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2:25 AM
when I spend time reading literature I have less time to write answers D:
7 hours later…
9:31 AM
@bobble When I don't spend time reading literature, I often have nothing to base my answers on.
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1:17 PM
Q: Community VP Questions: What's the best of Stack?

PhilippeContinuing with my series of questions to you - I've got one that's a bit lighter this week. We spent last week firing up our magic wand and changing things. This time, let's celebrate what exists. I want to know about your favorite contributions (questions, answers, or comments!). These can be...

^ network-wide best-of post
1:29 PM
Q: Meaning of "trembling fantasies"

Viser Hashemi Athena woke at six o’clock in the morning. Philip was not there, nor had he been. The room was full of heavy, dark pieces of furniture. The impression that her presence made on the room was so slight that the turbulence of its former occupants, of a great line of passing strangers, swarmed and t...

Q: Is the caste system from Huxley's Brave New World Redundant and Inefficient or Unrealistic?

GermaniaWhen reading Brave New World, besides Helmholtz Watson, all the alphas seem to although intelligent as a result of reading many books, a bunch of drug users (soma), who attend dances, and entertainment all day. On average they seem to be a bunch of polygamous alcoholic college students screaming "...

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7:00 PM
7:29 PM
A Room of One's Own complete. Very good book.
3 hours later…
10:44 PM
Q: What technique is it when you use strings of another language in an English poem?

QuippyIn Wilfred Owen's poem he ends with "Dulce et decorum est/Pro patria mori". I wonder if there is a recognised term to refer to this technique. Another example of its use is in T.S Eliot's "The Wasteland", where he has lines in German and French such as "And drank coffee, and talked for an hour. B...

^ another literature-related question on ELU
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11:47 PM
I want to identify one of the recent ID-requests because that would bring the total number of identification answers I wrote to 5 (counting my self-answer here and the time I majorly expanded an answer on SF&F), and this is a completely silly but also totally important milestone, hmph

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