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Q: My system restarts on pressing Windows key and mutes/unmutes on pressing Ctrl key

SangramTwo days ago, I was trying to download software from http://download.cnet.com/ Cnet asked to install cnet toolbar and I thought that I wouldn't be able to download the software unless and until I installed the toolbar. After installing the cnet toolbar I found that cnet has also installed Babyl...

The correct address for that site is download.cnet.com not cnet.download.com. You may have inadvertently accessed a site that capitalized on the mixup to push malware. I just tried to download something from the legitimate site, and it did not ask me about any toolbars.
dude... my urlis incorrect..but i knw the real cnet site..i just didn't copy paste it.. :P
Yes, but the fact is, I downloaded something 5 minutes ago, and I wasn't prompted for any toolbar. Have you scanned for malware?
wait lemme search that link again..may be i will get some clue..
download.cnet.com/Technitium-MAC-Address-Changer/… its the link..original software is of 1.26MB but cnet makes u download the CNET installer and tool bar..for so called secure download..
Okay, I've gone there and clicked download now, and it downloads without any prompts. I'm using Chrome, but that shouldn't make a difference.
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what is the size of the software? is it of 1.26MBs or 443 kbs?
are u there?
i thought chat would be better to discuss all the things..
Yes, you're probably right
that was not at all expected from cnet
Sorry, what wasn't expected?
from cnet
they shouldnt make users install such things
Are you sure you don't have some malware on your machine? Try scanning with MalwareBytes
Are you logged into the cnet site? I am not logged in, maybe it offers the toolbar if you are signed in
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but it all stated after downloading that cnet installer
is there any chance
sub malware has set
windows key press to SHUTDOWN -s -t 01
i should try malware bytes.
It's possible.
can i access my computers hot key?
like we have regedit
I see what you are saying now about the discrepancy in the file size, it says 1.26MB on the site, but the actual download is 444kb
for registries
because its not actull software
Yes, you can get to them through the registry, but I'm out of my league on that one
11:35 AM
no probs buddy
i will do the rest
444 kbs is just an installer
Yeah, sorry I couldn't be more help, but definitely try the malware scan
which gets u software later
Oh, does that prompt for the toolbars?
no it didnt
it installed automatically
shit now i under stood
there is an option whici
so that it wont install tool bart
which i dint
i need to uncheck
Ah, okay
It looks like they have email support cnet.custhelp.com/app/ask you might want to let them know that their toolbars might be contaminated or see if they have other reports of it
11:40 AM
yep i think i should
okay, well good luck with it
for ur help
No problem. :)