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9:22 AM
Q: Meaning of "Its surfaces were dull with the absence of meaning."

Viser HashemiThis passage is from The Children's Bach by Helen Garner The sisters glanced at each other over Dexter’s head. Elizabeth laid one hand over her heart and raised the other in a gesture of tremendous romantic suffering. ‘Invoking nature!’ she mouthed. But Vicki would not laugh. She stood in the mi...

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4:34 PM
Q: When is "Mr Pottermack's oversight" set?

David SiegelMr Pottermack's Oversight is a mystery novel by R. Austin Freeman. Freeman invented the inverted mystery in which the crime is first shown, often from the PoV of the criminal, and then the process of detection is shown. Mr Pottermack's Oversight is of this type. The novel starts with a convict (J...

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6:00 PM
Tag wiki excerpts have been added except for the usual suspects: and .
6:25 PM
@Tsundoku We can probably fill in the former at least.
6:40 PM
Q: What are we to understand by "panther" in this Old English poem?

Rand al'Thor"The Panther" is an Old English poem, preserved in the Exeter Book, and translated in full by Aaron Hostetter. It's a poem about a panther, but what would the ancient Germanic peoples of Europe have understood by "panther"? Nowadays, the word panther can be used to mean any of three cat species, ...

@Randal'Thor Thanks.
7:08 PM
The percentage of answered questions reached 78% today.
Wait what, 1076 unanswered? It was 1090, like, yesterday.
Did a lot of things just get roombaed?
Oof, 16 questions deleted 19 hours ago.
All of them with a score of exactly -1. I wonder if someone went around downvoting things yesterday.
Just for the record: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ...
Don't know if any of them will be missed or are worth undeleting, maybe not.
7:30 PM
Not necessarily. Saturday is usually when SE schedules the weekly auto-deletion tasks.
@Randal'Thor four (Way to Oregon) has a deleted answer by Spagirl.
six (What was Kafka's point in The Metamorphosis'?) is one that I would rather see undeleted, in spite of the authorial-intent perspective.
Ten (What is a central theme in Robert Frost's “After Apple-Picking,” and how is it revealed in the poem?) requires the answerer to interpret the poem, but there may not be just a single theme. (I think that is insufficient reason to delete the question; even poor question can lead to good answers.)
Twelve (Did J.K. Rowling know the diary was a horcrux when she wrote about it?) seems to require information from interviews (if any relevant information is available).
8:09 PM
5kkkkkkkkk let's go
@bobble Congratulations :-)
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Belarusian literature has been picked for the [September–October 2021 topic challenge[(literature.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1596/2191)!
@bobble For a moment I was wondering whether that was a vote spell, but it turned out that you reached 5k reps.
Q: Meaning behind “Where Once The Waters Of Your Face“

AbhishekI recently read a poem called “Where Once The Waters Of Your Face” by Dylan Thomas. What does it mean? I feel there are a lot of terms related to sailing but I’m not sure I understand it completely. It sounds beautiful and I would really love to be able to fully appreciate this work.

8:28 PM
Welcome to Literature Stack Exchange, take our tour! What do you mean by "means"? Are you looking for literal meaning, a summary/paraphrase of what is written? Or a theme/metaphorical meaning? — bobble 16 mins ago
@bobble I would assume it is an interpretation question.
Q: Announcing the September–October 2021 topic challenge: Belarusian Literature

TsundokuIn accordance with our meta agreement to have topic challenges and a later meta agreement to have topic challenges lasting for two months and overlapping by one month, it is time to announce the September–October 2021 topic challenge. Based on the number of votes (+5), the next topic challenge wi...

@bobble Or have you been reading philosophy of language recently? ;-)
I'm afraid what I've been reading recently is organic chem textbooks and fantasy
in The Grove, yesterday, by bobble
we went to the library today and I looked at one of the books they had on display near the front
in The Grove, yesterday, by bobble
book: "trans lady born to be a prince ran from home to be herself..."
me: sold
book: "...living as a dancer by day and thief at night..."
me: double sold
book: "...falls in love with a prince and gets drawn into politics again"
8:48 PM
OK. I started reading Beowulf. I have not yet finished reading a book about Homer. At some point I started reading short stories by Robert Musil. So I'm reading three books in parallel.
@Randal'Thor I've no idea how to interpret but ooh pretty graphs
Oh, I also managed to find this book at my local library, so I'll be updating my answer there soon

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