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3:50 AM
This is not the time to have all the mods asleep and people posting... opinions... in the comments of a post that's going to HNQ and attract trolls
4:34 AM
@bobble I wonder whether anybody On Here™ has ever suggested that we get a moderator who's not in a European time zone. 😐
We're a small site; it doesn't matter often that we have hours at a time with no active mods. And then it matters very much.
5:19 AM
Q: What should you look for when deciding whether a children's book would be "dyslexia-friendly"?

EJoshuaS - Reinstate MonicaI had a nice (age 8) who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. As a good Lit.se member, I tend to like to give books as gifts, but want to make sure that I'm getting books that she can actually read. I have seen lists, such as this one, of books that are supposedly friendly for dyslexics. I was h...

5:36 AM
@verbose There was a long time where we had two mods, with a ten-hour time difference. Provided some decent coverage :P
In any case, the OP of the question is in a non-European timezone and has full mod powers.
5:51 AM
Feb 6 at 23:22, by bobble
oh no... do we have to go through the tags to see if he left out any Oxford commas?
I've found a missing Oxford comma o_O
Sorry, didn't catch that in review...
scratch that... 2 missing Oxford commas
I must sleep, please do not let the stack burn down before I return
6:09 AM
@Bookworm HNQ.
@Bookworm HNQ.
2 hours later…
7:47 AM
@Randal'Thor told you it would didn't I
@Mithical I know you were one but I do not know where the other mod at that time was located. I had assumed Denmark for some reason
@bobble fixed
8:24 AM
@Bookworm that's actually a really interesting question, though the header seems OT
@bobble very Alexandria
5 hours later…
1:08 PM
@verbose It all depends on who volunteers for a moderator position and whether they get elected.
1:46 PM
@verbose Rofl. Just because someone takes the username Hamlet, doesn't mean they're actually Danish ;-)
But I think Mith means the other one of the original mods here, who was located in the US (west side, I think).
1 hour later…
3:15 PM
@verbose there were two missing Oxford commas; you only added the second one
3:30 PM
@bobble Why do we suddenly need to add Oxford commas? Who is Oxford to dictate punctuation rules?
I wasn't going to add them in myself, but simply wanted to inform verbose that his addition did not completely solve the "problem"
The English Wikipedia employs the following rule: when an article was originally written in British English, edits don't change it to American English, when it was originally written in American English, don't rewrite it in British English. This avoids needless edit wars. Might be good to apply that to our wiki excerpts.
I wasn't going to change it, unless fixing another issue with the excerpt (and perhaps reshuffling so there wouldn't be as many lists)
4:24 PM
Q: MLK Jr. quote about speaking out against anti-Semitism even if Jewish leaders say they don't need the help

Andrew ConeI remember some years ago listening to a recording of a speech by Martin Luther King Jr, in which he says something like: Even if Jewish leaders told me "No, we do not need your help fighting anti-Semitism," I would still speak out against anti-Semitism because it is wrong, it is evil, and it is...

4:49 PM
Q: Meaning of 'put in all the salt-and-pepper"

Soyuz42From Chapter 48 of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations: “Mr. Jaggers was for her [Molly, Mr. Jaggers's maidservant],” pursued Wemmick, with a look full of meaning, “and worked the case in a way quite astonishing. It was a desperate case, and it was comparatively early days with him then, and he...

> Jeff, a semicolon, and an Oxford comma walk into a bar. They both have a great time.
5:25 PM
A: New Literature SE Topic Challenge Suggestions Thread

EJoshuaS - Reinstate MonicaBelarusian Literature There have apparently been recent censorship efforts directed at this type of literature, which I think is a good reason to have a reading challenge for it. More details are available on Wikipedia on this type of literature.

2 hours later…
7:13 PM
> Which, a comma splice, walks into a bar, which can be found downtown.
1 hour later…
8:34 PM
This question seems to need some retagging, but I'm not sure what tags apply
Q: Was Austen Heller's name inspired by Henry W. Austin?

EJoshuaS - Reinstate MonicaIt's no secret that Howard Roark was loosely inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Interestingly enough, on a recent tour of Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Oak Park, IL, I encountered a park named after Henry W. Austin, a prominent Oak Park businessman and politician who was, at a minimum, still alive at...

2 hours later…
10:46 PM
Q: What makes certain people good at literary analysis? Why do I seem to have such a knack for quickly and easily picking out elements of written work?

SuperdadsuperWhat makes someone good at literary analysis? Is there a word to describe the sort of personality, or temperament a person who is good at literary analysis has? Are certain people naturally "good" at this? I've noticed for myself I am able to very quickly read over a section of written material a...

@Bookworm "please tell me that I am naturally special and smart"

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