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5:50 AM
I've noticed that Twitter Control Room was frozen - but since the user most active in that room is a mod, it is probably not really a problem.
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10:40 AM
Q: Online versions "Hag-All, All-Hag"

user16891The wikipedia page of Rudolf Gorsleben mentions him as the contributor of three periodicals. Specifically I am interested in Hag-All, All-Hag. Zeitschrift für arische Freiheit, Edda-Gesellschaft, 1930 to 1934, Mittenwald, Obb. (7.1930 to 11.1934). Can versions of this magazine be found digitally?

11:01 AM
@Bookworm Gorsleben was an anti-Semite and close to certain Nazi ideologues but the English Wikipedia article about him won't tell you that.
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5:39 PM
Q: Book about a man with the last name Seigel or Siegel

Elliott SloanI can't remember the name of a book I read in a freshman lit class. Its about a man whose last name is something like Seigel. He is perhaps 45-60 and has injuries that make him walk with a cane. He hires a young girl to work as a maid. She secretly has an abusive boyfriend and drug problems. The ...

6:04 PM
Q: What does “it” refer to in this song by Kengiston?

SasanTo what does ‘it’ refer in Part of Me by Kensington? What is "a part of me"? It is a part of me And it breaks my heart to see I was a part of you When no one else could be

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8:25 PM
@Bookworm Unofficially migrated from ELU.
That's in addition to 8 questions migrated from ELU to here in the last two months.
I wonder if we should have a meta discussion about whether we want an official migration path.

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