
let me check the specs
I don't think so
Jul 24 at 13:44, by lyxal
12 months ago, if you had told me that Vyxal would grow to have an amazing community, increased code golf popularity and a whole kind of ecosystem on github, I would have said "haha, good joke". But here we are: we have a great community, a whole kind of ecosystem, and people who have been using Vyxal on a daily basis. It's been a really great year for Vyxal, and I have a feeling that 2018 will be even better.

Here are some things that I think Vyxal did well in 2017:

A lot of code golfers have gotten into Vyxal because of the course on the Golf Club
Half of this message is eerily accurate
And the other half is totally wrong.
> It's been a really great year for Vyxal
And here's what it looks like in action:

Vyxal has been featured in a chess magazine:

And Vyxal was used on a tournament to win a free ticket to the World Championship:

Vyxal has been used on a lot of tournaments, as well as on some streamed matches. I can't name every tournament, but here is a list of some of the tournaments on which Vyxal was used:
4:42 AM
But then
because we do chess
> and I have a feeling that 2018 will be even better.
> and has 16 contributors
is close
> You can also expect me to make some more videos about Vyxal, and I will probably stream more Vyxal matches on Twitch.
Completely wrong:
> not very intuitive
if you think I'mma start twitch streaming then you're wrong
4:43 AM
> The main reason that I haven't done this yet is that the code is a bit ugly, and it's difficult to understand the codebase without reading the whole thing. I should fix that.
Eerily accurate, although it's a work in progress.
> I will probably make a new website as well. I don't know exactly what I will do, but it will probably be a bit more beautiful than the current website.
... that might happen
We were thinking about rewriting the website...
Vylight could do with a rewrite too - there are several bugs, and I'm the only one who understands it.
I'd say Vyxal's probably the most intuitive golfing language.
@emanresuA and i still dont know it
well it's more intuitive than jelly and that about covers all the golfing language's i'm familiar with, ignoring the fact that i'm not really familiar with vyxal
well jelly is more intuitive to me but overall to someone who knows neither vyxal is probably easier to pick up or at least should be
I understand Jelly, just chaining is quite complex, and it doesn't have a nice editor with a keyboard of all the characters you might need.
So anytime I want to write something in Jelly, I have to open up the wiki, search up whatever it is I want, and copy-paste it into TIO.
4:59 AM
> it doesn't have a nice editor with a keyboard of all the characters you might need
Ok that's pretty poggers, thanks.
One problem:
Aug 13 at 6:26, by Vyxal Bot
                                                               YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE, hyper, unless you use flexbox
                                                   .'  <0>'-.._
                                                  /  /.--.____")
                                                 |   \   __.-'~
                                                 |  :  -'/
                                                /:.  :.-'
__________                                     | : '. |
see i could make the site not shit but i could also not
just zoom out ez
@hyper-neutrino but i cant see
!!/coffee lyxal
@emanresuA brews a cup of coffee for @lyxal
5:11 AM
!!/coffee me
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced brews a cup of coffee for @me
!!/coffee VyxalBot coffee VyxalBot coffee VyxalBot coffee
@emanresuA brews a cup of coffee for @vyxalbotcoffeevyxalbotcoffeevyxalbotcoffee
@VyxalBot coffee caird
!!/coffee cairdcoinheringaahing
5:14 AM
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced brews a cup of coffee for @cairdcoinheringaahing
@hyper-neutrino and on mobiles it horrible
yeah i know
also why are y'all pinging random people
don't make me disable it
!!/lol u good there my epic gamer
@emanresuA I am doing great.
!!/why is statements
^ it should do a google search
5:19 AM
!!/google who is lyxal
@hyper-neutrino because its a bot
it is literally easier to press control T
and search
how do i press control?
i am on Android :p
@emanresuA (a|b|c) -> (a|(b|c))
2 hours later…
7:11 AM
chunkybanana closed issue #50 (Coffee Command, Vyxal/VyxalBotSE)
7:49 AM
∞1+ now produces the list [2, ∞)
8:25 AM
why do people use [ and )
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced Because it's mathematical notation for ranges
so ) is exclusive?
and [ is inclusive?
[ means that the start point is included in the range, ] means that the end point is in the range
Dang it stop ninjaing my explanation
( and ) mean the start and stop point aren't included in the range
I think it's called interval notation
Yeah, it is
1 hour later…
9:35 AM
u guys are insane
OOP vyxal?!
9:56 AM
@Razetime how?
will it be a diagraph?
actually i dont think thats necessary
10:32 AM
@Razetime yes
It's been something I've wanted to do all along
I've drafted class syntax multiple times, but I've never really stuck with anything
wow that is very good.
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced well too bad pygamer
something like that maybe?
11:15 AM
what about operator overloading?
I'm yet to figure out the fine details
2 hours later…
1:29 PM
I've had the best idea for multiple inheritance for classes
okay so methods are inherited in order of appearance of parent class
and methods can be marked as having priority
so like if class A has method output and class B has method output and the class header is ¨@C:A:B, then it'll inherit the output from A
but if B's output is marked with priority (smth like @!output|...;, where the ! is the inheritance priority marker), C will inherit output from B
if two classes both mark a method as having priority, then it goes back to parent order
but whydo we need classes?
for multiple files and because Vyxal is "A golfing language that has aspects of traditional programming languages"
i am not going to question further
it's best you don't.
ok what about operator overloading?
or @o+...;
1:38 PM
how about @@+...;?
> A golfing language that has aspects of traditional programming languages
i think people read the sentence like that ^^^^^
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced yes
Vyxal is primarily golflang, secondarily praclang
  ¨↑name `<generic animal noise>` ¨→noise
  @speak|`% goes %` ←name ←noise "%;

  `bark` ¨→noise
ok so CC: Make a fully functional clone of vim in vyxal 5.3.4
when it releases
Where ¨@ opens the class, ¨∴ opens the constructor, ¨↑ declares member and ¨→ assigns to member
helo am heere
1:44 PM
@AaronMiller oleh
example of my inheritance rules in action:
  @output|`This is from Class A`,;

  @output|`This is from Class B`,;

C's output method would print This is from Class A
  @output|`This is from Class A`,;

  @!output|`This is from Class B`,;

C's output method would print This is from Class B, because B defines the method as having inheritance priority
@lyxal I think my idea is worse.
→ *9 messages (removed)
@AaronMiller what is it?
1:48 PM
¨@C; @output; is probably how you'd create instances of classes, and call their functions
in The Nineteenth Byte, 14 mins ago, by Aaron Miller
I'll tell you guys my horrible idea if/when I do it.
We should add some graphical output stuff to Vyxal. We only have like 3 ¨ diagraphs, so we've got the room.
I'm sure I've got drafts/plans for those documented somewhere
if it wasn't 11:51pm, I'd search for them
but it is 11:51pm
so I'm not going to
You've got 8 minutes to find them :P
Maybe I'm not going to try at all :p
2:04 PM
Well now you've got a whole day
@AaronMiller and also ncurses
5 hours later…
7:07 PM
@lyxal why not just do exactly what python does and leave it to them?
@user That's too easy Because
@AaronMiller This si actually a good idea
@lyxal Looks a teeny bit awkward but not bad
Maybe @.method; for calling instance functions?
And @.field for fields
1 hour later…
8:50 PM
@AaronMiller ඞ
3 hours later…
11:26 PM
Lyxal created a discussion in Vyxal/Vyxal: Add Classes
Lyxal closed issue #250 (Add Classes, Vyxal/Vyxal)

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